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hey, i really hate to ask, im very new to modding or anything of the sort...i got new threat working, but was wondering if it will work with any hd character mods?

It will, but you'll need to either use 7H mod loader for them or unpack the .lgp archive and insert the models manually.

I'll add a thing where it restores HP/MP.

I cannot seem to find the red crystal :(

It should be dropped by Abyss, and was renamed to Moon Crystal as Markul mentioned.

Just came across the mod in the past week (new to the FFVII mod scene), anyone have luck getting this installed and working on the FFVII android version? Heard it has the same folders as PC.

This reddit thread may be of interest, someone has got NT running on a phone but I think it was on iOS:

Sorry to pester you again, but there's one more thing. I JUST recently discovered a bug, regarding the save point near the entrance of Costa del Sol. Whenever I approach it and the options come up, the controls lock up for both my 360 controller AND the keyboard.

I must have messed something up, I transferred it over from the over flevel when I realised it was missing from the patch.

Edit: It was a missing label at the top with missing jump, means it never resolves. I'll update the prototype files.

Ah, so that's why. Just tried that and it installed perfectly, thank you. Also, regarding some of the information files included with the installer, some of them are a tad outdated. ^^;;; Aside from how the installation instructions were still telling me to install in the data folder, there were other things like how the enemy list has some outdated information; for example, it mentions the X-ATM Scorpion fight in Corel Desert, despite the fact that fight has since been moved to Mt Nibel, yet the file never told me that which left me quite confused. Also, where exactly is Vincent's Supershot ST, his triple AP weapon, located? The "where do I find it" file mentioned how it was in Ancient Forest, but that's only up to version 1.4. It's not there anymore in 1.5 (it was replaced by the Wizard Staff) and I never found the weapon ANYWHERE throughout my entire playthrough.

I thought they were all split between the Gelnika and the Ancient Forest, I'll double-check it.

hello and sorry for wasting anyones time for asking this but when i install this mod for the first time, am i supposed also install the hotfix patches too immediately after that?

It depends; the installer from the front page requires the hotfixes, but the prototype version that uses .EXE modifications doesn't need them.

Big fan of your mod here, played it like a year ago. Wanting to get back to it now.
I really liked the new stuff in arrange mode, but I think the battle with bottomswell (jorgumandr or whatever) is absolutely unbalanced. I've tried many, many times and I can never seem to manage to balance survival and damage (I read a post about someone who grinded to level 31 to be able to get through it). So I had to restart in normal mode. If it is not too much trouble, could you please take a look at it?
In any case thanks for reading and for the awesome mod.
BTW, will the exe edits ever come back? I liked materia equipping having notable effects on stats.

I'll look at the fight again.

Regarding exe edits, there's a prototype version currently up that will replace the main installer soon once some issues are ironed out. I'll relink it here (mind that it needs to be pointed to the Final Fantasy VII folder as opposed to the data folder):



Spoiler: show
Old man in Kalm gives me long range for desert rose, tells me I got him everything then pulls out them master materia, I fight them, they disappear and it says then I received another long range. The issue is I still have only 1 long range in my materia list.

We have a spoiler tag for spoilers, y'know. More effective than just putting "SPOILERS" at the top of your post. :) ~Covarr

I think you get W-Summon there instead, I'll need to look at the script again.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up.

Also, so I just got Cloud back in my party and went back to Nibelheim to view the Zach/Cloud flashback where they break out of the Shinra Mansion.
The scene did not trigger when I went into the basement room. Was this removed to be viewed later during one of the added side quests?

Might be that you have to wait until Disc 3.

I'm having trouble installing any of the 2018 updated installers for the New Threat 1.5 mod. Every time I select the data folder in the Final Fantasy VII file, and try to continue, I keep getting a message that says no files can be found to patch. And yet, the September 2017 installer still seems to work properly.

The new prototype installer needs to be pointed at the Final Fantasy VII folder instead of the data folder to catch the .EXE; I'll check the text in the installer in case it still asks for Data folder.

I think it blocks or even absorbs Restorative as well. It's best combo'd with a drain HP weapon or some kind of elemental-absorb healing (for instance, absorb fire and use fire attacks to heal the character).

hello, first time posting here. I was wondering if the 1.5 iro version is still incompatible with menù overhaul, cause there was a bug in my set up that made the dialogue boxes really small and the text didn't fit in, and MO fixed that problem.

I think it depends what .EXE you use with both mods together, I'm not 100% sure.

There's two things you could try:

1) Look at the Turks pre-battle and death scripts for their 'turn death handling off' scripts and use those to get the desired effect. Some of the opcodes are listed as unknown in the editor but they do things like turn main AI script off, etc.

2) Set an invisible enemy on the field that deactivates itself when it detects the 'main' enemy has died; this check should be in Post-Action AI to beat the priority of player commands like Limits. This method will involve setting up enemy ID into vars so it can check their status (Turks in Gongaga could be a good code example for that as well as they're scripted to leave if the other has 'died').

Sorry about the mix-up, I fixed the flevel with the new intended rank up options



For save files that have used the old ranks, the new ones will go right on top with no issues but if you want to correct stats then I recommend using the Black Chocobo save editor to reset sources spent on each character then 'restoring' them based on the new rank options:

Spoiler: show

{CHOICE}Mercenary: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/LCK
{CHOICE}Makonoid: +10 MAG{, }+5 SPR/DEX
{CHOICE}Shinra Trooper: +10 STR{, }+5 DEX/LCK

{CHOICE}Marauder: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}Vigilante: +10 STR{, }+5 DEX/LCK
{CHOICE}Heavy Metal: +10 VIT{, }+5 STR/MAG
{CHOICE}Techno-Freak: +10 MAG/SPR

{CHOICE}Monk: +10 STR{, }+5 SPR/DEX
{CHOICE}Pugilist: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}Brawler: +10 STR/LCK
{CHOICE}Oracle: +10 MAG/SPR

{CHOICE}Flowergirl: +10 MAG{, }+5 DEX/LCK
{CHOICE}White Mage: +10 MAG/SPR
{CHOICE}Geomancer: +10 VIT{, }+5 MAG/SPR
{CHOICE}Slum Drunk: +10 STR/VIT/LCK

{CHOICE}Cosmo Warrior: +10 STR{, }+5 MAG/DEX
{CHOICE}Guard Hound: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}Red Mage: +10 MAG{, }+5 STR/LCK
{CHOICE}Sample #13: +10 MAG/VIT

{CHOICE}Materia Hunter: +10 DEX{, }+5 STR/MAG
{CHOICE}Gil Bandit: +10 LCK{, }+5 STR/DEX
{CHOICE}Wutai Shinobi: +10 MAG{, }+5 STR/SPR
{CHOICE}Goddamn Punk: +10 STR/VIT

Cait Sith
{CHOICE}Fortune-Teller: +10 LCK{, }+5 STR/SPR
{CHOICE}Yeti Pal: +15 STR{, }+5 VIT
{CHOICE}Materia Tank: +10 MAG{, }+5 SPR/LCK
{CHOICE}Top Cat: +10 DEX{, }+5 STR/LCK

{CHOICE}Horror Agent: +10 MAG{, }+5 STR/VIT
{CHOICE}Beastmaster: +10 STR{, }+5 MAG/LCK
{CHOICE}Berserker: +10 STR/SPR

{CHOICE}Shinra Ace: +10 LCK{, }+5 STR/VIT
{CHOICE}Engineer: +5 STR/VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}Wingman: +10 MAG{, }+5 VIT/LCK
{CHOICE}Dragoon: +15 DEX{, }+10 STR

So...  first time posting here.  Been a long time since I fully played through FF7 and I recently had the urge, and I decided to use every mod improvement I could find.  I just wanted to ask a question or two and leave a couple of comments.

-Great mod btw, really has renewed my interest in this old game.

-I played about halfway through the game with new threat 1.4 before discovering new threat 1.5 and decided to start over.  I just finished the boat sequence after Junon with 1.5 then discovered the new beta version of 1.5 available here for the last couple of days.  I'm particularly interested in trying it to see the new stat balancing for materia.  I felt that most materia had harsher downsides than upsides, and were particularly painful to use early game before stats from SP ranks canceled out the downsides (hard to convince myself to wear materia to level it up if it means I'll be running around with 0 dex/vitality).

-On that note, using the seventh heaven manager, can I replace the old 1.5 version with the new 1.5 version in my load order without having any problems with my save or would I need to start the game over again?

-Does this sound right?  (This bit seems to have worked properly)
     -Backup and replace my ff7.exe,
     -set the manager to use the new .exe
     -disable "The reunion menu overhaul" since it also uses it's own exe, which I was previously using. 
     -replace old version of 1.5 with the new version in my load order

-Stat balancing seems inconsistent.  Compare pugilist to shinra turk for example.

-Does luck effect spells?  Options with luck and magic don't seem like they'd be to good.

-The only elemental attribute I haven't figured out is hidden, is that attached to something late game?

-In 1.4 I almost got progression blocked on the boat after Junon because I only had 2 ether, the boss drains mana, and you can't really grind since the merchant doesn't sell tents.  I'll admit though I hadn't yet realized how good osmosis was at that point.  Seemed like he was nerfed for 1.5, or at least the adds didn't spawn, still might not be a bad idea to slightly expand the merchant inventory though.

EDIT:  Osmosis effect seems to be capped at 40mp now.
You're right about the rank-ups, looks like it's the old ones pre-patch. I had a mix-up with the flevel before and used one that didn't have the costa save fix, but didn't realise it was so far back. I'll need to sort those and get them back to the updated ones ASAP s;

The new IRO should work, so long as you set it to run with the modified .exe (I don't think there's any major problems if you don't, just that some of the Materia equip effects, limit descriptions, and item text will seem inconsistent if a default exe is used).

Hidden is used as an opposite to Holy of sorts, with anything relating to Jenova or monsters absorbing it and enemies like the Temple of the Ancients + Weapon enemies being weak to it. You can get it onto weapons/armour using Elemental + any magic materia with no listed element (like status magic).

I'll change the cargo ship inventory to use a more expansive one.

Luck does not affect spells unfortunately; Luck on a pure caster

Edit: Yeah, I've used the old rank-ups instead of the new ones; sorry everyone.

Hey Sega Chief,
thanks again for your hard work. This mod is amazing.

I found an Issue:
Chole´s Chocobo Inspection seems broken. The Chocobo she mentions as fastest runner/sprinter has the lowest Top speed on the Chocobo Square ( about 52km/h)

Maybe you could check this.

Best regards

I think sprint is a separate stat from top speed, but I'm not too familiar with the mechanics of it.

Quick posting a few minor bugs:

- Cloud's innate procs at every Limit, resulting in him getting stacks when others use their Limits (dunno if its intended, but seems broken to me)

- Barret's innate doesnt seem to proc on certain enemies melee attacks (for example: claw attack of the green sea horse enemies at the second reactor, forgot the name :-\)

- Field music playing when entering a battle at the bridge before the screen with Cloud's flashback (Tifa at Mt. Nibel reactor) at second reactor (where the save point stands)

- Plasmabuster (2nd bombing mission) facing wrong direction after turning/counter, resulting in getting "backstab" damage up front

- Aeris innate tutorial text first says it WILL absorb poison then say it doesnt cover poison

Thats it! If i encounter more bugs i will post them here ;)

It was intended to be any Limit but it seems a bit much as-is.

I think that rolling claw has a %-based damage formula, maybe it's been set to magical by accident.

Mt. Nibel's music is like spaghetti junction at the moment; I'll have another look at it but I'll prob end up making it broken for later scenes.

Air Buster has always had the facing problem; his AI and his animations both conflict and end up having him face the wrong way visually. The only way to keep track is to see who he attacked last and assume he's facing that direction (even if he's not physically facing it). I've an idea to sort it out though but it'll involve an AI rewrite.

I must have missed that on Aeris' text. Thanks for letting me know.

Tools / Re: [FF8] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2018-01-28 22:00:26 »
A friend of mine translated the Readme document:

Fixed up the flevel and put it all back together:

Standard Installer:


I'll change the front-page files in a day or two assuming no other issues have been spotted. If you want to blend the executable changes with another .exe then I recommend grabbing DLPB's Hext-Tools and using the HextEdit tool to apply the code changes:

Could you look into converting the exe changes to a hex file using DLPB tools. I have done so with MO and Becuase exes, so the next update to 7H no longer needs separate exe file paths to be assigned in Workshop -> Settings -> FF7 Exe

Yeah I'm using hextedit for .exe changes at the moment. I was hoping something similar to hextlaunch would be in 7H but looks like you're adding it which is handy. I'll send the hext document over tonight but I need to sort out an issue with the flevel.

I need to sort the flevel out, some of the fixes are in a separate flevel. I must've made a copy at some point to test the sources and forgot to consolidate it all together (costa del sol save point move isn't in current upload, might be other things as well).

Hey!! so i´ve been playing the NT 1.5 (The most recent version for 7th heaven) and for the most part the game seems balanced. I just don´t get how SP works, like i have been using RED XIII for basically the entire game(i just reached rocket town, disk 1) and he is only level 2, same as tifa who i didnt use too much, other characters like aerith and barret are around the same level 1-2(Cloud is 2 as well i think, maybe 3 i cant remember, sorry.), well vincent joined and he is already level 3, i thought the more i used the character the more sp i got, but it doesnt seems thats the case... Anyway it seems like there is a rather balance problem in terms of "Leveling up the characters"

SP is fed into a single variable when a fight ends, and when the player visits a save point this value is copied and added onto the current active party's SP; inactive party members get 50% of this value instead. So differences in characters for rank will depend on how many battles are being fought. Characters who join later in the game start with some ranks unlocked already so that they aren't behind.

The system isn't very transparent and has some limitations, such as the upper limit of stored SP being 255 (for the 'processing' SP variable and for each character's individual SP variable). I'll probably drop it from 2.0 and lock it behind specific points in the story/bosses instead but that'll be difficult to implement for 1.5 because it'll clash with current saves.

What I'll do for 1.5 is set it as a single currency for all characters that can be spent on anyone with successive ranks costing more. That way players can choose to ignore a character or two and invest it in the ones they intend to use.

I'm looking at 7H to see how .exe changes are implemented with it; when that's done, and assuming no issues have arisen with the executable changes, I'll release the new installer + 7H IRO to replace the old non-exe ones.

Had to take note of what the weapon seller asks me for, and yes its from the WHERE IS THE THING document which is in both The september and  january patches

I think you've misunderstood the document, the weapons listed there aren't stated as being for crafting ultimate weapons. It's a listing of where all the end-game weapons and equipment can be acquired from (Yoshiyuki was listed as an exception because people were missing it).

I added headings and shuffled the entry about where to get Ult weapons above Triple AP weapons to avoid confusion in future:

Bit confused, there are no listings for ultimate weapons in the 'where is' document. The only mention of them are:

Ultimate Weapons: Weapon House, Gongaga Area
Note: These are crafted using two other weapons and a special item.
Look for a small blue house close to Gongaga on the World Map.

Does the text in this pastebin match the text of your 'where is' document:

Patched the EXE and got a hotfix installer together for it:

Sources & Items fixed; Potions and Ethers restore 300HP and 300MP in the menu for now whereas in-battle they'll restore 200 but I'm going to update the installer tomorrow assuming no issues arise with these .exe files.

Edit: Full installer with fixed .exes

Would New Threat 1.5 and the Beacause re-translation mods be compatible?  What where it fit into the 7th Heaven load order?

I don't think they are compatible I'm afraid.


So I ran some tests on the executable. The potion amount was even more limited than I thought, taking a max of 127 rather than 255 but I just tested using a jump to expand it slightly and got it to take the intended value of 300 so Potions will be going back up from 200 to 300 now (same with Ethers).

The Source problem seems a bit more complex. Power and Mind sources seem to be passed in differently than the others (or I've gotten the wrong address, but nothing close by matches what's used for the other sources).

Edit: Fixed the source problem with Power & Mind; changing it to use the whole eax register seems to sort it out but I'll do some extra tests first.

Immediately ran into a problem: potions are taking away 56 HP in the menu, and Ethers are taking away 6 MP. They work fine in battle.

Edit: Hi-Potions have the same sort of bug too.

The assembly insert must have been wrong for the restorative items in Menu; I can sort it when I get back from work later tonight. If you find any other issues let me know so I can catch them all together.

All right, so the new installer is ready but as there's now a dependency between the core files and the modified .exe, I need to make sure that the executable part of the patch is functioning.

So before installing this, make sure you take the following steps:
1) Make a back-up of your .exe (ff7.exe and ff7_en.exe)
2) Make a back-up of your data folder (specifically the battle, field, lang-en, and kernel folders if space is an issue)

I may also need to get info on offset differences between the languages for the executable. Hopefully they're the same but I'll need to make amendments if they're different to support french, spanish, and german. I'll need to take the spanish translation of NT as well and update it manually with the adjustments.

Let me know of any issues that occur with installation or with the mod itself (if anything seems off or busted):

The installer:

In addition to the changes listed earlier, Sources were changed to give +5 per use rather than +1 to reduce the amount of button presses required when powering up your characters. In a later build, the points will be added automatically pending the release of DLPB's .DLL that introduces savemap-editing OpCodes.

The documentation has also been updated and an FAQ added; all the files will be posted on the front page as well as separate downloads.

How hard is it modding FFVII? Like for adding new scenes and adding new enemies or creating battle allies?

From my experiences as an absolute beginner with no coding background when I started, some things were OK but other things were like a brick-wall and seemed impossible for a long time. When developing NT I had zero field event edits until I reached Forgotten City and decided it'd be a neat curve-ball to keep Aeris around; that pushed me to study and learn the logic of field events and with practice & familiarity that opened the door to make more complex events and edits down the line.

AI was tough for a long time as well. It's best to learn from what's already there, and think of the field events and the enemies as 'examples' of how to do particular things. If you want an enemy to react to certain attacks, then you think of an enemy in default FF7 that already does this (Emerald Weapon reacts to Bahamut summons for instance) and look at the AI code for it. If you want an enemy that gains physical/magical immunity depending on what you attacked with last, then you can check out Jersey in Shinra Mansion, etc. You learn by looking at what's already there.

But later you'll be wanting to do things that weren't in the original game. That's when you need to put what you've learned to the test and try to problem-solve a solution for what you want to create. Sometimes you'll need to leave it until later, or there'll be bugs in it that you can't quite pinpoint, but if you put the time in then it'll all eventually work out.

One obstacle is that the tools are quite old, so they need old file dependencies that aren't packaged with Windows.NET anymore. I recommend grabbing and installing Visual Basic Powerpack 3 and any missing .DLL or .OCX files should be googled, downloaded, and registered:

The restorative not taking Mbarrier into account will make the game much easier maybe too much? unless ur materia penalties make up for it in some way, what does passive exp mean?  would the game give us more exp normally?
 if so we didnt need that one. Being able to sense those enemies will/woulda (haha too late now) bring so much joy to my life haha

Maybe think about the game letting us now when a missable fight is near? like the chocobo captain, I didnt fight scorpion in corel and dont have morph either,
I guess the other missable would be in the ancient temples when you fall, Is there another one that I didnt fight?

Hmm or addind a list for the prizes of the phoenix fortress,

You know what I have troubles with, the cursor in fights even when the camera is fixed Sometimes Its so hard for the cursor to select the target/ally u want and I always play on active
Dont think theres anything to be done about that but well Im just saying it

Thats it I guess, thank you for your time and everything Sega, gnight

Restorative piercing MBarrier is a quality of life (QoL) addition that's been requested in the past; before now, the potency of cure magic had been boosted to try and account for the 50% reduction from MBarrier but I can roll that back now.

With Sense, I'm going to look into reducing all random enemy HP below 65000 so they can be Sensed. Bosses would be a bit trickier, but it'll work for longer going into Disc 2 now at least.

The scorpion is no longer in Corel, it was moved to Mt. Nibel so you've fought that. The Nail Bat in the Temple can be bought in Junon later (post-WEAPON attack). I don't know about adding an indicator for secret fights; that's what makes them secret.

Can add a list of Condor prizes I guess but I'll prob need to add a battles fought/won counter as well; a tracker of sorts.

Camera can be a pain in the ass and it's tough to spot instances where it might be awkward when writing up the formation data. If anyone finds a fight where the camera gives them issues, then let me know so I can add it to a list for corrections.


Thanks to P.S. for the donation.

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