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5 minutes for me aswell. I like to find a middle ground between grain and texture.

It just takes to much detail away and make it look very flat and like plastic. There are 3 packs on the 7th heaven manager that use just upscaled versions and I would say that they all look better than this one because they dont flatten out as much of the depth.


Thank you so much for this mod. I play ff7 once a year and this mod breathed life into my fav game of all time.

Unfortunately I think I ran into my first bug (somewhat minor since I barely use him). But when I went to do Vincents sidequest, I got the cutscene from the original game showing Vincents past. It makes me leave lucrecias cave like in the original and when I go back in she is gone and nothing happens. I saw videos on youtube where it doesnt even show that cutscene, a boss battle occurs right when you talk to lucrecia.

Was I supposed to do something on disc 2?

Oh and this has been bothering me but who is the last playable character? Im guessing its sephy since an ultimate weapon is listed as masamune. How do I recruit him? Do I just need to fight him at the n. cave? Wont that just end the game after I beat him?


The masamune is a weapon equipable by every character. It has the properties to always hit and always critical making it a very powerful weapon. No sephi in the party.

For Vincents quest go and fight 10 battles on the world map and come back and then it should happen.

in your ff7 main folder open up ff7opengl.cfg and near the bottom there will be a line that says direct mode = . Make sure that says direct mode = on

post your profile details.

You can change attack names in Proud Clod and you can change the spell names in Wallmarket. PrC checks itself vs your Kernel2 file so change names in WM first then in PrC.

As for using the recolored models thats a bit trickier. For the boss enemies they use the same texture ids as vanilla so all you need is the p and texture files from the battle folder of the mods. For enemies that are completely new or replace another enemy in the scene.bin then you will also have to have the scene inplace too. its gets real tricky and finnickey at that point. But before you take updated models or code from another mod ask the mod developer first for permission.

all of the posted videos are of a much older version of the mod. Theres a readme included in the download called "where is the thing" that will tell you where to find materia and eskill. but its a little outdated as some of the things have been removed or changed. Your sure fire way to find the location of things is to download the Proudclod scene editor and the Makoureactor flevel editor and search for the eskills and materia/items you want in them. But thats for moderate -> advanced users.

It is. Just havent worked on it lately, other games kinda took over my free time. lol. Once the echo-s demo gets released ill start back on these. Full pack, including models, WILL be released before the end of the year.

Hi , I'm still on my first playthrough with this mod and I didn't find the 4x-cut materia where it should've been in the gelnika, there was instead another item. Is there any other place where I can find it? Or is there any mob that drop it?

Spoiler: show
 multicut can be found in the Ancient forest (the one on the plateau near cosmo canyon

7thHeaven / Re: 7th heaven app
« on: 2018-09-06 23:59:01 »
did you paste the subscription link in your 7th heaven settings?

General discussion / Re:
« on: 2018-09-04 22:30:20 »
Ive used this before. The results are better than just waifu alone. But I can get pretty much identical results using waifu and making edits such as using the AA, sharpen, and other tools in GIMP. The pricing for it isnt worth the output if you know how to use an image manipulation program.

General discussion / Re: FF8 / FF9 - Where to get started?
« on: 2018-09-03 18:43:03 » is where you want to go for FF8. There are also some gameplay mods in the ff8 gameplay release section of the forum you should check out if thats what you are interested in.

As for FF9 Im not too sure on much of it, but i think you have to manually install the mods, no central program.

The version of NT that is in the 7h catalogue is 1.4 and does not support menu over haul. In the official NT thread there is a link to the IRO version of NT 1.5 that comes with the IRO and a set of exes. Take the ff7_bc.exe and put it in your ff7 folder where the current ff7_bc.exe is and overwrite it (make a backup first ofc)

then you can either
   1. Take the NT iro included and place it in your ff7/mods/7th heaven folder where the rest of your iros are and lauch 7h
   2. In 7h go to your library and select import -> import from iro archive -> select the NT iro you downloaded, name it and hit go/ok/import. Then refresh the library tab and active the new IRO at the bottom of the list.

7thHeaven / Re: Characters are not modded?
« on: 2018-09-03 16:50:16 »
for model changes you have to add direct to the 7h settings and in your ff7_opengl.cfg file you have to find and make direct mode = on

Thank you !
So, in 7H catalog, if I activate both MO and NT mod 1.5, I can play with the 2 mods together ?
I only played goerulv's hardcore mod, and I would try at least one time the NT mod, but I can't play without MO ^^

If you are using the newest version of New Threat from the offical thread with the ff7_bc.exe that is also included in that download then the Menu Overhaul portion of the Reunion IRO will work with no issues.

Im have an issue setting up Monomod. I run the patch under the original option and it patches. But the kernel that it gives me causes the exe to freeze on launch. I did a fresh install of ff7 and set up 7th heaven again from scratch to make sure that I hadnt messed it up somehow but even on a clean starting file the kernel does not work. Any Ideas?

7thHeaven / Re: Error on step 3 on setting up 7th heaven
« on: 2018-08-31 00:22:47 »
Library location: D:\Games\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\mods\7th Heaven"D:\Games\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\mods\7th Heaven"

that would be your problem if that is how its pasted in the setting and not just a double paste here on the site.

The mod is good overall but there is an issue it replaces the normal story bosses as well and it is pretty much impossible to beat them unless you are level 70 + with the best equipment there which is not possible unless you use save editor.

Thats because he edited the bosses then just calls for the battles in the flevel in the location. The way to avoid this would have been to use some of the empty groups and copy the bosses then edit the copies. But the initial post tells you to use a save from later in the game

The idea is that you install this mod, load up your best save file and give these bosses a try.

I just went through your post history... and the only negative comments I saw were from what I would geuss is a throwaway account since his only 3 post are on your mod. That and Zara9 being a little impatient. I dont know where you are getting that a horde of people are smashing the mod because its not from qhimm. You should just relax a bit and keep up the work that you can be proud of. If you release something you like then others will be more likely to enjoy it aswell.

I dont really look in the ff9 mod section often since im not a real big fan of the game, but i know qhimm in general doesnt have many negative people, I can count on 1 hand all the active users that I dont like. I make my mods for myself and not for others, I just also think that all mods should be shared among the community even if it isnt good or is pointless. But as long as you make something that makes YOU happy then it was worth the time regardless of how many people play it.

Team Avalanche / Re: JuseteĀ“s field scenes
« on: 2018-08-29 00:56:34 »
I think jmp's is smoother from a technical standpoint, and its more visually appeasing, albeit a bit too dark, I still like Jussettes more for the game. It just fits the classic feel better in my opinion. You both are incredibly talented and im working towards getting to that level myself.

Those mods will work fine with NT. the only ones to avoid are jessie mod, Gameplay and difficulty. and Tifa/caitsith slot cheats, and the Beacause option of the Reunion. Menu overhaul is fine as long as you use the ff7_bc.exe included with the NT download.

If you own the digital version the fastest way to get back up and running is copy every file you modified and paste to the side. then if steam rightclick the game in the steam client and verify gamefile/integrity of game cache. this will compare your game to a baseline state and replace any modded/missing files. then just paste your modded files and boom good to go.

As for working with PrC save often, dont run in compatibility mode, and test your changes a few times before completing to make sure they are taking effect.

Just started a new game. Was escaping the reactor, 10 minute clock on the screen.
Spoiler: show
I see Biggs knocked out so I go help him up. He runs up the stairs, stop half way up, tells me to be careful. Then I get into a fight with Zangan? Who hits for like 5k, 1-shotting. I couldn't escape. And if I just defended, he'd say "....".
Is that supposed to happen? If so, how is anyone meant to handle that situation?

This is most likely a conflict with the Jessie mod. Turn that off and start a new game so that jessie wont be in your party anymore.

General discussion / Re: FF7 Gold Saucer mod
« on: 2018-08-25 22:44:02 »
How far into the game are you? He only appears after you get the highwind.

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