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So yeah that why I tought it was strange, they added just an +1, i saved and checked before and after using it, they just added +1 but it indeed if they should have have added +5 they came in right quantity but did not add the +5 just an +1 boost :c

The executable hasn't been patched for some reason, might be a security thing. If you download the 7H folder from the front page, there'll be some executables inside that can be used to get around this. If you're on Steam, it'll be the ff7_en.exe you want; if it's a 7H-converted game (or original 1998 PC) then ff7.exe.

Otherwise, try running the installer again set as admin, full-write permissions, etc.

Will I still struggle at times with Normal and/or need to strategize to get through bosses? And it's a hard choice either way because I recently played FFIX Unleashed and it wasn't that balanced but I still had fun. Also if it's mainly the bosses that are very hard, I love that really. It's when the random encounters start to take five or more minutes consistently that I get a bit burned out.

You won't need to min-max for the majority of the mod, some bosses will require a bit of planning but they're usually optional and can be beaten later on if they're too much trouble (Materia Keeper is optional now for instance and drops Powersoul but can be tricky to beat on first visit, Lost Number is no longer required to access Vincent in the basement and can be attempted later, and the Wutai Pagoda can be re-attempted later as well).

Disc 3 has some optional encounters which can be more difficult, but the patch I uploaded has revised enemy HP, defences, attacks, and AI for Disc 2/3 which should make it a bit more accessible (particularly the North Crater).

Randoms should be fairly fast to take down so long as you're making use of elements and the like; but if they're getting annoying then they can be disabled at Save Points if you just want to do some exploring in peace. EXP and AP given increases exponentially as you go to each new area so don't worry about missing out, the later areas will catch your team up super fast.

honestly the fact that even random encounter needs brain instead of attack spamming is what makes me love the mod.

The oly thing i repeat would be nice to get new cloud passive because limit spamm is undoable at best but that is just my opinion! :D

I've changed Cloud's innate slightly for the patch; he gets a flat bonus when a Limit is used which slowly decreases until it resets and can be procced again.


Made some new patches for the mod, updated the links on the front page. Let me know if you encounter any problems and make sure the .exe is patched by checking materia equip effects (they should be different from vanilla).

Patch Notes (June 23rd 2018)

I left two debug routines in there by accident, going to have to remove them when I get back; avoid using the Save Point just before Air Buster and talking to the crewman on the Highwind until I've replaced the installer tonight.

Edit2: Fixed the files and reuploaded, links are up again.

I wanted to know, after you reach the Mythril Mines and characters at rank 1 receive the first sources, wasn't supposed to give you +5 sources of every status plus the ones you choose? I received just a few ones from the boosts i choose, is it normal? :o

One of the changes made with this March 2018 executable prototype was to set sources to be worth +5 per use instead of +1; the idea was to reduce on button-mashing when distributing sources. When using sources, check that your stats are going up by +5 each time; if they aren't, then let me know as it means your .exe hasn't been patched by the installer properly.


First time playing New Threat, really happy with it so far and I really appreciate all the work that's gone into it, but I just have a question about the difference between Normal and Arrange. Basically I'm wondering if Arrange mode devolves into intense amounts of grinding in order to progress. I prefer a more difficult game in general and I really enjoy hardcore mods even when they're unbalanced, but I only really enjoy grinding when it's done in handheld jrpgs. Would I be better off in Normal if I'd prefer to strategize to get through encounters as opposed to just increasing my stats? I don't mind needing to grind 20-30 minutes every so often, but if I need to grind to get through every new area, that's where I start to get frustrated.

Apologies if you have written about the differences between the two mods in this thread, I searched but can't seem to find concrete answers concerning the differences. I suppose I'm wondering where the increased difficulty of Arrange comes from.

Arrange is more or less the same tempo, but you might find the difficulty spikes (or sinks) regarding some of the boss replacements. If it's your first run through, or you want a more balanced experience, then stick with Normal mode; I have to do some rebalancing with Arrange.

What if Cloud had a mechanic that once per battle, whenever an enemy puts his HP in the yellow, like say, putting a sword through him, he counters with a crit?

I've tried to avoid actual counter attacks as innates because they can interfere with morphing and stealing.

A really ambitious thing I would like to see would be the Aeris/Mimic boss fight having a reference to Yunalesca, where after the first phase a big ol' Anglerfish thing waves around the Aeris/Mimic on a tendril.

Is this boss fight still doable without Aeris, like a cruel "Ha, you thought Aeris was alive, but it was ME, Mimic!"?

EDIT: Ooh, and the Anglerfish has an Ultros face!

Anglerfish? This isn't Sega Bass Fishing the far superior JRPG of its time to which all others stand inferior

hey man thanks again for this great mod!! i am currently restarting with 1.5 and looks good!

only one suggestion IF I MAY!! (i dont understand much of programming so i toss my 2 cents here)

How about make the standard ff vii chibi models improved? i mean they got no mouth in this version and their dress are like a big polygon. is there anything we can do?  just asking!! (btw i dont like the models of t haven lol)

another thing i would change: cloud passive. Is useless pretty much of the game save for some bosses. Limit stack COULD be a good idea but in random encounters is pointless (enemies die too fast) making it worth in SOME bosses only and even there to get to max stack you need to fight a boss which is very though.
I propose changing it in something like this:

Veteran of  War
Cloud  learned to adapt to every fight while under shinra dependency and following his strict training regime he learned to expose enemy weaknesses. Cloud reduces enemy resistances when  using magical attacks by 5% plus additional 1% for each magical attack and physical defenses by 5% when attacking every time he performs an attack. Stack maximum to 10%. During boss fights cloud luck is increased by 10%.

This way make a flexible caster or physical character i guess with edge on bosses no? :D

The current crop of field models are mostly default save for the removal of the PC mouth textures; I could have distributed the ones used by the main characters to the NPCs but I opted for the PSX-look in the end. Some of the main character field models are cast-offs of Kalderasha's earlier work with a few tweaks I added to detailing using scaled-down parts from battle models. Further changes could be made, but I'd prefer to work on the FF8 NT alpha for the moment once I've put up this preliminary FF7 NT patch.

Reducing enemy defence would be a good mechanic, but reducing enemy defence like that could be problematic and the Luck stat can't be adjusted based on earlier experience with Cid's first innate; I might be wrong about that, but it didn't seem to be functioning correctly when I tried it.

I appreciate that.  Yeah it's really odd, it feels like it just doesn't do anything.   With that high of an evade she should practically be unhitable with physical attacks, no?

From what I've seen in runs, she typically dodges any physical attack thrown at her while it's up. I don't think it's overflow either, because it specifically sets the value rather than adds it on (unless additional math is done to modify the dodge, but then would be seeing the problem elsewhere). I'll run tests to make sure.

Hi, I just beat the mod in normal and arrange mode because of how much i liked it and from my experiences my advice for some troubles i had: the mime materia cave goes from incredibly difficult and extremely remedy heavy without KoTR to winning is one turn with it, i'd say that boss fight should have less creatures but with much more health and speed or something along those lines. Also unless i missed it, the first boss in disc 2 with the guard scorpion has no places to grind with which meant i had to skip it in both runs using Ochu which never felt right.

Junon Weapon Raid is a mucky area where a forced party of Cait, Barret, and Yuffie get thrown together with fairly tough enemies like Soldier 2nd wandering around and a boss waiting at the end. I added the save point + shop option there to alleviate it a little, but when I see players reach it in runs the momentum completely stalls there. I'm revising the scene at the moment:
-) Cait knocks the two troopers out with no battle when rescuing Barret
-) Replacing Soldier: 2nd here with downtuned Junon Trooper (maybe other formation adjustments)
-) Not sure about the boss yet

Hey, Sega Chief!

Was just curious: does Yuffie's perfect dodge have any sort of bug by chance? 

Up to disc 3 now and the game always says if it gets activated and deactivated, however if anything it, seems like she's *more* likely to get hit by physical attacks in my game rather than immune.  Her evade is already quite high so she dodges a lot but when perfect dodge gets activated, i swear it's almost a %100 chance she gets hit with the next physical attack.

Has anyone else experienced this?

And as always, thank you for all you've done with this mod.

It should be working correctly, but I'll double-check it just in case.

Hi there, I just register to ask you something about the mod, I played this game a long time ago and I just installed the mod, now im just finishing the FF6 , and then ill play 7, can you guys tell how TO NOT revive Aerith, because I want to follow the original storyline, so before playing the mod, I want to know If I can remain her dead and how, sorry for my english is not my main language, pls reply, thank you :)

Yeah, I added a handler for this:
Spoiler: show

During this scene, pick the top/red option; players going for this route get an early Ribbon accessory.

You could simply make limitbreaks give Cloud a burst of 30 STR/MAG (Var.0000 > Var.0030) which then every action or something removes 1 STR/MAG untill its back down to 0 (Var.0000) where you can use a new limitbreak for the 30 stats again. This will prevent Vincent and Tifa from "cheating" the system aswell as making it like a direct opposite of Red's innate.

Not sure if its possible but i think it could be (and it would also be pretty cool tbh).

I think that is possible, and it's a good idea I reckon. A burst then it slowly wears off, not refreshable until it reaches 0. I could use the post-action script for that to decrement by 1 after every action. If it passes testing I'll go with that.

I recently started NT 1.5 with the independent installer and the majority of the 7H mods. I was about to leave Midgar, I still had all the post Sephiroth bosses, and the the whole set up stopped working. 7H couldn't launch the game with even the most none invasive mods activated. I decided to uninstall everything and reinstall. I unfortunately forgot to grab my save file and had to start over. My question concerns the second reactor boss fight. In my first play through I could have sworn that I fought two Air Busters in a reverse situation of the normal fight; in my second play through, it was the normal pincer formation against a single Air Buster with Cloud on one side and Barrett and Tifa on the other. Am I remembering this correctly? Did I set one game to Arrange difficulty and the other to Normal difficulty?


In Arrange mode you fight two air busters, but on normal mode it's just the usual side-attack.

As a side-note, I've fixed the 'facing' issue with Air Buster so that'll be in the next patch.

Currently enjoying the hell out of 1.5. Pretty much the best mod I've ever played and it's really renewed my enjoyment for this old game.

I'm all up to date with the current patches, but I'm having some trouble with the Dark Cave as well. I went into the Dark Cave with Aeris dead. Got all my characters back in the Dark Cave, but when I go to the church, the security dudes just stand around laughing and vanish when I get close to them. The game doesn't crash or anything, the next part of the quest just doesn't trigger.

I also noticed a strange bug in the Highwind: when you talk to one of the ex-SOLDIERs in the chocobo pen, it triggers a battle with Demon/Satan Gate. Definitely an interesting surprise!

Sounds like you're playing the pre-exe version; it's a little behind the .exe prototype up here on Qhimm in terms of bugfixes. The satan's gate thing is a debug thing I do where I set a battle onto that NPC and talk to him to trigger it rather than going through the scripts for its actual location (to test AI, etc). I forgot to remove it before uploading that build.

Church thing as well I think is a logic flaw, I'll check into it.

Plan going forward is to move over to the .exe build and make that the 'main' build. I'm just about finished with a preliminary patch that'll fix a lot of long-standing issues and apply some gap-stop balancing for Disc 2/3.

About to jump into 1.5 via 7th Heaven; any graphics mods I should avoid? Also, should I avoid the music mod?

Music mods should be fine. Graphics mods should be fine if applied via 7H but be wary about using stand-alone installers as they might overwrite NT-required files if they don't inject the files into the archives.

Hi, I recently completed your mod. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I did find a few oddities, glitches, and possibly some issues with the steam version of FFVII itself, I didn't go too in-depth with my testing, so apologies if what I'm saying is redundant. The version I played I believe was the September 2017 1.5 version. I did use the March 2018 version post-mortem, so I'm not sure if these glitches exist in that version. I played on "Arranged" mode if that's relevant.

I was unable to switch out Cloud in the late game, I tried on the highwind, on the world map, and also in a city's save crystal. Luckily this is easy to fix as I can just load up Black Chocobo.

It's possible to keep your scores in the junon league fights. After winning/losing a battle, if you choose to discontinue fighting in that league, switch to a different league and then check the standings, the scores from the previous league will not be reset.

The Escort Guard armor doesn't supply a halved gravity resistance as the text suggests.

The gate in the sector 7 slums area shows that it's closed but can actually be walked through after you enter the dark cave and you can rebattle the Biggs/Wedge/Jessie amalgamation.

The game soft-locks if you enter the dark cave without reviving Aeris once you make it to the church.

From then on I downloaded the March 2018 version and noticed another oddity. When Vincent transforms into one of his limit break forms, each of his attack will trigger Cloud's limit stack. Rather useful, but probably unintended.

For swapping out Cloud as party leader, I think it first requires that you go to bottom of north crater first so that the split-up scenes no longer trigger and then head to the Operation Room of the Highwind and talk to the NPC on the right to change party leader.

I didn't know about that exploit for junon leagues, I'll set it to reset; thanks for catching that one.

Some of the equipment was off; I'll double-check escort guard.

Yeah, Dark Cave in general is a bit buggy; I knew about the gate problem, but not the church softlock. I'd better sort that out.

Cloud's Limit stacks proc for Limits, and technically every command used by Vincent's beast forms are Limit Breaks. It was an oversight on my part, I might set up the AI to exclude the range of his abilities if I have the space. Otherwise I'll call it a feature.

Really great mod! I have some things I would like to see in the mod:

Nemesis renamed to Kaiser WEAPON as a reference to Kaiser Dragon, and Nemesis' arms replaced with two more heads giving it an appearance similar to Kaiser Ghidorah from Godzilla: Final Wars and a different appearance to Ultimate WEAPON.

Cloud's dialogue when Aeris dies being replaced with "Aeris! Aeris! …. Aeris… Nooo!! This isn't happening!! There's no reason for me to go on! What… What am I fighting for?!"

Cloud and Tifa's dialogue at the end of Disc 2 replaced with "Baby, do you think its possible that anyone else in the world is doing this very same thing at this very same moment?"
"I hope so, otherwise, what the hell are we trying to save?"
while "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith plays in the background, and a box of animal crackers is added as a key item.

Work-in-progress with placeholder heads

The only things that can maybe count as extra mods would be the YAMP MDef fix, the "Always run" YAMP mod that switches walking and running, and the Chocobo Fix patch. I still have the old game discs from the ancient olden days (along with their inbuilt problems that need to be fixed via the 'mods' up above) that had been sitting around in a box in my room before I learned of NT. :P

Every time you do a new major update, I uninstall and reinstall and start from the beginning to see if issues pop up as I go along, because you're not going to get good feedback otherwise. Never had this particular issue before. :shrugs:

The YAMP mod for the MDef fix was by the user dziugo on this site, and the AlwaysRun modification was by Kruci. Dunno if that helps you any. :shrugs again:

I would have installed Aali's driver, but DL links for it were down pretty much every time I looked, so I stopped looking. :shrugs like sir shrugsalot:

Second Edit; Huh, after checking for when I last checked on Aali's stuff, that was three years ago. Damn, where does the time go? Anyways, since they finally put up another DL link for Aali's driver (because I had checked over the course of months way back then with no fixes for the broken DL links) I'll uninstall and reinstall everything (while saving the save files) using that and check to see if I'm still having the same issues.

So you're playing the 1998 game without Aali's driver installed? Besides the minigames, there's a lot of problems with this game running on modern machines that the driver sorts out (it also has the MDEF% patch built into it nowadays, as well as the 1.02 patch). If the issue is still happening then we'll go from there.

Checking the PRP files vs NT; looks like Bootleg has injected the model files correctly which is a huge timesaver. The scene and kernel, however, are still default which would result in the flevel feeding in the wrong encounter IDs as some were removed/repurposed from Reactor 1 onwards.

I made a quick scene/kernel hotfix patch; use the same patching process you used when sending me those files (unless you've still got that ready to go) and try patching it with this:
(run as admin, set permissions)

What that installer will do is it'll replace the default scene and kernel with NT versions, leaving everything else alone. Assuming the flevel is OK, that should be you good to go. If not, let me know.

Game is crashing at the fight after Aeris' death in the Ancient city in disc 1. As I saved right before that point, I will edit in more details regarding what I'm experiencing on both paths here. Hopefully this is something that is a 'maybe it will crash' issue here so I can get past it, otherwise I'm stuck. Anyways, will be back with edits and details.

EDIT; Ok, I tested four times. Twice on saving Aeris, twice on letting her die. The game crashes before it asks for me to load disc 2 on both options. With the "Wait-" option, it crashes after Cloud uses a Pheonix Down on her (before the next part after that can load). On the "Wake Up" option, it crashes right after the water burial.

This happens for a small % of players but never found out the cause because the scripts appear to be fine, so I suspect it's something else. Are you playing on a regular Steam version (as in, no cracks, etc.) and are there any other mods involved? It's very close to a disc check/achievement hook so I'm wondering if it's to do with that.

Was really enjoying this mod until now I'm at the whirlwind maze part and, I guess Cloud's innate is causing his ATK stat to roll over back to 1 because at the beginning of battles he'll be fine but as soon as someone does a limit he's doing 1-5 damage. he's 8/8 with around 245 atk with gold armlet and power wrist. seriously great mod though, I've been enjoying the crap out of it.

edit: ahh I see that this is a known problem, I'll just have to take off the armor or accessory.

Yeah, his innate wasn't given a check like the other characters to prevent roll-over. I've just finished with college (unless I have amendments to make next week to submitted project) so I'm going to be putting out a big patch soon to fix up problems and bugs like this.

Any kind of hosting service; mediafire, dropbox, etc.

If you do a bootleg install then I'll need the battle.lgp and the char.lgp I think, from Battle and Field folders.

Hi Sega Chief,

I have been checking out your mod for some time and I am desperate to give it a try. I am coming up against some hurdles with my current mod setup and I have no idea how to overcome it as modding FF7 without bootleg or a mod organiser seems very tricky.

I have been using the old bootleg tool to mod FF7 as 7th heaven doesnt seem to give me the option for the old PRP field models and classic style battle models I like. I like to keep the graphical changes fairly minimal/purist in this regard.

I have been installed your mod first. Then running bootleg. Everything seems to work in that all the new field and battle models are there along with scene enhancements etc but your mod seems to only be 'half' installed. The new prompts about beginning new threat appear along with barrets prompt about regular/field music, but none of the gameplay changes have actually happened such as cloud having fire at the start or any of the enemy stats or attacks changing etc.

I'm kind of at my wits end with this as I just want to play the game with smoothed out field backgrounds, non wonky looking character models, a nice menu, and your mod.

If anyone has any advice as to how I could get this to work It would be massively appreciated.


All right, so Bootleg can be very unwieldy when something goes wrong and/or you want to change something in the set-up. Both it and the NT installer overwrite files rather than inserting them, which is why some files are working and others aren't.

Just for understanding as to the file structure

Battle.lgp: Battle models
Scene.bin: Actual enemy stats, AI, formations, attacks
Kernel.bin: Holds character stats, equipment, Materia, Items, EXP arcs, Initial Data for new game; must be synched with Scene.bin otherwise wrong encounters load, causing crashes
flevel.lgp: Field scripts & events, dialogue, backgrounds
char.lgp: Stores all the field character models and their animation files (is used with flevel.lgp)

It sounds like the NT Scene.bin (enemy data) + kernel.bin (character/menu data) are being overwritten but the flevel has been left alone. Bootleg has likely overwritten these when it was installed.

What we could try doing is merging the PRP models into the NT battle.lgp and char.lgp. We use a tool called ULGP by Luksy to decompile model archives for editing then recompile them for use by the game; if you're able to get a NT battle/char.lgp and a PRP-installed battle/char.lgp then you'd be able to decompile them, pass the PRP models over to the NT archives, and then recompile them.

I'm going to be sticking in with my graded unit project until this Friday (deadline) but if you want me to have a shot at merging the archives for you, then get a PRP installation set up with the models you want and shoot me the battle.lgp and char.lgp so I can decompile/merge them into NT archives. We'll work the rest out like menu overhaul from there.

heya....correct me if im wrong....but did cait sith have any unlockable limits after slots? i thought i remembered there being something like lucky girl or mog dance that you could use in L3, but its been forever.

No, he only has two levels of Limits; Slots are hard-coded for the Lv.3 as well as Lv.2 so it was a no-go.

Hey SegaChief, thanks for making an excellent mod. I've been playing on and off for a few months and finally got around to beating the game tonight. I have very few complaints; at some points I would die really quickly but trial and error tactics often led me to dominating the boss soon after.

A few things however:

* What are the steal chances for weapons in the north crater? I spent the better part of an hour trying to steal from the behemoth and dragon enemies to no avail. It was so bad I contemplated getting the sneak glove...

* Which leads me to my next point. At some point during disc 3, I think after the dark cave sidequest, I lost the key to sector 5 I had already dug up from bone village. This means I have no way to get back inside midgar again AFAIK.

* The status changes you get from the battle arena reels are incurable. I don't remember it being that way in the original so I thought I'd bring it up to see if it was intentional.

* In the same vein I was not able to do anything about the dark cave boss that casts confusion/peerless. That character essentially became lost to the boss's side. Also all of the statuses it could inflict seemed to bypass protection.

* Jenova-Juno went into countdown mode and became seemingly immune to physical damage, but she stopped counting down (actually counted up) when I drained her MP. The arms never revived and she didn't do anything besides count so the battle just turned into a process of me figuring out what I could hurt her with.

Overall it was a great experience and much more fun and rewarding than I remember the original game being. Thanks a ton!

The Steals thing has been a problem for a very long time; it's a side-effect of my non-.exe solution to the level-scaling on physical attacks. I'll be able to fix this properly with executable modifications in future, and retire the work-around which means Stealing and the like will be functioning as normal for future builds.

Sector 5 Key needs to be re-added to the script, I must have the wrong Key Item ID or something.

Battle Square status changes are 'forced' onto the fighter and if you have status protection then it becomes 'incurable' due to the way status immunities work in the game; it was an issue in the original game as well. Poison would ordinarily deal 0 damage however but I changed the .exe to make poison ticks non-elemental and not dependent upon the Poison element anymore, which means it'll probably be causing damage now. An unforeseen side-effect of the change.

I think Debarrier/Dispel should be able to get rid of Peerless, I set them up to ignore status defence.

Sounds like Juno is broke in some way, I'll have a look at it.

Glad you enjoyed the mod overall though, despite the bugs; I'll be trying to fix all them up soon.

Heh. Honestly, unless that coding function affects L5 Suicide, I'd just rename the "L2 Confu" to something else. Easiest and laziest way to address that. :P

Anyways, just got to "Satan's Gate", and while I'm glad to see that the Powersoul item was moved there as a stealable item, in previous versions of Arrange the fight involved two versions of the Gate surrounding the party, which given I only fought one, I had to comment on given it was not as expected for Arrange and ridiculously easy to kill. :P

I'm in the process of removing all Level-based attacks; was never a fan of them.

Satan's Gate is a disappointment; not sure how I managed to mess up making it a tough boss, I guess it's been such a long time that I played the game actively that I lost my touch a bit. I'll be playing a bit of Gjoerulv's Hardcore mod soon to get myself back into shape.

Wow, the little Easter egg dialog at the beginning of the Ruby Wrapon fight if C-loud and Barret are in the party was just the best.

I thought it'd be a nice thing to add.

Out of interest, I had a nosey in the field files to have a look at the music; boss theme seems to be 13 so I'm assuming it uses absolute IDs for songs rather than IDs relative to the field they're used on, like in FF7; is there a list of which songs = which IDs anywhere?

Hi SegaChief,
im trying to create the .iro with the new ff7_mo.exe that you have edited.
With the tests that i did i think that the changes in the .exe dont work too good(or the mod ignore them).
In the images (1,2) i run the ff7_mo.exe,the stats of the materias are wrong ,and the  sources of Mr Smile give +1  ,and i 've seen something strange, when i translate the ff7_mo.exe some texts still are in english(i use touphscript to edit the .exe) , but when i launch the ff7.exe (also translated,image 3) work good.

Someone  tested the ff7_mo.exe edited and happened the same?(maybe are my mistake,i dont know very well what im doing  xDD)
Spoiler: show

Launching ff7_mo.exe

Launching ff7_mo.exe

Launching ff7.exe

For that patch I grabbed a FF7_MO.exe from my FF7 directory which I'm assuming 7H put there when I installed it, and quickly ran it through HextEdit with the 1.5 .exe changes hoping that would do the trick. But it seems that it didn't work properly. It might be that there's changes in the FF7_MO.exe which are clashing with the ones I applied, or it might be that the one I had was wrong in some way; I'll need to do a more thorough look into it when I've gotten this college project submitted on Friday.

Cosmo Canyon, the planetarium segment. Aeris' sprite goes 'invisible', but I think what's happening is the sprite is appearing below the entire 'ground' in such a way that players can't then see her (as there was a point where it looked like a moving lump of 'brown' rocks was on the ground before Red 13's grandpa started talking about the nature of worlds and lifestreams and all that fun stuff and then her sprite was gone entirely). Unfortunately I forgot to take a screenshot. >_<

EDIT: Aerith's "Planet Protector" limitbreak is not working as described. Actually, I'm pretty sure that NONE of the Limitbreaks are working as described at this point if they've been changed from their vanilla effects. :shrugs:

Second EDIT; Ok, Mideel Area. The Hippogriff (I think that's what it's named) enemy used a "L2 Confu" spell, which effected my level 57 character. Looking at it via ProudClod, the "Attack %" is "2%", the "Chance" is "63/252", and the "Attack Damage" listings are set at "8X Magical, Hit Chance MOD target level = Hit, no def." and "X3, Unknown". So yeah, something funky going on there with that.

I know the issue, it's the 'giant model' problem that usually only affects Cloud and which can occur on the default version of the game in places like Mt. Corel, Planetarium, etc (usually where FMVs with characters appear). What's interesting though is that this usually only affects the controllable character, and in that particular scene you get limited control over Aeris/Yuffie/Tifa to make them interact with the passing planet models, etc. I think it's an intermittent issue with an unknown engine cause but I'll defo take a look.

I checked recently and found that the March 10th EXE doesn't have Limit Break adjustments applied to it; bit of a bummer but it's been long enough that I'll prob hold off on adding them until I've done the full patch for 1.5. The other .EXE features are in there though.

I know why that is, but I'm kind of too ashamed to say why so here's the half-truth answer: something in the damage adjustment work-around is affecting that attack. The attack itself is functioning correctly, there's just something working behind the scenes that I added which makes that attack land. I wouldn't worry about it in any case.

Bit of news, I'm about to finish my 2-year college course on Friday (or following Friday if I miss deadline/need to make adjustments to my submitted project). This means I won't be bouncing between college and my job in the mornings & evenings and have a bit more time for modding again. I'll be sorting out the current crop of issues with a big patch and getting to work on FF8 NT a mere year and a half over-schedule s:


Hero Drink IIs are working as intended and not for use against enemies; it is possible to use them on enemies by way of the old Hyper exploit by confusing a party member who has the item queued for use but that's not the use I have in mind for them. On a surface level, it's a joke item that takes the potent Hero Drink and turns it into something very bad; but past that the statuses that it inflicts are all used by Tifa's Master Fist weapon which can result in short windows of massive damage if managed correctly.

Guidebooks restore 50% of a KO'd characters MaxHP as opposed to the 25% of a Phoenix Down.

Battle Square reels 'force' status ailments onto a character which is problematic when status protection is in play as removing these statuses becomes problematic due to the way the engine handles statuses and resistances.

Poison tick damage was changed to non-elemental with the executable changes; the fights where Poison ticks are used by bosses as a source of healing haven't been updated yet to account for this change (Gelnika Reno & Lich GT).

I'll be retiring the scripted Ziegfried fight and making it more straightforward to get rid of the ongoing issues with it.

Previous NT versions of the Hero Drink II's were able to be selectable for both enemies and the party, and the fact that they had nothing but negative status effects made them incredibly useful in a lot of difficult/annoying fights against certain enemies.

As there had been other items that had been messed up and made like their canon vanilla versions, and given that the "II's" were originally a canon beneficial-status-and-only-party-selectable item, I had to speak up.


What are you talking about? The items weren't 'messed up', I reverted the Greens to their original effect by choice and IIs have never been a directly beneficial item to use on your party in any build of the mod; the only benefit for party use is to buff Master Fist. There was an item called Hero Drink Classic in the early versions that had something resembling the default Hero Drink effect but that has since been removed.

The Choco greens effects were removed, but the guidebook should be restoring KO (battle only, not in Item Menu).

Likely an already pointed out problem, but Aerith's "Breathe Of The Earth" limit is not healing HP like it says it should. :shrugs:

I checked the folder, and the Limit changes haven't been applied. Guess they were vanilla limits this entire time  ;D

Hi, this file not work, Source still give 1 point and materia like steal give -25%hp

Might be a permissions issue and the .exe isn't being patched/reverted; try running the executable as an admin and make sure that, if you're playing through 7H or something, that the target .exe being used to run the game has the same name as the patched one.

For instance, the installer is designed to target the ff7.exe and ff7_en.exe. 7H however installs multiple .exe files and will run the ones with different names like ff7_mo.exe. After patching, you'll need to rename the .exe to match the one that 7H is looking for.

Hey sega chief

I have a neat idea for your ff7 2.0 new threat mod, my idea is this that you put up a countdown timer for when someone does the tifa gas champer mini game and when tifa gets her self out of there, that the people have to fight the slapping girl at the end of manko cannon

what do you think of that idea

A fight on the cannon has been suggested a couple times, but the issue is coming up with a battle model that would pass muster and it would replace a fairly unique scene. I may add something there, but it won't be a battle.

Is there a reason why Gorki in the pagoda is basically untouchable in every way? Takes no physical or elemental damage, and avoids EVERYTHING else.

The Wutai pagoda fights are semi-puzzle fights with a gimmick to get through. Gorki's is Defence, and at the start of the fight he uses Tamon's Guard which gives him Wall + Shield. You can get rid of this by using Debarrier, but he has very high defence/magic defence as well so you'll want to use attacks that either deal fixed damage or which ignore defence. Summons should be effective once you've dealt with his defensive buffs with either Debarrier, Dispel, or a Holy Torch item.

Hey i found something funny in north crater. You put your own save points in, and i found a way to access an old chest you replaced with a save point

in the previous screen you see the chest, but you go through to the next room and it shows the save point instead, but you can menu buffer through the trigger, and access the chest, that is normally impossible to get. You still get nothing, but i found this funny.

Ah yeah, I forgot you can access that chest by using Menu to get past the area exit line. You can do it on most screens, but some allow for some interesting navigation like the initial screen when entering the Da Chao; during the Yuffie sidequest, Reno can be accessed for dialogue earlier than intended and I left a secret message there which someone found fairly recently.

Hi SC,

Saw this got lost in the posts so I'm bumping post.

Might need to send me your save file so i can check the vars attached to that sidequest and reset them.

Quote from: Maverick4031

link=topic=14938.msg257231#msg257231 date=1527639407
mt. corel? but i never saw him there either? i know he shows up MUCH LATER there, but i never saw him the first time around.

on another note....SC.....did you buff the junon leagues by chance? i just got ohko'd as barret with good stats.

Mt. Nibel

Hi, I've been playing 1.5 with the march exe, and while I'm really enjoying it, I'm wondering should I play arrange instead?
I feel I'm putting all this effort into my builds and character sets up, but feeling it doesn't really matter so much atm? The fights are not challenging, does this difficulty level spike up? I'm just after leaving desert prison.

If the difficulty level doesn't spike, how hard exactly is arrange? I like to feel like all my work and customization has meaning, with fights where I have to use it, but I always run into hard modes, where fights simply become stupid, and it kills the patch for me. So maybe I should stick to normal? Though, I'm really hoping things pick up in difficulty.

I would stick to normal for now, it'll ramp up the further you go and Disc 2/3 has a lot of tougher encounters to pitch your teams against.


Speaking of which, Dark Nation is utterly invincible again. No damage can be done to him, he can't be healed, he can't be morphed, etc.

That's his Arrange Mode AI; he can only be killed on Normal difficulty.

so sega.....i just got to mr smile again.....and i upgraded cloud but i only got like....1,2,3 sources of each kind and only 1 point for each use. isnt it supposed to be 5 per source now? im basically getting no legitimate stat boost now : /

idk if others have run into this issue already or not. appreciate any solution you could provide though lol.

Edit: for the record, this is the 2018 update of v1.5. the standalone one i think.

Sounds like the .exe hasn't patched. I would recommend either running the installer again or download the 7H folder to find the files you need and drop the .exe in manually:


Welcome back, I'll be making fine-tuning to the materia bonuses/penalties fairly soon when I start work on the mod again in early June. There's a lot of other bugs and things that need sorted out as well, so let me know about any you find.

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