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7thHeaven / Re: Subscriptions Not Updating
« on: Yesterday at 20:44:05 »
You gotta make sure you paste the exact link into the subscription box. Click the catalogs tab and search. It should be that simple.

7thHeaven / Re: errior
« on: 2017-06-23 14:01:50 »
You need to download the fake ISO from that page and use something like Daemon Tools to mount it

Then run the converter again

Agreed completely. We may make our own mods but when you think about it were all one big team.

Cheers from Ireland!

I don't know if my method brought us to this but either way I'm glad I made this haha. Best field nod ever is incoming !

My god, that's the clearest image i have EVER seen! You had this potential for this long lol, why wait till now hahaha

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: Flevel Stuff
« on: 2017-06-16 17:21:06 »
How can i convert this to Variables in Makou reactor?

0x1D   1 byte   Equipped armor

I wanna find a way to unequip current armor and possibly equip another automatically

Damn, yeah. I'll get on it. Cheers :D

Is it much different? Yeah I'll take any improvement methods lol and glad to help others

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: Flevel Stuff
« on: 2017-06-15 23:20:31 »
Anyone happen to know 2/3 vars i need?

1. Enable the materia in the menu
2/3. Enable Disable customization of the materia (Like in the Kalm Flashback)

EDIT: I got part 1

Yeah I use gimp for it actually. If you head to my YouTube channel listed under my avatar I have a quick tutorial showing exactly how I do it

Yeah some help would be fantastic. Besides I'd much rather an awesome mod have as many authors to take credit as possible

Okay so first off i use Waifu to upscale the image to 2k resolution.
(As far as a i know this is what all packs are so far)

After that i take the images into gimp and create my own Normal/Bump maps for them and apply them on top of the original. This adds deph and detail to the image.

This process may be improved very shortly to a system that will increase the time needed to complete it tenfold but with exceptional results. BUT i'm not going to be doing that until i have this pack ready. I'll make a second after when i have more time

General discussion / Re: What is Final Fantasy about?
« on: 2017-06-14 20:36:49 »
You'd be amazed at how difficult that question actually is...

Keep in mind barely any Final Fantasy games actually have anything to do with each other unless the titles actually intertwine. Is there a more specific Final Fantasy title you would like to ask about?

You'd get an answer far faster

Haha, you'd be surprised just how easy it is actually. If i didn't have other projects undergo i could have this done pretty quick.

What i'll do is i'll get maybe up to Shinra ready and release a test pack

EDIT: I think i got a solution to my thing using empty Vars. Which also happened to come from you.
Credit due guys. If my next mod is a success it's party because of this dude :D

(No assuming gender, just the way i speak)

Oh, i appreciate that but i didn't quite mean an explanation of it in game, i meant more the coding side of it.
How it works behind the scenes and such.

But actually i think i got what i needed from that.
You were more help than you thought you were

Hey Sega, any chance you could explain to me how this extra currency you got works?
For you level up thingy.

It's fine if it's a trade secret though, i think i may be able to use a simmilar idea for a full class systrm

When using the menu overhaul you must have ff7b_c.exe or ff7mo.exe selected in 7th heavens options or it wont work

Perfect, if you wanna just edit the above message and take out the link for me.
Just in case

Link removed for safety reasons

Really? We can edit limits that way? Someones gotta teach me this stuff.
I do see that characters can actually have 3 limits too. Can we utilize this?

Download should be ready very soon. Umm i'm not entirely sure.
I would get the dvd ones though. I'd say if they aren't a full pack that other link will have everything else that's needed so you kinda win both ways

I can make it an IRO for you. No problem. I'm not sure if it's a full pack, but they are easily the best. Maybe the DVD didn't have them all on it..

Again, it's a gamble here. My internet is extremely bad so i couldn't even download it and test for you.
It would take me like 4 hours to get it lol :D

The spells i'd say yes, i'll be able to get that somewhere for you.
As for movies, the ones in 7th heaven are good. They are up scaled originals but i would advise downloading the DVD release version from here:

It's only 1 pack so it will save a lot of space plus the quality of these far surpass that of 7th heavens available ones.

Well one day when you ot this all worked out i could very well help you advance this to make an actual new story. It's something i've wanted to do for some time now.

The 1 thing that i know of that cannot be changed are limits. So in that case if Hojo is going to be in the party then make him vincent. His limit to transform suits Hojo perfectly

Yeah i just checked my own mods. They are seperated. You need both field and magic's.

I could make you one myself that has only what you need but my upload speed is a disgrace!
So sadly i can't upload a file that size without my electric bill killing me haha

I may be able to get someone to help you though

Stilll gonna be around 8gb though

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