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Hi all,

I'm about to release an alpha demo of an FF8 mod I've been working on, but unlike FF7 PC I've never owned the original FF8 PC, only the Steam game. Could someone tell me what the file/folder names & structure for it are? I'd like the mod to be compatible with both versions.

It changes the .EXE, field.fs, battle.fs, main.fs, menu.fs. Are there any fundamental differences in the files between FF8 PC and Steam that I need to be aware of?

The other thing was the archive and this is what got me worried that FF8 PC and FF8 Steam might be different; in another thread (2nd post:, it was suggested that grabbing the archive from the field folder and transplanting that into another field's archive would allow for field models to be used on a different screen. But opening FF8 Steam's field.fs in Deling, I can only get to a 'dummy' version of this archive:

I'm not able to navigate to it on FF8 Steam, and it's listing folders like Field which aren't in the steam installation. Were they all bundled together into a single archive? Any info or suggestions on retrieving a from the FF8 Steam fields would be appreciated.

Hi Sega Chief, I started your mod yesterday and It's awesome, but I have one question, it is normal i've got only 1 Plasma Buster on 2nd reactor? A friend of mine recently started also got 2 Plasma Buster, I have downloaded all files, included the Hotfix ;)
Thank you and very good job.

Edit: And I can start a battle with Aps at with Tifa and Aerith also. ( and I'm in Arrange mod )

Are you sure you're on Arrange Mode? Sounds like you're on Normal Mode. I can check if you send me a save file and change the variable flag if need be.

Cloud must survive Jenova fight, and you need to have phoenix down in your inventory.

Neither of those conditions are required; if you have no Phoenix Down in your inventory, a small variation is made to the scene. The trigger is that dialogue option before the FMV plays.

Did you remove the revival at the end of Disk 1 from 1.5? Nothing happened after the fight, and I can't find any change information on this event. Thank you

No, but there is an option now to not revive; there's a dialogue choice just before the FMV. The options should list the outcomes, but there was a text alignment problem that obscured it; should have been fixed with latest flevel hotfix patch.

Noticed that using the rank up feature at cabin before the ice caverns causes you to wake up on the floor when you return to the screen. Im aware that it happens in the flevel when you are brought to that screen from another scene not through the door but shouldnt you be able to move the save point to the next room to avoid the waking up animation?

Yeah, wasn't sure what was causing that but I left it seeing as it appears harmless.

In the Corel reactor field during the "gather mega-materia" phase I was able to talk to both guards at teh same time since they are close together, after closing the shorter dialoge i ran past to start the battle, after the battle the second text box was still up, i closed it and regained control of the party and was able to run around and go through the train. After leaving and reentering the field the guards were back and everythign was reset to normal. So you should either move the guards a bit further apart of give them a shared dialogue like the guards in sector 7

I'll sort that out; one of the guards was changed for a sidequest that was scrapped from the mod before 1.5 came out (the SOLDIER one).

Certainly could. You could have a lot of fun with places like Great Glacier or Costa Del Sol or Nibelheim. I was surprised to not see some in certain places too. Like Aeris in Ifalna's House or Tifa in her room, etc.

Lots of possibilities, and you should do it once these bugs slow down. (Bug fixing can't be too much fun, no.)

One day, eh?

I have returneded....again. I have found a pretty interesting bug that I was just reminded of reading a bit of what I haven't read from here. Not sure if it was fixed though (didn't go too far back) or even if it's a bug at all but an intended feature, but Cait Sith's passive got a whole lot better than I originally thought it was, and it was pretty good before I found this out! So, running a little low on mp cause I'm limit break grinding and having Cait Sith spam heals and defending. I eventually notice his MP got filled super quick. Start casting magic again, and playing around with stuff when I find out that oh hey! Guarding makes Cait's MP restore a LOT faster. I get into another fight with Cait at about 300 or so MP, and guard to get to the character I was limit grinding, and Cait's MP increased past his max. Well that's interesting. I start spamming defend, and his MP starts SHOOTING up, I get to 2k MP in no time. The MP doesn't keep after the fight, but it takes maybe 2 turns of defending to give Cait a TON of MP. I've tested this on the latest release with the same results.
Edit: It also seems that when the entire party guards he gains more MP than if it's just him guarding, but just him guarding gains him more MP than if one other party member guards.

Also another little bug that I have NO idea how to recreate is one with good ol' Gorki. I was playing around, trying to see what kind of bull strategies I could pull off before his power finished building, and after one failure (don't remember what, it was a long time ago on the august build) Gorki uses his ability and shoots poor little Yuffie up into the sky. Little did he know that Yuffie apparently learned how to fly and stayed in the air without dying. I was able to use Yuffie's limit to finish off the little bit of health Gorki had, but seeing as I had died during every time he used that move before, I don't think that's supposed to happen. Though it is obviously a rare bug and might've been just a little glitch.

You can also constantly steal a Yuffie Weapon from Staniv if you just keep loosing to him btw. Not sure how you would fix that, but that is super abusable.

Other than that I do remember the Pagoda fights being super fun to figure out. I love how you showed Shake's speed, and Chekhov was super fun to figure out.
Spoiler: show
However confuse is her kryptonite since she will constantly cast magic on herself, which doesn't get rid of confuse, and then physically attack herself, but she doesn't take physical damage so she can't knock herself out of confusion making her fight childs play.

Staniv and Godo were the only two I couldn't figure out gouda strategies for, but I'm honestly ok with that. I had fun out brute forcing staniv, and just demolishing Godo (he seemed a bit too easy to be honest.)

Keep up the good work Sega and I can't wait till FF8.

Edit: Meant to state I'm running off of Arrange.

Welcome back, bud! I actually forgot that I'd added that to his scripts; he will regain 20MP per tick under Defend compared to the regular +1; I should amend the docs with that before I put them up. Thanks for letting me know.

I'll check Gorki's stuff, maybe it was a Luck-based dodge or something? I can set it to a magic formula if need be. And I can replace the Steal with a Drop for Staniv.

A question on the dating sequence. I selected "Nope" twice when given the option to select my date. Then I got the "Microlaser" item and a date with Barrett.

Is that because I was able to get the affections scores correct to get the date with Barret, or is this default in NT? Also, do you get a different item for all the different possible dates?

If you select no, the date is determined by the SP variables; these were originally 'date point' vars that have been renovated for the system. You get a weapon linked to the character you dated.


Bit of news, I went over the game's documentation and produced a FAQ in addition to re-writing the Readme and doing a sweep of the Excel spreadsheet to fix errors. I'll be rewriting the beginner's hall text as well, it's woefully out of date.

Got it now, maybe it was just a blip or DLPB fixed it.

That won't be the case with R06 since it comes with built in hext functions, as part of my new DLL, that will change memory on load.  You'll be able to add them to plain text file instructions.

That reminds me, I tried to download hext tools recently but it's giving me an error saying that the 'file is infected with a virus and that only the owner is able to download it'; was using the link here:

Any chance of a fresh upload/link? I was wanting to use them for the FF8 mod I'm making.

Hi Segachief,

I love your work on the mod and it gave the game a second life for me so I'm super appreciative. Was just wondering if there's a list of possible morph's/steals anywhere for 1.5? I'm playing through again after doing 1.4 and honestly can't be bothered stealing/morphing EVERYTHING all over again. (And it'd just be nice to have access to)

Thanks for all your hard work and good luck sussing out the ff8 mod! (making that thing balanced will honestly be hell)

The main download has a documentation folder that contains a spreadsheet of the steal/morphs; it's not 100% accurate though as there were a lot of last-minute changes.

Im playing the newest IRO version on Arrange and my characters do not have updated limit breaks like the read-me says, they function identical to vanilla. Vincent is also bugged, his inate ablity takes about 5-6 turns longer than clouds "second-wind" to trigger and it only restores HP where as the read me says he restores MP frequently.

The Limits weren't changed in the end, as this requires an executable to be included with the mod which would clash with other mods like MO and Reunion. Vincent's innate was also swapped with Cait Sith's; the former now has the HP restore based on current MP (so that his MP is still serving a purpose during Limit transformations) and Cait got the MP regen.

Sega Chief im going to be streaming FF7 NT Mod.If you want to follow i stream on my youtube channel wich is this one:

Since im going to stream i am going to restart the game even if i had arrived to cosmo canyon already :3

Okay doke, I'll check it out.

I registered to the forum and came here to say thanks for the mod. That is quite an insane amount of work you put in there.
I ran into ..."balance issues" and I am not sure if it's me or the mod and wanted to share or ask for tips.

-The entirety of Disc 1 is pretty good and I have nothing bad to say; everything in it is amazing.

-Most of Disc 2 was okay but my problems started the moment I was returning to Midgar for the Mako Canon. Every monsters starts hitting like a truck and the boss fights are taking so long. Valiant Clod was the first boss that took so long, but somehow Hojo felt okay.

Anyway, it was like this for the last stretch of the game until the credits (so the North Crater, Limit Break side quests and optional boss fights). With combat being hard, I was stuck putting everyone in the Back Row and use Tranquilizers+Wall, it was the only viable strategy for me to survive and that is even when I set up my Materias before the fights.

With everyone in the Back Row, nobody was doing damage. I ended up giving up the Attack command and simply put Quadra Magic on all my 3 guys and only used magic, except Barret since he's long range his normal attacks can still be decent with loads of counter attacks in the back row.

-I felt like the Side Quests for Limit Breaks were a waste of time, for a lack of a better term. 1) It takes so long to fill the meter, and obviously even worst on Sadness, which I needed to live in the end game 2) Their damage gets halved because I am in the Back Row, again for survivability. If someone dies only once, the Limit bar resets. With this setup I could be stuck on boss fights for 25-30 minutes and have triggered only two limit breaks sometimes one.

I can setup my Materias and my gear before fights If I know the elements but in most cases it only helped me surviving better, not speeding up the fights. My normal attacks never got past the 600-700.

Is this all intended or I suck at the game? I ran into no problems for the first 3/4 of the game. I also looked at youtube videos with people playing 1.4 and it's so different. They're doing 6k-7k damage and they have tons of HP.

That's all I can think of for now. I didn't read any of the replies in this thread yet but I'll start reading the last ones and go backward, see if anyone else had issues similar to me.

One thing that's concerning here is that you mention Limits aren't doing full damage from the back-row; NT doesn't have .exe modifications so the default Limits should be in place, which ignore Row. Are you playing with any other mods installed? On the 7H Iro version, people sometimes combine it with Menu Overhaul, etc. which activates an .exe that changes things around, resulting in a harder game overall.

Going well so far.Anyway.I just arrived to cosmo canyon and Cloud is bugged up in the bughenagen observatory scene like,i can see Cloud foots on the screen like giant sized on the ground.Others characters are there normally but Cloud is not there.Just his foots lol.

The 2 rectangles are basically Cloud foots,noticed since i can actually move him.Anyway.Is there going to be a 1.6 sooner or later?Also,the new threat mod tutorials halls say the max lv is 70 and that hp up materias and such are not there but i did saw someone with 9999 hp playing this mod on youtube.Is it something that needs a checkup or that someone modified the save?Just curious.

That can happen on certain fields for the PC version; during loading, Cloud's model is set to the maximum size which inverts it.

The Beginner's Hall text is out of date; there is no level cap in the mod anymore.

So it's been a while since I posted anything on here, mostly because I had finished up with the mod a while back and had nothing else to contribute. Not sure this is a contribution either, but hey, why not. I asked Sega a while back if I could make a video showcasing all the silly nonsense, humour, and/or bugs and glitches that I encountered during my playthroughs in versions 1.4 and 1.5 that I thought were funny. He said OK. So here it is, 45 minutes of just pure goofy clips and funny stuff that's littered throughout the mod. Great stuff as always to Sega and any and all who contributed bugs and/or suggestions to this experience. You da best!

That reminds me, I still need to finish the 'party members appear in all towns' thing. It was good seeing some of the gags in the mod, I forgot about half of them. I remember having a lot of fun designing/writing some of those, been a long time since I worked on anything fun for NT; it's always bug fixes and rebalancing these days :c

I love this mod! Thanks so much for the time and effort which went into it, it has breathed new life into what was a stale game for me. The level of challenge is perfect.

I am currently stuck at Tseng and it's getting to a point where I'm considering cheating. I've had at least 30 attempts on him with no luck, and I can't go back now.

I've got my earth elemental in everyone's armor, a ribbon on one person, and an accessory which nullifies silence on another person. Even with my HP at full and barrier up, there is nothing I can do to stop him using either his limit break twice in a row, or Turk Break followed immediately by his limit. Either one is an instant game over with no possible defense.

Am I doing something wrong? Does he have weaknesses I don't know about? I always open the battle with dispel-all and then bad breath, so his minions are no problem, but Tseng himself is just unbeatable.

Thanks again for a great mod!

P.S. - In a future version, if possible, you should consider adding an option to rename Red XIII to "Nanaki" when you find out that's his real name. Playing through FF7 again, it is extremely apparent that there is no obvious reason for him to ask to be called Red XIII in the first place, and that even if there is a reason, it is void after the events of Cosmo Canyon anyway.

Update: I have since beaten Tseng. It took at *least* 50 attempts. In the end, I won because he used his normal attack rather than spamming break, stop or his limit. Pure luck!

This sounds odd; Tseng's AI is fixed and his Limit should only appear when he hits 50% HP (and only be used once):

Start) Turk Haste
1) Attack
2) Stop
3) Quickdraw
4) Turk Comet
5) Attack
6) Quickdraw
7) Break

I've just seen the problem is below Break; it resets the variable used for the Limit Break's execution meaning that there is a scenario where he could drop below 50% HP and use, then use Break + have the var reset, then use the Limit again right after. I'll remove the variable reset so the Limit only executes once per fight and only when he is on a 'quiet' part of his AI cycle. Sorry for the frustration, this was an oversight in the design.

As for Nanaki, I could add an option. The field script has an opcode to change party member names so I'll add a dialogue choice there at the end of Cosmo Canyon's scenes to change his name to Nanaki (when you're about to leave for Nibelheim).

Hello.I'm new here.I saw this splending mod lately on youtube and decided to give it a go.

Its surprising how the game can be changed and how this mod works so nicely.I'll be looking forward for more updates of this :p

Hope it goes well, let me know if you encounter problems.

Well, that was a thing.  I just started playing this mod, brand new save, and I got completely and utterly steamrolled by a super powered Guard Scorpion in the first reactor.  As a random encounter that I couldn't run from and my party was getting smacked for thousands of damage.  Did I do something wrong?

Edit: I found the problem, it seems to be an odd conflict when used with the Jessie mod that puts her in your party for the initial bombing mission.  Disabling that mod made it so I didn't encounter the superscorp, whereas previously it was my first encounter after going downstairs after the elevator.

Yeah, there's two files in FF7 called the scene.bin (where enemies and formations are stored) and the kernel.bin through which other information goes. If these two files fall 'out of synch' then wrong encounters start to load which can cause crashes, etc. It typically happens when incompatible mods are combined, the Jessie mod likely has its own kernel or something which means the scene.bin from NT is desynched from it.

Gameplay Mods / Re: Idea for FF7 mod - low stats lvl1
« on: 2017-12-01 03:14:03 »
About the level 1 thing, all I did was set exp to 0 on all enemies (super easy with hojo 1.1). That, set the level mod byte to 0 and all starting levels to 1 should do the trick no?

Yep, that should do it. I think you need to set Cloud's starting exp to be within the Lv.1-2 range as well but that's about it.

Gameplay Mods / Re: Idea for FF7 mod - low stats lvl1
« on: 2017-11-30 18:03:55 »
I made a Lv.1 mod a while back, which should be in the 7H Catalog. I think I handled Cait and Vincent by going into the kernel and setting their Join Level modifier to 0 (should be on the exp arc screen). Their initial starting stats, however, weren't modified. as these are stored in the .exe and then used to overwrite the kernel (which initially holds Sephiroth + Y.Cloud).

I think best route would be to grab the Lv.1 mod from the Catalog, unpack it, then take the scene + kernel out of it then make adjustments to the kernel for desired initial stats + curves. After that, try to locate the hex address of Cait and Vincent's starting stats and change them to what you want them to be.

These are the notes I have on the addresses but I should mention that I can't remember if they were correct or if I ever tried changing them, etc. They might not even be for PC, just had them floating around in a notepad along with a bunch of other bits and pieces:

Code: [Select]
Cait Sith's Level : 0x520c11 (120011) (1 byte)
Cait Sith's CurrentHP : 0x520c3c (12003C) (2 bytes)
Cait Sith's Base HP :  0x520c3e (12003E) (2 bytes)
Cait Sith's Current MP : 0x520c40 (120040) (2 bytes)
Cait Sith's Base MP : 0x520c42 (120042) (2 bytes)
Cait Sith's stats* : 0x520c12 (120012) (1 byte each)
Cait Sith's weapon : 0x520c2c (12002C) (1 byte)
Cait Sith's armor : 0x520c2d (12002D) (1 byte)
Cait Sith's accessory : 0x520c2e (12002E) (1 byte)
Materia on his weapon : 0x520c50 (120050) (4 bytes for each materia slot -
first byte is the materia ID, and
the next 3 bytes are its AP)
Materia on his armor : 0x520c70 (120070)

Vincent's Level : 0x520c95 (120095) (1 byte)
Vincent's CurrentHP : 0x520cc0 (1200C0) (2 bytes)
Vincent's Base HP :  0x520cc2 (1200C2) (2 bytes)
Vincent's Current MP : 0x520cc4 (1200C4) (2 bytes)
Vincent's Base MP : 0x520cc6 1200C6) (2 bytes)
Vincent's stats* : 0x520c96 (120096) (1 byte each)
Vincent's weapon : 0x520cb0 (1200B0) (1 byte)
Vincent's armor : 0x520cb1 (1200B1) (1 byte)
Vincent's accessory : 0x520cb2 (1200B2) (1 byte)
Materia on his weapon : 0x520cd4 (1200D4) (4 bytes for each materia slot -
first byte is the materia ID, and
the next 3 bytes are its AP)
Materia on his armor : 0x520cf4 (120000)

* Stats are listed in this order : strength, vitality, magic, spirit, dexterity, luck.

Yes, I disabled it now my text is all on top of each other and going out of the menus.

edit - forgot to change it back to nomral ff7.exe

Edit 2 -

Any tips on fighting zack? My cloud is at 97 with 5k hp, just got to disc 3 have wall and haste up and regen thought I was doing okay till he used grand braver and knocked me out for 7k hp. Also about HP pluses are they in the game?

also manual link is dead, trying to find the heavens cloud but without the manual im clueless.

Shield is useful for that fight, it'll block a few of his more dangerous attacks. Apocalypse is Hidden element, meaning you can block it with the right equipment/Elemental combination (non-elemental magic materia should do it).

I think Magic Counter + Cure would be a good shout as well, but a mastered restore has regen as its last spell (been meaning to fix that) so you'll specifically need a lv.3 restore materia for it. Counter-Attack materia too, you can stack 5 of them for 5 potential counters per attack. If you can get it from Special Battle, Final Attack can help with any last minute nasty surprises.

Finally, bring a Debarrier Materia with Dispel on it to get rid of his buffs; Lucky Star gives him auto-crit so you'll want to remove that ASAP.

All documentation should be available in the main installer download.

Not sure if this is a typo or if you just did some re-translating yourself.

Spoiler: show

Doesn't Beautiful Bro say, "Now, I'll explain the rules." Or is this just your own interpretation?

Nah, I just missed it.

Had a little freeze yesterday before bed haven't tried to replicate yet cause I haven't played since. Was on disc 2 going back to rocket town fighting shines troops, second wave of them. I had cid use hades after using it froze on cid everything was going though. Cid was animating, music was still going it just wouldn't move from there no turns or anything.

Edit - Tested it on a random battle, does the same thing it did. Once summon finished it closes up on cid and if no one else has a turn nothing happens, if I run it gets stuck running but game still going If team still has turns once there turn is up still does the same thing.

Was Menu Overhaul on? Might be an issue with the Frog status which Hades can inflict.

Gotcha. I was literally about to save then said "Nah, I'll save after I rest". Now I have to fight JENOVA again >.<

But cool. Also, when you update the Mod, how do I go about installing the latest version? Or is it safer to continue my playthru on the version that I started on? (This is my first time ever using a mod for any game).

A patch won't alter the game too much; they're installed the same way as the Main Installer and patch right over the top of any installation so they're save-game friendly (most of the time).

Tools / Re: [FF8PC/PSX] Field editor - Deling (0.9.1b)
« on: 2017-11-27 13:12:07 »
can this tool actually edit anything? cuz i cant find any field bin files on pc ff8 and psx iso are read-only. if someone has a CLEAN field bin that loads with this can someone pm me a link pls

btw i was looking around and old ff8 cannot be obtainable anymore. soo any updates to these tools or place dl each file aka field.fs or field.bin?

ive looked around and there is no guide on how to use this tool or obtain the files needed....

You should be able to just open the files of the Steam version directly: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII\Data\lang-en

In lang-en (differs if you have a different language installed), the .fs archives can be opened directly with Deling (no unpacking, etc. necessary). Deling can edit the field.fs which should contain all the field screens; when opening the others like Battle.fs it can handle archive stuff like extracting/replacing/removing files.

Hey Sega I saw a while back you said we can't use the Reunion because and menu overhaul with your mod? I've been using it with the iro of new threat on 7th heaven but been playing fine, did that change the compatibility?

Does the 1.5 version works with MO in a 7H install ?

MO should work, but the text overhaul of Beacause probably isn't compatible.

I had just arrived in Costa Del Sol, went into the Inn and talked to the guy shooting pool. No text box ever popped up and I could not move Cloud anymore/bring up the menu. No button was doing anything. The music was still playing, the the guy at the pool table would still blink, but basically the game crashed.

Screenshot added for viewing.

Soft-lock; probably a script clash. I added a save point in there that's caused all sorts of trouble. I'll restore the field and move the save point outside I think.

I went back and made sure to use both the NT 1.5 Scene/Enemy Hotfix and NT 1.5 Flevel/Script Hotfix patches, this has fixed and changed the Mirage Fight option to Mystile drop Yes/No option and it dose add the item.

The option to add the Mystile remains every time I speak to the technician along with the micro engine key item add. I can live with it but maybe you want to look into resolving it for the mod's standing. I have noticed something else which may be related, I have an item in key items listed as -Unused- with a :O as the description. I remember I had the key to sector 5 before doing the Dark Cave side quest but had to dig it up again after since it was gone when I went to do Cid's Limit quest. I don't recall if this dose have anything to do with the Dark Cave or the Micro Engine but its the only "bug" I have really encountered so far...

Yeah, the scripts are fairly rudimentary and can be used repeatedly. They're going to be removed at some point once the issues they deal with are completely laid to rest. Not sure where an unused key item would have come from, but likely a wrong var I've used that was intended to be the key to sector 5.

I went used mbarrier and lmfao I beat the boss without really realizing and without to much difficulty, thanks sega!

That's good to hear, good luck with your run.

And big thanks to H.C for the donation :3

I see the patches are having more work done but just to feedback that the last fix didn't help with the issue I mentioned.

Can't think what but I'm not sure if I messed something up somehow.

The script looks fine:

Code: [Select]
If Var[11][233] bitON 7 (else go to label 4)
Resizes/Repositions the window #0 (X=57, Y=19, width=205, height=57)
Ask Question "Mystile Drop (Dark Cave Boss) Yes No" in the window #0 (and put selected answer in Var[5][13]) first line=1, last line=2
If Var[5][13] == 1 (else go to label 4)
Add 1 item(s) Mystile to the inventory
Label 4
If Var[11][233] bitON 7 (else go to label 5)
Resizes/Repositions the window #0 (X=57, Y=19, width=205, height=57)
Ask Question "Micro Engine - Add to Key Items Yes No" in the window #0 (and put selected answer in Var[5][13]) first line=1, last line=2
If Var[5][13] == 1 (else go to label 5)
Bit 4 ON in $KeyItems
Label 5

There's no fight ID trigger for Mirage, it just drops the Mystile. There's no way it can loop with the Micro-Engine check either as there's no Jump to Label 4. Make sure that you've applied the patch properly or updated to the new IRO if using that. And check inventory afterwards.

You are fast sir!  :o

Edit: I also forgot to ask, you mentioned in an earlier post that boss morphs were being put back in. Is this in the latest build now?

No, not yet; I need to go through all the bosses and decide what to put on them.

How do we cure or prevent zombie status?

Im at the final disc one boss fight and that zombie status is screwing me over.

Zombie can't be cured or prevented; the character afflicted with the status should be first priority for MBarrier and Poison/Dual-Drain should be healed off the character with Antidotes or Esuna ASAP. You can block Degen and Rigor Lock if you have a Lv.2 Elemental Materia by combining it with a non-elemental Magic Materia like Seal, or by accessories that block the statuses attached to them (Dual, and Slow/Paralysis; Jem Ring is a good shout). You can also take a risk and use Sleep on Jenova here, but there's a 25% chance of it waking up after each action and counter-attacking with a unique attack so only do this as a last resort.

You'll want to be aggressive and try to get the fight wrapped up quickly before things get out of hand. Try and inflict Slow on her (Shiva can do this 100%) at the start of the fight, and get MBarrier up to help block incoming damage on your Zombied character. Element-wise, Holy and Earth should work. You can get Holy onto a weapon by combining Elemental with Restore Materia if you don't have more than 1 Earth Materia (Titan can also be used), and she has relatively low Magic Defence compared to other bosses. I'd try avoiding the use of Sadness here as well because you'll want to be throwing out Limit Breaks for extra damage. Your group can be in the front row as well with no risk, as none of her attacks are physical.

Ah, must have used the wrong template; I'll replace it with the old link while I make a new one.

Edit: That should be it now.

New patches + IRO are up.

Hi Sega Chief, First great work on the mod, well done sir!

I have encountered a loop-bug with the NT Technician guy on the Highwind, he allowed me to refight the Dark Cave boss Mirage since I didn't seem to get the Mystile but no matter how many times I defeat it there is no rewards screen and the option to fight him is still there. It also repeats asking to convert the Micro-Engine to a key item.

I have searched for info and added the Hotfix but nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

I'll sort this out; I'm going to replace the hotfix patches + IRO later tonight with some other fixes as well.


I just started playing NT this week and I have a few things that might be bugs?

So first thing. Cloud has a defense stat of 60 (I'm early on, reactor 5) and Tifa has a defense stat of 44. Both are in the front line, yet Cloud is taking more damage for some reason. Am I not understanding something with the new rules? I had the Chocobelt equipped to him for a couple battles but switched back to the armor you but in sector 7 (Iron?). Not sure why he is taking more damage.

During the Air/Plasmabuster fight, the boss seemed to keep glitching back and forth so you could never really tell which way it was facing.

And I gotta say I loved the "F-it.Close enough" line right before that fight when you have to hit the switch. Been playing for almost 20 years and I still can never get that timing right. Glad that was improved ;)

Air Buster has that problem in the original game as well, I've tried fixing it with AI but it's apparently an animations file problem. The way to tell is to ignore his visual facing and assume that whoever attacked him last, he is facing them (or if he attacked, then he is facing that target; even if it is Rear Gun).

I'm not sure either about why Cloud would be taking more damage; it could be variance, Sadness, or something else. If anyone is taking noticeably more damage later on in the game let me know.

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