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And without him...  there would be no site at all.

Completely unrelated / Re: Wow, is this place still here!
« on: 2018-04-20 07:59:16 »
And I'll still be working on the retranslation project in another 10....

I think one idea would be to have a Released Mods section that either links to each mod - or where all main release mods are placed... rather than graphic, other, sound, etc...  Of course, we could add the type in the title tag.

That's the million dollar question....  how did they create these sounds.  I mean... is it possible they had something that could convert a real sound of a fire into code? Akao created this sound system and he clearly intended to make it as small as possible because his experience was with small cartridges and not CD.  In early ff7 days it was going to be on N64.

It makes sense now that he's used every bit.

Other Mods / Re: [FF7PC] Post bug reports here
« on: 2018-04-16 21:58:22 »
Fixed.  Thanks for that!

Adding to The Reunion Database.

This is impressive work :)   I can't remember if PSX was able to synth sounds...  I bet it could do simple sine etc

the problem ishow do you faithfully recreate the sounds from that alone. the psx sound chip needs emulating too?

I am very interested in this....  Been waiting for someone to tackle it, as I am sadly at a loss.  No idea where to start with it.  But kudos for you delving in.

It's amazing that after all these years the effects data file in psx version is so poorly understood.

Other Mods / Re: [FF7PC] Post bug reports here
« on: 2018-04-15 15:12:12 »
alright so this is 100% repeatable. It only occurs if you are pressing the ok button when getting off the ladder when you enter the field from the bottom. if you climb up to where you can walk and get back on the ladder it will not occur.
a few things i noticed was that the triangle you stand on when getting off is directly above the ladder but cloud automatically takes a step towards the walkway. So if you press ok while doing it he tries to go back down the ladder but cant because hes stil trying to take the step, which he cant do because hes facing the wrong direction now.
As to why it only happens on first dismount when entering scene i dont kno
I also had this bug occur without NT active, still using your exe though. its a vanilla bug id geuss

Uprisen has found a bug in rktbas2.  From what I can see, because you can enter from below, the circle press is still allowed, which will start a script that should not be able to be run.  I am going to run through a few fixes and see if the problem goes away. It should be as simple as checking the starting triangle before OK is allowed to call the script.

I remember this.

Isn't that...a bug? :D Or maybe blue is hard to see in the field maps...

Ha!  I dunno.... I always seen it on screen as blue.  But I'll have a check when I get chance.

Def not me.

yeah i did the sound test. just didnt realize youd burned to disc n recorded from ps2

The materia is meant to be blue - not cyan.  I guess the fault lies in the materia graphic on field, but it's definitely blue :P

The waveform difference may be because of where you recorded.  IN battle, the panning will change.  Set camera to fixed - that may help.

If that isn't it, then it may just be that the waveform looks different but in reality the values are all within the margin that the sound is the same to the human brain. And of course,  what sounds the same to you may not be same to another.

If you are using a version of 60fps mod.... it's a bug in that.

FF7:  Dispel (orig Despell)

To play without noise, assuming you don't make your own sound test -  use Despell at places where game music is off at times, such as Shin-Ra Building when Trail of Blood is playing.

Analogue recording nearly always leads to problems.  Esp for those not experienced.  You'll get noise, interference, clipping issues.  The works.  SPDIF cuts out nearly anything that could go wrong and will be bit accurate.  Personally, Mednafen worked pretty well for me.

mednafen is the closest - and it's very accurate apart from reverb.  And if you are going to record from real psx, then you'll be needing ps2 to do it via SPDIF.

Best way is to do what I did with ff7.  Either the emulator has a record audio option - or use ASIO if possible (internal hardware recording).  I used creative audigy 2 (a rather old card now) with Asio (mix FL should give "what you hear" when using asio) and Adobe Audition.

In order to actually play the effects.... it was easy in FF7 cause I altered a field to allow me to choose which effect to play - and then I ported that field into the PSX version.  You need a way to alter PSX version and add your own sound test.  Maybe Deling will allow you to do it?

Another piece of text that was flagged up and fixed. Flagged numerous times actually, but we got there in the end.  Even Kaldarasha played a part.

   President Rufus came here yesterday.”
“He used to be the President's little boy.
   We nicknamed him the little Prez!”{NEW}
“He didn't look much different
   than the surfers on the beach.”

“Did you hear?
  President Rufus visited yesterday.”
“He’s Shinra’s son,all right.
  When he was younger,we
  nicknamed him ‘President
“He hasn’t changed,either.
  He’d fit in nicely with the
  stuck-up surfers here.”

In other news.... Aali's driver code is largely worthless to me in terms of expanding on his own code.  First, C is crap (compared to Delphi, the syntax is a joke - and way way over complicated).  Second, he wrote the code and it's very hard to follow (as it usually is when you are following code you didn't write).  Third. All the graphical work he's done is a mystery to anyone who doesn't understand opengl.  So it's a no go there.  Even Luksy is thinking of refactoring it all, so he can follow it.

But the good news is that
1.  It should be fairly easy to add Aali's dll to Steam version
2. The new modding idea I had can be added to Aali's dll, since he's already done all the lgp / modpath / direct mode work.  All I'd need to do is work my design to it.
3. I can add option for his fps limiter, so when using my mod, it can be disabled.  My mod requires that I use my own fps limiters.  Plus I've fixed a lot more than Aali's driver has regardless.  But perhaps I can get my fixes ported over also. 

There's a lot to think about.  And it needs to be resolved before I release The Reunion R06

to be fair, without certain other lgps like the cd check - the registry - cracked exes.... there really is no way to play the game without paying for it.  I'm not sure Square will give a monkey's about distributing modded lgps - as long as the game has to be paid for.

If someone wanted to get hold of lgps, they could easily reconstruct them from what's on forum anyway.  I'm not sure whose call it is, but maybe the rule needs relaxing somewhat?

Other Mods / Re: [FF7PC] Post bug reports here
« on: 2018-03-30 14:37:00 »

It was already there.  Entry 44, Field Script Errors. Please make sure that it isn't here before posting ;) :P

Other Mods / Re: [FF7PC] Post bug reports here
« on: 2018-03-30 13:10:56 »
this is already fixed. it should be on the reunion database with any other script errors. if it isnt ill add to document.

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