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Hi im trying to install this mod for the steam version using the standard installer and when I get into the game it's like nothing has been patched (don't get difficulty dialogue box coming up at the beginning after selecting new game either). The patcher says that it ran successfully and I even tried copying my data folder to the desktop to patch it there and it still didn't work after I copied that data folder into my install directory. I am running an english version so I didn't need to rename any files\folders.

If I try to run the patcher again it says that it won't patch over an already patched game.

Thanks for any help, I just bought ff7 on steam to play this mod.

Run file validation to have Steam reset the game to default, then try setting the installer to run as admin and make sure anti-virus isn't obstructing the installer .exe as well.

ive reached sector 8 during midgar raid mission and game crashes if i try to climb down first ladder. i switched off ochu, turned off all mods save music, same result. Help? here are applog and crash save files:

also first save icon before descending into sector 8 also didnt work, just fyi.

I'll check the scene and work from there.

Any idea when 1.5 is coming out sega?

It'll be soon; I'm about to do Midgar Raid.

So, I've just made it to Nibelheim, and a friend playing alongside me says he has Deathblow.  Did I miss it?  I think I got an Added Cut in Gonzaga where it normally is.

In the flevel patch, I used the 1.5 flevel to avoid having to implement two separate sets of fixes for everything. This means you've got some 1.5 placements in your game; Deathblow was swapped with Added Cut.

Edit: No crash occurred when I went down the first ladder in the Midgar Raid. Disable every mod including that music mod and then try the ladder again.

Well, I just finished the game with this mod! Man I gotta say, I had a great time with it.

One big question I had was: why not have the final cinematic? I mean, I know it kind of breaks the plot flow a bit, but I still would have loved to see it at the very end. It also surprised me that the credits were cut out too.

Other than that, the surprise at the final, final fight was really cool and a lot of fun. It was also nice to beat this game while being pretty overpowered for once. I went ahead and did all the side stuff so the final bosses were cake, and I really like that option got left in.

I know you're putting the finishing touches on the mod, but maybe make them truly difficult in the hard version? It's just a thought.

That said SegaChief, thanks for all the hard work. Really. This breathes new life and love into one of my top 5 games all time and my absolute favorite FF. You're the man, man.

I'm reinstating the last FMV and the last few bosses are getting the most work done to them; I'd like the mod to go out with a big bang, so having a good last few battles is right up there on the priority sheet.

Viridian Weapon is kicking my ass. Any tips?

Not at home at the moment, but all Weapon bosses should be weak to Hidden. You can get this element onto weapons using Elemental + non-elemental Materia (some don't work mind), and for spells Shadow Flare carries Hidden on it. Viridan's AI is unchanged from Ruby Weapon (this has changed for 1.5 though), so the usual gamut of tricks can be used; you can keep a party of 3 by going in with 2 of them KO'd and then reviving them. The tentacles counter-attack damage dealt to the boss (so be careful when attacking) and there's a slew of statuses and elements that can be guarded against to simplify things. For damage, you'll want to have access to the North Crater so you can build Materia on the Left-Up path (Magic Pots accept Ethers now instead of Elixirs, and both they and Movers give much more AP than before for fast Materia mastering).

Loving the mod, just finished the Dark Cave sidequest and all I have left is Jenova/Sephiroth. One problem, I never got the Pulse Ammo or X-ATM core, and the lost and found technician only asks to fix Cid/Tifa's already completed limit quests. I'm confused as I'm up to date with all the hotfixes and all my search results are telling me that this was fixed and just to talk to the technician, which isn't helping.

Edit: Also, I got to Safer Sephiroth, got my ass kicked, then had the game continue as if I had won

Core should have been dropped by X-ATM in Barret's Lv.4 Limit fight. Pulse Ammo should have been obtained during the Dark Cave sidequest. If they're missing, then it's likely because I've been shuffling things about too much and dropped them out of the script by accident. The technician is my debugger NPC that checks for var flags and gives out stuff that wasn't dropped when it should have; there's been a lot of script changes in NT recently and some of the rewards weren't placed properly. I'll check the Safer thing, probably a battle mode thing.

Great, thank you! That is what i have been looking for.

Have you also made changes to "Barrier"? I am pretty sure that the "Reflect" effect of this materia bounces spells back two times. After trying around a bit with this materia (Currently at Lambda Calcule) I have noticed that the materia bounces spells back more that two times. This is pretty annoying when I want to use cure ony my party and there is still one or more charges left of the reflect spell.

FF7's reflect behaviour is as follows:
-) Reflect given as a spell will have 4 charges/bounces in it.

-) When a single-target spell is bounced, it will hit a random target on the opposite 'team'.

-) When a multi-target spell is reflected by more than one actor (for instance, if your entire team has Reflect on and Fire+All was used on you) then each iteration of that spell will be reflected and cast separately. This can be used as a strategy to triple your spell damage output.

-) If the recipient of the bounced spell also has Reflect then it will be bounced back and forth until a target receives the damage.

-) For permanent Reflect effects such as Reflect Ring, spells can only be bounced once per turn in order to avoid permanent loops, but-

-) The Resist status affects Reflect, in that it will not deplete the number of bounces the effect has. So if you give someone Resist on top of Reflect then they essentially have unlimited Reflect...but without the 1 bounce per turn limitation of permanent Reflect effects. This can cause a crash if both you and the target have Reflect + Resist and a spell is bounced between you, as the target of that spell can never be resolved. The game will freeze the instant you confirm the spell target.

so im already in sub and dont remember if i missed cids scimitar or is it placed somewhere else? cant chack it, already saved over that game and cant go back?

and where the hell is that student of cids for his l4 break? or is it in disc 3 only? im finished rocket launching searched whole town and nuthin.

forgotten citys path to the altar is also blocked and cant get ther for her l4?

godo also repeats same get thur maurrhia sentence when talked to w yuffie in party and yes i got levi scales.

i only managed to activate vincent fight but am not yet strong enough to beat the bast...bitc...kahem lucrecia.

So the scimitar itself has been moved to the northern crater. You'll find it in there.

Additionally the level 4 limit quests don't activate until you get to the bottom of the northern crater. There's an npc there that will take you back up to the highwind. Talk to the new NPCs on the highwind to learn more.

I don't know how you could be doing the battle against lucrecia if you only have the sub so far.

Vincent's Lv.4 boss is basically triggered on the original script where you'd visit the Cave for his flashback and then return after a set number of battles to find Death Penalty & Chaos. I just added an encounter trigger to it was all. It's one of the few that can be accessed before Disc 3.

I've had yet another bug. The game locks up after you fight mirage and Cloud says we should use the sector 5 keycard to leave Midgar. He turns to Yuffie and... nothing. Guess I'll try to mess with the mods again lol.

This sidequest is really cool though. I don't know how you did all of it. Makes me wish other modders would do more stuff like this!

I'm not too fond of the sidequest myself. I kinda wish I'd went a completely different direction with it, but here we are. The original script was going to be something similar to Cyan's mind in FF6 where you worked through several unrelated areas with odd effects in place to get to the end. It would have been in 3 separate parts with 3/9 characters in each, all meeting up at the end for the finale. The first part was going to be Cloud, Tifa, and Vincent as Turks going through Whirlwind Maze with Reno & Rude, 2nd was a Phantom Train with Cid, Yuffie, and Red XIII, 3rd was never drafted in any way. If you peek at the Whirlwind Maze files you'll find some fragments of those prototype scripts.

As for your bug, I'm not sure but I think this issue popped up in the past as well. I'd advise trying different party comps; I used Barret & Tifa (I think) for the test run so they'll likely be the most stable.

thx onegaminus.

 - I don't know how you could be doing the battle against lucrecia if you only have the sub so far. -

i got no race bred gold chocobo, which i rode 1. time to cave, fought a number of battles, went 2. time after getting sub, got lucrecia battle, to strong atm, left it for later.

Cid's Lv.4 Limit was changed slightly; when you've returned from the bottom of North Crater, talk to Shera and then go round back. The sidequest is now handled by a technician working on the Tiny Bronco.

I'm currently trying to math out if there's a way for Cait Sith to achieve 255 in all stats through Transformation.  You don't need much Luck, at least - Cait Sith can cap out at around 153 iirc

I think he gains the base-average of the party for each stat, which is then given a modifier:

Attack = Atk + [100% * Atk]
Magic = Mag + [20% * Mag]
Defence = Def + [20% * Def]
M.Defence = MDef + [20% * MDef]
Dexterity = Dex - [50% * Dex]
Evasion = Def% - [20% * Def%]
M.Evasion = MDef% - [50% * MDef%]
Luck = Lck

So for Luck, you're going to need 255 on every character to get that average. Of bigger concern are the Dexterity and Evasion stats, which are given a penalty for their modifier. Def% also doesn't use Dexterity bonuses when calculated, only the raw stat average given by armour.

Attack 'adds' itself, so you need an average of 127-128. Magic, Defence, and MDefence need something in the 210-220 range to reach 255. I suspect that Dexterity can't be left at 255 due to the subtraction being made to it. The evasion stats can't reach the maxes either, though Yuffie's innate being active could lift it up a little.

Hello everyone.  Love the mod Sega Chief.  Was going to wait on 1.5 since you said you had finalized item placements, but I guess I can just restart after it's out.  But for now, I have a question.  I've been watching Death Unites Us, playthrough of the mod before I started playing and he encountered the X-ATM in the Corel Prison, just outside the place where you fight Dyne.  But when I played, it wasn't there.  Was it moved or is this a bug?

X-ATM is being moved from the Desert Prison to Mt. Nibel, so no worries.

Hey SegaChief.

I believe I have the most recent IRO for the NT mod, from April 14th. Everything has worked smoothly except one thing. I'm trying to do the Dark Cave sidequest. At the first conversation, after Barret says that the others are gone, and Cloud turns to him, the game just seems to softlock. The game still animates, but Cloud just stands there staring at Barret. Nothing seems to be happening. This kind of thing has happened a couple times before, where the game seemed to be loading before the next person spoke, but it didn't take longer than 20 seconds, while after several minutes there's been no luck. I've also deactivated all field models as someone else mentioned doing that and it fixed a similar issue.

I am sure there is some kind of info (I've seen something around called a bin?) I could send to help you on this subject, but I have no idea what it is or where I could access it.

I am really loving the mod and it is the best thing I think anyone's made for FF7. Thanks so much for the hard work. You've breathed new life into this and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to play FF7's vanilla version after all the fun stuff here.

I'm not sure what could be causing that. Maybe it's a missing animation file for that field? Although you would have likely encountered a soft-lock well before now if that was the issue. Field model mods, animation mods, or field background mods may be responsible.

You've said it good man. My sentiments exactly. Btw where is dark and purple cave, im at huge materia quest atm, is it available yet or later?

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Dark Cave is started from Dio in Battle Square's museum, then head for Bone Village and make your way through the Sleeping Forest to find some people milling about; you're climbing the vine there to reach the cave above.

Purple Materia Cave is close to the initial entrance to Mt. Corel (costa del sol side), it's an island covered by a desert; you'll need a special Choboco to reach it. The Mountain Chocobo can reach it if you land the airship behind the cave and then go over the mountain to get to it.


Has the main installer had an unwrapped background image this entire time?

Couldn't find a way to fix the weird, albeit funny, bug in the latest part of the dungeon with every background being replaced by disc 1 fmv's, so we decided to just finish the game and embrace the bizarreness. This mod was a frigging blast to play along with a friend old-school style; all weekend long laying on the couch, taking turns, with tons of beer.. all that good stuff. I believe we plowed through all the new content, or at least all we could find... The whole playthrough clocked in at ~120hrs, which must be easily above average, I'm sure, but we were just having so much fun with it.

During a long playthrough like this, you're bound to discover some.. oddities. Not to mention, we've always enjoyed trying out weird stuff that may or may not be conventional and crash the game. We took notes of the things that crashed the game for us, as well as our general thoughts on some technical aspects of the mod. While it's still fresh in my mind, I'd be glad to send some of these notes to you Sega, if you're at all interested in the feedback. Let me know if it's OK; and where you want 'em sent. 

Of course I'm interested in feedback; Qhimm has a PM function or making a post here with a link to pastebin/a download link to whatever file you've stored the notes in would be fine.

Great, so 1.5 isnt on 7h iro yet i suppose?

Oh and which materia would you suggest to master? Im using double growth equipment mastered most materia at least once, am thinking command and magic counter, hp/mp absorb would be most useful... What about elemental, added cut/effect?

AP yields increase dramatically as you advance through the game, so you'd be best developing Materia that has lower AP requirements early on then using the higher AP later in the game to get the more expensive bits of Materia leveled. Elemental and Added Effect give you more defensive options when preparing for bosses later on so they're good picks.

1) I do get the box that indicates to choose the difficulty, but only 1 is available since the other one is locked.
2) I don't see that help bar anywhere, unless is the target switch, I didn't get to see any names at all.
3) Nope, only bolt and Ice.

Maybe is because I installed the NT Mod first and then I patched with 7H, I'll delete everything and try it but doing the 7H first to see if it works.

Like Alyza said, if using 7H, you shouldn't use the stand-alone NT installer at all. IROs are what handle mods for 7H, and they change the game files when running FF7 via 7H.

Sega a bug: after ft condor materia battle when party (cid, barret, yuffie) talk to old man they mention seeing cloud and within the convo theres a line from vincent even though hes not in the party. Dont remember h line but can replay if you want?

Also when revisiting church w aeris, she's still in the church talking of fixing the roof and chill. Also i cant get through the passage even though theres red arrow. Suppose that all is normal?
 The first guy past the church screen cant be talked to, and at save point i dont have rank up and check option, i guess it wasnt possible at that game time progress so you programmed save point that way?

Lol Horneos mansion is open! An idea you could make a cross dressing mini game/theatre/competition/comedy w boys n girls there w some kind of reward? Would sure be fun.

I encountered the Vincent line problem and fixed it in the 1.5 files I have.

When visiting certain towns, the characters will appear in set places. The back of the Church can't be visited usually, though it retains the red arrow. Rank Up features were disabled on Midgar save points, but those options should re-enable when Game Moment is high enough.

Hey chief im back from gaeas cliff, giving seph black materia and getting highwind. Im in fort condor and the man says theyve had 5 battles and have 0 gil. Is this normal or did i somehow miss 5 of them??? Ive done immediately every battle i got notified of. If i did will i miss some important reward at end of all battles?

It would really suck if i did and i went through so much effort to do them all.

Oh and theres a bug whenever i go bavk from battles, exit with teleport guy is blocked by invisible barrier and i have to climb up and back down, so i can get out normally.

The original plan was to make every battle available but there's a few in the span of a very short space of time for the Junon Weapon Raid, so I changed it so that the money Fort Condor has when you visit them should be enough to cover the inaccessible battles.

The bug is an oversight on my part. I think it was corrected in the latest flevel patch.

Chiming in because I was in the same boat as you. I looked it up and it's in the original game also; those 5 battles can't be fought (there's 1 or 2 fights like that in the later parts of the game also) and apparently the fort needs a certain amount of gil to fend Shinra off on their own. Meaning, you'd have to know about it beforehand and contribute gil. If you didn't know about it, you're kinda screwed. And as far as I know, there's nothing in the game that clues you in on this little factoid. I was pissed, too, because I really wanted to see what the special prize was and took good care to fight every battle right away&legitimately, just to have the game basically tell me "Oh, you weren't aware of this? Sucks to be you, don't it?"

It wouldn't be that bad if you could just go back to an earlier save and give them some gil before the plot railroad begins, but it's a huge chunk that you'd have to replay. It's one of those old school rpg "deal with it, greenhorn" things.

I set them to start with enough money to cover those battles (I think) but if not I'll raise their starting money. That way, if you attend every accessible battle, you won't need to give them a dime. You can actually get Condor done without spending a single gil if you only use Fighters as the payback on each surviving unit was raised to 400gil (equal to a Fighter).

I feared that, I do remember the color of the Scorpion being black/gold, but I don't think I've seen enemies any different than vanilla, wow it has been vanilla all this time what a bummer...I knew it was too easy.

Is there anything I can do to fix this without having to patch everything again?

I don't know, I suspect 7H wasn't set up correctly or isn't being allowed to function properly by some issue like security/anti-virus (it injects files at run-time which can make anti-virus tetchy). There are several tests to look for when running NT from a new game to check that it was patched properly:
1) When starting New Game, a text box will appear confirming build version and asking for difficulty selection (though only Normal/Original is available just now) (flevel check).
2) The first battle, open the help bar and check the names of the first two enemy soldiers you fight; they should be called MP Trainees instead of just MPs (scene check).
3) Open the menu and check Cloud's available magic. If he has started with Fire equipped in addition to Ice and Bolt then kernel has been patched (kernel check).

Sorry, maybe you got my point wrong. I am aware that the materia locations are slightly different to vanilla :)

What i meant is the behaviour of the materia. Since you have made some changes to the game mechanics i am interested in information about materia combinations for example. You know, like the damage reduction when you use elemental dmg materia in combination with "all" materia or using knights of the round with quadra magic.

Here are the changes: proc-rates for things like Cover and Counter-Attack. Cover starts at 20% and raises in 10% increments for a max of 50% chance (but they can be stacked onto each other so two mastered Covers on a character = 100% proc chance). All counter Materia starts at 10%, and rises by 10% each time for a max of 50% chance. Sneak Attack was changed so that it now maxes out at 100% chance instead of 80%. Final Attack has a max of 2 charges (but might be 1 charge now, not sure). A number of Materia were set to be 1-Star and/or to drop as Mastered so that they are unique and only one is available (Summon Materia, for instance). The relation between Support Materia and others is the same.

Some new spells replace old ones. Lagomorph is Frog + Mini combined together. Pearl and Hydro are Contain-level spells for Holy and Water element that appear on the Ultima Materia (renamed to Planet Materia); has Ultima spell on it too. Death was removed in favour of the spell Remove which had the same effect. Poisona was dropped in favour of Osmose for MP regeneration. A lot of the Enemy Skill effects were changed too.

Sounds like the game has set Disc 1; did you do Dark Cave?

The scene hotfix patch here on Page 1 of this thread should fix it. If not, let me know.

Great Job Chief, it works. Thank you so much  :) :)
But i tested it at the Save Point in Rocket Town Cids House, where is the Save Point Chime ?

And is there a way to Reset the Game, without Exit to Windows and start it up again. Like on PS "L1 L2 R1 R2 Start Select" ?

What I mean is, when you touch the Save Point and hear a chiming sound effect it means the flag has been turned off; I added the script line for it right below that SFX prompt. Sounds like it worked though.

Here's the IRO:

The save point chime should deactivate the Arrange Mode flag.

Hey chief! I just found this hilarious series of ff7 videos, it would be fun if you could implement it into nt!

What vids?

I'll make a new IRO.

I tested my Saves, when i open my old FF 7 without 7thH i cant use the new Saves, they are not visible in their slots. But the old ones work, now i load the Cave of GI Save and open up the Rank up System. It Works.

Then i close the old FF 7 and open the new one with 7thH, now i see all Saves the old ones and new ones. I load up the same Save "Cave of GI" and open up the Rank up System, and i get the Error Aint no Rank up in this Mode.

So i think this is not a Savegame Problem.

I think that's cause 7H uses a different save folder; the Steam save folder is in: C:\Users\(yourusername)\Documents\Square Enix\FINAL FANTASY VII Steam\user_######
whereas 7H save files are kept in the actual install location for the game files. Otherwise it's maybe some kind of security thing; I noticed recently that my save editor can't 'see' my new files, but instead sees my old ones from a ways back.

Arrange Mode causes no permanent damage; it's just a single flag that can be toggled on and off. It's probably crept in from debugging onto one of the save points.

Hi Sega Chief, thank you so much for the great Mod i love it. But now i have a big Problem with the Rank up System. I cant use it no more.

When i enter it, Mr Smile says Aint no Rank up in this Mode. Then the Game Freezes but the Musik and Background Animation still works, i cant quit or exit now. I must close the Game with Alt+F4.

There is a Picture from the Message Mr Smile says

I play the Game with 7thHeaven, i allready deactivated all other mods and stuff but it still dont work.

Please help.

Looks like you've managed to get the Arrange flag turned on. I'll need to prep a patch to get it turned off again; at what point of the game are you?

Hi there,

at first: The game is pretty tough for me to be honest (im actually at the railway heading to corel). Anyway it is a nice challenge, i am getting a bit nostalgic :) and the fights have much more action. All in all its great work so far!

What I am actually wondering about is the materia system.
There are enough sources for in depth explanation around the vanilla materia system. Since there are a lot of changes in NT, is there any valuable source about materia you can recommend? Or can i use the vanilla sources for that?

The locations are slightly different but nothing should be missable. Vanilla sources for materia should usually be consistent with NT materia locations but some have been moved about. There should be a document in the Main Installer folder that has a list of where everything is.

I found something odd that occurred in Mt Nibel the other day. I was fighting a group of two Screamers and a Twin Brain. I went after the Twin Brain first and all of a sudden when I tried to target it I could not. I assumed that maybe he died without doing the death animation. I tried using a multi-target attack like Antipode to target it, and sure enough he was not shown as a target since no cursor appeared on him. The two Screamers died like normal, though, and the battle ended when they died.

Prob an AI thing, I'll check him out.

Sega Chief, two questions

1. any ETA on 1.5?
2.  Do you plan to integrate the Beacause script in some fashion?

No ETA I'm afraid; I'm just past the Corel Train though.

NT 1.5 will have a completed re-write, but I'll need a break before looking at making a special version with Beacause script in it assuming Dan gives the go-ahead. The eventing between both mods is different so the only safe way to do it would be manually which will take time.

Out of curiosity I got a question...

I'll give you an example, just before the Dyne fight, there's this fight when you focus on the guy that's lying down right, but when I got into battle, the 3 enemies do nothing, they just stay there and take damage, just like the monsters I got while helping Jesse and when I tried to take the Phoenix Downs from the nests...

Is this supposed to be like this or has the game glitched on me?

It sounds like you're getting debug battles which is worrying because those battles have been overwritten completely for NT, and in turn means that your scene.bin isn't patched. If that's the case, then there's a chance you've been fighting default enemies this entire time.

In the very first boss battle, did Guard Scorpion appear black/gold and have the new name of X-ATM Scorpion? Did it use Magnetic Scope instead of Search Scope?

Uh not that I'm aware. I killed him outside Midgar, then it played a scene with them shooting the barrier. There was a weird white pixel wall that moved across the screen when I won the fight. I watched a youtube video of someone beating it and they got the same white wall effect with no problems though.

I actually tried grabbing a save editor that I had seen him using in the video but I don't know how to actually use it. I was just going to set the flag for the barrier being down before I gave up haha.
Will the patch work for the exe version or will I need to migrate to 7H?

edit: Looks like rolling back my event flags worked. I had to kill Diamond again but it worked this time. I did get an extra shield materia and another bucket full of EXP and AP though. I can't say I'm complaining though.
for reference, I was 1568 and rolled back to 1566. 1567 was some kind of unused scene I think?

The Curator is impossible to beat. I'm glad I checked youtube for what I'd be missing out on because I probably would have quit playing. Well played.

I'll add a failsafe to the event in case this happens to other people.

Edit: where is the condor teleport man after cait scene in gold saucer? Couldn't find him anywhere and had to traverse normaly to fort.

I only added in the teleport NPC when it would be impossible/time-consuming to get there manually. That bit of the game you have the Bronco, and Fort Condor is quite close to the Temple.

Hey sega just occurred to me is it possible to get load option in menu or at save point just like you made other option available? Its time consuming to exit and relaunch 7H just to load different save? Its a hassle. Or is alyza better to ask of that feature? I miss save and load state of epsxe...

I guess it would be a pain; 7H takes a little longer to load if I remember right. I don't know how to add that functionality to the Menu, but I think Dan implemented a soft-reset hack (but it had a drawback of some kind). Otherwise, what I could do is somehow force a Game Over so that you end up back at the Start screen.

Can anyone tell me where to go after beating Diamond outside of Midgar?
They said to check out the Crater now but the barrier is still up bouncing me off. "Something buzzed by."

Sounds serious; the Barrier is supposed to be gone after seeing the 'Sister Ray Fires' FMV. I can sort this out for your save game with a patch but I wonder what the underlying cause was. Were any of the scenes missing after you beat Diamond Weapon?

Heeeeeeey wth is going on with yuffies wutai entry scene!? I got som materia that wasnt stolen! Is that supposed to be or its a glitch?
I got 1 poison, 3 heals, 6 restores, 3 lighting/ice/fire, 1 sense, 2 steals.

Did i have more than the game thought i should've?

Edit: tried that scene once more and materia left is literally the same, so its not a bug? Or it a repeated bug?
Edit: well went through wutai w those. Oh well.

Yuffie can only steal a certain amount of Materia and will leave some behind based on certain criteria.

1) which i did, killed allofem with morph. Would it be too much to ask you for boss item drops till gi nattack? Or pm if its not for public? Im too far into the game to refight from game start. If not never mind.
3) it did give additional results but still no search within thread. Thx anyway.
4&5) thx!

It should be in the documentation folder, there's a spreadsheet in there with listed drops.

I'm climbing Wutai Pagoda, and looking at the NT Item List, it seems Shake can be morphed into Sprint Shoes. The only problem is, how the heck do you hit him physically, without using a Limit Break?!

I can't seem to hit him with any physical attack, let alone Morph. Granted, Yuffie is only lvl 38, with 118 W.Atk% and 126 Dex... But how high exactly is Shake's Evasion? Can you even hit him physically at all? What's the threshold...

-EDIT- : Oh my God, I just hit him.. Once in 20 hits. This is gonna be fun...
-EDIT 2-: Nevermind, I did it!

Yuffie Lvl 38
WPN: Twin Viper (Attack% 118)
ARM: Carbon Bangle (+15 Dex)
ACC: Bolt Ring (+35 Dex)

Pumping up my Dex to 126, and I could hit him every 7-8 hits. When I was under 100 Dex, I couldn't hit him once. Sweet Sprint Shoes are mine :D

Shake (probably) has maxed out evasion but you can hit him physically using a Luck check; this is your Luck/4 for what's called a Lucky Hit where a critical hit will land. This will also supersede a Lucky Dodge check (same formula) by the enemy; this calculation is only made if a Lucky Hit calculation did not return true. At 255 Luck you will have a roughly 60% chance to always land physical hits/dodge physical hits, it's a great stat to consider.

1)This - Did i just f myself by tring to morph most bosses till now? Is that reason they didnt give me any drops sides gil, or at least most of them? dont rmmbr if they were morphable so just tried to morph most, never got crap... :-( And trying maybe excluded regular drops in vanilla game or nt iirc...?
Edit: yeah, got an itemfrom gi nattak just now, waiting for segachief to confirm so i can chokobuckle myself... All those bosses items i missed...

2)Oh and was there renaming option in the game? Named red Nanaki but now it seems unnatural.

3)Does this thread have search function, like searching jenova to get tactics for her etc? So many info went since last i visited and its shame. started running through the whole thread for copying info and realized its gonna take a year, especialy that prolly some of earliest info is outdated. Like, boxer info a page back is great but i already got into gongaga gi cave and either i wait or reload earlier save etc etc.

I got the idea to consolidate all that into one big in depth guide w categories like bosses tactics, morph & steal quality drops (weapons, equipment...), but realized its a big bite.

4) Iirc i got enemy skill materia w laser and matra magic already present, was that a bug or intended?

I read somewhere that white wind can be learned by rufus dog if i cast mirror on myself that i obtain from train graveyard, but i didnt have steal then, thought i just missed it and later found it, so how was that possible? maybe these were for vanilla and nt diferences?

5) Quote: CLOUDs \\Character Innate: Fortify//
His innate ability is one of the most potent in that it has a chance to raise his Level whenever he is
the target for a magic-based ability. Level is tied to damage output and other formulas that make the
fighter generally more effective in battle and unlike the others he has no cap on how many stacks of
this buff he can receive.

so hes basicaly getting chance to get better dmg as time goes in battle when hes hit by magic? or what. I saw all others innates when getting them except his.

6) cant find that extra encounter in gi cave, ive reached gi nattak already? Did i miss smtn or what? Is it back in the first part of the cave? Hints?
So i just went back 2 d first part and still cant find it...

1) Drops shouldn't be locked out if Morph is used; they might be if Morph kills the enemy though.

2) I was going to add an option after Cosmo Canyon to change Red XIII's name to Nanaki, if the player wants to.

3) I dunno if Qhimm's search function works; I generally type what I'm looking for into Google with 'qhimm' at the end.

4) Red likely learned these during the battle with Sample HO512; the OPTs in that fight can use both these skills. White Wind is learnable early if you have a means of producing Reflect but given the changes to Air Buster's drops I don't think it's possible any more.

5) That's an old innate description; his current one is that he gains a Strength or Magic buff based on which type of damage the other party members previously used.

Finally reached a boss that I'm just stuck on. I'm not crazy experienced with FF VII which is probably why.
The Jenova fight that turns you undead. I'm getting rocked in it.

I managed to brute force the dude in the safe already, but this one takes finesse. Any tips? Like if you can cure the undead status?

Managed to scrape by. Tifa had 54 HP left and was poisoned. Just got lucky with the Yeahs on her slots really, I didn't do anything particularly different.

Holy works on all the Jenova monsters, so combining Restore/Revive with Elemental in a weapon should yield 2x damage. I think that boss was particularly weak to magic though so Quake2 should get a good result. As for the special zombie status in that fight, you can still heal using elemental damage; if you absorb the element you can use it to restore HP in a pinch.

Hey Sega chief!! So I just got back into the game and just got out of the Corel prison. But the area right before dyne, the one with the save point and the broken down cars, did not have the guard scorpion. Was this encounter removed from the mod?? I was actually looking forward to fighting it again, since I am attempting a walk through without using SP for sources.

It was moved elsewhere; it's now found on Mt. Nibel.

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