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Title: 7th heaven and The reunion r0.5c, mexico hard mod, hd menu
Post by: tomume on 2017-03-20 22:17:10
Hi folks, I was able to launch the game with 7th heaven but when I installed the reunion patch then all the menus and text are misaligned.

I was wondering if the reunion is gonna be in 7th heaven (the lastest one) and if not how to manually put it in order to work.

Also, I haven't seen the mexico hard mod patch (which is truely great btw) and the hd menu by team avalanche.

Finally, could be great to find a way to make the game easier to configure the button mapping.

thanks for everything. see ya

PS: steam updated the music files to match the psx version, why then download again the files in 7th heaven if you have the steam version ?!?