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Yeah, all sfx related issues are likely fixed because I have replaced the audio functions entirely.

My biggest gripes are: the number of last second saves there suddenly are.  Characters that should be long gone, but survive like a brainless Hollywood movie; the pacing (teleportation device); and the cheap injection of stupid plots out of nowhere... like Sansa suddenly being at war with her sister.  All manufactured very quickly and unbelievably.

And, if you think Ep5 was bad with the rush job cop outs... just wait until Episode 6 (it was leaked). I just watched it and I gotta tell ya... it has the MOTHER of all cop outs.  It makes Jaime's survival seem realistic lmao.  The only word I have for it is Biblical.  It's a cop out of Biblical proportions!

Edit.  Yeah, I'm not sure what the TV writers are smoking to be honest.... they are clearly WAY out of their depth.  As bad as it can get that latest episode.

It's not "proper detail" I want alone.  As I note in that post, it's simply S1-4 quality, which we are no longer getting in any shape or form. In fact, we aren't even getting near to s5-6 quality in places.

The only one of those that is probably "easy" to add is the footstep sfx. I'm thinking alone lines of field script additions that modders may need. I may look in to what's going on with the eyes, but I doubt I can fix it.

Tools / Re: [FF7PC] Trainer - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2017-08-15 14:14:22 »
I'll certainly consider it for next release.  But that be way off most likely.

There is no delay in an init.  The init section is there precisely to set up models to be shown / hidden - or other things that must happen at field load.  The init section is executed as fast as your cpu will allow - which is virtually instant UNLESS you place an instruction that has a natural delay there (like Wait).  If you use a loop in init, the field will simply not load, as the game will not be able to progress past init.

What they did in the above field (iirc) is to place the model hide/show data outside of init (like Main) - and using script call instructions - which added a delay long enough that the PC screen will fade in before the model instructions were reached.  This is also a big problem in numerous other areas on the PSX as well as PC, where the script programmer made a mess of how script calls work, leading to a delay in models being shown or hidden before / after fades.

The issue is made worse by the fact the execution limit per group is set default to 8 instructions a frame maximum. So if your "hide model" instruction is in main and on byte 24 (25th byte), then it will take 4 frames to reach that instruction under the best case scenario. If you had a wait 10 there... then it would take 14 frames. If you had a "move model to X" there, then it won't be reached for 14 frames + the time it takes model to move to X. And so on.

That's why init should literally be used for initialize instructions only. The setting of positions and initial vars / math.  Not anything that the engine has a natural delay for.  And definitely not script calls - which will probably be ignored by the engine anyway... not sure.

See here

Yeah, I fixed it.  It's caused by poor scripting (the models should be hidden in the init section and aren't being - they're being hidden after a delay).  Probably doesn't "show up" on PSX due to load differences, fade differences.  But it's there too.

Any GoT fans around?  Well, here are my thoughts - posted on imdb.

Contains spoilers.

Season 1 to 4 = 10/10.

TVW = TV writers.

Since the TV show left the books behind (around S5 on), the show's writing has gotten worse and worse. I think the first poor episode was probably the one where Arya is being pursued by the T- 1000. It was utterly absurd. But this season (s7) has been by far the worst.

Aside from the odd decent moment, and the awesome spectacle of the dragons, it has been average at best. Melodrama has replaced a proper narrative. Contrivances have replaced logic. Let me give you some examples:

1. Daenerys has spent her entire time planning to invade Westeros. And when it was finally time to do so, the dumb TVW threw a spoke in the wheel. Out of nowhere, she suddenly can't hurt any bystanders, so holds off the attack on King's Landing (Yeah, 'cause she hasn't had to hurt any innocent people in order to get to the position she is in now, has she!?) This silly little contrivance is designed to prolong Cersei on the throne (itself a really dumb idea) as long as possible in the most artificial way possible. The TVW are completely strawberriesting on logic in order to force this demented Mexican standoff. The latest episode goes even further... A proposed alliance between Cersei and Daenerys and Jon - to defeat the Army of the Dead. Jon and co have to prove to Cersei that the army is real by capturing one of the living dead. Just think about how DUMB that sounds. As if Tyrion, or Daenerys, would be entertaining anything of the sort, especially at this moment in time. Tyrion would never even advise it, because he isn't stupid enough to trust his sister for ANY REASON.

2. The long awaited reunion of characters was handled in a really clumsy way. It was dreadful. Where was the real emotion with Sansa- Arya or Bran-Sansa? It was non existent. It was like these people were just ordinary buddies who chanced upon a meeting. I was really looking forward to seeing the reunions, because we have been waiting since SEASON 1 for it. What a complete let down that was.

3. Characters are everywhere at any time, as if they have a teleportation device. Daenerys hears that the Lannisters have taken Highgarden - and the next minute, her army is right there with Jaime in the thick of it. The continuity has gone out of the window. Whatever the writers want to happen happens. Magic wand, LAZY writing.

4. Melodrama / soap opera nonsense. In the last episode (S7E4), I had to suffer watching jaime being saved by Bronn in the most ridiculous way there is. The cliché and brainless 'last second save'. And then, as I fully expected, we open episode 5 to discover they haven't been captured and have miraculously managed to escape unscathed, floating in deep water while WEARING ARMOUR and A SWORD! Holy crap. That's what happens when you run out of actual genius (Martin's work) and have to work on your own crappy, limited brain (TVW).

5. Characters aren't behaving like they should be. I've already mentioned Daenerys in regards to this, but it extends across the board. Bran "OOooo I am suddenly not Bran anymore... but I can feel who he was" or some slop. He still hasn't explained ANYTHING to anyone, even though the world is about to do battle with a mortal threat that he understands better than any other person on the planet. Sansa's turned into some awful caricature, totally alien to who she is as a person. And don't give me the Ramsay bullstrawberries, since that was a dumb TV move in the first place and never happens in the books. Cersei is somehow queen and ultimate ruler, and making logical tactical decisions. But, here's the thing, it's already been established long before now that she is a useless tactician, and a naive, childish brat, who has no leadership qualities. But that's all out now, because they need her to be a main antagonist on the show. Speaking of Cersei, her one remaining child died and her emotion to it was zero. That's after it being well established that her only reason for carrying on with life was her children. Oh, but let's just switch off our brains again. The TVW said it's all OK! Whoopi-doo.

6. Contrivances. For example, Jorah Mormont needs a cure. Suddenly, he's managed to trek to some sort of hostel hundreds and hundreds of miles away, seemingly to just die - where he meets up with Sam - who not only finds a cure in a random book, but manages to pull off the delicate procedure, explained within, at the first time of asking. Then Jorah is back with Daenerys super-quick time. It's just so damn lazy and transparent.

7. Dialogue. This has taken a big hit as well. It's always been the case that the writers think swearing is uber-cool and shoehorned it into as many places as possible - but now they are out of Martin's material, a lot of the meat is gone. Tyrion stands out the most. The TVW are in over their heads. They are out of their depth.

Does anyone think Martin will be remotely THIS incompetent? The TVW have always made a mess when changing things (very often for no sane reason) from the books. For example, army numbers and population numbers being exaggerated to absurd levels; ridiculous and unrealistic events, like Sansa marrying Ramsay; over the top swearing, sex, nudity - for no other reason than to appeal to the mindless, lowest common denominator. But this is worse.

It's still entertaining, but the quality slide after S1-4 is larger than people are admitting. Some cool scenes with dragons isn't making me blind and dumb to all these issues.

also see

General discussion / Re: LGP\unLGP GUI
« on: 2017-08-13 23:59:32 »
I've informed Luksy that his links are down.

General discussion / Re: LGP\unLGP GUI
« on: 2017-08-13 23:43:15 »
The other isn't bug proof and has issues.  It's called Highwind and I suggest you don't use it.  The current lgp /unlgp by Aali and Luksy is the best.  I think it also allows drag and drop but can't remember. See tools.

Game Over will now initiate automatically if all 3 characters are KOd in field.

Code: [Select]
                   if PWord ( (PByte($DBFD38 + $4F8) ^ * $84) + $DBFD38 + $54 + $2C {HP}) ^ = 0 then    //$DC09E5 temp slot member 1
                   if PWord ( (PByte($DBFD38 + $4F9) ^ * $84) + $DBFD38 + $54 + $2C {HP}) ^ = 0 then
                   if PWord ( (PByte($DBFD38 + $4FA) ^ * $84) + $DBFD38 + $54 + $2C {HP}) ^ = 0 then

Next, I have to work out how to deal with the fact that 3 KOd characters can be swapped in PHS. I imagine that if I stop this being allowed, there will be a game hang at points where you are forced to set the party. Unless I can allow it under those circumstances. 

While we are at it, does anyone have any problems with field script?  What I mean is... what else could I add to the engine?

At moment I have added materia delete, Set character ID - and I am also adding Check character HP and Change any byte of the Savemap.

Are there any other things I can add that would help modders?

I've added the Savemap changer instead of the char ID change.  It covers it and a whole lot more.

Code: [Select]
Procedure ChangeSaveMap905608; stdcall; //New opcode 1A

  xor eax,eax
  mov al,[$CC0964]
  xor ecx,ecx
  mov cx,[eax*2+$CC0CF8]
  mov edx,[$CBF5E8]

  mov ax,word ptr [edx+ecx+01] // Offset
  mov edx,[edx+ecx+03] // Value
  mov cl,byte ptr [edx+ecx+07] // flag (0 = 8 bit,  1 = 16 bit, 2 or above = 32 bit)

  cmp ax, 04
  jl @label1  // jump if the offset is the checksum

  cmp ax, $10F4
  jg @label1  // jump if not the SaveMap

  cmp cl, $00
  jne @label2

  mov [$DBFD38 + eax], dl  // Store 8 bit value
  jmp @label1


  cmp cl, $01
  jne @label3
  mov [$DBFD38 + eax], dx  // Store 16 bit value
  jmp @label1


  mov [$DBFD38 + eax], edx  // Store 32 bit value


  xor edx,edx
  mov dl,[$CC0964]
  add [edx*2+$CC0CF8],8 //advance script by 8 bytes

  mov eax,1


edit.  Allow for value to be a Byte, Word, or DWord.

One example would be the changing of the time value using this opcode to 1000 seconds.  This would be script

1A (Change Save Map).  Parameters (0xB80, 0x3E8, 2).

B80 is the time.  As per the SaveMap offset.  00 being the checksum.  See the wiki.
3E8= 1000.
2 = Set 4 bytes, 32 bit unsigned value.

Code: [Select]
Procedure FieldSetCharModelID905608; stdcall; //New opcode 1A

  xor eax,eax
  mov al,[$CC0964]
  xor ecx,ecx
  mov cx,[eax*2+$CC0CF8]
  mov edx,[$CBF5E8]

  xor eax,eax
  mov al,byte ptr [edx+ecx+01] // CharID
  mov dl,byte ptr [edx+ecx+02] // Value

  imul ax, ax, $84

  mov [eax + ($DBFD38 + $54) ], dl  // Store value

  xor edx,edx
  mov dl,[$CC0964]
  add [edx*2+$CC0CF8],3 //advance script by 3 bytes

  mov eax,1


Made this for Grimmy.  I'll get Myst6re to add the instruction for it  :-D. It has 2 parameters.  The char ID (vincent is 7) and the Value (0A or 07 in  the case of Vincent and Sep).  I have not tested this in game yet, as I can't until the script has also been added to Makou Reactor. Although my other idea for 1B below would already cover this.

This new function allows the swapping of sephiroth / Vincent.  Cait /Young Cloud from field script.  Next, I'll make opcode 1B stop the resurrection of KOd characters on field (like the needles at Cosmo Canyon Gi cave).

New Cid by Kal is much better.  A definite improvement.  I've updated next Reunion to use it and the parachute issue Kaldarasha has also fixed.

I had time to take another look at this. Fresh install of FF7; removed existing installs first, and checked the registry afterwards, so I know I've not got some half-and-half affair whose data path points into an old install. Applied 1.02 patch and Aali's drive 0.8.1; Bugenhagen's spiel goes by without problems. Install the Reunion, black screen as before. Haven't touched Anxious Heart yet.

I checked it.  Your flevel/exe plays perfectly on my 1998 version of FF7. This isn't a problem with The Reunion. Unless some sort of freaky combination of things plays a part.  I guess we'll have to see how R06 holds up.

Troubleshooting / Re: 7th Heaven issue
« on: 2017-08-06 22:03:03 »
The only thing I can think of that causes this issue is the sound driver needing to be reselected - by running ff7config.exe

Tools / Re: [FF7PC] Trainer - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2017-08-06 15:21:23 »
Unfortunately, that can't be done.

Tools / Re: [FF7PC] Trainer - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2017-08-06 13:46:08 »
 8) Thanks!

It's a fault with model overhaul. For some reason, Cid's files don't lead to a Cid with backpack. Kal has updated him anyway recently, so if I like his new model, I'll just update with that. Thanks for the report.

Looking at the field code, it looks like cid has a backpack. But I haven't checked the models.

Tools / Re: [FF7PC] Trainer - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2017-08-04 00:32:17 »
See first post for download link.

Code: [Select]
Latest Changes:
04-Aug-2017 v3.4

1. Optimization of ini saving.
2. Tweak addition of Max materia slots, Lock battle ally HP, Lock battle MP.
3. Tweak 2 tab added. Gain AP, Enemy MaxHP, Enemy Level added.
4. Day, hour, minute, second readout when time box is selected.

Tools / Re: [FF7PC] Trainer - Ochu (3.2)
« on: 2017-08-03 19:38:13 »
Crezwell, I am adding your MP request.  I have also added a HP one.  The HP one will only affect allies. But MP lock will affect everything.

So, if you are out there.  A nice donation from you would be appreciated as well. Ha!  ;D

That sounds like an error that I overlooked when I redid that part of the game. What exact moment did that happen?  I need detailed info how you did it.

As for your previous issue, please make sure that is an issue with The Reunion. If it isn't, then it needs to go on the Bug Thread. One parachute issue was addressed already.

Tools / Re: [FF7PC] Trainer - Ochu (3.2)
« on: 2017-08-02 19:08:09 »
You need to add some states.  I think it comes without any with latest version.  You have to create them.

This will be there in both.  It's not a fault with Reunion, as The Reunion does not touch sfx until the next version, where that issue will likely be fixed. Bug reports that aren't the fault of The Reunion should go on the Big Bad Bug Database thread.

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