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Someone can help me maybe to get the data from Secret of Mana Steam Version? I need the Language Translation Files and a list of all Locations there are includet in the game.
Online i find only the Location List where you can fly with Flammie, but i need a complete list of all areas they are exist ingame.

Have anyone a idea?

They are so many Different Repositories and Tools... Can you tell me wich one of it is? i also find only sourcecodes but no compiled tools

Okay nice, this worked. (Strange im sure i clicked hundered times all checkboxs i find :P)
But in Texturefinder2 still the problem with the alpha chanels.

SAO Extractor can open some files... i also can open model files well. But the common.phyre is cursed.
the Tool cant find any information in this file. Is there maybe any other tool for stuff like that?

For better understanding my Alpha Channel (non transparent background) Problem check this image:

Hmm i cant find any tool namend SAO Extractor:
Where i can download it?

With TextureFinder2 i get the texture clean... But the Colors are totaly broken...
ideally i would need you with transparent background... i can keep the alpha channels of the textures with SAO Extractor?

And with DXT1 i need to set the Width on 16.384 to get any usefull result:
But it sill looks ultra broken :P

And you got any contact ID? (mail, icq, skype etc..) i want to show you my project, maybe you are interested in it. ;)
I am a Frontend Developer. Im building the Website and App but maybe you want to imrpoove the Project with your skills. ;)

Is there Amy was to geht in Touch with you? Im Doing a Database for the HD Remake in 5 languages. Would bei cool when I geht some Textures to make the Interface more beautiful.

And i try now for the first time to extract with TextureFinder2 a Texture Pack: steamapps/common/Secret of Mana/Media/D3D11/UI/common.phyre

I tryed with alot params, the best results i got with:

Pixel Formats: 8888 = 24+8
Width: 4096
Shift: 0

But the Colors look wrong... And i cant find any tutorial about this tool. anyone have any idea about the correct params?

You find any way to get the game data from the steam version of SoM? I Really need some Textures to! :D

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