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I did intend for all the builds to be viable but I don't think the mod's end-game was designed tightly enough to make it true in every case. But there's a lot of other factors like how the party is set up, the bosses themselves, etc. You can definitely beat all of them regardless of build/party but some will make it tougher than others.

Considering I have beaten Arrange with 0 rank ups and only 2 materia per character at any given time, with no w-item glitch and no using KOTR and still managed to beat everything except the Gold saucer extra battles and Ozma I'd say that pretty much every fight is balanced properly for any player to beat. If you are just trying standard vanilla strats or you refuse to switch up your equipment or party when you get to a hard part then you need to take a closer look at your playstyle. A "good" FF7 player who can critically think and adapt will find very little things in the mod that provide a challenge.

7thHeaven / Re: Found some awesome mods
« on: 2019-04-03 00:52:18 »
these models contain ripped content from other games and are against ToS of the forums. I would recommend you remove the link and ask this as a general question.

Now to answer your actual question: If you have a set of loose files that are in the p and tex format (they will appear as no file type in windows) you place them in a folder with the correct name "battle , World_us , Magic , etc" then place them all inside a folder.
Then in 7th heaven go to workshop -> pack/unpack IRO -> pack IRO from source folder. select the folder and pack it. then go to library -> import -> import from IRO library and select the new IRO you created. Refresh your library tab and place the new IRO in the correct spot on the load order. For a mod file group that contains multiple areas like battle, world, char etc i would make a differnt IRO for every category to allow for more customization.
once you have the IRO set like that go into your ff7 root folder and open your ff7open_gl.cfg and near the bottom you will find direct mode = off. change that off to say on. (if using 1.56 7h you can toggle direct on in the openGL settings)

Remove any other IRO that edits the same models and launch and enjoy.

Form is generally used to reference shape or layout "form the clay, THIS ISN'T EVEN MY FINAL FORM, Form up maggots!"

Combine that with critical thinking of "there is no way that this option makes me fill out paper work in the menu" and the use of Form naturally makes sense from a language choice. It means exactly what the option does in game.
Formation would be more clear, but that would stretch the size of the menu box which would mess up other part and thinking about, or just pressing the button, would instantly allow you to understand what the option does.

And before anyone tries to use the "first time player" counter argument for clarity it is irrelevant in this case as they would not know the actual function of it in either case and therefore have no impact on their play experience.

Graphical Modding / Re: Game Crash Issue
« on: 2019-03-24 14:43:31 »
The reason they have multiple models is because they have different basic attacking animations. Barret has normal, heavy, upsidedown, and melee. Because the "attack" function is shared between all characters it always pulls animation ID "X" so characters with different attack styles have multiple models.

7thHeaven / Re: Apparent issue unpacking downloaded mods
« on: 2019-03-18 14:13:02 »
Go to the settings part of 7th heaven and refresh the catalogue. If that doesnt work delete your 7thWorkshop folder located in your 7th heaven folder and in %appdata%, relaunch 7th heaven and refresh the catalogue and try again.

7thHeaven / Re: Menu overhaul issues
« on: 2019-03-18 14:10:58 »
you should never use mo.exe . The materia stat values in it are different than vanilla/mods. bc.exe can and will run every mod in the catalogue with 0 issues and all that is required is the menu overhaul part of The Reunion, Beacause being on or off doesnt effect using bc.exe.


I think those materia values are in that .exe by default which I don't understand.

the materia values in mo.exe are different than vanilla and the exe should be removed from the list. bc.exe can and will run every mod available that does not require an exe edit. With or without using Beacause alongside it.

if a game updates on steam for any reason it also automatically verifies game files and replaces any modded file with vanilla. If you are using 7th heaven you need to run the game converter again and grab another copy of the NT exe. If you are using the NT installer you need to re run it and grab a copy of the NT exe.

7thHeaven / Re: How to convert a mod to .iro?
« on: 2019-02-23 17:05:04 »
without knowin the mod or its layout i cant give you an exact answers.

but the general answer is that you need to make sure the mod pieces are organized into correct folders, battle/field/magic/etc then in 7h heaven go to workshop pack/unpack IRO then pack from folder and select the fold with the mod files in it. then after it packs import it, activate it and play.

NT is compatible with every purely graphical mod. The only mods it is NOT compatible with are modsthat adjust the kernel, scene, or flevel.

Gameplay Modding / Re: FF7 Kimera texture problem
« on: 2019-02-12 17:24:39 »
Advertising ripped content (even if you are not sharing it) is against Qhimm ToS so you should probably just remove the images and make your question more general.

But as for the question. In Pcreator you need to select "flip polys" and flip your Y axis UVs

Beacause is a field script overhaul. NT also HEAVILY adjust field scripts. The amount of work to make them compatible is astronomical if not impossible.

the newest NT iro for use with 7th heaven is the "best" overall since it allows you to use graphical and music mods of your choice. NT IS compatible with the menu overhaul, but NOT with beacause. To use the menu overhaul you need to use the ff7_bc.exe that is included in the newest NT 1.5 download on the initial post of this thread.

NT can be used with any music, movie, sfx, texture, or model mod free of conflicts as long as NT is loaded below them all. I recommend putting NT at the very bottom of your load order.

there have been many changes and updates between the 7th heaven base version and the newest version via this post. The original 7h version is playable, and can be completed but you are really missing out on how the mod is "meant" to be.

My recommendation would be to restart using the most recent version.

Gameplay Modding / Re: FF7 personal mod for upload
« on: 2019-01-11 01:21:12 »
Ok heres how you install a mod via 7th heaven

1. organize your mod in a folder and inside that folder make the following folders
   battle for your scene.bin
   flevel for your flevel.lgp or flevelchunks
   kernel for your kernel and kernel2
   and any other of the folders that would be in direct mode for any other changes.

2. in 7th heaven -> workshop -> pack/unpack IRO -> pack iro -> browse for your mod folder and pack it

3. go to your library tab and import -> import from iro library .> browse for your new iro and import it.

4. refresh your list and the iro will be at the bottom of the list. activate and test to make sure it works

5. upload to a file hosting service like mega, mediashare, Nexus, etc.

6. make a thread about your mod, including what it does, the link to get it, and install instructions (for iro it will be just download the iro and either place in your ff7/mods/7th heaven folder or import from iro library)

There are more steps that can be done to add a thumbnail to your iro, give it config options in 7th heaven, and a few other things. If you need any of those just unpack another similar IRO and look at how they organized the mod.xml

Gameplay Modding / Re: FF7 personal mod for upload
« on: 2019-01-10 20:05:49 »
what kind of mod is it?
Are you trying to release it for 7th heaven?

Their knife attack also applies the Resist status. Which prevents status toggle. It can be removed by using dispel or a holy torch item.

Graphical Modding / Re: Which Field Textures Do I Use?
« on: 2018-12-31 20:15:56 »
They are all just different upscales of the vanilla fields. You only need to use one. Satsuki is what I would recommend as both Omzy and yarlson packs have issues with the light layers.

Thats not an issue with 7h. You are using the wrong exe. NT requires a custom exe that is included with the download. There is an ff7_en.exe for steam ff7_bc.exe to use with Menu overhaul. and a ff7.exe that is for 7h with no Menu overhaul. You CANNOT use beacause with NT as it edits field scripts.

7thHeaven / Re: Nothing Working At All
« on: 2018-12-13 07:38:53 »
is the game crashing or are the mods not working when in game? What does the error say if its a crash?

Post your profile details and a screenshot of your 7th heaven settings. Also in your ff7 main folder post your APP log.

Alot of weapons in New Threat give actual stats instead of just having high attack values. This tunes the damage down so you dont hit the cap early but still makes the characters very strong. If you think Cloud is weak because of his weapons then you either chose the wrong stat upgrades for the weapon you are using, or you just dont quite grasp the value of extra stats like + 10 spirit or dex.
So it may seem like cloud got nerfed, but actually hes been buffed pretty nicely. Hes the 3rd best character in the mod.

use the image above as a guide. With ff8 on steam it has steam controller support so if you follow that post youll be able to get both your dpad and joysticks to work. It worked out of the box for me with my DS4 controller and 360 afterglow.

ive saved in that location before aswell and never encountered that bug. Use black chocobo to edit your save and move back one scene and remove barret from the party. That might fix it.

her reviving or not is based on the option you chose prior to the fight. I believe you want to pick the grey option for her to live.

General discussion / Re: How do I close my account?
« on: 2018-12-02 21:43:09 »
theres no need to close the account. just dont use it anymore.

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