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I'll add something.

Huh, interesting. Didn't know that.

Anyways, watching these guys stream the mod and they just ran into a freeze at Mimic and Flares. They beat them, then went back and it froze. They say they are playing the most recent version. Cid was their party leader. And it said the Planet Materia dropped and they did not recieve it. Is it supposed to drop there now? And if so, something prevented it from doing so.

I'd better check the scripts there then. Maybe it's trying to trigger again. As for Planet Materia, that was a mistake on my part; I was supposed to move it there but forgot the actual event line that adds it to inventory. They can still get it from Gold Match in Gold Saucer's Battle Square but it's a tough fight.

I dont see quake 3 having any graphical glitch in 1998 version.

# max size of the texture cache to hold in RAM, in megabytes
# don't set it any higher than 1GB unless you want your game to crash
texture_cache_size = 1024

set that in config if using aali's driver

See if it helps

I'll give it a try, but a lot of users are on the Steam version.

It's the PC game itself, maybe the graphics driver; there's some kind of issue related to transparency effects. Most attacks that use effects like that can actually glitch out as well, but Quake3 is the most noticeable one because it loads menu textures. Hyper Jump is probably the most serious one as it crashes the game.

Really enjoying your mod so far man. I just wanted to post some bugs before I forget.
1. We got the same weapon at the beginning and the end of the ancient forest.

2. In the return to Shinra HQ in the two boxes in the store when you pick them up they both say they are one item when in reality they are another.

3. gil toss does not target the enemy it targets the players.

4. Trash characters are displayed in lieu of graphics during the end of the quake 3 animation.

If any of these are intended I apologize.

I've taken care of these for 1.5, but the Quake3 animation glitch is a problem with transparency in the game in general that I don't know how to fix.

I'll also be adding dialogue issues, but only if it's an original Japanese error.  For example, chocobos having belly buttons :P

But do they have ears?  ;D

I want to say that I'm having a very, very fun time. Thanks for your hard work in creating this Mod, it is by far the most professional and seamless integrated one I've played for FFVII. Do you have a ballpark figure on 1.5? I'm not badgering for a release date, just whether it's next month or longer than that. I'd like to start again on 1.5 from reading on the many changes.

I've just finished Emerald and Ruby Weapon (still speccing Ruby but the AI for him is done and eliminated the bugs from the fight). My next goal is the KOTR cave boss; I'm going to be speccing him below Ruby and Emerald. After that, it's the last 3 story bosses down in the Crater. Arrange Mode has been developed in tandem so when the last of it is done, that'll be done too.

Time-wise I can't commit to a date; there was a lot more to do than I realised when I started pushing toward 1.5 and I had my end of year assessments/exam to get done on my course. The end of this mod has always been very weak; slow fights, too easy/too hard, disappointing ruby/emerald, difficulty spike with Disc 3, ending FMV not shown, etc. I've been spending a lot of time trying to get it all just right; I've completely re-done every Disc 3 boss, as a lot of them were just hold-overs from the original early builds.

Okay, bud; no worries.

So there is a data folder; inside that should be a scene.bin, a kernel.bin, kernel2.bin, a battle.lgp, and an flevel.lgp. If those can be replaced with the NT versions, and the app put back together, then it should be patched unless there's some security over file modification. Could you show me a screenshot or two of the contents of the data folder? Specifically the data/battle and data/lang-en? (lang-en may have a slightly different name due to language)

You could maybe just fade the tint of the screen to be darker then fade it back to normal as a replacement effect if the shadow thing doesn't work out.

Only if it's possible to get the FF7 files off the phone and onto a PC (they're the same as the PC files, just encrypted) and there was then a way to get them back onto the phone reassembled with the patched files. Unless it's possible to patch them ON the phone with an app?

Is your monitor calibrated? If so, check vibrance option. And contrast

Good thing you mentioned, a while back I set the monitor up to display certain colours more vibrantly cause it looked very washed out on normal settings. That's probably what it was.

Either my Notepad isn't set up properly-

Edit: Never mind, it was Notepad. Copy-pasting the code into Notepad++ retains the proper formatting.

Edit2: It looks great; world map doesn't seem as dreary and as an added bonus the backgrounds don't seem as messed up now either; one thing though is that oranges come through a bit too strong.

First, I want to say great work on this mod. I have been playing non stop all week and love it. I just made it to disk 3, and have gone to the Shinra mansion for the Zack fight but cannot get it to trigger. Is there something I need to do before this? I did skip the mideel flashback so I was wondering if that caused issues with this sidequest.

Head down to the bottom of the North Crater first; when the group meets up again, you should get a phone call about stuff getting unlocked. I'm changing this in 1.5 so that the stuff just unlocks as soon as you get to Disc 3 as this issue comes up a lot.

He's a super-boss designed to be as cheese as possible; I'd recommend waiting until you're doing the Dark Cave sidequest before taking him on as you'll revisit Shinra HQ during it. He's been redesigned for 1.5 to be much more beatable when you return during the Midgar Raid but in 1.4 it'd be a much better idea to take him on after getting access to the Disc 3 stuff.

The first thing I'd say is to have 3x Protect Vests to halve the Shoot damage going out; the following attacks have the Shoot element:
-) Lapis Laser
-) Missile Array
-) Warning Shot
-) Tower Laser
-) Amethyst Laser (also Fire)
-) Coral Laser

The only other elements going out is Water from Submersion, Hit from Arm Attack, and Shout from Stern Warning. Shoot is the important one; it can also be blocked with Shield if you have it. In terms of statuses, guard against Death using either Deathforce or Destruct/Odin + Added Effect. The other statuses can be dealt with using Remedy/Esuna or Dispel.

In terms of team, I would recommend fielding Barret & Cait Sith for their naturally high defences and give them armour that props up their Magic Defence. If you can get Defence and Magic Defence past the 200 mark then it should greatly reduce incoming damage. They should both have Esuna+All, Dispel, Revive, and Restorative so they can keep the team ticking over and if one gets grabbed, the other is there to keep supporting. They'll need some kind of attacking option though in case your damage-dealer gets grabbed; Cover + 5x Counter Attack on Barret would be a good shout, and/or Cait Sith using Enemy Skill abilities.

About Grab; only one Arm is capable of using Arm Grab (the Right Arm); the Left Arm has had its AI disabled for this ability so once the Right Arm is killed you won't see Grab again.

Your third guy should probably be a caster. Vincent has higher physical defence than normal which should help, though Aeris could be brought in with something like Planet Protector/Pulse of Life as a panic button (though this will probably not fill again if Sadness is being used). They should be making use of W-Magic & MP Turbo (maybe with a summon like Bahamut-ZERO on Quadra as this circumvents the 1-use limit on Summons).

For logistics, you're going to need a lot of items. Turbo Ethers can be acquired from the North Crater by feeding Magic Pots Ethers (not Elixirs), and the bosses from Midgar Raid should provide a lot of money for stocking on things like Phoenix Downs, Remedy, etc.

In the fight itself, the Protect Vests should make the opening attack and Lapis much more survivable. He then alternates between Missile Array (his physical attack) and a 'special' like Submersion, Stern Warning, or Lapis Laser. When an arm is destroyed, his attacks will change.

Phase 1
-) Lapis Laser
-) Missile Array
-) Stern Warning (Shout: Confusion, Paralysis - single target)
-) Submersion (Water: Sleep, Silence, Darkness - single target)

Phase 2 (1 Arm Destroyed)
-) Amethyst Laser (Fire: dual-drain)
-) Tower Laser (single target)
-) Harsh Warning (Physical, non-elemental)
-) Stern Warning

Phase 3 (both Arms Destroyed)
-) Coral Laser (Instant KO, 60% chance)
-) Missile Array
-) Time Warning (Shout: Slow, Stop)
-) Submersion

Phase 4 (Core at 50% HP or lower)
-) Rainbow Laser (Reduces Defensive stats by 10%)
-) Tower Laser
-) Missile Array
-) Stern Warning

It's best to save all your burst damage for this last phase; Quadded Summons will be particularly good there. Rainbow Laser's effect will be removed if a character dies (like Hero Drink/Dragon Force effects) so it isn't a permanent defence loss. The last thing to mention is that he'll use a powerful attack when he dies; make sure to try and keep people topped up and have MBarrier active at all times in anticipation of it.

I'll check Yin-Yang and get the message removed. Will make sure to impoverish you for the next run.

Gameplay Mods / Re: New Threat 1.4 for 7th Heaven?
« on: 2017-05-16 00:32:34 »
First of all, you need to install the 7H mod loader:

When that's set up correctly, you have 2 options; the NT IRO from the built-in catalog or the IRO I've got on the NT thread. If you go with the catalog (which has all the other mods in it) then run 7H and go to the Catalog tab and click 'Search'; this should bring up the full list of them.

To use the IRO I've got on the thread, go the the Library tab and click Import. Then select the 'From IRO archive' tab and and specify the .iro file to get it loaded into 7H. Mind to activate the mods once they're selected/imported.

So I've been trying to fight the Kaktuar boss in the purple materia cave and I'm stuck. I know the mechanics necessary in order to defeat him, as I beat in my last playthrough, but now that I'm doing a no SP run, things are much different this time. Since physical attacks are the way to go, I figured I could give Tifa a chance to shine and load her up with Water Element and the God Hand with 255 accuracy. However, because of his high evasion and more importantly, luck, Tifa can't land a lot of hits on him. I tried giving her the Amulet, which raises her Luck by 75, but even that really isn't doing much. Since all of the characters are now super-fragile because of No SP, and the Amulet's penalty of preventing barriers, Tifa can't really survive very long. I do have some SP Mines and Fletch Rockets that deal a decent amount of damage, though, and I've been using them with my other two characters. Kaktuar is also not susceptible to any noteworthy status ailments, either. My question is: do I have no other choice but to rely on those items, or is there something I'm not thinking of??

You have some leeway to hit him with Magic, and items can't miss due to their formulas so Dragon Scales might be effective (Serpents have them in the Gelnika). Throw is quite strong too if combined with high-damage weapons like the Mideel Crystal-tier weapons (Partisan for instance) but I don't know how the accuracy works on it; hopefully it'll be like Item.

Also, quick question, for the Boss at the Quadra Magic Materia, is there another strategy besides:
Spoiler: show
Confuse all the little bombs with Hades/Bad breath/Confuse and then cast Demi 3 on them one by one and hope that random chance is your friend and they use their insta kill/eject on another confused bomb death attack to continue the chain reaction until only the big boss is left instead of using it on you.

The idea of the fight was that you don't kill the bombs, but instead keep them healthy to avoid a detonation (the boss targets them with chain detonation and an ability called 'Set Fuse' which sets them with the Dual-Drain status). I never thought about how Confuse could circumvent it though, that's quite clever.

I've fixed the Tseng thing, but not the Yin/Yang/Adamantaimai things so I'll get those sorted out.

The balancing on Disc 3 was much more off than I'd realised. I've basically had to start over with AI, attacks, and stats for everything there.

Gameplay Mods / Re: Disable Materia Menu (Job Class Mod)
« on: 2017-05-09 13:25:11 »
So i'm thinking of the following setup for each character.

Cloud: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Restore, Revive, Alexander, Chocobo Lure
Tifa: Counter Attack, Sense, Deathblow, Mime, Restore, Odin
Barret: Cover, HP Plus, Mystify, Seal, Transform, Barrier, Phoenix
Aerith: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Restore, Heal, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh
Red XIII: Enemy Skill, Manipulate, Kujata
Yuffie: Throw, Steal, Double Cut, Morph, Luck Plus, Exit, Leviathan, Pre-Emptive
Cait Sith: Restore, Revive, Heal, Barrier, Time, Destruct, Choco/Mog
Vincent: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Poison, Contain, Destruct, Hades
Cid: Time, Comet, Gravity, Slash-All, Bahamut, HP Plus

Honestly I don't know what Kaldarasha is talking about xD but it sounds complicated and if you want to do that then i'll leave it to you smart cookies :P

If you opt to have Summons on them then you could maybe try and set the Materia up so that the actual spell itself is 'locked' until it has reached Lv.2-3 or go with the Garnet/Dagger approach and have their MP cost be quite high so that they can't be used until later levels. You could also go with changing their actual damage formula and set them to be lower in base-power but with some kind of property like Ignore Defence so they don't overpower early spells when enemy defence is low but can still be useful late-game when enemy defence is a lot higher.

I was fighting Protoroth a few days ago, and I saw something odd happen. He used one of his magic attacks that turned Aeris into a Frog, and when I went to cast a spell, I noticed that Pearl was the only spell that she could cast. I know that Frog is supposed to disable magic and limits, so it seems a little weird. Is this supposed to happen??

On another note, in regards to the mod you're starting on for FF8, did you know there's an unused enemy called "Dummy"? Do you think that enemy can somehow be restored for the mod as an optional superboss or something?? Just an idea I had.

It just clicked there. Someone reported this before but I had no idea what it was. When you're a Frog, I think you can still cast the spell Frog to change yourself back...but Pearl replaced this spell and that's why it's still usable. Must be an index thing.

I dunno if Dummy is functional or not. I'll be focusing on just getting the framework of the mod together, so probably no new enemies for the alpha build. There's no model editor (that I know of) and the enemies use textures which makes things awkward. I can't just bolt and shape parts together like I do in FF7 with Kimera.

As I explained the game I have is on a playstation 1 disc. I don't have the tools to burn a disc copy (has a shaded color protection). I don't have the pc version either (assuming this is where I would get the kernel.bin file from).

If you have a CD drive you can just pop the PS1 disc in and CDMage can extract the file, no burning required; I did this with my PS1 disc (PAL) a while back and it worked.

The kernel.bin is in the lang-en/kernel folder (or just kernel folder if it's the older 1998 PC version). The PSX kernel can be found in the INIT folder and extracted using CDMage or a similar tool (both PSX and PC kernels are near identical, fortunately, and can both be read/altered by Wall Market). Open the CD using M2/2352 option, rather than M1/2352.

It displays the data like this:

Gameplay Mods / Re: Disable Materia Menu (Job Class Mod)
« on: 2017-05-08 15:44:21 »
This mod is something I always wish to play with. I have two additional questions:
1. There are many more free character IDs. Could they be used to overwriting other characters to change the Job class?*
2. Is it possible to add materia slots to the accesoirs? Additional slots could help to create some base skills for character.

*Maybe this ID could be used as materia banks. The menu already has the ability to interchange materia sets between characters, so with some (big amount of) work on the materia menu it may be possible to create fully workable job classes.

Those blank slots behave strangely. The two after Cid load PS1 Cloud and PS1 Barret (their stats + a PS1 version of their menu portrait) and the rest are Chocobos that imitate Cloud's slot but have no associated model, etc.

Oh yeah, and I guess there needs to be a way to disable exchanging, clearing Materia.

ALSO, would this mean we take out the entire Yuffie sidequest since that obviously screws up your Materia?

Exchange (should) be inaccessible if Materia command is disabled.

As for Yuffie, during that scene have the game add Summon Materia equal to the number of Materia that she can steal (I forget the exact number) to the player's inventory and then remove the line where these Materia are returned. That way, she'll make off with the Summon Materia (highest priority for her to Steal so it'll keep everything else safe; use mastered KOTR I guess) which then never gets given back leaving your equipped Materia intact.

Gameplay Mods / Re: Disable Materia Menu (Job Class Mod)
« on: 2017-05-08 12:25:30 »
I'd just like to know how to make it so you can't edit the Materia either by disabling the option in the menu (Like the first mission in the game) Or disallowing you to edit the Materia within the menu (Like Sephiroth's setup in the flashback.) Everyone will already have their Materia for their different classes and will learn via AP throughout the game, every weapon will have the same Materia slot layout and Materia found throughout the game I guess can just be sold (Don't feel like editing them out or changing them to something else.) So any help with how to accomplish this would be great.  ;D

Edit: I'm not TOTALLY new to modding this is a new account on this. (Still classify myself a noob tho :P)

I can help with this when I get back from college/work late tonight. There's a var that gets set to determine which menu commands are visible (it should be a large number 60,000+ or something) that can be seen on save points and during the game (the start of the game disables Materia, and it gets re-enabled again in Sector 7 when Barret asks you about Materia). You need to figure out what the code is for:
-) Materia/Save/PHS disabled
-) Materia Disabled, Save Enabled, PHS disabled
-) Materia Disabled, Save/PHS enabled

And change all the codes used by save points, etc. accordingly so that they display the correct combination of menu commands. Another thing you'll need to remove is all instances of 'clear X's materia/equipment' from the scripts as this'll break your Materia set-up.

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