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Mimesis is gone, yeah. Red XIII's innate no longer pops a box when it's maxed due to space, but I think I have a little left over so maybe I could add it again? It'll cap at 255; so if you're close to 255 then there's less potential stat gain over longer fights; it seems to roll back down to 0, rather than continuing up to 510.

World Map fights aren't disabled, unfortunately; there's probably some script that could make it happen but no editor for the World Map exists at present and I've no idea how the hex is arranged for it.

Is the Observatory still playing the wrong scene? When I checked the script the variable was the wrong way round, so I flipped it.

I'll sort the text boxes out in Shinra HQ for that scene; maybe I revisited it after playing through it or something.

I checked the mentioned summons, and they all have their status flags set correctly; Kjata has never dealt status ailments as far as I know. His thing is higher base damage at the cost of 4x elementals meaning it's more likely to fail against certain opponents with elemental affinities.

Ramuh inflicts Paralysis, Bahamut has a Debarrier effect, and Neo-Bahamut inflicts Dual-Drain.

A couple of more questions/clarifications on tap:

- To be clear, it is your intention for us to find three Full Cure materia's right? (Cosmo Canyon, Corel Train event, and Junon pier)

- Cloud still has Second Wind after the Lifestream? Is he supposed to have both?

EDIT: Two more questions though these may not be able to be fixed because of the game itself:

- When you go into the Limit screen for anyone, the limit number is overlapping with the 'k' in "Break". It may have been like that in 1.4 but I don't remember. Certainly been that way from the start in 1.5 though, can that be fixed?

- When you have random battles turned off at a save point, then quit the game and come back, the game says random battles are still off but they are not. You can run into them anywhere. Can this one be fixed?

Full Cure has been placed twice, but there wasn't really anything intended for either spot (and the third spot was a catch-all for Comet when that was dropped by the Corel Train in the older version) so it is technically intended, but I'd like to replace the Full Cure in Cosmo with something. It's not a big deal though.

Cloud's old innate text when he rejoins on the Highwind wasn't removed; the effect is always 2nd Wind. I'll remove the text.

Randoms are set through the field's init script; perhaps that particular field doesn't have the init check? Which save point was it?

The Limit text vs number seems to have been overlapping since I put the new Kernel together; not sure why. I'll check the kernel again to see if I can fix it but I don't remember there being anything in there for it. I put it down to a compression problem of some sort.

Quick question, after finishing the dark cave I didnt end up having the micro engine, did I miss something? Only thing I can think of is that i killed the curator outside the diorama and that somehow prevented a later fight with him whereby he would drop the micro engine. I have a save before i started the cave but I would rather not run through it again if I can avoid it.

You should have gotten it as a drop from the Sewers fight; I'll need to check that the var is the correct key item.

Hello Sega Chief I have suggest and add in your next FFVII:New Threat Update.
I suggest that instead unlock the Dark Cave Sidequest before facing the final boss it will became a Post-Game content/Bonus Dungeon, I mean it will unlock after the Main Story like the GBA/IOS/ANDRIOD/PC Version of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI. As for addition can you do add this in your Mod and hopefully you like matee:
and this one:

I think that's what Dark Cave was supposed to be, but for whatever reason I made the mistake of trying to add a narrative to it. Too late now, I guess.

Those deleted scenes are problematic because one is a complete alternative to the current scene so that would need to be disabled to make space for it. I think the reason they changed it is because it introduces too many story elements at the same time, and it derails the later reveal in Shinra HQ when Cloud finds out that Sephiroth is (sorta) still kicking about.

The other one on the Highwind has a similar problem; it pretty much undermines the fake reveal by having Cait directly state what the deal with Cloud is. The game wants you to think that Cloud was a clone/copy until you get to the Mideel scenes and it gives you the proper reveal of what actually happened in the Nibel Reactor.

Hey Sega Chief, thanks for the update! Can't wait to finish my playthrough this weekend.

One thing though, I went to Kalm to get try and get Pandora's Box again and instead of fighting Yahcobo, I fought that little blue Cactuar. Ya know, your avatar. So you still can't get Pandora's Box, or am I missing something?

Must be the wrong formation number; they're in the same segment. Way it goes is, you take the scene number, multiply it by four, then count from 0-3 depending on which of the four formations it is in the scene. I must be forgetting and counting from 1 or something.

So MoCheese encountered a serious problem in the Mideel Flashback; if you play through it, the white screen scene will have the final boss handler present meaning you can trigger the last boss early. I recommend that you either skip the flashback, or avoid approaching this NPC if you can.

Or, y'know, have a shot at it and see if you can finish the game early as a kind of challenge thing; I believe in you D;

Going to bug report but I also have a question that I'll just leave in Spoilers for safety sakes:

Spoiler: show
- When Tifa force joins you at the veery start of the Whirlwind Maze, her Text box is a little weird looking when she says something to the effect of: "Take me with you.". There a period that has its own line followed by the quotes and there's more than enough room to move it back to the end of the 2nd line. Ugh, tough to describe but I think you know what I'm getting at here.

- When you defeat a Wild Wing in Whirlwind Maze the game doesn't play the victory fanfare music. This may have been intentional?

- I'm sure this one's been mentioned but just in case, when you obtain the Highwind and go to the Chocobo Stables and talk to the handler, you are pulled into a fight with Zieg! Very weird. Keeping up with Zieg, the actual fight seemed to work fine! The only thing that you may have to look at was the fact that I acquired the Highwind and immediately found the Zieg glitch, so the fight was with Tifa solo. Zieg has that eject move which he used to eject Tifa and leave no one there, but his battle script kept going? He was fighting and talking to no one but I had to sit and watch the whole thing. I'd assume this would work the same way if you find Zieg normally and there are indeed times when you have just Cloud alone where this could come up. When you first get to Junon after Illuyankas for example. If you did fight Zieg solo normally in the forests and the fight played out the same way, I'm not sure if you'd get the reward or not so I guess I'm just asking for a double check on that? Certainly a fix on the Highwind one though.

And for my question - Can you make the Aeris lives or dies choices before the cinematic a little more clear? The options are somewhat misleading. The first option: "Wake Up" could be misunderstood as to mean you want Aeris to wake up, which she won't obviously. I know the text is red and red is usually a "bad" colour choice, but that leads into the second choice: "Wait" which is the black colour. Black is also usually a "bad" colour choice. Now "Wait" is probably good enough to understand what you're selecting, but the colour does confuse a little bit.

Okay, bud; I'll sort these out.

For everyone; I'm going to get the fixes sorted out and upload the new files sometime tonight.

Edit: I've updated the Main Installer and IRO; the hotfix patches will be used again if any other issues arise.

X) Midgar Turks now drop items instead of having Steals

X) Tifa, dialogue wonky when joins in whirl maze (sorted this and other text oddities on that screen)

X) Aeris choice had some text added to make it more clear

X) Shinra HQ chests updated; now contain a Flayer and a Powersoul

X) Yahcobo placed correctly for Kalm Traveller, instead of King Bub (fight now retired)

X) Observatory had Aeris check corrected

X) Dark Cave, wrong final fight corrected - Fight was added to Debug NPC on the Highwind if you want to refight it (must have Dark Cave completed first as a requirement).

I've been trying to tackle Lambda Calcule in Arrange mode. This battle is ridiculous, but I think I can do it without coming back later. Eventually.

Is there a source of Vaccines before Mt Nibel? My first thought is the Gold Saucer but I don't remember if it has vaccines on disc 1. I think hitting the physical form with Resist after slowing it should make things easier.

How do Lambda Calcule's level changes work? I thought it incremented by 1 every turn, presumably resetting at some point, but then L5 Suicide missed when I thought it wouldn't.

Unrelatedly, is Aps Senior supposed to morph into Dragon Scales? It one-shots any individual boss in Midgar.

Edit: I figured out a way to beat it, but the questions still stand.

Whenever they take a turn, their Level goes up by 1.

Does this work for 7th heaven? doesnt it have to be an IRO file? in any case if it needs a new IRO dont worry about it, il just wait for disc 3.

Ah, sorry bud.

Special field patch that sets the debug NPC on the Highwind to be usable at any time:

I had no trouble stealing until this point. It felt alright. If you don't mind or deem it unbalanced you could just make them drop the armor. Stealing doesn't add any depth or strategy to the fight and is more an annoyance than anything else. Some other bosses also don't require stealing.

In that case, I'll set them as drops instead.

What lvl is Elena? I can't steal from her with lvl72 Cloud. I just mugged her to death from max HP. Twice.

Edit: Same with Rude.

Ordinarily they're around Lv.70 but in Arrange they get a +20 Level buff; this has created a problem I didn't anticipate with Stealing. NT alters player level in order to keep physical damage on a more steady curve but a side-effect of this is that it makes stealing from higher level enemies significantly more difficult.

To compensate, Steal chance for high-level enemies was set to max; the Sneak Glove becomes available around about the time when enemies start hitting Lv.70-90 so it seemed to be OK. But Arrange ramps up levels sooner and I didn't take how that would impact on steal into consideration. The only way I can sort this is to make the Sneak Glove available much earlier in Arrange Mode so that steal-rates don't cause headaches.

I worked out the steal chance you have vs. Arrange Mode Turks in Midgar; there's no possibility of a successful steal without a Sneak Glove equipped, even with the item chance being set at its maximum possible value. Sorry about that  :-X

I went to the bottom, and finally it worked. Thanks man!
I loved the mod, but it would be great if you could change some things (Played 1.4 and in disc 3, 1.5, i don't know if you changed any of this in 1.5)
1- Try to add more protagonism to Aeris instead of just make her another background character. Let her talk in Highwind discussions, for example.
2- A lot of boss battles lost the "boss feeling" for me when you changed the battle music for another. it's fine if you want more tracks to be used, but personally, and i think a lot of people agree, i like to get pumped up with the boss battle music

Also, is there a place where i can farm AP? i assume the 3 red balls in the northren cave still exist

I tried to make Aeris passive because initially it was done as a surprise and because I thought it would be neat to have 9 characters instead of 8 for end-game stuff as a gameplay-only mod. It impacts the story though, so I wanted to keep her role in things to an absolute minimum to avoid complaints (the Observatory scene is the only one where she plays an active role, mostly because it was unavoidable).

But over time, I decided to tackle the game's dialogue and scenes to try and do some work with the story-side of things. I don't know if I'll make Aeris more involved with goings-on but if there's enough requests for it then I'll consider doing it.

I think most story-bosses are intended to use the regular boss theme; Disc 3 bosses use other themes, but I could revert some of these to the regular boss theme and only have very specific fights use a different one.

North Crater was set up as the best place to get AP, etc. Movers give the most, Magic Pots also give a big chunk and will accept Ethers instead of Elixirs now to make it cheaper to farm.

I just got the Highwind but where/How do i put Aerith back on? Like do i have to be on disc 3? or do i need to have Cloud on party?

You have to be on Disc 3 to unlock the debug NPC, I'm afraid. I can change this with a patch though if you want her back for Disc 2. I'll upload a special field patch to do this tonight.

Yeah, I fixed it.  It's caused by poor scripting (the models should be hidden in the init section and aren't being - they're being hidden after a delay).  Probably doesn't "show up" on PSX due to load differences, fade differences.  But it's there too.

So this can be prevented if the delay in Init to hide a model is removed?

I have cloud, and it's supposed to be disc 3.
It's weird because the tifa piano cutscene isn't triggering either (i play the notes perfectly)

tried going to pagoda tower to get yuffie all creation with leviathan scales, didnt work either
tried going to cid's house to beat his apretince, didn't trigger either

It's like the game isn't recognizing that it's in part 3.
Is there anything i can do to tell the game that im in disc 3? maybe actually entering the northen cave instead of just running away the second i have control

Try the following:

-) Make sure latest patches are installed/latest IRO is being played.
-) Visit the bottom of the North Crater and then return.

After reaching the bottom of North Cave, a phone call should be received from the Highwind. If this doesn't happen, then it means the flevel scripts aren't installed.

Dunno if i have to do something first, but i can't trigger Zack flashback to get ultima weapon and lvl 4 limit break for cloud, is this a bug?
Maybe it's because i skipped the "cloud discovers himself" cutscenes and the game can't recognize that i already "saw" it

It won't be because of the skip; the conditions are:
-) Must be on Disc 3
-) Cloud must be party leader

The other two are vars for locking the event after it has been completed and unlocking it again if it wasn't completed. If the two requirements mentioned above are met but it's still not playing then let me know and I'll see about tracking down the cause + fixing it.

Sooo i just finished disc 1 and went to change my party and Aerith wasnt there...
Wasnt Aerith supposed to stay in the party even after her death?
Cloud never used a Phoenix Down on her either
Also just noticed that i have a ribbon suddenly on my inventory

During the scene when Cloud approaches the altar, a dialogue option appears; the top one, in red, causes her to die while the 2nd one in grey will keep her around. If she doesn't survive then the player gets an early Ribbon. There's currently a switch on the Highwind that can toggle her on and off at present (might keep this there permanently).

Having fun with the mod so far, although one thing kind of has me confused. On the Highwind I encounter Ziegfried in the chocobo room by going into a corner (?) and he promptly kills himself. Is this a bug or intended? From what I read Ziegfried is encountered in forests but I haven't found him there yet.

I had him there for debugging purposes, because I can trigger the battle quickly through the talk script. This is probably the 10th time where I've forgotten to remove these before putting up a patch. It'll be gone from the next one; sorry for the confusion.

Playing through all the end game content, here's what I've come across so far:

- Talking to the guy on the highwind in the chocobo room triggers a fight with Zigfried for some reason.

- The enemy you fight to get Pandora's Box after handing in the Earth harp does not cast Pandora's Box. Instead, the squirrel thing casts Magnitude8 a couple times and then dies. I mean, I didn't have that enemy skill, so cool I guess, just not the one I fought a giant underwater Lovecraftian Godzilla monster-thing for :P

- I was really expecting to see Palmer on Cid's lvl 4 limit sidequest. Instead that was...random. But OK.

1) It was a debug thing I was doing to fix the fight, it'll be gone from next patch.

2) Ah, my bad; I'll need to sort this out. The enemy that teaches Pandora's Box was supposed to be there. I'll set something up.

3) OK

Okay, the newest Updates (10th August) somehow broke my Game (?). Not using the 7h IRO Version.
I´m at the Save Point on the Rocket Launching Pad and my PHS doesn´t work anymore. I cannot change my current Party because there aren´t any other Party-Members in the list lol. Yuffie and Vincent also disapperead in the Highwind.
After smashing the Shinra No.26 into Meteor, as soon as i leave the Highwind, Pearl Weapon appears right away and he´s going his way to Midgar. Seems like the "Bugenhagen and the Cetra-Arc" was skipped.

Edited a Pic from the Highwind Item Shop after the Shinra No.26 Scenes:
Spoiler: show

My other Savefiles do work propertly. So the error occured only on this file. Don´t know why.

Really odd; the character portraits are greyed out as well. Could I get a copy of that save file? Wouldn't mind poking around in that.

I remember seeing Fort Condor related issues in a post a little while back but I can't recall what it was exactly so this may be a repeat. After the Illuyankas fight in the lower part of Junon, and the following events with Priscilla, including getting Shiva, is when the first Fort Condor battle message pops up and upon briefly leaving that screen, the teleport NPC shows up as well. First I thought there was a battle set BEFORE the Illuyankas fight, but regardless, I teleported when I saw the NPC but no fight was available. Am I missing something or is there a problem with the FC battles?

EDIT: I first tried this on updates from over a week ago, tried installing new ones and nothing changed.

I think it's:

Fight #1) When you first visit Fort Condor
Fight #2) When you beat Illuyu and Cloud is alone
Fight #3) When Cloud goes into the water; you must leave the water again and head for Condor again

If he turned up before the fight then I don't know, I'll need to check the trigger.

Tseng (Rocket Town) has Nothing to Steal, and drops Super Shot ST - excel doc says you can steal the super shot and he drops an elixir which does not appear to be correct.

Sorry about this; I must have made some last minute changes to make sure everything was placed.

I'm on the regular installer, thanks for the prompt reply, and thanks for the mod in general, it's fantastic and clearly a lot of work has been put into it.

This is a special patch to specifically deal with the problem Seraphos has encountered:

In the first screen of the North Crater (the area where the first Save Point appears) a script has been added that should run automatically when entering this area; it checks for party leader + game moment. If Cloud is not leader & the bottom of the crater hasn't been reached, it'll warp you to the Operations Room on the Highwind so that party leader can be changed.

Avoid going down into the Crater with Tifa or Cid as party leader until after you've been down to the bottom at least once. I'll be setting party swap back up to only be available after finishing the first descent again with the next proper field patch.

I have a bug in North Crater where my party leader is Cid, and when i reach the branching point where the party splits up, the game bugs out and I cant move when i reach the bottom of the climbing down (where your party members are supposed to spread out and then discuss who goes down which path). Similarly when I try to go back up to the highwind to switch my party leader to Cloud (which hopefully would help), when the dude at the top of the rope ladder welcomes and you back and forces you to make your party, I cant add Cid to my party, so unsurprisingly the game bugs out and I cant move because the leader is Cid but he is not in my party.

Soooooo Im stuck in North crater, cant get to the bottom to teleport back to the highwind and cant return to the highwind normally, is there a workaround you can suggest?

I forgot there was a reason that Party Leader swap was locked behind the Crater; there's no handler for Tifa/Cid being leader at the actual party split scenes. I'll add a special script to the Save Points in the Crater that forces party swap for Cloud as leader and send you it tonight. Are you on 7H IRO or the regular installer?

Finally signed up after watching this forum for 2 years (No Clue why I didn't sign up earlier). I have been holding out till the supposed final version came out and I have to say, v1.5 is truely amazing!!! I am currently playing on normal (via steam without 7H or other mods) and I have a bug report to give.

At the temple of the ancients where cloud must chase the wizard through a bunch of tunnels to get the key to unlock the door to Sephiroth and the black materia. When I caught the wizard, I spoke to him to buy, rest, save and rank up but the rank up option does not do anything when selected.

One other thing. I don't know if this has been addressed in the mod at all or not as I have not run through to check but Sega Chief, is it possible to give some closure to Zack parents after you find out what happened to him. (If not that ok). In the original game I never found a way so I don't think it was thought of to be written in which bugged me. Everything else you have addressed and completely refreshed Final Fantasy VII for me.

Thank you for the hard work and effort of making and maintaining such an incredible mod. As soon as I finish normal (currently approaching a tearful moment well known as end of disk 1) I will do a run through on arrange and record it for YouTube for the world to see this masterpiece.

Were all the patches applied when you went through Temple of the Ancients? I thought I'd fixed those guys.

I'll add something for Zack's parents, bud.

Cool, so I've played from the huge materia questline all the way through to right before the final dungeon. I haven't entered the northern cave yet, I'm going to go do all the sidequests first, but man, that was awesome! All the new boss battle and secrets, and humor, was spot on. The Curator was hilarious. Totally worth over ten tries trying to kill that thing.

Here are the bugs I've found: Aerith appears in the cutscene in Cosmo Canyon where the gang discusses Holy with Bugenhagen, even though she's very dead. After that scene, though, everyone talks about her like she's dead again and I can't add her to my party. So it looks like it's just that cutscene that needs fixing. Oh, and she stands right outside of the entrance to underground Sector 8 in the whole return to midgar sequence after everyone parachutes in. I just ignored her, didn't talk to her, pretended like she wasn't there.

Also right before flying to the northern crater, I think I remember there being dialogue about how they're going to do it for Aerith? I don't know if the wrong dialogue played, or you just made the dialogue "Aerith death neutral" so you didn't have to create two separate scenes depending on whether or not she's alive. Figured I'd mention it, though.

Other than that, I haven't run into any bugs. I felt like a jerk for choosing the Aerith death option, but I wanted to play through the original story my first time playing NT, and now she keeps popping up to remind me of what I did. She's haunting my playthrough! Help me exorciiiizze the deeemonnss Sega Chief!

That's a pain, the handler for the scene must be wrong. I'll sort that out.

I probably kept the dialogue neutral because it sorta fits both? I can't remember, but I'll check just in case I'm missing the check there as well.

Exorcise the demons?! are the demons, droog; you were the demons all along D:

Now the save points are all vanilla and there's no save point on the highwind :(

FYI, I just tried manually replacing the flevel in the most recent IRO with the one from the hotfix, and the game crashes every time I try and enter the highwind. Figured I'd give it shot.

Hey Sega Chief, I´ve just downlaod the most recent IRO for 7th Heaven and i ran into a couple of problems
First of all it seems like the save in Fort Condor does not display any messages outside from Save, like u cant use tents using L1, check SP etc
Also im on disc 1 and just teleported from cid´s house to fort condor and before i TP back to Rocket Town i decided to switch the IROS and the teleport guy just disappeared... i had to put back the old IRO because i was stuck in the game cause i had no buggy and had no other way to get back into rocket town
Also the save in cid´s house seems broken? whenever i click it it works as a chest and it gives me the drill arm...
I havent tested any other saves and check if there was any problem tho

Not sure what's happened; I'll do a thorough check of the IRO before uploading it this time.

Suggested fix then: If you haven't already done this in 1.5 (I did Disc 2 in 1.4), maybe move Leviathan Scales to the North Cave? This is very much sounding like getting Steal-As-Well during Disc 2 is what's causing the problem.

I don't know if it's that; there's no handler for when it's obtained. I'll check the triggers again and see if I can spot the weakness in it, I suspect that it's maybe possible to grab the Materia while Yuffie isn't there so the scene doesn't trigger but I definitely have a 'if yuffie is in the party' check in the scripts. Maybe it's in the wrong place?

Edit: That's the new IRO up; should be the right files. Was missing Chunk 1 from it I think.

Hey Sega Chief, thanks for the reply, but I don't think you updated the link to the 7h IRO. I'm still having the rank up issue, and when I checked the link it said the upload link was from yesterday, and the filename hasn't changed.

Also, will it create issues if I use a save file that was saved with the wrong flevel from yesterday's patch?

I haven't updated it yet; I was still uploading it.

This is the new link:

Shouldn't be any save issues.

I was indeed 2 MPs, I still have a save before the fight so no need to add it the debug NPC.

I managed to soft lock Carmine Weapon fight. The second time the 4 "eyes" open, the 3rd one attacked Cid, Cid counter attacked several times then Aeris casted W-Magic Ultima + Quadra Magic. After the first Ultima, nothing happened.

That's a game-engine problem; if you cast Quadra-Ultima with either HP or MP Absorb on their on any multi-part opponent then it soft-locks the game:

Despite what the Wiki says, it also occurs on Jenova Synthesis.

I'm using 7H.

I checked the hotfix and it was OK; so I'm redoing the 7H IRO and uploading it now.

Were the rank ups changed back to how they were in 1.4?

I'm seeing the old sets instead of the difference rank choice names (red mage, techno-freak, etc.).

Also all my characters have maxed out SP after updating, but I did also just beat all the materia cave bosses, so maybe they just gave me a ton of SP. I dunno, just wanted to see if this was a bug before I save over my main save file.

Either way, thanks for the update!

Sounds worrying, if the Rank options don't have names then that's a 1.4 flevel.

I just ranked up for the first time in 1.5 Arrange and I definitely saw "techno-freak"

e: Has anyone found an Ark Dragon in the Mythril Mines? I'm trying to get Antipode and I've yet to find an enemy formation that includes this monster

I think they appear in the room where Long Range used to be.

I remember playing the 1.4 version of the mod with an additional mod to balance materia and limits;

What happened to that mod? felt great

I'll put one together; I was going to pair NT with it for 1.5 but I decided against it in the end. I'll make one and see how it goes.

I still can't seem to trigger Yuffie's L4 Limit Quest. I've tried Leviathan Cave as it says in the "New Threats" menu, Godo's house as I've seen on a Youtube video of an older version, and the pagoda just in case, and nothing seems to be any different in any of them.

I tested this before putting the patches up and it was working so not sure what's happened. The sidequest triggers when going into Leviathan's Cave and clearing out the last set of flames with the Scales; Yuffie should appear (if she's in the party) and picking up the Steal-As-Well Materia ought to start the whole thing.

I'll add a debug string to the Highwind's Debug NPC to reset the flags for it, just in case.

Does anyone know what to do during the Shake fight in Wutai's Pagoda? I am utterly baffled at what to do.

You need to try and get around his evasion; I think Limits, Lucky Hit (procced from Luck stat: Luck/4, ignores evasion), or damage-dealing items (also ignores evasion) do the trick.

Discovered a couple of battle square bugs/quirks (just before Temple of Ancients)

I started off with the compulsory Keystone fight and managed to get through it without issue. I then went after the championship belt, but realised halfway through that I was going to run out of restorative/anti-status items/GP, so decided to restart the game and just do the Keystone fight again. But the second time I did it, I got hugely screwed by the slots - after the first battle, all the slots were break magic materia. Then, after the second, it was break summon materia. And then, it was break weapon.  :o

So naturally I failed. But then when I tried again, everything was back to normal (i.e. every reel returned to having 3 different options). The only thing I did differently was to immediately accept the fight in the case where everything went wrong, so possibly that had something to do with it? Not sure what was intended for that fight.

Secondly, I've discovered that if you use Cross-slash at the start of the Dyne fight, it will break his script and he won't do any of his special attacks (Molotov shot, Heavy shot, Force Armour, Psycho Break, Desperado). I think it must be because it stuns him when he would ordinarily take a specific action, but you would have a better idea of what's actually going on.

Finally, think someone mentioned it already, but the Golems in the Temple of the Ancients are a little broken - selecting an option in their menu always triggers the option above it instead of the one you wanted.

The reels come in sets and which set you get is random; but one of these sets has fixed results for each reel and makes it very difficult to win. It can be changed, but it requires an .EXE modification which isn't currently part of the mod's files.

What you've found there is a technique used in Low-Level games and the like. While under effects that prevent action, counter-scripts are not processed by the enemy when they take damage.

As an example; Materia Keeper in the default game will start to use Trine and Cure2 when his HP gets low enough. But if you Paralyse him and only deal damage while he is paralysed then his General Counter AI will never be able to update the variables needed to unlock his Cure2 + Trine.

I used this technique during my first challenge run of the game (an LLNM) when I realised I'd forgotten to get Deadly Waste for the fight and had to improvise :3

The patch should have fixed up the dudes in Temple of the Ancients.

Based on the in-battle messages, instead of gaining stacks, it seems to just be a singular bonus that turns on or off.


Ah, I'm not playing in Arrange, maybe that's why I'm see it? I reverted back to the old August 6th update to double check, and the rank names reverted back to the way they were and the same stats they were in the original release of 1.5. When I install the August 10th update they turn into "Set 1, Set 2, etc." and have the upgrade stats from 1.4.

Sounds like I've used the wrong flevel; are you using 7H or the flevel hotfix?

Thanks Sega Chief, the trigger for Aeris in the Highwind is working well .

The end of the Dark Cave is weird :
Spoiler: show
On the floor 69 of the shinra building, the unknown guy says "I'm out of time" and we fight 2 basic soldier then we're out.

Did i miss something ?

If it was 2 MPs then I must have changed it to that fight to quickly test the scripts and forgot to change it back to the intended fight. I'll sort that out + add the intended fight to the debug NPC.

Question I have a save from 1.4 that's right outside of Midgard on disk one. Is it alright to continue with the updated 1.5?


Buddy has a question which I will put in spoilers.

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Are you supposed to get a Full Cure materia from the kid after you save Corel in Disc 2? After the whole train deal and the Huge Materia? Cause you can get Full Cure from Cosmo Canyon still.

Technically yes, but it seems I've double-placed it. No harm done though, I suppose.

Patches + IRO up.

His innate was swapped with Cait's during 1.4; I'll check the in-game innate text in case it's wrong.

Another bug I missed on my first runthough of the Temple. When Cait Sith is going to get the Black Materia one of his dialogue lines is a little messed up. The line: "'Be Strong', she says. It's not like my life is on the '.      "

I assume that's supposed to say "line" there but it's just a bunch of empty spaces and an apostrophe.

Missed this one initially; it was indeed a run-on line due to the box not being resized. Fixed it up just there.

Going to be uploading the next set of patches once I've checked recent posts on this thread again.

A buddy who's playing the mod just told me that Cloud's "Second Wind" can activate while he's dead! It fully heals him but it doesn't revive him.

That has to be a bug, no?

Yeah, I added a handler that checks his KO status; can't mind if it's in the current files yet or not.

Just wanted to check because it seems odd: in the Rufus fight at Shinra HQ, should Rufus' pet be impervious to damage and Rufus himself absorb poison damage?

Yep; might revise it though as seems to be counter-intuitive and comes across as a glitch. It isn't smart of me to turn Rufus' one weakness into something he's immune to either as the player only has one character and may set up for Poison (with Elemental + the spell) which would make the fight difficult.

Yeah, I've decided; I'll re-do that fight (for Arrange).

Anyone know/have a list of where to acquire all the E. skills in the game?

It should be in the documentation folder of the Main Installer download. There's a Notepad tacitly called 'where is the thing'; please note that the wheres of the things may not be 100%.

Hey i got a question about SP gaining.
How does it work exactly, i thought you would gain more SP for a certain character if you use her a lot in battles, but that doesnt seem to be the case...
For example i´ve been using RedXIII a lot and he only got 1 Rank Up, meanwhile Characters like Yuffie and Aerith, who i dont use too much(for now) already got 2 Rank Ups. Same goes for Cloud i´ve used Cloud everytime and he only got as much rank ups as a character that i barely use(2 Rank Ups). Can some1 explain how does this system works exactly

I think it's because the Date values were used for the SP variables held by each character; the idea was that story events/dialogue choices would also increase SP if you favoured certain characters. What this means though is that Barret, Tifa, Aeris, and Yuffie can creep ahead of Cloud & Red XIII because they don't get these bonuses.

But I think to compensate, I added a one-off bonus for Red XIII when he clears Cosmo Canyon. And Cloud is always in the party so I didn't add any bonuses for him. I could correct this a bit more by making Red's first Rank free if need be.

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