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Ah, must have used the wrong template; I'll replace it with the old link while I make a new one.

Edit: That should be it now.

New patches + IRO are up.

Hi Sega Chief, First great work on the mod, well done sir!

I have encountered a loop-bug with the NT Technician guy on the Highwind, he allowed me to refight the Dark Cave boss Mirage since I didn't seem to get the Mystile but no matter how many times I defeat it there is no rewards screen and the option to fight him is still there. It also repeats asking to convert the Micro-Engine to a key item.

I have searched for info and added the Hotfix but nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

I'll sort this out; I'm going to replace the hotfix patches + IRO later tonight with some other fixes as well.


I just started playing NT this week and I have a few things that might be bugs?

So first thing. Cloud has a defense stat of 60 (I'm early on, reactor 5) and Tifa has a defense stat of 44. Both are in the front line, yet Cloud is taking more damage for some reason. Am I not understanding something with the new rules? I had the Chocobelt equipped to him for a couple battles but switched back to the armor you but in sector 7 (Iron?). Not sure why he is taking more damage.

During the Air/Plasmabuster fight, the boss seemed to keep glitching back and forth so you could never really tell which way it was facing.

And I gotta say I loved the "F-it.Close enough" line right before that fight when you have to hit the switch. Been playing for almost 20 years and I still can never get that timing right. Glad that was improved ;)

Air Buster has that problem in the original game as well, I've tried fixing it with AI but it's apparently an animations file problem. The way to tell is to ignore his visual facing and assume that whoever attacked him last, he is facing them (or if he attacked, then he is facing that target; even if it is Rear Gun).

I'm not sure either about why Cloud would be taking more damage; it could be variance, Sadness, or something else. If anyone is taking noticeably more damage later on in the game let me know.

I started playing this mod and really liked it in the beginning/middle of the game. The end-game however has turned me off of this, mostly due to what, I think, are limitations in the FF7 game/engine itself: in all mods I have tried so far that makes the game more challenging, it always end up being a damage-race, either from the get-go or, in this case, at the end.

I don't think that is intentional from the makers, it's just that FF7 is not a game about tactical decisions and a complete rewrite of the combat would be necessary to archive something like that. The main issue is that everything combat-related in FF7 is essentially overpowered. We all know how easy it was to generate insane damage in the original game, making status ailments useless or a waste of a turn. Lowering the overall damage while increasing the vulnerability against statuses in enemies just breaks the game in another way as each status ailment is incredibly powerful if you think about it. The materia system itself is so flexible that you can become all but immortal if you know what's coming up in future battles. All that makes it incredibly hard to balance for a harder tactical but fair game. The limited scripting the game supports doesn't help either.

Being at the Northern Crater my experience is that the main difficulty spike from the enemies comes from their damage output and that's fine by me. However due to the added (and much needed) character customization I now have characters that are completely useless. Glass canons like Tifa and Yuffie takes between 75-100% their max hp in damage from anything while tanks like Vincent and Barret can stay in the back-row and out-DPS the DPS-classes as you can freely boost their strength/magic.

I will, however, play through this and the Arrange mode and then at least once with a rank-gimmick build like melee-Aeris.

Yeah, the biggest challenge of making this mod was finding a way to make the game's systems work while maintaining what makes FF7 feel like FF7. The core of the problem is how damage modifiers are applied and the formulas; 2x from crits/elemental, %-based mitigation, and how Level is used in damage calcs eventually make it very difficult to manage as numbers start to creep up. I didn't know how to modify the ASM until very recently, so everything in the mod is based on work-arounds using AI and other tricks. But there's a limit to what those measures can do. I also learned very recently that Defence and Magic Defence exhibit very strange behaviour when they reach the 200+ mark. They seem to start scaling much harder than before, though this may be a result of the character defence hack in the AI.

If I could go back in time with what I know now, I'd be able to build the mod using ASM modifications to the damage & mitigation formulas and I'd probably aim to work within a smaller range of values instead of the 9999 range.

But I do want to say - I feel like it's not an incredibly intuitive way to get ahold of it. Why would you use a Limit Break on some random encounter mook? Yes, they're a higher tier than typical random grunts - but not enough to where I'd do that. I always want to save my Limit Breaks for bosses. (Unless I'm grinding/farming and know I'll get my meter refilled again before I'm done and move on with the story.) And I don't see any obvious indication that this is the trigger.

The reason is a combination of what Magntitude 8 replaced and my own burn-out; Dragon Force used to proc against Limits, with the skill not being available until late in the game when you defeat a special boss that uses the skill on your party when it dies. Mag8 was its replacement at the last minute because I was stuck for ideas and saw that there was no Earth-based skill in the E.Skill library. As for the trigger, I left it as-is because by the end of 1.5's development I was badly wanting away from the game. Not the best frame of mind to be making decisions, but the project was already running late.

Alright, so, does Arrange make any changes on the player-side?  Obviously it edits enemy encounters and such, I've noticed new boss behaviors, but does it have the limit changes/materia edits/etc?

It doesn't, unfortunately. I wanted to do something with item placement shuffling so that different Materia, etc. would be available at different times but I left it in the end.

When I was on my way to Fort Condor after rescuing Priscilla (Cloud goes alone) I got encountered in the bush by Ziegfried. When He used his second hit, he blew me out of the battle. Funny thing is he was still talking and even used Odin while I was still out of the fight so he cut himself in a half and the battle was over with no drop ?!

Beachplug – all Beachplug enemies are casting BIG GUARD at the beginning of the fight. Even when there are 4 enemies they do it all one after one, so generally there are 3 useless moves...

When Cloud gets to Aerith in Forgotten City and want to hit her with his sword there are two chat options to choose one is so long it would not fit to the box.

After Jenova fight in Forgotten City when the team group up in the sleeping room, there is a blue text location name "knowlespole" is it intended ?

I didn't consider the Ziegfried AI against a solo party member. I'm going to scrap that scripted fight in any case and make it a bit more straightforward, like the initial attack rush and then one character attack ends the fight (which is how it goes in FF6 I think).

I can add a script handler to Beach Plug so that only one of them casts it.

Yeah, I need to resize that box; I'll do it just now before it slips my mind again.

Knowlespole is the name of the Icicle Inn area, which is mentioned in the tapes that Ifalna recorded with Gast. When I was rewriting Seph's dialogue, it felt a bit strange to write Icicle Inn so I went with the 'ancients' name for it. But that meant I had to have the characters refer to it as Knowlespole in the next scene as well when they talk about what Seph said.


Materia MP Plus can be sold for 500 milions gil – in my opinion that is too much and it will make GIL useless.

While fighting Sea Worm on the beach in Mideel, last hit was given by Cid's limi Big Brawl. Funny thing is Cid missed every signgle combo hit. There was no dmg and no 'miss' word. Monster did not dissapear when killed but the fight was over with regular drop/exp/etc.

Is it possible to create a skip for the long conversation in the Northern Crater, when Clouds gives
Black Materia to Sephiroth and Weapons are Summoned ?

I received Masamune weapon from Fort Condor NPC after final battle for MegaMateria is it intended ?

Midgar Raid last Turks fight. They have nothing to steal but they have 100% drop of the items that are on the excel documentation as "to Steal". Please update documentations by changing from Steal to Drop.

While Midgar Raid/Dark Cave/ Using key to sector 5 - save points have no Rank Up options.

While Midgar Raid there is invisible NPC Shop on the 1st floor Shinra Corp.

Misspelled Valiant Cloud name in Battle Chat when charging. Says "Clod"

Documentation update – Valiant Cloud drops Ragnarok not Imperial Guard.

When you enter a fight with Hojo, those two underwater monsters are already there I think in Original version they were summoned.

When Vincent died in a fight with Iron Man he did a Final Attack Magic Counter x4 Comet2 (final attack was not equipped) is that natural ?

MP Plus is a unique drop, so if it is sold then it's gone. As for shop prices, there's an editor that can do it but it's an .exe change and the editor itself is very deprecated; it broke after I used it once, prob trying to remember directory pathways and bugging out or something.

Cid's Big Brawl seems to be bugged for FF7 PC; I don't recall ever seeing it in action though. My guess is that some important data in the animation file has been lost which results in the hit values not coming up; damage is calculated normally though. The same issue occurs when an attack is set with multiple hits but is only coded to have one hit; it just tallies the actual damage off after.

I could make a skip for that scene, but not just now.

Yeah, the masamune is the new drop for not allowing Condor to lose a single battle; this can be done without actually participating in the fights if you keep them funded. It's about 3000gil per battle, and they start off with enough funds to handle the 'inaccessible' battles that occur when the party can't reach Condor (there are less of these in NT though, due to the teleport NPC; most of the inaccessible battles happen during Junon Raid where I felt it would be a headache to implement the teleport there). Masamune can be equipped by any character and will take the appearance of their default weapon. It can also be crafted using certain items.

It's called Valiant Clod, the original was called Proud Clod. The translation was probably supposed to be 'Clad' but hey-ho.

I had that Hojo problem early on; for whatever reason, I couldn't get them to appear as invisible at the start of the fight anymore. The fight functions so I never returned to it.

Honestly couldn't tell you what happened with Vincent.


Is it even possible to steal Silver Glasses on the first fight on the train heading to Corel ? I only stole Star Pendants and Hybrid Brace. I tried couple times...

Is the Outer Junnon Weapon Shop ever opened ? The old man always says the same thing over and over on all 3 discs ?

Junnon league when choosing bracket "Cancel" - option does not work.

After fight in Dark cave sector 7 on The Pilar, once you go back down you can still go through the fence and do it again and again etc.

When fighting with Yuffie in Dark Cave she tries to steal the materia you can run from that fight but she will be laying on the floor beaten :)

When summoning KOR there is a typo.

It'd be tricky; definitely not worth it either.

There's a closed shop? Does he still sell you things?

I'll check the script again; thought I'd fixed that.


I'll add a no-escape flag.

KOTR's summon attack text is the last bit of data in the kernel, and it's prone to becoming corrupt. I re-did the kernel fresh to try and rectify it but was only partially successful; the text needs to be offset to hide the garbage but any changes made to the kernel requires another adjustment for the text. I think as of the last time I checked it was no longer possible to have it appear centred without the names of other summon attacks appearing alongside it. No idea what causes it, just that it's probably too much space used in the kernel.

- In my opionion Boss that drops KOR is too easy, once you get KOR the rest bosses are way more easier to kill
- After obtaing Tiny Bronco you can swim to the beach in Mideel area and fight monsters over there which gives tons of exp. These monsters should be stronger in my opionion. If somebody wants to farm there he would get a lot money, exp and AP very easily. Then when proceeding with game and visiting temple of the ancients or north crater it will bring more fun if you are not so overpowered. Also please decrease drop rate for Typhoon Ring from Sea Worm. It drops like 100% and it is expensive to sell.
- Physicall Limist should be a bit stronger. When comparing to end game Magic or Summons physical limits are weak.
- Mime should work only once a fight. If you can use it more times game becomes too easy.
- Gospel Spark item should be removed, with W-item makes the game too easy. Also everyboss can be killed without it :)
- Dark Cave bosses and encounters should be stronger.

Thanks and hope you will do same mod for FF8,9 and 10 !!!

I'll keep this in mind and add it to my notes. I'm making a mod for FF8 at the moment; hopefully it'll turn out a bit better.

So...according to the "where is the thing" text file, there's an Enemy Skill called "Magnitude8", and it's used by Gaea Dragon, found on Gaea's Cliff. What causes him to usd it, though? I've seen him use these attacks: a basic physical attack, Great Gale, Atomic Buster, Gale Wind, Storm Breath...and that's it. I can't get him to use it voluntarily at full health, mid health, or near death (gave him 15 or so turns at all three health thresholds, just to be sure), as an Earth attack counter, as a death counter, or even as an Earth attack death counter (hey, if the Co...uh...the cat-things in this same cave only seem to use Level ?? Holy as a counter to Alexander/a Holy attack killing them, I figured the possibility was there). He seems immune to Confusion and Manipulate. I don't know what else I can possibly do to make the AI use it on me. Am I doing something wrong? Is this the wrong enemy and that text file has a mistake in it? What's going on?
I think Limit Breaks trigger Mag8 on any dragon enemy; I'll check when I get back.

Hey there !

I've recently started NT mod so I wanted to leave at least a little message to thanks you for all the work ^^
Btw I was curious : thought I found a typo.. But after some searches since english isn't my mother tongue, it seems it may have been used intentionally to stick to Barret's habits.

It's the way Barret talks in the english version; I kept it as-is.

Did 1.5 re-add EXE changes or is the tooltip about 'the NT.EXE Patch' outdated?

EXE stuff was left out in the end.

Yes sir I did, it was probably just because I was 22.

Edit: At Materia Keeper now on arranged (second playthrough after normal)

Any possibility of adding the ability to Sense major creatures after a certain % hp?
Maybe block sense until monsters are at 33%/bosses 25%?
I want to use morph more, but especially in arranged mode, the risk of even trying to morph a boss you can't sense, before the morph-weapons is just too unrealistic.

Or maybe you've made it so you get nothing from morphing said enemies, I don't really know since I don't bother trying (I understand Materia is optional and can pass up until morph weapons.)

This may also allow players who die within that 25% of said bosses health, do so not in vain, and can prepare properly to try again. Would stop people from just jumping in, sensing, then resetting the game to set up a method to stomp bosses and making us have to really try in order to learn the bosses weaknesses, and give us a reason to try and morph more.

Hell with that setup, I wouldn't even mind if all bosses are unable to be sensed until a certain threshold, and I would probably try to morph all of them.

Boss Morphs were removed for the most part, because people felt they had to try and Morph the boss if the reward was really good rather than just fighting the boss normally. It might not have been the correct move though, as it undermined having Morph earlier.

Sense and blind runs are a problem; the former has a limit of 30,000 and a hard limit of 60000, while the latter presents a problem with how an enemy should be scaled. If a boss is scaled against a blind party, then an optimised party will bulldoze it. But the other way around means it would be difficult for a blind party to beat a boss efficiently the first time round. The issue gets more acute the further into the game you go because most damage modifiers (crits, elements, etc.) use multiples of 2x; so as damage numbers go up, the gap between optimised parties and non-optimised parties gets larger and larger.

But as far as Morphs go, I'm leaning toward re-including them. The previous version had some very strong morph results on early bosses and considering the effort involved, maybe it's best to put them back in. As for Sense, I'll work on something but there is a tool that can help in the meantime: it tracks enemy HP in realtime (among other things like FPS adjustments):

So I started playing New Threat on version 1.4 (up to the North Corel train fight with the 10 minute time limit), and have upgraded to 1.5 since then. I'm now right before the Northern Crater but I'm having an issue regarding Aeris. She seems to have been removed from my party at some point, though I'm not sure when.

I have been using her throughout the whole game, but I noticed semi-recently that she wasn't showing up in the materia exchange menu.

If I recall correctly, I believe I removed her from the party for the Shinra 26 part of Rocket Town when the game forces you to use Cid. I used exchange to put all of her materia on him, but once I could remove him again and replace him with Aeris, I don't think she appeared in the exchange menu.

EDIT: I actually have a save right before Hojo and Aeris is available in the materia exchange screen. I could try beating Hojo again and see what happens?
DOUBLE EDIT: I just beat Hojo again and it appears that the end of disc 2/start of disc 3 causes Aeris to lose all of her equipped materia and to disappear from the PHS.

Although something seems to have gone awry there, that wasn't a problem as I was keeping her in my party anyway.

However, now that I have gone to try and get Tifa's level 4 limit break (and the same happens with Cid), if I try to change Tifa to the party leader, I can't select Aeris as a party member and all of her Materia and Equips have been removed from her.

Is this a consequence of me changing versions mid-playthrough or is something else at play?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think the flag was implemented for 1.5, which means it'll be set to Off in your current game. There's an NPC that should appear on the Highwind though that can fix this; once you reach the bottom of north crater, return and look for him hanging out near the Highwind's Chocobo Pen (he's the one walking around); he has a bunch of options on him, one of which should be the Aeris toggle.

I have no idea where to report bugs; I'm sorry if this is the wrong place. I also don't know if this bug has been reported already, but it is serious.
When you first enter the Golden Saucer, you are stripped of a party member. However there is a location where you can save and use the PHS. If you take another person with you, the game will softlock when trying to get
Spoiler: show
Cait Sith
(You can't just take a member out of your party). In case anyone else here has experienced this issue, you can escape by entering the plaza with all of your team members and choosing a member that is already on your team to come with you. (Sometimes they won't be there. Keep trying with random team configurations)

There's a couple of those I need to fix, the other being in Junon.

Day 7.. still fighting Jormungandr.. Priscilla's corpse has rotted to the bone.. I'm out of ethers.. this may be my last matra magic.

Have you applied the latest scene.bin patch/7H IRO? I removed the absorb effect from its tail attack.

Okay, this one's just weird, no idea what could be going wrong here. On Da-chao, there's an encounter with 3x Bizarre Bug and 1x Foulander. If I Manipulate the Foulander and try to make it use its basic physical attack (Claw) on Bizarre Bug B (not A or C so far, specifically on B), the attack redirects to Foulander and breaks my Manipulate. What's going on there?

EDIT: Also, do Death/Petrify spells prevent you from obtaining SP? My SP gains have gone to quite literally 0 ever since I started using Titan and Odin to try to speed up the process a bit and finish my last one or two Rank Ups on the two characters I have remaining that have not maxed out. (Which I only just, that's like, an hour or two wasted, ouch! Hoho!)

It might be a row thing; enemies can be 'covered' by each other making them inaccessible via short-range attacks until the enemy in front of them has been killed. The attack might be redirecting because of that.

The SP gain is in the death script, but this is skipped in the case of instant KO, petrify, etc.

Super minor, but, some Materia actually sells for less if you master it - that is, the "Price for Mastery" is actually less than the total AP needed to master it (and I know there are several Materia that intentionally sell for only 1 Gil - that was in vanilla anyway, so that part isn't what strikes me as odd or anything, I just mean those that are intended to sell for more than 1 Gil). One example: Sense needs 84,000 AP to Master. When Mastered, it sells for 70,000 Gil - but if you were to intentionally come up short of mastering it, you could get as much as 83,999 Gil for it, instead of 70,000 for Mastering it. Another example, Lightning/Ice/Fire master at...52,500 AP, I believe? But they sell for 42,000 Gil at Mastery. Just seems a bit odd to me.

Also: Both healing weapons I've picked up so far for Aerith have her Attack command default to targeting allies instead of enemies (which makes good sense, I like that much better than being forced to redirect it every time I want to heal that way). But Cait Sith's White M-Phone, the MP healing weapon I have for him, does *not* automatically target allies. Speaking of targeting, when using Throw with Aerith's Healing Rod, it still auto-targets your party - and when Thrown, it doesn't have a healing effect any longer. (Nailed me for over 2600, at that, geez!)

I'll sort out Cait's MP wep targeting; as for throw, not sure; I'll look to see if it can be set to not use weapon targeting.

Hello sega chief,I have a problem at the end of the first cd because aeris died but i'm not going to rez her? Any suggestion for helping me because i saw videos about this game and aeris stayed in life ='(
whatever you're mod is awesome!!!

There should be a dialog option just before the FMV plays; pick the 2nd option.


That's an error that can occur sometimes with the PC version when entering a field; it's usually seen on the second field of the game but it can occur in other places as well. For whatever reason, one of the background layers fails to load. It's relatively harmless though.

Decided to check out the new battles in Junon and when I did the bottom league match (sorry forgot name already) it ported my cid into clouds flashback, then after winning the flashback via my naked cloud with items and omnislash as a finisher, i got another shinra alpha and omnislash. I was ported to Nibelheim with my gold chocobo, highwind, and sub all at junon...Did i mention I saved outside the mansion after scraping through the flashback fight....guess I'm saying is the brawlers league bugged or just my files? and is there a way to make it so i can walk on i can go back to junon >.> I do have an alternate save file about 6 hours ago, before beating weapons/nemesis/few other things. So not like i'm completely screwed.

It'll be a scripting error that I'll need to sort out; there's a way to rescue your file though:

Download the Black Chocobo save editor and open the game launcher (VERY important that you open the launcher first).

Then open your save file in Black Chocobo and set your location to somewhere like, say, the Highwind Bridge or Junon.

Then start the game via the launcher and load the save file; save your game. This'll update the modified save with a correct checksum.

If you open the launcher AFTER modifying a save file, it'll delete it because apparently save file DRM is a thing that Square decided was very important to have in FF7.

I can do this for you if you want; you'd need to send me the save file though. FF7 PC has 15 'memory cards' of save files, and they're stored usually in MyDocuments/SquareEnix/FF7/User###


The steam client for FF7 can crash while playing in a window, particularly if the window is clicked away from/loses focus for a moment. The fort condor minigame is buggy in general on PC, it's a good idea not to let the battles drag out too long or a crash will eventually occur.

Quake 3's issue is related to a transparency issue present in the custom graphics driver used for the game. Other spell effects also suffer erratic behaviour with transparency but Quake 3 is one of the most noticeable ones. Successive casts of Quake 3, or other effects with transparency, will have the game pull textures from the wrong place resulting in menu sprites being used for the crumble fade-out.

Cid's Hyper Jump is the most dangerous one; that can outright crash the game, and was the reason I moved it to the 2-2 slot.

Is something up with the Gluttons on the World Map around Cosmo Canyon? One of the times I encountered it (the enemy formation back attacked me, so they got their turns first) - on its very first turn, the game displayed this message: "Glutton's MP depleted". No one had touched its MP yet (didn't even get targeted yet). And I checked it after it took that turn - it still had 180 MP. What could it have possibly been trying to use/cast that would cost it over 180 MP?

EDIT: Also, I tried every Greens I could currently buy from the Chocobo Farm at the present time, just to be thorough. So in case you were wondering, Chief, only the Mimett Greens triggered Chocobuckle - all others failed.

Probably trying to cast a spell ID that doesn't exist or something, or maybe it's attempting to cast Pearl although that doesn't cost 180MP. Thanks for testing the greens as well.

Once i tried but i forgot to put the enemy in the game, and he crash XD, but in the cactilo the new enemy didnt appear. I will try again thanks for the idea ^^
Oh the palette-swap, besides photoshop, what else i need to do? For exemple create a event like you did in FF7 to encounter the boss, step-by-step if possible, or not XD

I had little success extracting the .tex, recolouring, and then putting it back in; data got lost which resulted in corruption. Instead, I was pointed toward this tool: tim2view which is a PSX models viewer. This has a CLUT editor (colour look-up table) which allows you to change every colour used in the texture. It's a laborious process but it's the most accurate way to do it and doesn't bugger up the files.

Heheh, sorry, shouldn't have assumed that was different from vanilla - but the wording in the text file made me think that it was a QoL addition or something like several other things in the mod, that is, that any Greens would work to trigger Chocobuckle, rather than only allowing the same specific Green types from base game. My bad. Mimett Greens worked just fine for the cause.
Also got Alpha while I was in the area. Oh man. That Zolom. It'll break hearts. What a haul for Exp/AP. Maybe still not the best way to farm Exp/AP by any means (all that HP bulk - and Sense immunity!), but definitely nice for a one-off (or two-off) prize. (It earned me Curaga, as I recall!)

It should have been set to trigger from any greens but maybe I've made a mistake with it.

Just a curiosity, this is really possible? Create a new enemy?

Assuming this is for FF8. Why don't you try it? Make a copy of your 'template' enemy (doesn't matter if name, stats, etc. are left unchanged the important thing here is adding a new ID), give it a unique comxxx.dat ID, set it in a formation using cactilo (replace a boss one so you can trigger that particular fight for faster testing), then import it to the battle.fs using Deling tool. I haven't tried to add a new enemy to FF8 yet but I definitely plan to give it a go. Don't expect to be making unique models + animations though, we don't have a tool that can manipulate either of those; best you'll get is a palette-swap at the moment.

I'm having a problem obtaining Chocobuckle.
"Chocobuckle: Any chocobo (world map)
Note: Use L5 Suicide after feeding them greens" what the "where is the thing" file says.
Do I need to use a specific type of Greens to get Chocobuckle to be used on me? I've tried three times on Chocobos right outside the Chocobo Farm - once accidentally using no Greens before Level 5 Suicide, the second time using Tantal Greens then using Level 5 Suicide immediately, the third time using Tantal Greens then waiting for the Chocobo to stop pecking then finally using Level 5 Suicide. All three times the Chocobo just fled, no Chocobuckle, no salami, no salt. It took damage - but it just went "Wark! Wark!" and fled instantly, as if I'd used an attack on it that didn't put it into proper range. Did I do something wrong, Chief?

I think you do need specific greens; the AI check looks for either Mimmit or Sylkis Greens. Try using those and let me know if it works/doesn't work.

Scene hotfix patch is up + IRO; fixed the Gate powersoul drop and drain flag on venus gospel

Is Ramuh not supposed to have an added effect when summoned? Choco/Mog has been causing Confusion, Shiva has been causing Slow, Ifrit's in-game description says he inflicts Berserk - but Ramuh has nothing. It just says "Bolt summon". Pairing him with Added Effect also shows no status being added, to attack or defense. Seems unexpectedly inconsistent. I haven't yet summoned him (to see if the attack itself will still cause an effect), only just barely picked him up, but wanted to ask, is this intentional?

It would use Paralysis if I could set it, but unfortunately the game isn't set up to handle some of the status flags (I tried doing it through Hex, but there's no space for it). The summon spell itself will inflict Paralysis though.

Just finished off the mod today, just want to say really amazing job. A fantastic excuse to play the game again. Just to clarify, am I right in thinking that the NG+ feature isn't currently in the game? Also what's
Spoiler: show
up with the last name in the character list for the SP menu listed as ???? A hidden char that I didn't come across?

NG+ was dropped for now; as for the last entry in the SP menu, that's part of something that got dropped.


Actually it was neoseeker but good joke! hahaha i have some good time laughing at that. Love this mod i cant play FF7 without it anymore ROFL

EDIT: How i change leaders ?' i want to have Cid as a leader but i dont know how to change Cloud

I forgot about that one lol

To change leaders, you need to be on Disc 3 and to have reached the bottom of North Cave once. When you get down there, Cloud should get a phone call from the Highwind. You can then visit the Operations Room on the Highwind to swap leaders; bit of a hassle, but the set-up is needed to avoid script problems.

Another weird occurence, I noticed in my inventory I have two copies of W-Summon. If I had to take a guess it might have been from the
Spoiler: show
3 materia fight after you hand over the three items to the man in Kalm.
After the fight the text box said I got Long Range, but I noticed there was only one copy of it in my Materia list. I'm guessing it actually put W-Summon in there by mistake.

I'll need to check the scripts again; I'm fairly sure I changed it, but maybe there's another line in there dropping W-Summon.

I got the money too in the most easy way stealing  Mount corel enemies Diamond clip and killing the pack of 5 worms  this gives almost 1.5K every battle and  i have some money from before cause i have a strategy

Steal + Add Cut   Steal+Cmd Counter  dont even need to attack just Steal is a normal attack Like Mug and i have a counterattack that steal too very good combo

i think you are a Weirdo cause you go back and teleport but is ok thats how bugs are fixed.

How do i change party leader i need Cid as party leader and i can seem how to change it

Another thing is that i never fight Powersoul Keeper i fight armored keeper do i lose Powersoul weapon Forever? Kinda want it so i can use  curse ring + PowerSoul + edencoat for that nasty 255 x 4 attack on tifa

Powersoul should be dropped by Satan Gate (the Demon Gate replacer for Arrange Mode) but according to mithrain it doesn't seem to be dropping. I'll need to investigate.

I got an issue with the Powersoul weapon.

The document detailing where to find stuff, tells me it's a drop from the Powersoul Keeper, but since I'm playing arranged, I got to fight the Armour Keeper instead (which drops a protect ring).
Then while poking through Proudclod, I see that Satan Gate is supposed to drop it instead, however, it doesn't seem to be doing that. I killed it 3 times and no Powersoul drop.  :-X

Is it available elsewhere, or should I just wait with progressing my save, if I want to snatch that weapon? :>

I'll check it out and get a scene patch up today. It should drop it; is the chance set at 63/63? Did you steal from him?

You missed my prev. message, Sega due to waiting for moderation, I assume. :)

Also, what are
Spoiler: show
oversoul shards
used for?

Edit: Also, I noticed that
Spoiler: show
Mystile is a drop from Mirage in the dark cave, yet I didn't even get an end battle scene, so no drop?

Ah, sorry about that.

Yeah, it ends there; I think I had to temporarily remove the final cave scene because of a walkmesh problem on the IRO. The intended Mystile drop needs to be obtained from the Debug NPC on the Highwind (he's the one closest to the Chocobo Pen wandering around); he goes through a few options, one of which will be for the Mystile.

Oversoul shards are used to make a Masamune, which can be equipped by any of the characters as an alternative Ultimate Weapon; it has a 100% crit-rate. You also need a Yoshiyuki and some other thing I forget to make it (the dude in the blue house near Gongaga makes 'em along with the other ultimate weapons).

Venus Gospel appears to be missing the DrainHP flag; I thought I'd fixed that when someone reported it a while back but I guess not.

Yeah, if you steal from an enemy then the drop(s) are no longer processed at the end of a battle. Not sure if Morph is the same when it comes to the drop.

I'll add a game-moment check to the gold ticket 'fast-travel' to prevent it from being used before the first visit.

I just realized something I thought was off but kept forgetting to confirm. The ChangeLog in the current Stand Alone Installer says this:
"   -) Regen
   One of the strongest healing spells in the game with the right set-up, Regen was
   now requires 70 MP to cast. It has been restored to Slot 3 on the Restorative Materia
   due to Magic Counter + Cure3 being a more desirable combo."
...but my Restore Materia shows this: "Cure - Cure2 - Cure3 - Regen". Regen is still in the fourth slot rather than the third. Is this a mistake in the Changelog - or did you intend to make this change, but perhaps forgot to get around to it, or something? (...Also there's a typo in there, but I didn't even notice that until after I wanted to mention this Cure3/Regen business, heh, oops. But nevermind that, it happens.)

Also if I might ask, since I don't happen to know offhand what kind of program I'd need to open a .xlsx file (and I'm not 100% sure the answer would be in that file anyway, though I believe it might) - am I wasting my time looking for a Shinra Beta from the enemies on board the ship going from Junon to Costa Del Sol, that is, the random encounters before you reach Jenova: Birth? (Or at least that's her name in base game, no assumptions here her name hasn't changed, but at least you'll know who I'm talking about.) I know that in vanilla, the Shinra grunts here carry Shinra Betas for a Steal item - but since I can't be sure if it's my bad luck or if it's actually been moved/removed, I wanted to ask if its now a rare steal or the like, that maybe I'm just getting really unlucky with my Steals. (I've stolen nearly 20 Grenades so far - I just wonder if this is a sign I should quit while I'm ahead here, that Grenade is all the Shinra grunt dudes have available to steal, heh.)

the .xlsx file should be an excel spreadsheet; if you don't have excel, try opening it with apache open office instead. I guess I forgot to change Regen's order in the Restore Materia.

Also, just obtained the Tiny Bronco, and I went to my favorite grinding spot, in order to afford weaponry in Wutai; the island close to Mideel, and holy ferning

Almost feels like cheating. Even more so, because they also drop absurd amounts of gil.  :-o

I think I added some check to set EXP to 0 or something if you were under a certain level when fighting Mideel enemies, but it clashed with another script so I removed it.

Hello is me again! hahaha I have a question  regarding Zeio Nuts do you change the Morph Steal from Goblins on Goblins Island? cause i Morphed and give me Syncher and Stealing gives me Mystile! thats a Powerfull Armor (dont like it cause the nothing Growth but hey can evade a lot!)

RE: ROFL  do they have Mystile like a Normal Steal and rare is a Zeio cause i got like 3 mystile before stealing Zeio nuts or i am lucky!  hahaaha 

Another Question i forget last time is
Already got Cuadra Magic materia (just after i got Highwind) the boss for Cuadra seems to has a Attack called Fuse i think it will revive his Minions bomb  but it doesnt do anything  he just does the same attacks always and sometimes he does this fuse attack  that was a bug? i just use bad breath for Confu on bombs then they Just exploded killing each other  maybe is cause that he cant revive them

Checking the files, one of the Goblins had their old steal-table intact which has Mystile set as the rare steal (two chances at common items, then the mystile at the bottom). That'll be removed for the next patch.

Fuse actually sets Dual-Drain on the bombs, with the intent being to kill them so that they self-destruct and damage the party. There's several ways around it though, such as confusion.

the game soft locked when i save at Junon when weapon attack and yuffie join cause i used PHS  i loaded game and barret sprite doesnt appear you should block PHS option on that save point so this soft lock dont happens if someone has this issue just use black chocobo and go to Woa_3  Twister maze ID 711 go trought screen and  all the scenes will happens again so wait and things will fix  dont get hit with the wind cause that soft lock too cause you are red XIII or Any other character

I thought I'd disabled PHS there; I'll check it again.

I was going up against the
Spoiler: show
second form of the spider boss as part of Barret's quest in Disc 3
, and when using Ultima paired with HP absorb, MP absorb, Quadra Magic and MP Turbo, after two casts the boss locked up as if he was under Stop status, and the battle "froze". As in the battle and animations still ran, but the fight didn't progress.

That's an engine glitch with Quadra-Magic Ultima & HP/MP Absorb against enemies with multiple parts; the game gets confused and soft-locks:

Despite what the wiki says, it does happen against Jenova Synthesis as well. To avoid it, don't use HP/MP Absorb on Quadded-Ultima against bosses that have multiple parts like Carry Armour, Emerald Weapon (when his eyes are open), Jenova Synthesis, the boss you fought, or Bizarro Sephiroth. You can use Ultima + HP/MP Absorb just fine, and you can use Quadra-Magic with Ultima fine too, but not at the same time.

Ah, the EXP gauges have 'soft caps' in them every 11 levels. So Lv.31>32 takes vastly more EXP than 32>33...>41. Then at Lv.41 there's another soft cap to get to Lv.42.

The idea was that, combined with high scaling for EXP given by enemies in successive areas of the game, I'd be able to better judge where a party's level would be (roughly) and spec enemies based on that. It's not perfect, but it helped a little bit. Bosses will power you through these caps quicker.

It's probably his confu script; if the tidal wave has spread flags set, then it means it can be used as a single-target attack. Or maybe it's the attack set in his confu/berserk slot. I'll need to check it out.

Ziegfried has been a bit of a nightmare since 1.5 went out; I'm not sure why, but he seems to break a lot now. I'm going to adjust his AI completely and go with something much shorter, probably remove the Odin summon as well because that causes a tonne of problems with targeting, etc.

Oh, I see! It's after using Seal Evil rather than just happening; I guess Stop interferes with it in some way then (or maybe the Silence?) I'll try adding a check to pre-action to sort that out, or make them immune if I can't fix it.

If Dirty Bombs don't work, then he's completely immune.

I've done the following:

-) Found and fixed the 200gil check in Chocobo Ranch; there were two of them, and only 1 had been adjusted down from 2000gil.

-) Added option to Morph Crater enemies instead of farming for the drop. Enemies that already had a Morph (Malboro, Pollensalta, Master Tonberry) had their drop rate set to 100% instead.

-) I made adjustments to the Jormungandr fight; crit-chance on physical attacks have been disabled, the drain effect on Tail Attack was removed, Paralysis on Serpentarius was removed, and there was a reduction from 12 to 10 base power on Midgard Wave. Should cut down on the RNG and prevent progress being undone by some unprotected Tail Attacks, but the fight will still need a solid strategy to bring down.

Like Illuyankas/Bottomswell, the fight is one of the few in the mod intended for the entire party to be in back-row (short-range attacks can't hit him). You can use Elemental to reduce the damage of Tropic Breath (Fire) and Wave (Heal Materia now carries the Water element) as well. He gains Wall when preparing to use Tropic Breath so Debarrier can be handy in this fight.

-) Mystile check added to Debug NPC (with Sector 5 Key), Mystile drop & Sector 5 Key added directly to Dark Cave script

-) Spoopy ghost continues to spoop (AI seems fine, so I'll prob need to redesign it).

-) Fixed Cait & Vincent's Innate text

-) Some text fixed (alignment/placement issues)

I'll upload these now; be around an hour or two.

Edit: Hotfix patches + IRO updated.

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