Author Topic: Final Fantasy VII Open-World Sequel Project "Time Guardian" (PS1)  (Read 21623 times)


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@Roden I think the face thing is controlled by animations. Tifa's model suddenly has a mouth in the scene at the start of disc 3 talking to cloud in front of the highwind in the fields. Probably because you can see her very large and close here. I suppose for the default animations the mouth is left out on psx because the guys at square didnt expect to see them at an internal 320*240 res anyway.

The main story idea was at the Temple of the Ancients, instead of Cait Sith just taking the black materia, there was another trap set by the Time Guardian. Time was "scrambled" so events from the beta version and concepts from ultimania take place. That part is in the trailer above. The characters were to start in places across the world in locations that were meaningful to them - Yuffie starts near Kalm as she was originally supposed to join around there, Barret in Corel only he is not part of AVALANCHE.


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Hmm, why respond to that post 1 year 9 months later??? The video is unavailable, and the project development stopped. If anyone has more progress to be made here, then feel free to start a new thread.

This one is now locked.