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7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-04-24 06:40:43 »
I can't put those models in anyways. There's no telling what is original and what is ripped. I don't normally give my opinion on what is good or not, but I honestly don't like them simply because they break any consistent look you get out of the game. I personally prefer to use all satsuki textures alongside Kaldarasha models. They blend together the best with the original game models that haven't been modded yet (most enemies and summons).

7H is not an installation. It's a memory injector tool, so none of the actual game files get replaced at any time while using it. The injection only takes place after you click the Launch Game button, and it will release from memory once you close out the game. If you're using NT from 7H, there is no need to use the NT installer at any point.

You should read the FAQ for 7H about how to start a fresh install. It will clean up your registry keys as well. Then, install FF7 and only use 7H. When you do that, check the points that SC told and report back if you see them or not. Don't use the NT installer at any point while doing this.

7thHeaven / Re: 7th heaven
« on: 2017-04-16 22:31:08 »
The game converter installs it, so somehow that didn't work for you.

Yes that would be great, but how i turned the arrange Mode on ?

I start played the Game without 7thHeaven and patched/ installed your Mod vers. 1.4 manually, it works fine. Later i switched to 7thHeaven because of the other mods, i installed a new Version and used my Old saves "the last Save was in the Cave of GI". After hours of play i noticed the Bug. Maybe 7thH has something to do with it ?

7H shouldn't have caused this. It is exact files copied from the OP here, so perhaps there was an oversight in the IRO version. Or your previous 1.4 installer had it enabled before you switched over to the 7H version. There may have been an update between the installer and 7H version that is now baked into your saves.

Try running the game converter again. Choose the Overwrite option.

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-04-11 10:24:21 »
There was an old mod that allowed you to load a save from anywhere. It was around when Bootleg Configurator was the primary modding tool. I'll look into it.

7thHeaven / Re: minor graphic bug
« on: 2017-04-11 10:21:35 »
Yes, it's wonky if you're using the Menu Overhaul without Beacause. MO window format was built for Beacause, so you just have to deal with it unfortunately. I don't make most of these mods, I just provide what others have done on these forums, so there's nothing I that can really be done to fix it unless someone were to crack open the mod and fix it themselves.

I will play with it some more once R06 is released though.

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-04-05 10:50:07 »
Nope, no idea. It's up to Sega Chief and DLPB to release it when they're ready.

I got your PMs, don't worry :)

You should be able to see your sent from the Inbox. Your replies will be attached below the initial PM I sent.

2.1: I meant Catalog 3.0 - Menu TEST that you sent me! Sorry xD ...

Check your PMs please. I hope what I sent you will resolve the issues :)

3. is optional, yes. Textures and Reunion are the same folder for use with Aali's Driver. In 7H, you just need to set Workshop -> Settings -> Aali Modpath to point to ...\mods\Textures. Also be sure to edit your ff7_opengl.cfg file to set mod_path = Textures (because when you install Reunion after the 7H GC, it gets changed to mod_path = Reunion). All the texture related mods in the 7H Catalog are used for the Textures folder, so they won't work if you set the Aali Modpath to ...\mods\Reunion. The textures included in the Reunion folder are all present in the 7H Catalog, so it's redundant to merge and use both.

I have screenshots here:

Alright, I tested it, here's what I got from the test (using FF7.exe and not FF7_mo.exe): It works, but not fully. Keep in mind that this is with every iro activated and in the 7th Heaven boot order, and the game was running perfectly stable so far, with 7H MO, with the exception of Long-Range stuff being all f*****.

1. Great news, The Menu Overhaul iro you sent me works fine, compatibility-wise, with New Threat.  There is no 'Long Range' conflict (ex. Red XIII can use Sled Fang in the HQ elevator fight, and damage is effectively dropped by 50% from the back row). The icons mod works too!

2. You cannot use the ''No Battle Boxes'' mod with it (even with plain Menu Overhaul). No matter where I put 'The Reunion - Beacause and Menu Overhaul' in my boot order, it would not work.

3. On top of #2, the game would simply crash on startup if ''No Battle Boxes'' was activated, unless it was at the very bottom of the load order, with only ''World Textures'' under it. That's the only place between New Threat and the bottom of the Load Order where the game would even launch, but even then, with ''No Battle Boxes'' on, it just didn't work: you get the regular MO battle menu.

4. The game crashed on startup a few times after install. It behaved strangely:
- 1st boot: was an 'Oops' error
- 2nd: 7H just launched the game without loading any mods (Square Enix logo blinks at the beginning)
- 3rd: 'LoadLibrary failed with error -1073741795: (null)'
- 4th: it just gave a regular Win7 ' not responding' error.
- 5th boot, it worked.  ???
- 6th: 'LoadLibrary failed with error -1073741795: (null)'
- 7th: It worked again  :-\

So it's definitely shaky. Probably a lot of errors trying to load the mod library and getting either an empty one or a null object.... But I don't know how the mod interacts with 7H so it's just an idea.

5. You were right, the text sometimes doesn't fit the textboxes well. I caught an example (see attached screenshots), in the Load Save menu, top-right corner, 'Game 05' doesn't fit the box.

I'll keep running with New Threat and this Menu Overhaul, and keep you guys updated if anything else shows up, compatibility-wise. Thanks for sending me it! Beta-testing ftw.

Small question, too: I was also wondering if the battle materia menu was looking normal to you guys? (there's a screenshot of it in my imgur link) Is it going to change appearance once I get Tier-2 magic?

1. Good!

2. When you say "The Reunion - Beacause and Menu Overhaul" are you referring to the current one in the Catalog 2.0? Or is that the Catalog 3.0 - Menu TEST.iro that I sent you? I have made so many mistakes with helping people in the past because the wording gets misunderstood, so just wanting to make sure :)

About the Battle Boxes themself...hmm, it works just fine on my end. But there is a delay added to the hext where it will not inject the code until 5000ms after the game launches. What version of 7H are you using? That delay feature is not present in older versions.

3. Can you post me your Profile Details showing me that exact load order. It doesn't need to be loaded at the bottom, although it's fine there anyways. It just has to come after New Threat, that way the changes to NT apply and aren't overridden. Load priority goes from top to bottom, top taking first priority over all else under it, and so on.

4. I have had the 4th issue where Win10 will state that ff7.exe has stopped responding. The most it has occurred was two consecutive times, where the third launch would work. It never affected anything in-game that I could notice, but then again...I have no played through the entire game with every variation of mods active/inactive alongside this Menu TEST (for obvious reasons, that would be impossible lol). I have never had any of the other issues though, which is odd. I hope this is a case of the delay feature missing with your 7H version.

5. Yes, that Game xx box on the Load Menu was there even back in the days DLPB was still supporting it. I don't know how to fix it. But I meant more along the lines of dialogue boxes, for example 5th image in the link you provided has the dialogue box width extended much further to the right than the sentence breaks occur. After the first sentence (?!), the dialogue for "If you need a break," should continue on that first line before it moves onto the second. Either that, or the dialogue box width needs to reduce to stop just beyond the way the sentence breaks are showing in that image. Both are okay for me, but right now it's just a lot of dead space in the dialogue box that takes up too much of the screen.

Small Question: It should extend rightward when you get the tier2 and tier3 versions...should ;)

7thHeaven / Re: subscriptions on 7th heaven dosnt work
« on: 2017-03-27 14:46:30 »
It shows up on my end, so I'm not sure either what's going on. Sorry :|

Did you update your Nvidia driver after you had used the GC?

This is a first time for me. I've never seen it where some texture mods work, while other's aren't. Usually when texture mods aren't working, it's all of them together because the Workshop -> Settings -> Aali Modpath is not set to the ...\mods\Textures folder. I don't know anything about that error and warning displayed in the APP.log.

However, now my battle menu is just completely black, with only the text visible. I don't really mind, I'll just wait for the new versions to rollout, and re-activate Menu Overhaul then: it's not exactly a problem :) ... Unless you guys know how to fix that too?

Here's what it looks like.

EDIT:  So, when I turn off MO, I run into a different problem - all of a sudden, the materia edits New Threat is supposed to make disappear?  Sense goes back to only being +2 Dex, for example, instead of +10 Dex, -10 Luck.  Obviously that throws the intended balance out of whack as well.

If I were to upload a new MO IRO for testing only, would you check these issues for me? It will be with the new hext edits, so just enable them in the Configure and set your Workshop -> Settings -> FF7 EXE to use the ff7.exe installed from the 7H Game Converter.

Have you got other mods/7H? For the Gunners, it sounds like they have long-range attacks active which is being done through the .EXE; NT dropped its .exe changes a long time ago, but it seems to be popping up in the catalog IRO version for some reason when other mods are active. The biggest give away is Sled Fang being short-range.

If Menu Overhaul is being used, it could be from the ff7_mo.exe that's currently in the Catalog. I have removed all that and switched completely to hext edits in the next update, so I really hope that resolves these random clashes in compatibility we've seen reported. I can never test these things through a full playthrough due to time, so it's up to the public to catch them and report it.

Just waiting for NT 1.5 and Reunion R06 to push out the next Catalog update :)

You have Menu Overhaul only activated, so set ff7_mo.exe in the Workshop -> Settings -> FF7 EXE.

You said you downloaded a new game converter...what did you use before this one? I don't like the idea that you used two different game converters on top of each other. You need to use the 7th Heaven version on a clean install of FF7 to get this working. Post your FF7_GC.log to see what it did.

7thHeaven / Re: field and battle models don't appear
« on: 2017-03-24 21:58:28 »
Workshop -> Settings -> Extra Folders and type in the word "direct" without the quotes. Then be sure that direct_mode = on is edited into your ff7_opengl.cfg file. It's located at the bottom.

Because all of my Steam games go in there since I moved it out of Program Files...but yeah a bit pointless

I bet you're having registry problems after moving the Steam folder. The GC is reading the game registry keys as being installed in Program Files, but it can't actually find the game files when it's directed there.

7thHeaven / Re: Mods in 7H tutorial video don't exist
« on: 2017-03-15 05:04:38 »
This thread sounds incredibly whiny and ungrateful. I get that you're frustrated, but people take time out of their busy lives to provide these mods and utilities for free.  Try to be a little thankful.

This is why I've refrained from responding. I've read a lot of your posts in this same manner.

You tend to post an overwhelming amount of frustration from your side only, and leave it all with just one question at end that basically asks if anyone can fix your frustrations. Yes, the video tutorial is outdated and needs to be updated. Yes, most of what you're wanting is already in the Catalog but spread across several of the categories. Yes, those said features are from older versions of Reunion. All are being addressed in the next Catalog 3.0 update. But until that happens, we need Reunion and New Threat to be updated to R06 and NT 1.5, otherwise it really is "a waste of time" to do more work than needed.

Please wait until the next Catalog update and if you don't get what you're looking for, then request for it in the Mod Requests sticky. But please don't post about it in the Reunion thread, Troubleshooting forum, or other user's posts. Multiple posts on the same topic are generally frowned upon and ignored.

7thHeaven / Re: Re: 7th Heaven issues
« on: 2017-03-15 04:25:43 »
You probably can't setup your controller through Steam. I say probably because I've never done that to setup my controller (plug and play). I bet once you opened Steam, it downloaded files again that the Game Converter had moved/modified. Run the GC again and choose the Overwrite option. Let's see what happens.

You're out of luck unless you convert the game to the 1998 version and use Aali's Driver with new BG textures.

It sounds like Limit changes from the old .EXE have been applied. Are you using the IRO from Alyza's catalog in 7H or the one I've got on this thread? I think the catalog one applies .EXE changes that were supposed to be discarded from NT that made Limits far too weak (along with other changes that didn't gel well). You should be getting about 400 damage from Lv.1 Limits rather than 200. If that's the case, try and grab the IRO from Page 1 of this thread (although you mentioned having a download limit; the IRO is about 55MB).

I've some vids up of the current build; are the numbers you're seeing for Party HP and incoming/outgoing damage look consistent with these fights?

The .EXE changes have long been discarded from the Catalog. It only uses your IRO from the OP directly uploaded file for file. It could be changes from the Menu Overhaul and/or Beacause .EXE, which I'm not going to bother redoing them at this point. I have hext format working for MO and Beacause in the next Catalog 3.0 update, which will eliminate the use of any .EXE besides ff7.exe. I am waiting for NT 1.5 and Reunion R06 to release first before I make those changes.

If you ever decide to release an updated .EXE for NT, I will gladly look into converting it to hext format for the Catalog :)

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