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Played through the mod again and I didn't find much in the bugs department. But for what I did find, here they are:

- Both Vincent and Cid's Innate text's are either wrong or misleading? Need some clarification here. For Cid, I think it mentioned that Cid's innate works on the back row/front row system instead of magic damage/physical damage it works on now. As for Vincent, all it said was "MP Regeneration" I believe, but that is not what was happening with Vincent. His health was regenerating. Double check required on both of these innates. Also, in regards to innates a question: Cait Sith's innate seems weak in comparison to Vincent's Health Regen innate. Cait Sith only gets 1 MP per action it looked like, which really isn't much. While Vincent was getting a percentage of health back whenever it ticked it seemed? Perhaps either a buff to Cait Sith or a nerf to Vincent is in order here? I'd say the Cait Sith increase honestly.

- When you first arrive at the City of the Ancients with Vincent in your party, and go to the house that has the beds in it. Vincent will say "There are beds he". "here" has been cut off. And when the scene switches to night and Cloud tells the group that Aeris and Sephiroth are also there, Cid has a line "So how did you find that out" without the question mark and quotation marks.

- If you ask the guy for Snowboarding instructions right before the slope in Icicle Inn, the windows are on top of each other and therefore tough to read.

And finally, a question about something not in the mod but I was wondering:

So I was playing through Normal because I wanted to see specifically if Rubicante was still in there and sure enough he was. I was then wondering if Cagnazzo was going to be in the place of Lich but he was not. Have you ever thought of making him for Normal mode to finish off the set? If not, you should think about it. I feel like I've asked this before but I don't remember.

Great stuff as always!

I'll take care of the formatting issues. I suppose I am missing the water one, aren't I? Maybe I'll sneak him into the FF8 mod :3

Alright, thanks. Just in case, is there anything else I should know? Like do I miss out on something big or important?

Nah, not really. The boss you used to fight was moved elsewhere.

Quick question regarding Ziegfried; I've played the 1.4 version of this game a couple times and never had a problem getting the materia from him. In 1.5 I've tried 3 times, once with a game crash and twice with Cloud being booted from the battle and my other 2 being killed by Odin. Doesn't give me a game over but Ziegfried says his defeat line and yet I get nothing and return to the world map. Is this supposed to happen?

The issue should have been sorted with the latest set of files; have you updated with the patches or IRO?

I've been spending a lot of hours awake lately, but now I have to sleep because I think I came across either something broken or something that I need clarified:

I'm in the Dark Cave sidequest, and I never found the sector 5 key, when supposedly I would have been able to find it in the Shinra building. I went to the top floor, and the cutscene with Shinra started followed by the Mirage fight, and then when it went back to the shot of Shinra's desk, all I saw was Cait Sith (who was in the party), maybe there was some noise, and then I was booted back out in from of the cave's entrance. This was really weird to me, so I looked it up and apparently there's supposed to be a boss in front of that door to the outside, and past that a chest for the key. But I found neither of those when I reloaded my save. Did I do something wrong? Is there something that triggers this? If it was updated to be this way, is there anything else I can do? I can't go back into Midgar now.

Sorry if this was actually brought up in one of the past 100 or so pages.

The finale was changed but it's still quite buggy; the escape sequence at the end was removed as well.

Tools / Re: [FF7] Battle editor - Proud Clod (1.5.0/FINAL)
« on: 2017-10-17 14:09:55 »
Do you happen to have a list of the correct indexes? Just so I can add it to my notes.

Hey, I just wanted to say I love the mod! Never going back to vanilla! Anyway, I would like to say two things I did not like from the mod.

One is about Aerith. I like that you kept her alive. However, do you think that Aerith is more important to the story then, lets say Yuffie? Of course, right? Well after Aerith's "not death," she becomes as important to the story as someone like Yuffie. What I am trying to say is Aerith has a one of the biggest roles in the story, but when she gets "killed," she becomes less important in this mod. I also didn't like that she was kinda a copy of Yuffie in the Airship. She never had motion sickness in the past, why give that to her now? I think she should have been in the main room with everyone else, and talked about the things going on, instead of talking about the airship or motion sickness.

Also I think she deserves more scenes if you are going to keep her alive. Like after she gets stabbed, you could have a scene with cloud tending her wounds while asking her what she was doing. Then she could say,"IDK, I was just following the voices of the planet. Or if you bring her to Sephiroth in the Whirlwind Maze, she could have a bit more dialog than saying one liners because she sort of has a connection with him at that point.

My second thing I wanted to say is at the end in the North Crater. I went down a ledge that I couldn't get back up to. There was a save point somewhere down there. So I saved my game and then there was a boss fight. Abyss I think it was called. The faceless Molboro. Well, it was the hardest boss that I have fought thus far. I could not beat it. So I decided to try to level up in that area. But even the random encounter were too hard. So basically, I was trapped there because I could even level up and I couldn't go back the way I came. I lost 90+ hour game thanks to that. Could you either put some lower lvled enemies there, or put a way to go back up on that ledge?

I only bring up these points not to insult, but to criticize because I love this mod and I just want to see it improve. Keep up the good work!

A couple people have found themselves stuck due to the Abyss thing; I'll add a way to get back up.

Gameplay Mods / Re: FF VIII How to MOD?
« on: 2017-10-16 00:40:07 »
I run into this issue now and then; it seems that the archive can become corrupt sometimes when repacking. The approach I use now is to manually insert/replace the edited enemy into the archive using the Deling tool.

Derek helped me out initially and then Tsunamix. I did it myself, they told me where to go to get the tools. If you need me to send you the fixed file just say the word and if you ever need help with your mods and I know how to do it, let me know. Thanks again for your help and most importantly your amazing mod. I’ll be ready when you start taking donations for it!

There's a link to the paypal for donations on the front page, but don't use it unless you're sure it's all right s:

Speaking of donations though, I recently spotted a pretty hefty one from a fellow called P. B on the 24th September; thanks for the donation, bud :3

Sega, Tsunamix helped me figure it out. All it’s working so far. Love your mod. Stay gangster!

He did? I'd gotten as far as the char.lgp but these files are a lot bigger than I'd realised s:

I guess I owe Tsunamix a favour then!

Gameplay Mods / Re: FF VIII How to MOD?
« on: 2017-10-15 12:23:19 »
I begun to edit/mod some bosses to rise the dificulty and i notice something:
What happens if i change those 3 parts?
party level
char level
level increment
And why some abilities are 264,265,266 all null? Can i change them without a problem? add magics or repeat a definided attack

Those 3 parts are just for EXP calculation and don't affect anything in the enemy file; they're for the user's reference.

Average Party Level sets how much EXP will be gained with the team.

Finishing Char Level sets how much extra EXP will be won from the killing blow.

And Level Increment sets how many levels will be shown (for making the table more streamlined).

You can change enemy abilities, but make sure to have them retain a relevant animation. Magic should use their magic-casting animation, etc.

Found the problem. NT is still overwriting enemy models in the field and in battle (for example Shinra soldiers). Please let me know if there’s a way to fix this! Thanks Sega.

I'll just merge all the files into their respective .lgp archives to get this sorted.

Gameplay Mods / Re: FF VIII How to MOD?
« on: 2017-10-13 22:58:27 »
Well I think I may have found the root of the problem, it looks like if any if statement is > 255 bytes, the offset doesn't get patched correctly.
I'll see if I can find the old code somewhere to patch since the version I'm working on is a bit of a mess atm.

Edit: I've patched the issue and updated the link here

I'm not sure if it will fix the issue that is causing the problem but it does fix a very major issue - it completely screws the logic up but it doesn't show in the code because the decompiler ignores the offset.
To fix any file, you should be able to adjust the textbox to get the compile button and a compile + save should fix it.

Nice, an update; cheers for this.

There was another thing that could make the compiler go wonky; in some counter scripts like for the Ifrit enemy there'll be unknown values that can disrupt it when trying to save/compile scripts:

Code: [Select]
self.varDC += 1
if (unknown(0x0A, 03) == 254) {
    if (unknown(0x0A, 04) == 65) {
        if (self.varDF == 0) {
            self.varDF = 1

If I change anything in this script, for instance if I change the attack ID or anything else, then it'll run into this error when compiling: 'Syntax error on line 2: no viable alternative at input 'if(unknown'.

Right, I went through the flevel and removed all references to special NT field models, deleted the world_us folder, and left only a handful of aeris-specific animation files in the char.lgp. It should work with any char/world mods now.

If you see any floating cars, pretend it was a robot scorpion s:

Found the problem; when adding parts to a field model, I think what the tool does is it takes the original part and adds a number to the end of its name. This means that the parts I've made for NT-specific models have the same name as the parts used in other mods.

This is a bit of a pickle. I don't mind removing the new models that were used for the main characters as they should have been separated into their own mod anyway, but there's 6 or so unique NT-specific field models that are also using parts with clashing file names. What I could do is:

1) Make an IRO that temporarily replaces the NT field models with 'dummy' ones so that it won't crash if they're removed or replaced. This means the char.lgp component would no longer be needed for NT ensuring maximum compatibility with field model mods.

2) Take the NT-specific field models and rename their files with designations that are unlikely to clash with other files. This might take some time though because I think I need to mount each renamed part again to the skeleton manually and I don't know how it goes with the .rsd files.

The world_us.lgp however only contains the main character models so that can be removed from the NT IRO without incident. I'll do this now; but I'll keep the two IROs separate until it's sorted out.

Thank you for this Sega. I’ll be testing it momentarily. Are you taking donations?

You don't have to, this happened because I made a mistake with the IRO files and added the whole archive instead of just the NT ones. I didn't realise until I unpacked it tonight that all the files were in there.

Sorry for the lateness of it:

This IRO has had redundant files removed from the char.lgp and battle.lgp. For field models, I removed pretty much every file except the ones used by the 6-7 new models but this means that vanilla field models are now being used if no other mods are applied. For the battle folder, the character models were removed (not the enemy models).

In short, all field model mods should work now. Character battle models can be replaced, but not the enemy ones. Everything else like field backgrounds & menu portraits etc. should also be replaceable assuming 7H is set up correctly. If making IROs to apply field backgrounds, bear in mind that you only need Chunk 9 of the flevel; there's a chunk tool in 7H that can strip field files down into the desired chunks (NT uses chunks 1, 3, and 7 which are scripts, character model loader, and encounter table).

But I need to also say that I don't have 7H installed anymore, so the IRO is untested. I decompiled it from the one available on the front page of this thread though so the integrity of the other files should be intact; but if you encounter crashes, let me know which field it was as it may be due to a missing field file.

Router arrived this morning so I'll be able to try and sort something out when I get back from college today.

Edit: I re-downloaded the IRO and it seems to contain the entire battle.lgp instead of just altered files. If I clean that up, then battle/field model mods should work instead of being overwritten.

Thanks for the reply. They are actually main characters and enemies sprites, avatars, models and textures for field, battle and world. They were meant to simply replace the folders in the steam version of the game and I have no idea how to convert them to IRO so I could use them with 7thHeaven.

I thought of asking you since you were able to convert your entire mod to work with 7thHeaven.

I can install them directly into the game folders before installing 7thHeaven and they’ll work fine that way but as soon as I install NT everything gets overwritten.

In that case, I can prob help with the models and stuff. I'll write up some steps when I get back from college/work combo tonight and then post them on wednesday. I've no router at home at the moment.

Spoiler: show

Sega Chief, would you be able to update Shera's dialogue during Cid's Limit Quest to remind players what's needed to fix the Branco? That or allow us to talk to the Branco mechanic for the reminder.

I forgot completely as I was doing other things, but it should be helpful in case there are other players as forgetful as I am.

Sure thing.

Hi Sega Chief. Is there a way for me to send you some .png folders for you to check if they can be incorporated in your mod? I don’t know how to convert them to IRO in order to have them work with the rest of the mods in 7thHeaven and when I install your mod in the steam version they all get overwrited by your files. (My preference would be to have them working with 7thHeaven though).

Btw, I don’t know if this is the right place to report it and I apologize if it’s not, but I found a bug inside of Honey Bee Inn if you also have other texture and models loaded with 7thHeaven. The Northwest room will not load when you enter it (the screen stays black and the music looping).

Thanks again for the mod and the help! If you don’t mind, please send me a link so I can donate!

I take it they're field backgrounds? I don't know how to do it either, to be honest. I've not really worked with those files at all. What I do know is that 7H can 'chunk' the field backgrounds down into separate files for each field screen. This is so that things like scripts and backgrounds can be implemented separately rather than overwriting each other.

But if they're overwriting field background mods then something's up. I'd better check I'm using the correct chunks.

Use Google Drive, Sega Chief.  Can edit and update there too rather than keep uploading.

Will do.

I'm currently in the forgotten city where aeris gets stabbed. Right before that, i had two options: [Wake up] and [Wait]. I dont know whats actually the difference because there was written something after [Wait], but I could only read the two characters "Sa", so I dont know what it wanted to tell me.

People told me it wasn't really clear what the two options did, so I tried to add in brackets the effect the two choices would have. But I didn't expand the text box to accommodate it. 'Wait' results in Aeris being available for the rest of the game.

Would it be okay to ask what the items for the non-Barret dates are? I don't have recent saves to savescum from, and I don't really feel like restarting all the way from Wutai just to see what the other items are.

It's a weapon specific to each character; you can buy them later from Icicle Inn. So where Barret gets a Microlaser, Tifa gets Dragon Claw, Red XIII gets an Adaman Clip, etc.

Yeah; you install the Steam game then run the Game Converter. That should let you install a modified copy of the game that's 7H compatible. You'll need to run the converter with admin permissions, etc.

Yeah, I eventually isolated the problems I was having down to the AI section of the tool. I was able to modify Edea's AI with no problems but modifications to Seifer's AI were causing all sorts of problems. Doing anything with Seifer #2's AI would turn Edea's model into a bugged mess (this got me wrongly thinking the problem was somewhere in the export/import process) but after going through it step by step I realised it only happened if I touched Seifer's AI in any way.

I guess enemies that link up to other actors are being broken by the AI compiler in some way. Are there any other problematic enemies you've encountered that I should be careful of?

Yes i am using it.
By the way since that i am at shinra, trying to go down with the elevator but the boss battle don't begin, it breaks the windows, and the cta gauge never start moving.
May i do something, except de-activate nt mod for this boss? Missing on the way the next one i suppose too?

Thanks for last reply

I would try running the game with only NT active, checking the fight to see if it works. If it doesn't, then 7H isn't installed correctly. But if it does work, then try activating your other mods one at a time, placing them above NT or below NT in the load order to see if they work/break the game. That way you should be able to isolate the cause of the problem.

Ah, it was supposed to be a 3-party battle but no big deal if it's still loading a 1-party; the 3-party fight was way too slow anyway.

It doesn't exist as a separate mod; I made that model using the regular Cloud model (not the hi-res) and changed the colour values of it for a vid run I was doing at the time. I've lost all the models since swapping HDDs but I'll see if I can quickly whip up a mod installer that uses the hi-res model instead with those colours.

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