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Hi Chief,

I got stuck at dark cave. Screen is totally black and frozen when entering the 3rd screen of dark cave (railway station is the first screen, Shina section with vanish guy besides iron gate is the second screen).

It is so strange, I tried to reinstall FF 7 and repatch it on my Win 7 machine, the issue persists. Also I tried a different PC with Winxp system, the same issue happens. I am using NT 1.4 Build Download - 6th January 2017. Also tried hotfix of 18 Jan 2017 & 25 Feb 2017, but no luck.

Do you have any idea about it?


Not sure, I'll jump in there just now and take a look.

Edit: The field appears to be operable, so we need to figure out why it's crashing for you there. Are there any other mods in play? The other possibility is a var clash that's preventing some of the field script logic from resolving. I'll go over the vars in there and see if I can spot any possible problems.

Alright, so I can only describe this bug as strange.

In my tests, Aeris will always replace the party member you chose in your 3rd slot. If you send her left/up, and you head that way as well, that is. (That sounds dangerous if your party leader is in that slot)

Aeris will only bug and be on the left side of the screen, where she can't walk, if it's your second time descending and choosing who goes where, and NOT if Yuffie is your 3rd party member, but WILL bug and WILL be misplaced if it's Tifa.

It's a bit annoying to go through the whole thing every time since I don't have Save Anywhere, so I'll stop my testing here. I've never had such weird things happen to me while making FFT events, but FFT also doesn't handle main characters quite the same way in events.

On those fields are a descending list of checks that first assigns a value to a variable for each character, and based on the value of this var it will execute one of three scripts; go in direction A, go in direction B, or join party leader. To get past the other checks when it has executed the correct one, it uses label jumps. The problem is likely that one of these jumps and/or var checks has the wrong value.

But if this problem is happening on successive visits, and not the first visit, then another possibility is that the vars aren't being reset when leaving the Crater so when you go back down again, the retained values are overriding the scripts. Either way, I'll get to the bottom of it.

Yeah, well, I'm actually on disc 3 and I'm not sure what I'm looking for here. I didn't actually get around to playing that melody until... like 15 minutes ago because someone finally brought it up, but now that I did, I checked everything in the manor including the basement lab, and I'm not finding anything.

It's not in town; head up into the mountains.

A bug list would've been nice, unless there actually was one all along.

Northern Crater:
- I tried to PHS at a save point with 2 characters and I could not exit because I did not select 3. Unfortunately, I attempted this before saving; that sucked.
- I exited the crater after figuring out I was unprepared for the boss of the path that I took. After going back down, I was lazy and just wanted to try out another boss, so I sent everyone the left path, then everyone the upper path, IIRC I chose Cloud/Tifa/Yuffie but Tifa left ahead, while Aeris was all the way over to the left side of the screen, stuck, running in place forever trying to reach me.

Question: Is it possible to steal rare items at lvl 99? I solved my "bosses have too many HP" problem by overleveling (really, what helped was leveling my limits and materias), and now trying to get everyone's better weapons, I find myself dealing with several hundred steal misses without a Sneak glove (I can't steal anything at ALL), and a hundred successful normal steals with the Sneak Glove (100% steal rate). For the record I was trying to steal some Dragon Armlets, but all I ever got were Tents (Crater Dragon) and Remedies (Parasites), and only if I had the Sneak Glove equipped. It seems like the only way I can fix this is to start over or cheat.

I'll disable PHS temporarily from the menu when splitting up; the other problem sounds like a flaw in the script, just to clarify you picked Tifa but she ran off as if she hadn't been picked?

The Rare steals should have been removed from the mod by this point; they were basically unobtainable due to an oversight. I'll need to check the scene.bin when I get back from college, but I think the way it should be in the current patch is one of the weapons needed is a drop, the other is obtained either by Steal or Morph. If it is Steal, but in the 2nd steal slot, then I'll need to bump it up into the 1st slot. Sorry for the hassle, the situation with obtaining weapons from the Crater has been a mess for a while.

Don't worry about it until Disc 3 :p

A silly question from my side, but what if the sound buffer of the game is to small? Though it really is only an idea which springs into my mind. I mean we shouldn't forget that the PC at the time weren't so potential as they are now.

Could be; the SFX in the observatory are all 1min+ in length but when I used SFX that were only a couple seconds in length it seemed to work okay.


Allows 4 effects to be played using channel 1, channel 2, channel 3, and channel 4. This is a short-hand way of using operation 0x28, 0x29, 0x2A, and 0x2B.

param2=Effect ID for channel 1
param3= Effect ID for channel 2
param4= Effect ID for channel 3
param5= Effect ID for channel 4

You see how ridiculous this is?  It's just to save every last byte in some really crappy way.  Again. Just confusing and useless.  If not using my DLL, you can fix these broken OPERATIONs by just using the working counterparts.  I.e., for operation 0x23, you'd use 0x28, 0x29, 0x2A, and 0x2B to set the 4 effects.

It's not even like 0x21,22,23 were even needed.  They could have just checked to see if an argument was zero and then skipped if so - but stupidly they use 0 for the "stop effect".

When I was trying to fix the observatory SFX, the first thing I tried to do was ditch the Akao 23 and put the SFX onto four separate channels but the same issue occurred; the 4th SFX would override the other 3 and be the only audible sound. There must be something about the SFX files themselves that's causing the problem; the function itself I think might be OK as it works under certain conditions when using other SFX.

SC, was it you that notified me that Bugen's lab should play 4 sound effects simultaneously?  Anyway, to whoever did, you are right.  It's clearly broken in the PC port - but it works in PSX.  It uses akao opcode 0x23 (when playing 4 musics). I am adding this to my dll as we speak - and also updating akao documentation.  I made other errors too. The summon effects in battle also allow for multiple effects and probably use this opcode (akao) in PSX.

I'm testing with PSX, since PC is totally unreliable.

Yeah, it seems that some sound effects are able to play simultaneously using Akao 23 but not others. I tested it with alarm and three short SFX (jump, etc.) and they all played together, but the four in bugen's observatory seem to override each other and the 4th one is the only audible one. Also, on that particular field the channel(s) aren't cleared when the SFX has finished because the 2nd Akao 23 on that field script can't be heard at all when it triggers; adding a Play Sound #0 beforehand seems to fix this.

I was referring more to the coming up with ideas part rather than the actual implementation part. I imagine you've got all the number changing and coding stuff on auto-pilot at this point. If every other boss started casting Fire2 at 30% health it'd get repetitive quite quickly though, and avoiding that kind of repetitive nature of boss AI would be a good plan. Certainly if you've got some ideas that could be added to bosses I would go ahead and test them out. Or people could share theirs as well. I'm not very creative nor do I know much about the coding, so anything I would come up with probably wouldn't be that great, but even simple changes like making a normally single target magic spell a boss casts into a multi target attack or throwing Reflect on your team at different health thresholds could elicit the desired effect for sure. Any type of "Monkeywrench" or slight strategy changes the bosses have would certainly do it.

As for any specific bosses that come to mind? Not sure about that, Tyrant perhaps?

I think it's mostly Disc 3 bosses that are lacking adaptive AI and mechanics. I'll be keeping that in mind while I re-work them.

Troubleshooting / Re: Game Stops working
« on: 2017-03-17 11:05:30 »
I've had some error reports about frogged enemies soft-locking battles; is this issue specific to reunion/60-fps battles or is it something in the base game itself?

Hey Sega Chief, thanks so much for this mod, it's my favorite mod of all time. Is there any estimate for when 1.5 will come out?

It was supposed to be a few weeks ago but I had to stop for a heady cocktail of unit assessments and a week's holiday abroad. I'm back to work on it now, but I can't really say when it'll be done. I've got the week off work again next week but not going anywhere this time so I'll use that to power ahead.

If that's the case than yes, I am certainly against it.

Take a look at my playlist here:

You'll see that virtually all of the boss fights fall within the time frame of 8- 15 minutes as you think it should be, which I agree with as well. The only ones that are outside of that range are either bosses that should have more health seeing as they are more important to the story or game as a whole, or are bosses that were either bugged at the time and have been fixed, or had too much health at the time and have been shaved down some. I should also note that I was by no means getting the fights done as fast as I possibly could either. In a lot of them I had Sadness which reduces damage dealt and limit fill speed, both of which could have pushed these times much lower. Couple that with that the fact that I could have probably done my Rank Up's and materia situations better and to shave more off and you begin to see how I did not do a lot of these fights anywhere near as fast as they could be done. Hell, you can even factor in that I also had Intro and Outro's for every single video, and that probably adds up to another 15 - 20 seconds that could be taken off the total times because they're just for show, they're not apart of the actual fight themselves.

It's kinda funny actually, looking at those playtimes and with all the points I made, you could actually make an argument in the opposite direction and say that some of these bosses may need a buff in health instead of a debuff! Not that I am asking for that mind you. By and large I think you've pretty much got the boss health numbers where they should be across the board. Could they use some tweaks here and there? Perhaps? We shall see when 1.5 comes out. But I think the health numbers are in a great spot personally.

This speaks more to potential enemy AI tweaks that could be added to make bosses change their attack strategies when they get lower on health than health itself. Adding those kinds of things to ALL bosses though would probably be a ton of work I imagine? And judging by what Sega said that's probably not going to happen when 1.5 hits. So yeah, I agree with the just small tweaks and changing of health numbers if necessary, but as I mentioned, I don't think it is.

This! Having the bosses change strategies when reaching the "critical" stages keeps the fight intense and actually alleviates the feeling of having the battles drawn out.

The timeframe thing is a personal preference; there's no set rule for how long a fight should be, so long as extremes are avoided (1min or 1hr+ for example). It's actually not too difficult to change a Boss' attacks when they reach a certain HP threshold due to most of them having a HP check in their General Counter AI and the ability to have them read attack IDs from variables instead of directly (letting you load a different attack into the var when the conditions are met). The majority of the Disc 1/Disc 2 bosses have altered behavior after conditions are met like reduced HP or certain attacks are used, whereas a lot of the Disc 3 ones don't change at all. Maybe that's what's missing?

I apologise if this was posted already, but with 203 pages it's a bit hard to verify.

I seem to have Cait Sith and Vincent's innate abilities swapped on my installation. I don't know if I need to simply reinstall it or  not.

I've tried the two fixes, but it seems I'm already "up to date."

(I've just done a clean reinstall and it's fixed issues I was having with Dark Cave's Guard Scorpion.)

Nevertheless, this mod is excellent. I never imagined I was going to play this game again, as even though I was always a fan of the game's mechanics, there was only so much playing around with them I could do. This mod really forces you to use and understand every aspect of the game and it's brilliant.

The innates were swapped but the text wasn't (I forgot); Vincent now has the MP > HP regeneration and Cait has the passive MP regen. Vincent's one matches his Limit forms quite well because it lets that MP get used while he auto-attacks. Cait's is going to be changed so that, on top of the MP regen, he gets a much stronger MP regen while defending (+20 or something). I should mention the new innates for 1.5:

Cloud: When an ally is KO'd, he gains Wall + Regen (effect activates once - this innate only available after Cloud recovered from Mideel).
Aeris: Geo-stance covers more elements (space issue prevented this before)
Yuffie: Magic evade was dropped, physical evade set to 255% when hit by a physical but wears off after a few turns or if targeted by a magic effect. Issue with this is that accuracy gains evasion, which'll need something done to the .EXE. This problem applies
Cait Sith: Passive MP regen of +1 per tick; when defending, this becomes +20 per tick.
Vincent: HP sporadically raised by current MP as an irregular regen.
Cid: Starts battle with a STR/MAG boost, loses this for rest of battle if his HP drops below 50% at any point.

Yeah, but I'll be making some more FF7 mods on the side too.

Very much so. However, a little more information as to why you posed the question could help. What brought this on?

Xifanie and other people in the past have mentioned that boss fights felt like they took forever and I started thinking about what the ideal time for a boss fight to take should be; thing is, that's dependent on the player. I think 10-15mins is roughly where it should be but not everyone will agree with that and in the end it's not me playing the mod. Having the option there should alleviate that problem a bit.

If everything else is the same, then I think that'd be fantastic. It would help bug testing, make getting to certain points much faster.

There likely won't be bug-testing after this release; I'll be fixing reported issues but that's about it. It's time to get onto other projects.

Would anyone here be particularly against having an option called, I dunno, 'Fast Mode' or something where Boss HP is reduced by a certain %?

It would be if I kept changelogs :l

Speaking of, here's the old 1.4 one:

I'll check out your bass.dll; thanks for the info.

Maybe you can fix this double Phoenix Materia too, it can be obtained twice (not sure if this works for Bahamut ZERO too).

It's quite simple: After the final Fort Condor Battle don't pick up Phoenix and just dig for it in Bone Village on Disc 3, then go back to FC and pick up a 2nd Phoenix.

It keeps slipping my mind; I'll do it now and make the vars consistent with each other.

Edit: Done, I also forgot to mention that I fixed the KOTR text issue so it now displays Ultimate End correctly without appended text being visible.

Sorry to butt in; I searched the bug tracker database for bugin1c but couldn't see this issue there.

I'm trying to fix the problems in the Observatory scene; I've got the character placements done using offset object, but the sound is a problem. There's supposed to be 4 sound effects played in tandem using AKAO 35 but only the fourth one plays. After some testing, I found that other sound effects will behave correctly with this and play all at once but these four won't.

AKAO: 35? (param1=64, param2=110, param3=111, param4=112, param5=113)

So it seems to be something to do with these particular sound files themselves and how they're handled. I saw in Dan's notes that there's code to determine if sound files loop or not, is there maybe some kind of override that might be causing these sounds to not play together?

The armors look great and hardly nerfed as Zietrich can't protect from this "null"-Element, it should give at least 10 defstat for mag as magical defense is kinda low on all chars... but if i remember right this ff7.exe 7th heaven etc. uses doesn't have the fix for the mdef anyway (maybe +10 Spirit?). If you modify the exe, please make sure to fix the mdef-bug as the Steam Version did.

I still recommend to give Zietrich and Mystile at least one combined Slot anyway to make at least one status or element blockable/absorbable with added effect/elemental Materia. It's ofter better to equip a accessoir combined with materia to match the boss' most status debuffs than just a Ribbon that denys every helpful buff.

SP Stuff to be fixed/changed/adjusted:
  • Cloud and Red XIII can get an average of 60 Stats / Rank other Chars are all at just 55 total statgain this 5 missing points are an overall of 40 in lategame, which could hardly change the game.
  • Cait Sith gets on 1 of the 4 choices 3x 15 + 3x 5 Sources (don't remember which one right now, but it was luck that was supposed to be 10 and not 15 to match the 55 rule?)
  • It would be great if all chars would get 55 or 60, but not this mess please. :) - Reduce Cloud and Red XIII to just 5x10 Sources and 1x 5 Sources (i recommend Luck as 5) or change all others to get 60 with all stat-sets too.

I am on my 2nd playthrough right now, right before starting Gold Saucer and gonna test a modded Version of Cait's Limits (Damagevalues for the Limits are not changed but should be adjusted i think)

Here is what i changed:
Limit Level 1 => His two Basic Limits he uses, Dice + Slots
Limit Level 2 => With 2 Offensive casts of his Slots Limit
Limit Level 3 => 2 Supportive Casts (Lucky Girl + Moogle Dance) + Transformation
So he can be used instead of Aeris for healing/supporting the Party. (Screen:
Critrate instead of damage & status imunity can be great for an offensive Team.

Aso there is another bug on Junon: The Fort Condor porting NPC is just there if you leave & reenter the screen.

Maybe move Ifrit out of the Ship to not be missable too. (Maybe to Costa Del Sol's Beach, to view the Hojo Cutscene as well)


The MDEF fix should be in the 7H .exe as it utilises Aali's Driver which had this fix + the 1.02 patch built into it.

The +5 all-round option on Red and Cloud I thought would be fine as, while it does give more overall, it means they won't match characters who have focused into certain stats. I'll take the Luck off that option to make it a consistent 55 for everyone. I'm not seeing the Cait Sith option that's giving him more sources though:

Code: [Select]
[{CAIT SITH}] - Rank Up
+5 All Stats & Choose Upgrade:
{CHOICE}Set #1: +10 STR/SPR{, }+5 LCK
{CHOICE}Set #2: +10 STR/LCK{, }+5 VIT
{CHOICE}Set #3: +10 MAG/SPR{, }+5 LCK
{CHOICE}Set #4: +10 MAG/LCK{, }+5 STR
{CHOICE}{PURPLE}[Check Character Stats]{WHITE}

Resizes/Repositions the window #1 (X=42, Y=51, width=236, height=121)
Ask Question "[{CAIT SITH}] - Rank Up +5 All Stat..., }+5 STR ¶[Check Character Stats]¶" in the window #1 (and put selected answer in Var[5][84]) first line=2, last line=6
If Var[5][84] == 2 (else go to label 2)
Add 10 item(s) Power Source to the inventory
Add 10 item(s) Mind Source to the inventory
Add 5 item(s) Luck Source to the inventory
Label 2
If Var[5][84] == 3 (else go to label 3)
Add 10 item(s) Power Source to the inventory
Add 5 item(s) Guard Source to the inventory
Add 10 item(s) Luck Source to the inventory
Label 3
If Var[5][84] == 4 (else go to label 4)
Add 10 item(s) Magic Source to the inventory
Add 10 item(s) Mind Source to the inventory
Add 5 item(s) Luck Source to the inventory
Label 4
If Var[5][84] == 5 (else go to label 5)
Add 5 item(s) Power Source to the inventory
Add 10 item(s) Magic Source to the inventory
Add 10 item(s) Luck Source to the inventory
Label 5

Does it say that in your game or is it different? I checked the flevel in my patch folder but it seems to be the same.

As for Limits, I don't know if Slots will work in 1-2; it seems to be hard-coded to call Slots whenever a Limit over 2-1 is called. I was trying to add fixed Limit abilities to replace Slots so Cait could just have normal Limits like the other characters but it kept bringing up the reels and behaving erratically. If you do get it working though then let me know.

LOL kind of fitting name for the attack tho

Yeah, it could've been worse; definitely beats unterminated text strings of gibberish.

Quick update, I decided to tackle the problems in the observatory scene where Tifa, Aeris, and Yuffie won't display correctly during the FMV. I gave them the object offsets that Barret had and they're now visible while it plays. Now working on the sound which isn't triggering properly; four SFX are supposed to play in tandem with each other but it seems that only 1 is playing for some reason.

So you know what I mean, here's the PSX vs PC comparison:

New kernel is done with all the respeccing in it; the goal was to fix the KOTR summon text issue wherein it would appear either as blank or, as Fool found, a long string of gibberish in certain battles.

So, it seems now that Ramuh's summon attack is being appended onto KOTR's summon attack name. But y'know close enough.

No, those numbers are fine, and the length of the battle is about the same that I experienced. I was talking about Midgard, and that Tifa obviously had her rank-up towards attack.
Of course, Midgard has several bosses weak to poison, but other than those and the first two bosses (Airbuster's replacement was a joke and I always had trouble in vanilla, so the nerf was appreciated), they took a lengthy amount of time to kill.

Jenova in 8min at double speed, so 16min realtime... that's about what I experienced.

I used the IRO from this topic, but I doubt it matters at this point.

Okay then, just checking that your files are consistent. If the fights feel too sluggish, there's a tool called Ochu on this site that can adjust the frame-rate of the game. I find that setting battles to run at 20fps instead of their default 15fps is a good trade between speed and sound desynch (any faster and the SFX start to get noticeable cut off). It has some other features as well that might come in handy:

The .EXE changes have long been discarded from the Catalog. It only uses your IRO from the OP directly uploaded file for file. It could be changes from the Menu Overhaul and/or Beacause .EXE, which I'm not going to bother redoing them at this point. I have hext format working for MO and Beacause in the next Catalog 3.0 update, which will eliminate the use of any .EXE besides ff7.exe. I am waiting for NT 1.5 and Reunion R06 to release first before I make those changes.

If you ever decide to release an updated .EXE for NT, I will gladly look into converting it to hext format for the Catalog :)

I'll keep that in mind; thanks for removing the old .EXE changes.

It sounds like Limit changes from the old .EXE have been applied. Are you using the IRO from Alyza's catalog in 7H or the one I've got on this thread? I think the catalog one applies .EXE changes that were supposed to be discarded from NT that made Limits far too weak (along with other changes that didn't gel well). You should be getting about 400 damage from Lv.1 Limits rather than 200. If that's the case, try and grab the IRO from Page 1 of this thread (although you mentioned having a download limit; the IRO is about 55MB).

I've some vids up of the current build; are the numbers you're seeing for Party HP and incoming/outgoing damage look consistent with these fights?

So, I started playing your mod and am not that far yet; I just reached Costa Del Sol and I think bosses take a ridiculous amount of time to kill because of their massive HP amounts, but otherwise, the mod has been hilarious and I can respect/enjoy most changes.
Spoiler: show
I never expected that awesome extra dialogue for climbing the Shinra building the hard way. And that battery... facepalms.

I will have to request that you make the changelog public; I originally downloaded the IRO version, and to get the changelog I had to download and extract the zip on a remote server (I have a monthly data cap) just to get a 47kb file.

Speaking of the changelog:He was only selling Potions and Phoenix Downs
At 150 points, I received a Rune Armlet. Which is really good at that point in the game. I'm guessing this information is simply outdated rather than outright wrong.

I also encountered some glitches with Fort Condor:
  • My first time there, there was a guy standing outside, impossible to interact with
  • Talking to the Teleport guy my first time there prevented me from exiting the Fort. I had to climb the rope back up and then back down to be able to leave

Spoiler: show
And a random glitch where the Curator is impossible to speak to. I originally challenged the thing, lost, and then I wanted to find more about it and wanted to know its name to google it; but after being defeated I couldn't do so. Without saving, I reloaded my previous save and try to battle it again to no avail.

Keep up the good work!

Yeah, I'll put the files up somewhere so they can be accessed directly without needing the whole folder. Some of the information is out of date due to repairs/changes that get made, but I'll be going over all the documentation before 1.5 goes out (which is going to be a while, there's more to do than I suspected :l). I managed to fix the Fort Condor problem but it's not reflected in the hotfix patches yet; the Curator problem I think might have been fixed in the flevel patch, but I can't remember. It can't be beaten by that point in the game anyway; it's to build some expectation for what's in the locked diorama room it's guarding when you return during the Midgar Raid on Disc 2.

If bosses are taking too long to wear down, consider the following:
1) Sadness reduces damage by 30% but it tanks Limit Break output; fights can be a lot faster if you avoid using it and rely on Barriers to defend damage instead. Fury can sorta speed this up a bit more, but the reduced accuracy (30%) of other attacks can make this approach risky.
2) Haste/Slow can get you more turns, particularly on Wait ATB which is the best setting for the game's pacing (Active mangles a lot of the game's timers, making things like Barriers and Speed almost useless); Shiva can inflict it 100% of the time, assuming the enemy can have the status.
3) Back Row reduces damage by 50%, but it also reduces physical attack damage; I'd recommend having physical hitters up front with Elemental + Magic in their weapon to hit 2x damage.
4) Sense can reveal a boss' elemental weaknesses; Holy can be used by combining Restore/Revive with Elemental in the weapon (the element was applied to those Materia in NT).

Tools / Re: [FF7] KERNEL.BIN editor - WallMarket (v1.4.5)
« on: 2017-03-09 20:30:47 »
I think he's talking about a problem where trying to have a blank description causes text to appear for it anyway. So if I add text to Bronze Bangle for instance and then delete it, in-game I'll get '!Strength+5' or something like that. Might not be the way to make it happen, it's been a while, but there is something odd that goes on when leaving description text blank.

So I made the Armour changes today and want to find out if I can get away with these changes or not  :-X

Spoiler: show

Those are the three major ones, as they pick up some serious drawbacks there. Mystile is the evasion armour, with its Defence weakness compounded by Shield immunity. Ziedrich defends through elements, so status defence suffers as a result with unlinked slots + Resist immunity (you'd have a toss-up between having a Ribbon but not having positive buffs or selecting a status accessory which blocks 1-2 statuses at best) but the lack of buffs is risky with reduced Restorative. Aegis was a bit tougher to fit in; in default it was a poor man's Mystile and in NT it was a physical-weighted Mystile. this time around I'm going with a Luck-based accessory with good basics on it but only four slots and Regen immunity. Utility on the three armours is also a little tougher to come by due to unlinked/fewer slots.

The effectiveness of these armours would depend on the enemy side of things. Too many non-elemental attacks would screw Ziedrich, unevadable attacks would bugger Mystile. Aegis is a little more stable with the Luck bonus but limited Slots make it a bit trickier to use. Other changes were removing the elemental leans of Warrior and Fourth to just be Strength and Magic boosters while Imperial Guard now has more of an edging over Crystal Bangle (before, Crystal was better which was lunacy as that's a store-bought armour). Dragon Armlet also changed from Fire/Ice/Bolt to Shout reduction, and the Fire/Ice/Bolt armours Halve rather than Null.

There's another water-element attack that was added to the Ultima Materia (renamed Planet as it has 3 spells on it) called Hydro. It's basically a Contain-level spell like Break and Tornado.

As for Aqualung, I think you need to Manipulate the Garuda to have it use Aqualung. If it says otherwise in the current notes then apologies.

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