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I dont see quake 3 having any graphical glitch in 1998 version.

# max size of the texture cache to hold in RAM, in megabytes
# don't set it any higher than 1GB unless you want your game to crash
texture_cache_size = 1024

set that in config if using aali's driver

See if it helps

Thanks for that :)

This has been noted a few times and can't be fixed in the installer itself. I am not sure if it's noted in the readme.  Set your screen dpi settings to 100 and rerun the installer.

Myst6re has informed me that layer 3 of fr-e is special because it uses transparency. It doesn't seem to be right in the field file (PC) and even if it were, I'm betting the engine wouldn't display it right, unless aalis driver fixed it. I think were forced to use char.lgp with the shadow

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: Flevel Stuff
« on: 2017-05-20 23:21:36 »
Definitely look at Ochu in the MemLog area.  You can even query specific current values.  Like I did here:

1, 17

I put that in the box and clicked "Query". Remember that Bank 1 = Field 1/2.

DC08ED 0BB5 [1,17](Field Time): 34

In other words, the Minutes count in my game is 0x34. My hours is 0xFF :P  255 hours is the maximum time that can be used by field script.  The menu allows much further (when edited - I've made it 999 hours decimal). I edited it this way btw...  I didn't lit play over 255 hours.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: Flevel Stuff
« on: 2017-05-20 23:17:55 »
I was wrong.  See The Reunion Database and Ochu.  It's being written in real time.

DC08EC   1   16   H   Game Timer Hours
DC08ED   1   17   H   Game Timer Minutes
DC08EE   1   18   F/H   Game Timer Seconds
DC08EF   1   19   H   Game Timer Frames

Basically, for under 10 minutes, you'd check that [1][17] < 10 and that [1][16] = 0.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: Flevel Stuff
« on: 2017-05-20 23:09:14 »
So i can't make a script in Makou saying if Gametime < 10:00 do this?

Nope. Not without editing the executable to save game time in real time to a spare var ( a field save bank). It would require some basic assembly.  Let me check with Ochu to make sure.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: Flevel Stuff
« on: 2017-05-20 23:00:22 »
The game timer itself is outside of the 5 save banks, so you can't address them in realtime from what I can remember. Only the 5 "banks" can be accessed by field script. Game time is only saved to a bank at save time from the menu.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: Flevel Stuff
« on: 2017-05-20 22:45:26 »
That's because I edited it to tell you to go and look at the Reunion thread.  That;s where The Reunion Database is. First post.


Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: Flevel Stuff
« on: 2017-05-20 22:12:28 »
Use The Reunion Database. See the Savemap tab. There you will find I have converted to actual memory addresses - and field var banks. Note that there are only 5 save banks.  Field uses different vars depending on if they are 8 bit or 16 bit, something I am going to highly recommend Myst6re simplifies in Makou Reactor.  It would also be nice if the main wiki were updated to use the system I have used in The Reunion Database.

Also see my other post:

Also note that Ochu allows logging and editing of vars.  It will make it much easier for you. 

I'll also be adding dialogue issues, but only if it's an original Japanese error.  For example, chocobos having belly buttons :P  Charlie Beer discovered one recently in his proof check of the Japanese...  Aerith isn't told that Tifa's bar is the Seventh Heaven, but later knows its name.  I've added exposition earlier to compensate.

That would be plan C...  but it would suck not to have a good shadow.

General discussion / Re: FFX modding scene dead ?
« on: 2017-05-19 21:57:40 »
But a good way to decrease the SSD's lifetime.

Modern SSD would never die from that sort of modding.  They can deal with so many writes as to make it virtually impossible.  The only consideration is when using SSD in a much more professional setting like server.  Even there, they are pretty reliable from what I have read.

I've modded using an SSD for over 5 years.  Sometimes massive amounts of writes.  It's as good now as then :P

Since the shadow cast is supposed to be part of it from a distance, this is how it should look (note only black with outline is needed... since I can make it move right to left)



It's a very simple shape.  Straight on one end (since that end will never be seen),  and a curve shape on the other end.  Width 512 pixels.  Height 256.

Then I just make it move right to left... which simulates Weapon moving.

In fact, I could probably record the psx game and send you the exact shape.

Edit.  Actually, it has a shape on both sides, but on PSX version's release you never see the left side (maybe even because of bad script programming).

Here is the final shape:



So, that's what I need.  That shape. 512 pixels across. A rectangle, starting with the left side curve, ending with right side curve. 224 pixels high.

General discussion / Re: FFX modding scene dead ?
« on: 2017-05-19 21:06:32 »
It's still a very annoying and time consuming job having to make edits of 15 GB every single time you need to test something.  It makes debugging and testing a total irritation.  Maybe not as bad with SSD.

I don't have the time to help with issues that aren't related to bugs, sorry.  I am way way too busy with numerous other things FF7 related and not. This thread is also here for issues that are specifically problems with the mod itself.

touphScript.  See tools.  Also see The Reunion Database on first post.

fr_e field bug.

I think everyone is about ready to sign off on this problem. The Diamond Weapon shadow that traverses the screen in the PSX version seems to have been deliberately disabled in the PC version.  Placing it back, even by altering tiles, has failed (Ilducci and Spy__Dragon tried). It could well be that this particular effect cannot be made to work due to some sort of limitation with the PC field files. Importing a working field from PSX doesn't work either, because Makou Reactor cannot properly import field backgrounds.  Even if it could, it again may be that PC field format doesn't allow for this layer to work properly.

So, I've started thinking about other ways to add the effect back into the game. For me, the only good way would seem to be adding the shadow shape to a file and using that in-game (a hrc / p file, like the Great Glacier map).  Transparency could be added using the field model function. Of course, I'd need someone else to make this.  Do you think you could do it, Kaldarasha?

The answer is no.  But you can use touphScript to manually make your own edits.

Anxious heart is a mod by me that includes my favourites

You may be right. Mednafen may be adding something... but I am not sure why it would when it's supposed to be direct.  Perhaps it does (it could be the bilinear filtering).   Either way, we can safely say that gaussian as an option would be ok.  Personally, I'd never use it.  I much  prefer the output from the tweaked shader I posted on its own. I think that beats the lot, tbh.

Do you think that needs any more work?  Any thoughts on it?


Yeah, it's bilinear filtering with mednafen.  I thought I'd disabled it.  It looks awful without it, though.  I think we have a winner then.... it's the shader alone. No blur.

@Tetra.  Sorry to do this to you, but the first post sums it up, sadly :P  I don't know anything about other mods.

@Saijenode.  Not related to this mod, otherwise it would have been stated a ton of times.  I can only assume you are using some other mod or 7th Heaven... that's messing something up.

General discussion / Re: FFX modding scene dead ?
« on: 2017-05-18 21:57:10 »
I forgot about that.  They changed the models for some bonehead reason.  Pretty sure someone was working on sorting that... somewhere.

General discussion / Re: FFX modding scene dead ?
« on: 2017-05-18 21:48:00 »
Been a year since the game was released on PC, is the modding scene dead ?

FFX, like FFIX, was a game that doesn't need much modding. FFX probably doesn't need any really. They are both well made and well balanced games that are also graphically decent.  FF8 and especially FF7 are not.  Supply and demand.

That is more or less exactly what mednafen gives out.  You have to compare it like for like.  A PC is never going to give you the PSX look, as Covarr said. And we can't really emulate it.  But Mednafen is about as close as you're likely to get for a PSX game output onto a screen (minus the scan lines you can artificially add).  Output from a real PS with cables has already done things that no shader is probably capable of.

The gaussian + shader looks almost identical for me when compared to Mednafen (I prefer 0.5 pixel Gaussian or no Gaussian at all - but that's because I think the PSX is inferior to the PC when it comes to the blurriness and all the dithering).

To me your screen shot looks just as bad in other ways (dithering / scan line / jagged).  Can you get me one in Kalm in the same place I took the Mednafen shot?  I can put them all along side then too.

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