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Re: 7th Heaven issues
« on: 2017-03-15 03:22:29 »
I ran into a rather odd problem the other day.  I installed 7th Heaven and most of the mods listed in the tutorial following the instruction exactly, and everything was working great.  I exited FF7 to set up my controller through Steam, and then ran FF7 again through 7th Heaven... and even though I hadn't changed anything, suddenly no mods were loading.  And when I say no mods were loading, I mean there were no FMV's at all, the menu text was scrunched up as it appears when you run the wrong exe (even though I confirmed the right exe was running, ff7_bc.exe because I had Becacause and Menu Overhaul active), and once I got to the game itself, everything was black except the text boxes.  So clearly some really odd loading problem appeared here...


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Re: Re: 7th Heaven issues
« Reply #1 on: 2017-03-15 04:25:43 »
You probably can't setup your controller through Steam. I say probably because I've never done that to setup my controller (plug and play). I bet once you opened Steam, it downloaded files again that the Game Converter had moved/modified. Run the GC again and choose the Overwrite option. Let's see what happens.