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Hello ,
So far i've spent 2 days trying to get Aali's to work on my pc version of FF7 updated to 1.02 with no luck. I'll list every step i take when installing it here so maybe someone can help me.

Im running Winbloze 10 Pro i have tried game run as admin and without no difference.
the first thing i did was a fresh install of FF7 at c:\games\FF7
next i copied the 1.02 patch files to that Dir. FF7.exe and FF7config.
nest i started the game up and got to the first save point. i then saved and quit. Now i have a save file to make the 10 save files i read i need and i have ff7input.cfg.
then i extracted  ff7_opengl-0.8.1b to desktop then copied the contents to c:\games\FF7
next i ran ff7config (in videos i see people getting a test window popup when they goto the graphics tab, i have never had this popup) i leave the graphics at the default settings(d3d hardware , 640 full screen . check in Nvidia and TNT selected i then set and test sound and MIDI.
next i run the ff7_opengl.reg file and i leave opengl.cfg alone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

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