Author Topic: Thanks to gjoerulv for FF9 save offsets  (Read 475 times)


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Thanks to gjoerulv for FF9 save offsets
« on: 2017-01-11 14:53:55 »
First: fantastic forum you have here.

Second: I want to thank user gjoerulv for posting the savemap data for FF9 in this thread:

In particular I was stumped about figuring out where the trance offset was, and was about to resort to trying every byte to see what worked.  I actually don't bother with editing mcr files anymore, since I realized that epsxe save states are just gzip files.  Editing save states usually avoids the need to reverse engineer checksums.  I typically write Python scripts providing a command line interface to edit what I want.

Third, since this is my first post:

Back in the late 90s/early 2000s I did some save-state hacking for zsnes roms.  Before Python, I typically used a hex editor to directly modify files, although I did create some win32 gui tools for editing Final Fantasy IV *.zst files.  It was nothing compared to the kinds of serious projects that others in the romhacking community were up to but it's what I wanted to do.

It's really nice to see there's a community devoted to this kind of thing.