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Hi Sega Chief, I started playing recently and I just ran into a weird bug.  Upon loading my file, all the "face button" equivalents--confirm, cancel, menu, and switch--wouldn't work.  I could still move around, though.  I fixed it by walking to a save point and getting the extended save point dialogue, so it might be related to opening the menu and saving while the help text is being displayed.

Which save point was this problem encountered on?

Invalid or Deleted File.

The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.

BTW, the reason I'm looking for this is that I was told there's a readme telling you where things were moved to in the Mod, and I can't seem to find where 7th Heaven would put that.

EDIT: I also encountered a bug just now. Don't know if it's from Vanilla or New Threat, but when I attack an enemy with Hades+Added Effect (they get Frogged, put to Sleep, and Confused so I'm not sure yet which effect is causing this), the game soft-locks and it seems to just sit on the enemy turn without anything happening.

That file is from when the mod first launched, so not surprised it's gone now; there's documentation in the main installer folders. Some isn't 100% accurate as 1.4 has had changes made to it over time but it should help a bit.

Certain enemies seem to cause a soft-lock when Frog is inflicted. The cause was found, but I can't remember what it was. Which enemies did you encounter this problem with?

can't wait to see what's new in the update lol....though im almost done with the other one lol. just some grinding materia and the final push left. admittedly i am somewhat disappointed with what was once ruby and emerald weapon. i kinda.....broke them. badly. lol. i did somehow miraculously crush round island's materia boss before taking them on, thinking that they would be the ultimate challenge lol. so little health on those guys. i still get chills from seeing emerald underwater though. barret is so insanely tough at this point. even nemesis and round island dude can't break him down well enough. he's got deity-level toughness lol.

I've overhauled Ruby and Emerald completely for 1.5; AI was rewritten, attacks, etc. and I've set them up as the game's super-bosses again so hopefully they should pose more challenge.

I think it's definitely time to start working to a release date. I'm getting the materials prepared to go with the mod, and scouting for a new patcher that won't break on newer OS; but let's go with next Saturday.

Gameplay Mods / Re: [REL] FF8Launcher 1.4
« on: 2017-07-23 23:53:35 »
That's fantastic; cheers, bud.

Gameplay Mods / Re: [REL] FF8Launcher 1.4
« on: 2017-07-22 23:58:02 »
Do you happen to know what files the magic.dll changes? One of the popular suggestions for an FF8 mod is to have magic not be exhausted in combat (so that it doesn't affect junctions).

so i mean....the NPC thing still worked, but even after updating with the patch and loading an older save, that whole thing still doesn't look like its supposed to. there's still no conversation with zack, in a pre-battle scene or during battle or after the scene is just zack being shot down and cloud crawling to him and the shinra guys talking. zack still has buster instead of ultima. at any rate i am glad you guys put that "lost and found" guy in there....just disappointed that i can't get the scene or anything to work correctly. but i do have omnislash at least.

i did have another question in regards to arena battles. i heard there was supposed to be some extra boss enemies in there beyond gilgamesh's special battle run and the silver, gold, platinum matches......but i don't see any way to get them. do they show up after i beat platinum (nemesis), or is there more issues with my game? having watched other play this mod i really liked it so i just want to experience it the way its supposed to be lol.

also my apologies. i used the jan 6th 2017 installer on page 1 and i think the ff7 version is the 2012 remake one....i don't believe its the steam version. lol

I'm trying to revert the scene back to the original one; what you see in 1.4 is just that one screen but I've reinstated the entire flashback for 1.5.

Special Battle has gilgamesh in it, the Extra Battle for Silver/Gold/Platinum are handled by another NPC hanging around in the area. Look for a male Gold Saucer attendant in Battle Square, he isn't behind a desk though; he's close to the middle of the room.

The patches/mod should work with the 2012 version as well.

It might be something to do with it being an old PC copy; there was a fault of some kind at that stage of the game which required the 1.02 patch to fix. As far as I know, that patch should be implemented automatically with Aali's Driver though. Just to check, the PC copy you have isn't the Ultimania edition is it?

The other thing might be a video or audio problem; certain scenes are programmed to progress once an FMV or audio track has reached a certain point. If those are messed around with, then it can cause issues.

hey i really hope people are still on this thread. i've been playing recently and i think something is broken. specifically cloud's level 4 limit quest vs zack. i don't get the proper scene, zack isn't properly equipped, he doesn't drop omnislash when i win, and the only dialogue is from part of the original flashback where zack gets killed at midgar. any ideas? i'd really appreciate some help.

Make sure the flevel hotfix patch is applied then go speak to the NPC that's hanging around by the entrance to the Highwind's chocobo pen; he should check for conditions met and hand over omnislash. The problem was that the script line in the Zack event to drop the item was missing.

Cheers buddy

Just for the sake of the challenge run I'm doing at the moment, are there any enemies in the game that drop Turbo Ethers/Elixirs, or have them as a steal? Doc says Trickplays, but I'm getting nothing but Porov Nuts...

Also, how does the calculation for steal vs rare steal vs v rare steal work? Is it luck based?

I'm not too sure; everything's in upheaval at the moment. I'm going through 1.5 files at the moment to update all the documentation. I imagine that sort of thing would only be available from enemies that are accessible for short periods of time (like COMMANDO: 2nd in the mural room of Temple of the Ancients) and/or the Crater. You could try stronger enemies like Sea Worm and Tonadu but they probably drop Dragon Scales/Bird Wings. As for the steal chance, it's a similar set-up to the Vagyrisk Claw in default FF7; 2 'normal' steal checks have to fail then a 3rd low-chance check has to proc. The goal was to have only a few rare steals proc per playthrough and for them to be potentially run-changing (like armour, etc.) but it was disrupting people's first runs + they were more farmable than I realised.

will I get all achievements using this mod without problem?
excuse my english
 good day

If using the stand-alone installer then you'll get the majority of the game's achievements; some might be missed due to script changes. If using 7H then achievements won't be available.

Have to say I'm not the biggest fan of the Tyrant fight as it currently stands. I like the mechanic of an enemy beserking itself for a final push, like Rude sometimes does. Problem in this case is that he seems to do it after losing only a small percentage of his health, which means the rest of the fight is a repetitive slog once you've survived the initial onslaught.

Also, given that Sense doesn't work with the higher HP values in the mod, would you consider releasing something like a bestiary with 1.5?

Yeah, I'll add boss HP, etc. to a document so it can be checked.

I have just found out about this amazing sounding and looking mod but Im not sure if I should start it now since you said version 1.5 is coming. Should I wait? Will 1.5 require a new game or does it have some significance changes in midgar that I will miss if I start now? Thanks.

Edit. BTW does the W-item glitch work in your mod? Im not going to use it anyway but it sure would be nice to not have an option tempting me of doing so..

There shouldn't be too many significant changes in the Midgar area between 1.4 and 1.5. A couple of the bosses might be different though, and the drops you get.

W-Item does still work, but it's gated behind a strong boss on Disc 2/3.

Hello there,

I found this project by accidence, played a few hours and must say: WOW! Thank you Sega Chief  for this great new FFVII experience.

Now I read that 1.5 is about to be released soon. Is it recommended to wait and start a new game, or can I play through Midgar on 1.4 and continue with the update. Will I miss anything?

Besides, I saw the Zack fight on youtube an this scene really, really deserves more serious dialogue. The end of crisis core was the most epic moment in FF, so we should honour our soldier first class a little bit more. But just a little   ;)
I could make some suggestions for the text, if you need a muse.

Apart from that, thanks again for your wonderful work.

In the current build, the entire Zack flashback was re-implemented so no worries on that.

Does the Imperial Guard do anything special? The text just says 'advanced protection'... Also, is there something about either the Escort Guard or the Circlet that randomly gives you reflect? It's happened on a couple of fights now and I can't tell what's causing it.

Realise that you're coming to the end of development on 1.5 now so imagine it's too late to do anything about, but it would be great if there was some way of making certain effects (reflect, peerless, lucky girl, shield, resist) more visible and obvious. Majority of my frustrations in the game have come from not understanding what exactly was going on with a certain attack/buff. Otherwise, as always, thanks for your hard work - can't wait to see what you do with FF8!

Imperial Guard has been changed to give buffs similar to the Crystal Bangle albeit with slightly better defensive stats on it.

There was discussion before about making more statuses visible, and it does seem to be possible but I don't know how to implement it. I've revised every boss attack in the game, but I could add some messages for special ones that inflict statuses that are battle-changing but invisible to the user (such as Resist).

I don't know if it is possible to 'reset' a character in-game; it'd take time to add the functions, assuming it can be done. Save editors can do it, but for the game to do it means adding that functionality to the field scripts + .exe which requires time & making space for it in the .EXE.

The whole point of the rank system is so that players can decide which stats to improve as level arcs will raise stats the same way each time (with some small variance). As for when those stats should increase, it could work with either gathering SP or by gating them behind specific story events. The original SP build was much closer to the latter, with set increments from bosses only that meant you'd generally always be hitting the same ranks in each playthrough. I'm keeping it with the current system of SP gathered from enemies as things are quite late on and 1.5 is finished at this point, save for last-minute checks and tests.

Ok, I have downloaded both hotfix files, but how do I get them to work

Extract them using 7z or WinRAR, then run the executable inside. Specify the Data folder inside the FF7 folder and they should patch the files.

Yeah, fresh install has fixed it, thanks. Onto Pearl Weapon  :-\

By the way, if I fail to stop the train in Corel, is there any other way to get Comet, or have I missed it for this playthrough?

Comet can be obtained in Junon, if you head for where the Cargo Ship used to be docked then it should be there.

I have finished the mod, but each time I try and do the Platinum Match, I will start with all three characters (Cloud, Barret, and Yuffie) using their limits, they will not go off, and all four (Nemesis included) will just sit there, am I doing something wrong?

That's a soft-lock caused by the enemy not having an animation set for their attack. Download and apply the scene hotfix patch (same install process as the main installer) and it should fix the fight; let me know if this doesn't fix the issue and I'll sort it out.

Hey guys,

I've been trying to run through the game without using the SP system - was going pretty well until I came up against
Spoiler: show
in Rocket Town. The fight is not difficult, exactly, but I just cannot hit the ferner. Yuffie, who has had no problems landing Deathblows on basically any enemy up to this point suddenly can't even hit a regular attack. Cid is pretty reliable but only manages around 200 damage. I get that Bio and Demi should be auto misses to avoid making it too easy, but my other spells barely reach 700 damage. Limit breaks are my only hope of breaking 2000 damage, but even they're missing half the time. Tried for about an hour until I used up all my restorative items and had to turn it off.

So is it that I'm missing something fairly essential about the way Luck/Att%/Dodge interact? Or is the mod designed in such a way that beyond a certain point, enemies will become virtually unhittable by non-upgraded characters? Kind of surprised about the swiftness of the curve.

Have you used the scene hotfix patch or is it the 7H version you're playing? Tseng had a issue a while ago where his evasion was being set to max permanently instead of temporarily.

Hi there!  I just started playing NT and I'm at the Temple of the Ancients.  I have to say, I love this mod!  Super fun, lots of interesting choices and options for character development and equipment, and cool materia changes.  I like how the text was altered at various points (from what I remember) for clarity, such as in Rocket Town with Shera, the recap in Ghost Square, and others.  Great work!

All that being said, my characters seem a little OP.  At first I was challenged, but now they are clobbering enemies for 1000's of damage.  1 thing is the SP system.  I love how it works, but there are a couple comments and questions I have about it:

1.  I like to fiddle around with different materia builds and character groupings, as this is my first run with NT mod, but doing so over levels my characters and gains them a ton of SP.  I know I can choose NOT to spend the SP, but I have an impulse to do it anyway and now Cloud is rank 6 :(.  It makes it somewhat inconsequential what my builds are when most of my characters are super strong.

2.  I have read a lot of comments that characters are super strong, but characters level quickly and overpower enemies starting in disc 1.  Again I am only on D1 so I don't know how it looks later.  Is there a way to throttle how quickly they rank up, such as putting a rank cap and/or level cap and/or AP cap on materia at certain plot points?  Like, Rank 2 and level 21 max until Junon, rank 3 max and level 31 max until Cosmo Canyon, etc.  I got Cid when Cloud was rank 5, and Cid is just too weak unless I power level him, but then that also levels Cloud...  Anyway, I realize I can impose these restrictions on myself, but the temptation for power is overwhelming (and Mr. Smile is is quite convincing).

3.  Is there a way to show the rank of each character when viewing the current SP values?  This would just be a convenient feature.  Or, if it could be visible on the menu screen next to the character level or something.

4.  What if only 1 SP so was necessary to rank up, but then all characters gained 1 SP at various plot points and not through random encounters and such?  Like, at Junon, each character will gain 1 SP to rank up to level 2.  At cosmo canyon, they get another SP to rank up 3.  The player can spend these at their leisure at Mr. Smile, and when we get characters later in the game, those new characters have a bank of SP already accumulated to rank up to where the other characters are instead of needing to farm them.  I think all the infrastructure you have already set up with the SP system would accommodate this nicely if you wanted to test it out. 

5.   Also, Battle square currently allows SP gain without gaining EXP.  Was this intentional?  1 successful run is netting me 30+ SP, so farming BP is gaining some characters a whole rank.

That's all I have for now.  I'm sorry if these comments and questions have already been suggested or answered (or if they are impossible or just plain bad ideas), but there were 200+ pages of thread to sift through.  I want to say again that I love this mod and thank you so much for all your work!  Thanks again!

I've been working on the SP system; I've set it up so that characters joining later will have some ranks 'free' to catch them up. I'll need to do something to Battle Square as it gives its own bonus + the raised SP from enemies/boss fought.

Sounds like a good idea to me. If you REALLY want to make life easier you could force non-arranged to be a 1 party fight regardless of however that's determined(I forget!), and make Arranged a 2 or 3 team.

In regards to Safer, I don't know if he was ever worked on at all in 1.4 after I fought him, but when I did, he was VERY easy. He didn't put up much of a fight at all. If he hasn't been touched any I would take another look at him. I get the idea of not wanting to have three tough fights back-to-back-to-back and I'm not even sure if the third fight is still in there or moved to Arranged or whatever, but Safer felt out of place sandwiched between the two tough ones.

That's actually the route I went with; 1 party fight for normal, 3 party for arrange. There's a save point going between Biz and Safer with a chance to reorganise party which'll let me scale Safer a bit more.

Huh, I stand corrected.

And now my memory is playing tricks on me it seems. >_<

Out of curiousity Sega, you willing to give us a general update on things going on at the moment with the updates for the mod?

Jenova Synthesis is done; the AI rewrite went well and the only attacks dependent on the arms are now Absorb and Slap. Bizarro is the last big challenge as far as AI goes, as Safer is much more straightforward. I'm considering dropping the forced 3-party fight for normal mode and instead having a 1-2 party fight, with the 3 being used in Arrange. This is due to the potential length of the fight, logistics, etc.

I couldn't find this in the database, so just to make sure; has the Soldier First and Second classes' multi-slash attack been fixed? It was always broken in the vanilla game, since the enemies' animation scripts for that attack are incomplete.

The animations themselves function, they just look a bit choppy. Soldier 1st uses the first step of 4x-cut instead of the normal 03 slash animation for his physical attack which is why he ends up standing very close to the player party after the attack; like Hojo's combo, only the fourth attack 'returns' the actor to their starting position.

It's the NPC that's close to the black-cloak merchant, the one wandering around doing squats (just outside the Highwind's chocobo pen).

The Disc 3 bosses (and maybe some of the Disc 2 ones) were heavily overtuned for where the player party ended up being which was compounded by bad AI using Random MOD to select attacks. I've redesigned every single one of them; attacks, stats, AI, etc.

Hey there Sega, been a long fan of this mod so wanted to come on and root for ya.

Did think of something for this Vincent thing though if it's possible. Would it be possible to create a Materia that just gives the attack command as if it was a command materia like the others? Vincent does kind of have Protomateria built into him as lore which could sort of fit. It would seem a little silly perhaps since it's a guaranteed used slot on him and only effective if he's saving Limits for something. Just a thought though I'm curious if that sort of Materia could work. Thinking on it it'd be nice on multiple characters if you wanted to save limits and MP for certain fights.

Keep up the good work man, hands down the most refreshing thing I've played and it's really hard to go back to old 7 now.

I dunno if it is; Attack occupies a certain slot on the menu and Limit overrides it.
Interesting, and informative!

The "Set #2" Rank up for Vincent highly benefits physical damage builds, but hmm. I guess I have two questions then, both tied into eachother.

If you were to mess with the the level gauge like that (and in doing so make the 4th limit break a naturally learnable one), would the "Chaos" item that gives the limit break still work? And if so, the second question is can you alter the number of enemies needed for learning the fourth limit? Because it seems that if both of the answers to these questions are 'yes', you could set up "Chaos" to be learnt either after having Vincent kill the max number of creatures the kill count goes to, or just using the item like 'normal'.

That in turn would mean that even though it becomes 'technically feasible' for a player to 'naturally learn' Chaos, in reality the kill count needed being so extremely high makes it all but impossible. :shrugs:

The game has no kill check for Limit Level 4, but if I went this route I'd be putting Chaos onto the lower Limit levels where it could be learned just like any other limit and remove the Chaos item. It'd likely look like this:

Limit Level 1: Galian Beast & Gigas
Limit Level 2: Hellmasker & Chaos
Limit Level 3: Dummy Command (with name '[No Limit]'; if filled by an effect like Fury Brand and used, the gauge depletes and no action is taken)

Sorry I've not been as responsive the last few days.

About Vincent's attacks, they do get locked down when his Limit gauge fills and Deathblow is a bit haphazard as a replacement. Added Cut was swapped with DB for the new build but this still requires that an initial command be used to get a physical attack out of him.

I could revisit a plan I had in an older build to set different rates at which the Limit gauge would build for Vincent but this involves working around a limitation in how many Limits can be learned by any one character. The idea would be to have a Limit level that 'never charges', leaving his attack command free for use. This means shuffling around Limits though and would likely mean having Chaos be learned naturally rather than through an item.

The Vincent Mug glitch only occurs with a specific weapon-type equipped. There's actually several separate models for Barret and Vincent in the game files to handle the different weapon types, and the one Vincent uses for certain rifles doesn't end correctly when reading the Mug animation, causing the next animation to 'skip'. It can be fixed, so I might look into that although it can be handy for skipping a certain Summon animation :3

There's also an enemy attack that does this skip, which I think is used by Screamers on Mt. Nibel (their war-cry attack).

I'll check out Ziegfried, but that scene should be functional. Maybe something's changed since then, or other mods are conflicting. I've taken a note of the other issues people have raised as well.

Ahoy Segabro!
Been having this FF7-itch for a while, that I've been wanting to scratch, but I'm trying to hold out for 1.5, any ETA on that? :>

I'm on the last 3 bosses; Synthesis, Bizz, and Safer. I've some time off until Saturday so I'll see about trying to finish it up, if possible, but there's some Arrange testing needing done.

Ok, so I got to the ATM Scorpion fight in the Nibel mountains. Spotted problems right away, which I am now reporting.

First, the "Area" for the battle is showing the Corel Prison, and NOT the Nibelhiem Mountains.

Second, the text with Barret talking about "That damn thing showing up again" (though with more "$%#&^!") appeared even though Barret was not in my party (this earlier aspect made sense when the fight was in the Corel Prison where Barret was a 'locked' party member and sure to be in the fight, but it doesn't work here). That said, changing the name from "Barret" to "Cloud" would fix 'most' of the issues with that there (as Cloud is the party leader at that point with the fight being moved to the Mountains), and would be annoyed at it showing up as much as Barret would be.

Third, the Shinra mooks who show up on the map near the ATM Scorpion do not show up in the battle itself.

Fourth, you may need to raise the ATM's level and stats, as with it being the "Prison" battle moved elsewhere at the moment, the fight does not take long at all, and is not very difficult/challenging. :shrugs:

Edit; Also, on a seperate note, when I went and did Yuffie's scenario with the stolen materia and all that, I got a chance to grab all the pub fliers and then talk to the bar owner. One of the items he handed over however is notable due to it being spelled as "X-Mine". Not "S-Mine", but "X". Probably a misspelling (or the name of a much earlier item that was changed and the name of the item handed over by the turtle's paradise pub owner not being changed with it), so I had to say something so you know about that Sega.

Second Edit; When I got Cid, the text for his Innate ability showed something very different from what is listed in the "Readme" text file. Also, the "Readme" talks about how the Fort Condor materia shop has had its contents changed earlier in-game, but I'm on disk one, and that has not actually happened.

Third Edit; Speaking of issues with "Innate", Vincent does not gain MP as is stated in either the readme or the game. I'm not sure if his "Innate Ability" is actually doing anything at all to be honest. I'll test out Cid and Cait Sith in a few hours.

Also, in the Temple of the Ancients, you're gonna have to mess with Tseng's text box when he tells the party he doesn't need their help, as the text-box breaks with its current size.

Fourth Edit; Cait Sith has Vincent's MP regen, which means that if this is 'right', then the in-game and readme descriptions for Cait Sith (and Vincent's) Innate Ability need changed and updated. Cid's "Reactive Guard" Innate Ability has shown itself to work like the 'in-game' description says it should, but the readme text file for Cid will need updated here with that (as it doesn't show what Cid's Innate has been changed to at all).

Fifth Edit; Sepiroth's line of "Listen Well," before then going on about the ancients in the Temple of the Ancients is unreadable. The text box is far too small for the text being displayed there. The first "Wake Up" line is somewhat too small as well, though not unreadable like the "Listen well" bit.

I've caught these for 1.5; Vincent/Cait's innates were swapped, but the text wasn't updated in 1.4.

Out of curiousity, was the optional fight with the X-ATM Scorpion removed from the Corel Prison, or is there now some requirement needed for it to be able to happen? I ask as it has been some months since last I did a play-through, and there have been changes since then, and this detail stood out to me since it's apparently now missing.

You bump into it on Mt. Nibel now instead, or will do at least.

Spoiler: show

And that concludes the adventures, of Quasicloudo, and Ray-Tifa. Man that was so good. It brought back a lot of the feel I had when I beat the base game for the first time, and threw in some more as well. It really makes you think of strategies you never thought of before. At the end, the team that became the most useful was: (This spoiler is a break down of the build and main strategy I went with when fighting most of the bosses with a few tweaks here and there for specific bosses, if you don't want it don't click. WARNING: It is a wall of text.)

Spoiler: show
Tifa with Premium Heart and a Shinra Alpha or Zeidrich makes things a LOT easier. 4x cut with like 6 or 7 Counters, Restore + All, and a Bahamut ZERO (or KOTR) + Final Attack which plays well with her Grit ability. Then throw on an MP Plus so that her MP is maxed out for maximum damage. Have someone cast Dragon Force on her and she'll tear through most things like paper. Thanks to the Auto-Crits from Dragon Force, her basic attack from 4x Cut does more damage than all 7 parts of her Limit Break sometimes. And run if you hit her cause she'll come back with at least 3 or 4 Counters and follow it up with another 4x Cut combo. Even without Dragon Force she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Only struggle is keeping her alive, but that's where the other two come in.

Super Tank Barret with either a Warrior Bangle to further bolster his stupid high defenses, or a Fourth Bracelet to reinforce his low magic defenses and a Ribbon. He's the one that'll stay alive, and without any negative status's, or any for that matter, but his defenses more than make up for that. Give him the Masamune so he can keep up with Powerhouse Tifa, then throw on Heal + All to make sure the rest of the team gets all fixed up if you are hit with some nasty status's. You could throw on a Restore + All, but I feel Enemy Skill is a much better replacement. White Wind will keep everyone generally at max health thanks to Barret's super high health. Then, throw on a Revive + All cause he'll normally be the last one standing after a group attack (unless it's a spell, then you better hope you have Wall up, and the other two healed to tank it and then bring Barret back lol). Add on two Covers so that he'll take every single target phyical attack, and then fill the rest of the empty slots with counters so he can hit them right back after the Cover and you got yourself a damn fine tank! Careful of his MP though, those Enemy Skills drain his low MP super fast so have some Ethers/Turbo Ethers at the ready.

Now, this next one is per choice if possible. I prefer to have my 3rd character be Aerith. Her high magic, and Final Limit break are a fantastic edition to the roster. Give her her Princess Guard for those 4 double slots, and a Zeidrich or Shinra Alpha for even more fun 4 double slot fun. Princess Guards ability to give shield seems amazing at first, buuuut, in most fight's it ends up being a negative since most boss's can attack through shield. You are better off having her use Cure to heal. Master Magic + MP Turbo with a Mega All thrown in somewhere is the greatest thing for her. Throw on Restore + Sneak Attack and Barrier + Sneak Attack for quick full buffs at the start of the battle so you'll be set. Don't want her to deal with many status effects but want her to keep good buffs? Throw on Hades + Added Effect on her Armor, and you have yourself a weak Ribbon. But what to do with those other three double slots? Hmm, oh I know, how does cheese sound to you? Throw on Planet + Quadra Magic, Planet + Mp Turbo, and Planet + Magic Counter, and BOOM instant Chedder. You could sub out Magic Counter for Mp Absorb for even better cheese, but at a risk of crashing thanks to an engine bug that I've recently found out about. I also liked subbing Planet + Magic Counter with a Summon + Quadra Magic for that extra damage in case I run out of Quadra Magic on Planet, or if I wanna start a fight with a BANG. After all that magic her health is looking a bit low, throw on that HP Plus you have, and she'll have HP that is a bit more than Tifa's

Unfortunately you can't leave Cloud out of everything. Sometimes you get stuck with him, and that's alright. Him and Aerith are easily tradable. His magic isn't as high as Aerith's, but it's good enough for what you need to do. Throw on an accessory that boosts his magic a bit if you feel it's just not doing enough.

With this set up, I was able to take down Pinnacle without an MP Turbo'd KOTR + Great Gospel, and without switching party's. Tifa straight brute forced through the healing doing 9999 per 4x Cut hit while Cloud Quad Ultima'd the head down whenever it came up. I was about to start setting up to switch to another party when Pinnacle used Stigma hitting everyone. Next thing you know, Barret Countering 3 times doing about 3k each, Cloud countering with Ultima doing about the same, then Tifa Countering about 5 or 6 times doing 9999, then following it up with 4x Cut right to the jaw of Pinnacle knocking him right out! So good. 

I can't wait till 1.5 and to try out all the new stuff you've got planned. I'll be looking forward to it!

Congrats! Hopefully I can tempt you away to some of the other characters for the next run, I made some adjustments.

I kind of know what I want for 1.5.

First, for one of the magic materias, such as the Sleep/Silence materia, to be given the "Wind" element, so I'm not stuck using the summon materias for giving weapons/armor that element when and where needed.

Second, for Sega Chief to use some of the leftover 14 "DON'T USE" items (#10 through #23) that are currently un-used for Relics and Armor, along with maybe an item that 'causes' fights to happen when used. That sort of thing.

Third, for the guard you have to bribe to get into Junon to actually ask for a 'serious' bribe. A thousand Gil at the minimum, with the prices getting higher from there.

Asking for a higher elevator cost is probably the oddest request so far. I'll adjust the price.

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