Author Topic: Enemy stats on several discs (FF8) *help needed*  (Read 571 times)


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Enemy stats on several discs (FF8) *help needed*
« on: 2016-11-23 22:10:05 »
Hello qhimm,

I am a modding enthusiast. I have been modding ff8 and got my difficulty mod working on the pc version. But now I'm trying to get it work on the PS1 version of FF8. I have already started modding the enemies on disc1 with hex editor and I know what I'm doing since I'm using the same values I did on pc the version. The problem is once I get the job done on disc 1 I'd have to do the same thing for 3 other discs of the game. It would be easy if there wasn't a 3-bit code value that's different on all the discs. There are several 3-bit values that are always at the end of certain segment of the code and they are different on each discs.

Does anyone here happen to have knowledge on how to easily copy the enemy values from disc 1 to the other 3 cds? Maybe a program that can copy only the inserted code from disc 1 to other discs?

Thanks on advance.