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Perhaps showing the script functions you have for Blank_16, hard to tell what's up or down, without it.
And what exactly did you terminate in function Main_25? Which doesn't sound right either way.

Hah, yup... sorry

That's it. Those are the only things I edited on this field.. maybe I was wrong with something...  :-[

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.39b)
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Sorry to bother again, you guys but I have a little big, I'm trying to add Blank in the Scene of Ipsen Castle, and the first part works well, for the second I have a little problem.. I haven't added him yet in the field ( I need to know how it works, because it's not related to the party in this case) so the last variable I did is "Blank_16" (he speaks to Zidane, after Steiner) so I terminated the enter in the Main_25

So WHY Zidane reacts like this???  :'( :'( :'(

The animation works fine, but in the end, whe he says he goes to look for Amarant, it starts to lagging and I don't know why his animation (when he runs on the stairs) is..uhm, quite strange? I mean he's not runnig he's moving in a strange way like if his "freezing" but the model wants to move on the stairs anyway.. I don't know if I explained

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.39b)
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That’s why I suggested: Blank, Cinna or Marcus. Yes if you model swap Beatrix it will affect scenes with Beatrix as a whole; except the battles against her, as that uses a different model. But to remain on the sure side, select between the tantalus troupe.
The model importer is in Hades workshop’s unity assets viewer. Explore archive p0data4.bin and locate Lani, export first, find said character to be replaced main model internal file name. Rename Lani’s file accordingly. But model swapping characters/importing new doesn’t work yet. It does not crash hades workshop, but it does crash in game.

Pardon, I must also note: replace any characters, be it even Blank/Cinna/Marcus, requires script editing elsewhere, otherwise, you may encounter unwanted entries during the game. Lani fighting on the theater stage and many more like scenarios to be thought out prior to. Unless such really is desired and in that case: go for it! By all means!

I guess I can try with Cinna, I think is the best choice, he does not fight alot. ;)

But model swapping characters/importing new doesn’t work yet. It does not crash hades workshop, but it does crash in game.

What do you mean exactly?

The model importer is in Hades workshop’s unity assets viewer. Explore archive p0data4.bin and locate Lani, export first, find said character to be replaced main model internal file name.

Sorry but, this is really my very first time, I need a Step by Step.. So, I exported the model of Lani (368) and Cinna (661) to understand which is who, but...what now? I mean,when I replace the model, how do I distinguish them to the "battle" one and the "field" one ( I mean, the one used for cutscenes etc)

And if I want to add the "Victory pose" (using an animation of her already in) how do I do? 

I know the animations are at p0data5 do I distinguish the animations of the battles? For example "Animation xxx of the model Battle Cinna"

Please, if you can give all the names and fuctions I need for both Cinna and Lani I'll be so grateful, for now I'm searching all the animations by myself but it's quite hard x''

Currently not possible as of right now, no character party data for Lani; but here’s a broader thought to get the ball rolling!:

1. Find a current character to replace (you’ll use as Lani) (Be it maybe: Blank/Marcus/Cinna
(Battle model only)
2. Design a portrait for Lani.

3. Model swap her model with said character (when it becomes workable).

4. Init the character from the script accordingly.

Best way to go about seeeing Lani as a bonus character; I have a similar set up with Nyx Ulric.

Hey thank you! This sound a good Idea! I can try swapping with Beatrix, maybe... but, how do I do exactly? Could you give me a little example with screenshots (you know I really don't want to mess something x''3) Can be the risk that can swaps of default for the entire game? (I mean, for Example, when Beatrix fight with Steiner, In that case I still have Beatrix or I'll total swap her with Lanì?)

And, sorry..another question how can I allow Blank to active the Support Abilities?


No worries, I guess is solved is "CIL Code" -> "Macros", "Unlock Ability Learning" right?

@Tedrainbow: Maybe you import the atlas file in a RGB format (Alpha channel, ie. transparency is not imported). In the Unity Assets Viewer's image options, you can choose the "RGBA" compression method to be sure to import the image without compression and with its transparency. If I remember correctly, the DXT5 compression method can use about 4 shades of transparency.

MIPS is the assembly language of the PSX. It doesn't exist anymore in the Steam version and is replaced by CIL code.
It is possible to move other characters than Zidane (actually, you just need to use the script code "DefinePlayerCharacter()" in another entry than Zidane's entry) but you'd need to script all the animations that come with that. Zidane can have an interaction with a lot of stuff through the game and sometimes has specific animations for these interactions that other characters just don't have.
This has nothing to do with MIPS but with Field scripts, by the way.

Ah-ha! So that's it! Thanks a bunch Tirlititi I give a try! And thank you for all the informations, I really didn't know; maybe I can give a shot just for Memoria and Crystal World, there are not alot of interactions requiered, except for "Jump", I guess..  :)

Let me know a thing.. what about if I want to add Lanì as a bonus character in the team (you know, you talk to her in Madain Sari and she decide to join your party) I don't mind to add her in cutscenes, just a playable characters in battles and stuff! ;D

@ToraCarol: Albeoris's Memoria tool is able to change the text font of the game easily, but it's incompatible with HW right now.
But apparently, the tool dnSpy allows to edit the Assembly-CSharp.dll by changing the C# code, which is just as great. You can change the font by replacing the declaration of the variable "defaultFont", in the "EncryptFontManager" class, by this:

Code: [Select]
public static Font defaultFont = Font.CreateDynamicFontFromOSFont( "Arial" , 16 );"Arial" is the font name and "16" is the font size (you can change them to your convenience).
Here's a list of fonts you can use.

Thank you very much for the help! I'll take a look!

I've changed sucessfuly the Face Atlas, so I wanted to try with IconAtlas too..buttt.... but theres a little problem.. even if I did the whole set in trasparency, when I import it in the game it didn't read it, and the background of all the new iconset is white.. you know why? ???

Little ps: No MIPS editing and/or move other characters than Zidane aviable for Steam.. right? Bad luck, I wanted to do something like Final Fantasy V, you know..  moving characters corresponding to the first party member (it's not necessary, but I just wanted to know your opinion about this thing)

Thank you for all the kind replies (and the patience too) I'll give a check and, as always, let you know!


What about change font on Steam? Is it possible?

Ok, thank you! I give a try and I'll let you know. Meanwhile I hope someone will help me for the other questions even if I know probably it may takes time :P

Easy. In sharedassets.assets (open with the Unity Viewer) Extract file FaceAtlas; rename to .png. When finished, must remove the '.png' extension to be imported back in. Portraits must be on the same scale, or will not fit.

Thank you for the kind and quick reply! Please, i'm stupid... tell me.. which one of these??

And, another question.. when I try to export a file nothing happens.. I mean, I click export reactions.. why?


Ok, I tried to click the Import button, and I see the folder "HadesWorkshopAssets" so the files are here.. but when I finished to modify the pictures how does work to put in the game back? :)

Hello Tirlititi! Thank you for this awesome tool! Thank to you I  have finally got the occasion to put Blank in and I'm so excited bout that! Now I have a few questions.. hope you will help me!

1) In the Invicible the function "Set Party Member etc" doesn't work... everywhere i put the code, the game won't start after the "squaresoft" logo.. there's the black screen, no music or something else.. why?
2) I tried to take a look of the follow tutorial "How to place characters on the field" but I seriously don't know why, it won't appear..? I made a new object (the number 2, as you said), i tried to put two new voices in the script, the first with the following code for blank "Init", the second is the command "Speak" I tried to copy and paste this one

Code: [Select]
Function Blank_SpeakBTN
    ifnot ( IsMovementEnabled ) {
    set VAR_A6_158 = 0
    if ( VAR_A6_159 == 1 ) {
        DisableMove(  )
        if ( VAR_A6_144 == 0 ) {
            DisableMenu(  )
        } else {
            Wait( 1 )
    0x27( 127 )
    TurnTowardObject( 250, 32 )
    WaitTurn(  )
    WindowSync( 0, 128, 199 )
    set VAR_A6_158 = 1
    if ( VAR_A6_159 == 1 ) {
        if ( VAR_A6_156 == 0 ) {
            EnableMove(  )
            0x27( 255 )
            if ( VAR_A6_144 == 0 ) {
                EnableMenu(  )

 to try..but doesn't work??? Why???
3) "NPC models corresponding to a Party's member"... I was wondering, how works exactly for Blank?

And for the Scenes, for example "Pandemonium" if I want to put him (You know, like you did for Beatrix) how do I do? And in the battle?

4) Last, for now.. there's a way to edit the portraits of the characters from menu etc? ( )

Thank you if you will help, I'm kinda new at modding especially FFIX but I'd like to try and test!

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