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I know it's a bit late, but I just want to thank you again NFITC1; your advice was useful for merging different files as I wanted and as far as I have checked I have seen no bug in the game. Ha and the same thing has been successfully applied to the kernel files with the software WallMarket !
GG 8)

Hello NFITC1 ! :)

Is there an easy way to "merge" 2 different scene.bin files that have been modified independently (without obviously conflicting each other, I mean that the first have its "ennemies stats" modified, and the second have its "ennemies names/scripts" modified) ?

Thanks by advance and anyway many thanks for the software itself :)

NFITC1: Indeed... Sorry for this.
DLPB: Thank you a lot ! I got it now :evil:

Hum... sorry it does not help me, but maybe I was not clear enough, or maybe I don't understand what you mean.

First, the color of windows for an existing save is inside the save file. I compared 1 save before and after a change, and I noticed that a small change just in one corner of one game's save changes a lot of bytes in the save file, not only the bytes related to the color itself... probably because of "security" bytes or something like this (so that if I change only the bytes related to the color itself, the game's save is not valid anymore and I can't load it anymore).

...But I would like to change the colors of the windows for a new game, and it looks like it is the same used for the "Continue menu --> select the file to open" when starting the game, which does not depend on the saved files.

I agree that it should be in the exe, but the problem is that the default colors have really common values (corner up-left in RGB: 0,0,176 --> 0000B0 in hexadecimal and there is a ton of "0000B0" bytes in the exe). I just found the following line at offset (h) 00595150:
00 58 B0 00 00 80 00 00 50 00 00 20 00 00 00 00
These bytes starting at B0 are like Blue-Green-Red (or BRG) for corners up-left, down-left, up-right, down-right.
But if I modify them, it doesn't change anything when starting the game. So I guess it is just a coincidence.

Hello NFITC1 (and everyone else),

Do you know how to change the "options" default values as for the default colors for text-windows in the game ?

I'm not sure that the data are in the kernel.bin file, but I don't find them in other files (neither in ff7.exe for example)...

Thank you NFITC1, and please excuse me: my problem was because I was using an old version of ProudClod. With the last one I have no bugs anymore when I change texts in AIs...
Now I can complete my parody ;D

Hello everyone !

I am a newbie with ProudClod but I would like to change some battle texts. I can find the right ennemy, then its "main" AI and there I see in the displayed lines the one that I want to change, for example the warning from Cloud to Barret in the 1st boss battle.

I can click on the line and edit it but how can I save my change ?
When I click somewhere else the string disappears, if I click Escape the change is cancelled, and if I click Enter the string disappears and the line above is changed in a way that I don't understand...  :o

Could you please help me ? Does a "how to use" manual exist ?

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