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Audio Mods / Re: FF7 - A faithful soundtrack remake
« on: 2017-03-19 19:11:25 »
Uematsu said Fight On! is hair metal so it's going to be hair metal. I know it's not going to fit with the rest of the soundtrack but that's not my call. If he says it's hair metal, it's hair metal.

The song actually makes a lot more sense if you imagine it as hair metal.

Here is my favorite Fight On! Remake:

Mine might potentially be similar
Compared to the others it's good, but I think the organ and that digital instrument at 1:06 could sound better. Also hope yours doesn't drown out any instruments like bass or orchestra strings. In the original, I can hear every instrument loud and clear for the entire song.

Audio Mods / Re: FF7 - A faithful soundtrack remake
« on: 2017-03-03 10:58:13 »
I love those two pieces you've made so far! Probably the closest to the originals I've heard out of all the VII OST remakes that are on Youtube. Would love to hear how you do "Fight On!". Who knows, it might turn out better than the arrangement the guys at Square Enix are working on for the VII Remake. :P I know we haven't heard anything made from them yet, but I have a feeling they're gonna take too many liberties when remaking the music, like with the FFX Remaster.

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