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Thanks for letting me know so I wouldn't paranoidly comb through every single pixel for that, lol. The mod's great so far. I'm at Junon; at approx. level 19, Illyankas freaking bodied me the first two tries, even with Iron Bangles on everyone. Finally beat it by putting everyone in back row and making sure my two offensive party members (offensive caster Cloud and physical damage Yuffie, with tank/healer Barrett) could do long range damage. Guess I'll have to do some grinding once I get to control the entire party again. But that's after I solo the second Grand Horn battle in Fort Condor with a Caster Cloud build and Laser spam :D

Sounds good, let me know how your run goes.

The spanish version xD NT 1.5 10/08/2017 MK2
Sega,You think  you could fix, in the flevel scripts, the more important bugs that you found this month??(If not ,no problem ;) )And one thing, I dont found an object called "red cristal" to translate(walmarket),but in the flevel i see that is needed to create an ultimate weapon (RED XIII)
Exist in the database or not?

Should be able to, I kept a record on the 1st page of most of them. Red Crystal was changed to Moon Crystal for 1.5 in the regular items list (toward the bottom) so odds are you've translated it already.

I've hit a bit of a snag in regards to the Planet materia. I started up the mod in late August with the then-current version. After I started the game (with stand-alone patch) I also added some other mods via 7th Heaven. I didn't notice anything odd, the new bosses were still there and other changes as well, but at some point the extended save menus disappeared and save points were just regular old ones. I don't remember exactly when this was, but I started fiddling around with mods again at Mt. Nibel. I downloaded another mod via 7th Heaven that also had New Threat in it (gameplay & story enhancements, or something) and the save menus worked again, so I kept playing with this. I have no idea what version of the mod the package in question had, though.

I reached the bottom of the Northern Crater and realised I hadn't gotten a single Planet materia yet. The only documentation I found was for 1.3 and that said it would be along the Left-Up path, but it wasn't there. The only Materias I found there were W-Magic and I think a HP+. At this point I realised I could manually add the newest version through 7th Heaven, so I did that, but of course the Materia wasn't there. So in essence, I've botched the game by unwittingly fiddling around with different versions of the game within the same save file.

So my question is: is Planet Materia being found at the Left-Up path old information? Can I get it through Battle Square or somewhere else? I do have another save file at the beginning of Disc 3, but in my current file I have done all lv 4 Limit Break sidequests and the Ancient Forest already, so I really wouldn't fancy going back. Thanks in advance!

It should be here in one of these two spots:

In NT one is a Gospel Spark, and the other is Planet Materia.

It's also possible to get Planet Materia earlier from Corel by completing the Train section, but this was a later revision (used to be Full Cure so you might have got that there instead).

If you can't get Planet from the left-up then I'll sort something out. Exercise caution if you decide to use a save editor as Steam likes to delete save files that have been altered when the launcher is booted up; if you use an editor, start FF7's launcher first, make the changes, then go into the game and load the altered file. Save the game and this should make it 'safe' (back up all save files before doing anything).

Want to start with great mod so far. Really bringing me back to when I used to play this on PSX. However, I was curios about something I had found in the documents shipped with the newest patch, most notibly, the NT Item List. I wanted to ask if Chekov in the Wutai Pagoda can actually be morphed? The sheet claims to have a morph, ie. Wizard Bracelet, and being towards the end of Disk 1, I figured I would try and nab it while I was here, however, Chekov seems immune to physical damage. If there some mechanic I have been missing out on in all of my years of play, or is it just an oversight and the document was never updated when you made him immune to physical?

Oversight, the pagoda guys had morphs but they weren't feasible/possible to get. I think I've removed them now.

I feel like you could've had Yuffie join later. Having a new party member right after the player's barely gotten to use Red XIII and adjust their party according to his presence is too much, too fast. Junon might be a better place for her to join. (I've only played the mod up to Kalm, so I'm not sure if something happens in Junon that prevents this.)

Incidentally, what's the deal with the "two talking dogs" that an NPC in Kalm talks about? Is that a sidequest? If you'd rather not spoil that, I understand, but I'd like to access as much of the new content as I can.

I completely forgot about that; I had a plan at one stage to replace the Red XIII Lv.4 Limit fight by implementing something that was considered but dropped for the original game where there'd be two other dogs, Cobalt and Indigo, that you'd need to fight later. I didn't go for it in the end.

In the bottom half of Profile in this article it mentions them:

Got my tools reinstalled and fixed up the issues that were mentioned (thanks MoCheese)

I want to apologise again for the Stealing issue; a lot of people have lost time trying to get items that were unobtainable on Arrange due to the Level boost I used for them.

This might be a past discussion, but I heard the Tifa sidequest for Final Heaven is supposed to be in the mako reactor?
It says something about the junon leagues, but I cannot enter the meteor cup. I have read the letter so something should happen. Please tell me what to do! Thank you.

That Lv.4 Limit sidequest was dropped. It's now accessed by setting Tifa as party leader, going to Nibelheim, playing her piano (as normal), and then going up to the Nibel Reactor. An NPC should be waiting for you there. This has to be done on Disc 3.

Is there a glitch with morph? Because I just spent ages dealing 15-48 damage on a dragon zombie to get oritsuru for yuffies ultimate weapon and it didn't morph the enemy? At first I thought it was because it was killed my morph paired with counter commmand (so the final hit was a counter attack) but then I check on a different enemy with the same situation and it morphed the enemy? Any help?

Also a list of where to get all the items for ultimate weapons would be nice ;)

All the Crater enemies had their Morph changed into a Drop & Steal; if he died without morphing, it means no item has been set in their Morph slot. To steal from them, I'd recommend grabbing a Sneak Glove and using that to stand a better chance.

The two weapons needed for each Ultimate Weapon is carried by the same enemy in most cases in the North Crater. If you find one weapon on an enemy, then they usually carry the other as a drop/steal.

The various items needed come from the Lv.4 Limit sidequests, Dark Cave, Ultimate Weapon, and the Tyrant miniboss in the North Crater. Oversoul Shards can be acquired from Battle Square.

I'll get a more accurate list once I've finished setting up this computer.

Note to all: I've just upgraded my old HDD to an SSD and while I kept all my files on an external for transfer, I might not be able to produce new patches for a couple of days until I've got all the dependency files for the older tools set up again.

I updated the files; going to try and finish formatting that front page a bit later.

Hey thanks for the responses. I was moving around my save file and it seems to have disappeared so don't worry about it.

Thanks for your time.

Ah, that sucks. FF7 Steam has a bizarre DRM in place related to save files. If you move saves around/edit them then they will be automatically deleted when the Launcher is next started. To avoid this, you have to make alterations/move them while the Launcher is open and then start the game and make a save within any affected folders to make them 'safe'. Cloud saves can also vanish sometimes.

Hello there, I don't know if what I've run across is a bug or an intended feature.
I am playing New Threat 1.5 (the latest iro version that works with Tifa's 7th heaven) on Arrange mode.
I am in Nibelheim's mansion, after defeating Lambda Calculae I played the melody on the piano in the first floor and the message "Something has escaped" appears, the music also ups the tempo, however after that nothing happens, I also checked the mansion in every room and even in Nibelheim town and outside the world map, but I see no trace of whatever has escaped (I suppose it must be Ozma mentioned by Lambda Calculae).
I just wanted to ask if something was supposed to happen after that message or if I can just leave the mansion and carry on with the adventure (in this case I suppose it's just a trigger to make Ozma spawn somewhere later in the game).
Thanks in advance.

Also, another thing. Jorumgand (the giant flying snake that you fight to save Priscilla in Junon) gives 110K exp and 90K AP. Is this intended? Because it's (A LOT) more than every other boss up to that point combined, and the boss itself was quite a big step up in challenge compared to what was before. Just checking if it wasn't an oversight, that's all, I remember I jumped from level 30 to 38 or so with that boss fight alone.  ;D

The EXP from Jormungandr wasn't intended, I think it was corrected in the scene patch/latest IRO but not 100% sure.

I don't think what you're looking for can appear until Disc 3, and it's up at the Reactor, not the town.

Where are you in the game currently?

So... I went through a large portion of the game and forgot about the leveling up with the SP. I'm currently inside the Highwind savepoint and the events of the rocket launching into meteor just took place. I remembered it after all the characters were already at MAX level. I went through every single character all the way to 8/8, but for some reason it just skipped Aeris completely. Now all characters are max except for her, and when I go to mr smile he simply tells me to fight more battles and come back to see him, end of conversation.

I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, as well as all the mods several times, but same result. Also did 7th heaven IRO which didn't seem to do anything as well.

One thing, you shouldn't use the patches with the IRO; they're for the stand-alone installer.

Do you still have Aeris available as a party member? If so, I'll need to sort out your savemap with a special stand-alone patch.

Ok, so a few things are screwed up after doing the Dark Cave in 1.4. I went to finish off the game and as soon as I start on the approach to Jenova (the screen where you're hopping between the floating rocks) the first FMV of the Dark Cave starts playing in the background (cloud looking up at the reactor). Then the second screen has the FMV where the reactor blows up. After killing Jenova, the save prompt no longer works (unless the default cursor is set to 'No'), and the train jump FMV is playing. Finally, after doing the scripted battle with Omnislash, the credit music starts playing, and I am taken straight to the 'Congratulation' scene in the church, without viewing the ending cinematics.

Any idea what's going on?

It's the wrong disc; DK uses Disc 1 for some FMVs, but is supposed to swap back to Disc 3 when it concludes. But I recently added in a quickfix for IRO users that bypasses the last screen due to the walkmesh not being chunked with the files (so it was stranding them in Ancient Forest). I think the Disc 3 swap was in that screen though, which means IRO games will still be on Disc 1 coming out of DK which results in the wrong FMVs playing during the Final Descent.

As for the ending cinematic, I'll need to check what the conditions are; I think normal mode gives the regular ending while Arrange gives the church scene, not sure though.

Ive tried installing all the hot fix patches and also installed the 7th heaven and that IRO version as well but I still cant level up Aeris with Mr. Smile :(   I may just not be able to use her I guess

Where are you in the game currently?

haha I thought he means the old patch before Aali's driver :P  haha.   :'(  :oops:

Ah, no worries :p

Hey sega chief. Firstly I would like to say what a good job you did on this mod I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I am having an issue with not being able to rank up Aeris with mr smile. Is this a bug? Also I cant find the deathblow materia and cant find anywhere on the internet that points to its whereabouts.

Thanks for your time.

The flevel patch should sort that Aeris issue out (or the latest 7H IRO). Deathblow is found in Great Glacier, where Added Cut used to be; I swapped them around.

Quick question about Pinnacle Sepiroth on 1.4 (old save file I'm finishing off). The battle message seems to suggest I HAVE to use multiple parties to fight him. Is this the case, or can I just use my 3 main characters, and ignore the party switching mechanic like vanilla?

You can push through with one party but you'll need to kill the torso all in one go as Energy will fully recover the torso with every use. To beat him with 3 parties, you'll need to kill a body party, confirm party swap, and then kill each team's Core; Team B and Team C will need to kill the head and then arm (both parts) before finally killing the Core. When Team B and C have killed their Core, it'll be possible for Team A to kill their Core and prevent Energy from being used.

I apparently missed out on the Added Cut Materia in gongaga since I went there before patching and got Deathblow from there. Is Added Cut obtainable elsewhere?

I don't think it will be; Deathblow and Added Cut were swapped in 1.5 s:

It's alright I went to cosmo canyon before gongaga, but more importantly is there like a branching story in this mod? That'd be kinda cool

There is one event that'll affect things later on, but the story events more or less play out the same way.

I just got past Corel Prison in my 1.4 patch run. Will I be missing a siginficant amount of content updating the game and playing from there or should I restart?

You won't be able to play from there.  The savemap will be totally wrecked.  You have to start again.

The save map between 1.4 and 1.5 is very similar so it should be OK to update the game and continue in 1.5 using a 1.4 save file. 1.5 itself was mostly enemy balancing rather than field scripting.

Was wondering if anyone knew of a way to change Cloud's starting level from 6 to 1?  I understand that his level curve begins at 6 and the first 5 levels are chopped out.  Has anyone been able to figure out a workaround to this?  I'm just curious to see if I can play the beginning of FF7 and have Cloud start at Level 1 and level up normally from there.

You need to use a tool called Wall Market to set Cloud's initial starting level to 1, and also to set his starting EXP to be consistent with his Lv.1 requirements. Note that you'll need some visual basic power packs installed to use WM for its old dependency files, and that you can't view his Lv.1-5 EXP arcs until you've set his starting Level to 1 in the other tab.

Graphical Mods / Re: FF8 - Importing an FF8 Enemy Texture
« on: 2017-09-08 12:03:46 »
Hey, I've just changed my name 8) (surprisingly enough there's an option that let me do it). I did the same on Twitch years ago since people was getting confused by "five-way" instead of "Sway" -I'll change my avatar later so people can get familiar with the change-

Back to topic; I remember replacing Gerogero's censored blue blood by the original red texture so I used a great tool called Tim2View.

Choose "File" then "Scan file" and pick the desired comxxx.dat, the texture(s) will show up and you can extract them as *.png (or *tim) files. The tool also offers clut details and more details about the texture.

Once editing is done you can import the texture either as *.tim or directly *.png which is quite useful.

Good luck Sega!

Thanks a million, bud!

i mean its a little annoying installing the whole game again and then mod afterwards,but it doesn't take too long so its not too bad, also i seen on youtube that you fight the guard scorpion in the corel prison, but when i got there it wasnt there, has it been removed? or is there certain things you have to to trigger it?, and one last thing, while i was playing i went back to fort condor for the minigame and it said that i had missed a battle but nothing had popped up saying there was a battle to do, any help will be nice thanks

Might have been one of the two that trigger during Junon; when Cloud is alone, a battle becomes available but then another becomes available when Cloud gets into the water to jump with the Dolphin. After those two, the next is when you get the buggy after Corel Prison so it must be one of those two that're missing. Both have text alerts, or they should have in any case, but the dolphin jump tends to be the one that gets missed a lot.

One thing to note is that Fort Condor has, by default, enough funds to cover all of the unreachable battles; if you spot them 3000gil for any battles missed that were player accessible then you should still get the bonus at the end so next time you're there give them 3k gil. None of the items given as prizes are missable either so no worries about that.

Hey SC, another bug seems to have cropped up with the Sept. 3rd build of the IRO. Whenever you initiate an encounter now the battle swirl animation will hang/stutter.
The battles still load the correct scene, it's just the swirls no longer seem to be working.

That won't be NT-specific; the mod files don't affect the actual engine of the game in any way. I'd check in with the 7H thread and post your OpenGL config to see if there's anything out of the ordinary.

Graphical Mods / FF8 - Importing an FF8 Enemy Texture
« on: 2017-09-06 22:55:12 »
Hi all, I've been trying to alter an FF8 enemy texture as a test (palette swap); I was able to extract it as a PNG using Deling and have the omega tool for a TEX conversion, but not sure how to get it back into its comxxx.dat file.

for some reason whenever i shutdown my laptop and re open it, the mod is uninstalled and so is the game, any help with this?

Sounds like an antivirus thing so something might need to be set up there for the installer (like an exception). If not that, then maybe Steam is doing it; try moving the installation outside of the Program Folders.  Never heard of the entire game being uninstalled to be honest.

I wasn't referring to the innate. I mean the side quest stuff. Like: "You can meet an old teammate at the Temple of the Ancients. Requires Cait Sith" or whatever. Those ones.

Ah right; not sure, I think I just assumed people would pay it a visit to watch the cutscene.

Some more bugs and potential bugs:

- The Shinra Mansion's Basement is mispelled in the menu. It says "Shinra Mansion: Basemen" without the "t". Might be out of space though, dunno.

- Is there any particular reason why the New Threat guy on the bridge of the Highwind doesn't mention anything about Cloud's limit/character specific thing to do?

- While watching the Cloud/Zack flashback, during the part where they are in the truck getting a ride to Midgar, you can open the menu and it says you're in the Junon Leagues.

- You can effectively get trapped in that spot on the World Map between Icicle Inn & Great Glacier. I took Cid as the leader for a snowboard down the mountain(though it loaded Cloud which may also be a bug) to look around the area. After finding nothing I left through the main gate to get back to the World Map to go to Icicle Inn but it wouldn't let me into the town. Going back down to Great Glacier it wouldn't let me back into Great Glaicer either effectively trapping me forcing a reset. I don't know if this was because Cid was the leader of the team or whatever but there you go. This is obviously game breaking if you save on the world map between the two areas.

- She wasn't doing this before so I don't know what trigged it or if a patch did it but Elmyra in Kalm is now standing in that rig in the middle in the town. She's just standing there instead of sitting beside Aeris like normal.

Probably is a space thing; the name is a bit long.

Cloud's innate is now activated from the get-go, and the text appears after he jumps off the train. The Highwind text has been removed.

I'll add a line to disable menu access during it.

Dunno if I can fix that one; I can maybe add a check to the Glacier exits to teleport to Icicle Inn if it detects anyone except Cloud as party leader maybe. Actually, yeah I'll do that.

I've started a new playthrough, and would like to compliment the deft handling of the Junon elevator bribe issue. It is now incredibly less pretentious. Another job well done, Sega Chief.


It's appreciated, thanks!

Here we go:

Hi guys. I like a lot this mod, specially the new pagoda battles that are very challenging( i beat the original game without using barriers or gimmicks), but i have a question
Is normal that the new Staniv hits like a bulldozer even with barrier, and there is a way to protect from dual (I just got the bronco)?

If I remember right, he uses an ability called Hawkeye which gives him the Darkness status + super-accurate attacks. If you remove this status from him, then he should be much less accurate and Yuffie's dodge ability will be useful. Towards the end he'll use Battle Cry to give you and himself Berserk; protect yourself against this status.

I was supposed to upload the new manual as a separate download (it's currently in the main installer folders) but forgot; I'll upload it and provide a link on the front page of the thread when I get in this evening.

Sorry for the delay on the fix:

I've changed the map jump to take you straight to the outside instead.

Hey Sega Chief, just downloaded the latest IRO and fought Mirage again. After the fight, there's no cutscene and I still end up in the cave at the end of the Ancient Forest, ultimately stranded on the world map.

Are you supposed to re-climb the wire to get to the Shinra headquarters in the dark cave sidequest? Something seems off, like I'm missing a lot of information or something. Like, a lot of the save points in the dark cave sidequest are vanilla savepoints, and there's no music, I'm wondering if there's more bugging out with this whole quest than there's supposed to be. As far as I can tell, I just gathered up my team, headed to shinra headquarters, and fought this mysterious boss. It all seemed very short and confusing, that on top of the last boss breaking my progress in the game makes me wonder if there might be more bugs than I realize? I dunno, just thought I'd say something.

I need to add something for the IRO version to get around the walkmesh problem so that it correctly jumps to the right fields in the ancient forest. I think what I'll do is temporarily set the IRO up so that it skips that field altogether. I'll upload an updated IRO tonight.

As for the sidequest itself and how it ends, I'm afraid that's how it is; I didn't tie it together very well. Honestly I kind of want to just remove the whole thing.

Really? Didn't know that. Neat

I fought Illuyankas? Was it changed again?

No, it wasn't changed again. He should appear on Arrange, the trigger wasn't implemented in the initial releases but it was brought in via the recent patches.

edit. Disregard.  Red Wine did it.  Nothing to see here.  I did not embarrass myself.

Ahhh I wonder what the original post was.

This is an original game bug.  I fixed it for Reunion. SC will need to fix it here.

I never got around to it last time it was reported; I'll do it now before I forget again x:

Two small bugs and possibly a third:

- In the City of the Ancients, you know those glowy orb like Ancient... thingies that you can "talk" to and they try to talk back? If you have Cid as the leader and do so some of the chat boxes either use Tifa's lines or just say Tifa is talking. (Small bug, eh)

- When you go to the Temple of the Ancient's to acquire Cait Sith's level 4 limit, if you choose to "Leave it for now." the game locks up forcing a reset. (Bigger bug)

- And now a question: Was Jörmungandr removed? I just realized yesterday I never fought him in Dark Cave. If he wasn't removed, he wasn't there in Arranged. (Potential bug)

Jormungandr is now in Arrange as a Bottomswell replacement for that part of the game.

I'm playing this mod again with the 1.5 release and it's amazing.

I have one question/problem:

Im fighting with Jormungandr right after entering Junon for the first time and I keep dying, I've read that in the patch of August 24, Jormungandr does not inflict frog with his attacks, but he has an spell called "Serpentarius" which inflicts frog.

This is the first boss which Im having problems with.

Im using 7h iro version and the last update. (24 August)

The IRO didn't have the adjustment to Serpentarius in it, I've added it and reuploading the IRO now.

Here it is:

Is it possible to steal the Turks from the winding tunnel ? I've tried like a thousand time for each one, and nothing...

It isn't without a sneak glove, but I changed this in a patch so that they drop the equipment instead of having it as a steal. Are you using the latest scene hotfix patch or 7H IRO?

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