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That's interesting. I've never seen that before. It's as if your Windows is restoring a previous restore point every restart, which reverts the registry keys from the GC.

But besides that, if that doesn't fix it... You can run the Config from the folder where your FF7.exe is (the game installation folder). There is a file called FF7Config.exe. Run that.

Actually, you don't want to do this. FF7Config sets up registry keys, and the one packed with the GC is different than the one in the game folder. You need to get the one from the GC running and working.

It's strange that you can see FF7Config in the Task Manager. The GC command window will give you a list of things to check while FF7Config is open, so if you see that then it's working. Perhaps it's somehow opened offscreen? Can you Alt + Tab to it?

Are you using FF7_GameConverter_7H.exe?

Just a side's not Reunion + Beacause, but rather Menu Overhaul + Reunion - Beacause.

Beacause is an element of the Reunion mod pack.

Try running the Game Converter again after the Windows update. Choose the Overwrite option.

Probably, especially if using New Threat.

Graphical Mods / Re: [FF7PC] Shader List for 7th Heaven
« on: 2017-06-11 00:53:23 »
I can't provide comparisons because I don't have an ATI card. The next major update to 7H will let you choose them from a drop-down menu. Select, launch, screenshot, close game, for yourself :)

It's not the latest update. I will update it when v1.5 is released.

Regarding 7H:
1 - This is useless for the normal user, though the version should be displayed somewhere
2 - This could be moved to the right side, also the arrows make their more sense to me. Don't know how often I moved the wrong mod with the current design
3 - Redundant since the mod is already in the active tab
4 - This should be replaced with the OpenGL driver configuration. Doesn't even know what this is for, all I know is that Iros did misunderstand me and had added this useless button.  :-[

Did actually somebody uses the Profiles? And didn't somebody made a neat logo?

Your requests have been sent. I think #2 might be a bit tricky, but we'll work on something, and I'll send it your way to test. I actually would prefer the mods to be able to drag, but not sure if it's possible.

I use Profile saves when checking load orders that are posted with troubleshooting questions, so it's helpful for me at least :)

I'll look into the logo for the final release. It's certainly neat and worthy.

The issue is I see though is user error. You're well experienced with the game file structure, modding, and usage of 7H, so you're capable of fixing most of your own user errors. But others, they don't have a clue how things work behind the scenes. When an issue occurs, they almost always haven't read carefully what to actually do, or try to take matters into their own hands by experimenting with methods that don't work. Inexperienced users break the game more than it should, and I get quite exhausted helping those who post troubleshooting about it. For that reason, I just say "No, don't do it." and leave it at that.

I changed some of the mod files to use direct mode awhile back because I was informed that it helps with loading times, but I personally haven't not noticed a significant difference. I am glad that you mention the issues between direct mode and Aali's driver now, so I will revert them back to not using direct mode in the next Catalog update. I don't care if your game loads slower, I just want it to load correctly at this point.

That absolutely could cause problems, depending on what mods are being used with 7H. In writing, it's not allowed, but there's no file check that would disable the user from doing it anyways.

Yup. Probably had some other mod installed or installed on top of 7th Heaven.  This installer is meant to be installed first - before other mods.  And isn't compatible with some mods.

You can't install anything on top of 7H. It's just a tool that memory injects mod files as the game accesses them in real-time. It works the same way as, for example, Mod Organizer for Skyrim.

The setup tutorial for 7H has ALWAYS stated to use original game files to avoid people thinking they can use mod installers first, then try to memory inject over top of those modded game files with 7H. That's not how it's supposed to work. Either use every modification through 7H, or don't use 7H at all. There is no mix-and-match between method.

Maybe I should do some research before I post this, but do you know how 7H works? If it simply replace files you can try open scene.bin with Proud Clod and see if there are any errors in the AI.

It doesn't replace files. It uses memory injection on original game files, which are applied in real time as the game runs and accesses the files. When you exit the game, the memory injections are cleared and your original game files are still intact. If you were to use Proud Clod, you would need to use the unpack tool in 7H to unpack the IRO file that contains the scene.bin, modify the scene.bin, then repack the IRO file to use with 7H.

I don't know if this is a 7H thing exclusively, that is, if you use these mods without 7H it may work. Haven't tested. Will as soon as I've got some spare time.

You don't have to do any research or testing. Files used for the memory injection are not modified. They are taken straight from the download links found in the mod OPs. You would be wasting your spare time trying to check on issues that are almost always a simple user error with the 7H setup (e.g. load order or mod incompatibilities).

Are they 400x225 size?

7thHeaven / 7th Heaven Updates (Coming With Catalog 3.0)
« on: 2017-05-21 06:20:24 »
Hi all,

As you have may noticed, Iros is no longer active on the forums, and there is no way to contact him outside the forums. Because of this, 7H hit a bit of a stalemate in development. I think it goes without saying how thankful I, and everyone here, am for his creation and development of 7H. Iros will always hold that credit :)

With that said, it's time to move forward. I have decided to team up with TurBoss and UGerstl to continue the development of 7H and help make it a better tool for everyone. There have already been several bug fixes and enhancements done based on our personal experiences and the communities experiences with using it. Your troubleshooting/feedback posts DO make a difference by providing us with information on issues that one person (myself) can't test all herself.

Sooo, without further ado, here is what we have done so far (subject to more before release):

Bug Fixes:
  • Empty save slots will no longer cause crashes during startup
  • Cancel Downloads will now properly cancel the download

  • (WIP) EXE Hext support added (no longer need ff7_mo.exe and ff7_bc.exe)
  • Movies + Music added to folder detection by default (no longer needed to manually input as Extra Folders)
  • Refresh Button added to Library/Catalog tabs
  • Switching tabs will automatically Refresh the page
  • Direct Mode on/off option added in OpenGL Settings
  • Postprocess now has a drop-down menu for selecting various shader options

  • Readme and Profile Details windows have new formatting - Text Size, Bold, Italics, Lists, Gifs (imgur only), links can be formatted
  • Title Bar will display the 7H Version #
  • Official Catalog link will now be a default entry in the subscriptions box
  • Config Files relocated to subfolder of 7thHeaven.exe (rather than buried in AppData)
  • (WIP) Downloads will only queue one at a time to help with freezing bandwidth issues
  • Third download party ( added to help better spread out download bandwidths
  • Numerous UI Text Changes for easier understanding of navigation

7thHeaven / Re: Unable to locate specific Menu Mod
« on: 2017-05-21 00:06:50 »
Are you launching with Workshop -> Settings -> FF7 Exe -> ff7_bc.exe?

It deals with patching the scene from the flevel.lgp. It's possible I read elsewhere, maybe the Hardcore mod thread. If I could find his post, then I'll probably just run the old Bootleg Configurator and pull the scene(s) out from that.

7thHeaven / Re: Error Crash At Start
« on: 2017-05-17 01:21:48 »
It seems that most reports that say, "It was working before, but now it's not. I didn't change anything..." always relates to driver updates (Windows, Graphics, etc.).

Back in the days, when Bootleg Configurator was used to install all the mods on these forums together, it had a fix for for that scene that made Beacause ReTranslation (a section of The Reunion) + Hardcore mod work together. I'll need to look into that and see what I can do, but please don't expect it until the next Catalog update (TBA). I'm really busy with work, family, and now a fractured foot *cries* and we're still waiting for NT 1.5 and Reunion R06 releases.

You can browse through this thread to find the fix. If you supply me with the information I need, it can make the process to fix a lot easier. I know it's in this thread somewhere, and it's a post by PitBrat:

7thHeaven / Re: Error Crash At Start
« on: 2017-05-15 07:13:15 »
Try running the GC again with Overwrite selected.

7thHeaven / Re: Game Crashes before first battle
« on: 2017-05-13 02:20:55 »
Several things:

1. You're using Intel HD Graphics. Go to the Nvidia Control Panel (or whatever equivalent for AMD/ATI) and set all the .exe (ff7.exe, ff7_mo.exe, ff7_bc.exe) to run with your GPU. Right now it's using the CPU (Intel HD Graphics).

2. Fix your load order. Go read STEP 5 of the written tutorial again to see how to setup the correct load order.

3. The APP.log shows you what's wrong in the second to last line. You're somehow missing the camdat0.bin file, which does camera work in battles. I don't know why you're missing it, so I can't help there.

4. Be sure you have Workshop -> Settings -> FF7 EXE set to run with ff7_bc.exe since you have Beacause enabled.

Troubleshooting / Re: Game Crashes
« on: 2017-05-13 02:13:19 »
Open the config file  FF7Config.exe and set the sound driver in the sound tab.

This is true, but not in the case of using the Game Converter. He needs to run the GC again and wait for it to open FF7Config. Set it then, press OK, and let the GC finish its work with the key registry.

Hmm, I have an idea on what it is...

7thHeaven / Re: Small issue with Battle Models - Weapons
« on: 2017-05-03 04:39:37 »
I'll look into it. Probably won't fix until the next Catalog update though. There are many changes coming, just waiting on the two big ones (New Threat 1.5 and Reunion R06).

Looks like you don't have your Textures folder setup properly. It's either not pointing there in Workshop -> Settings -> Aali Modpath or the Game Converter did not do its setup correctly. You can check the FF7_GC.log to see what it did.

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