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Are you using upscaled magic textures? Do you always wish that they were just a tiny bit better? Well look no further as I am now in the process of re-texturing the magic and effects. This will be a mostly complete retex of all the magic textures (some ill just waifu and smooth out for ease / they are already good textures) And will also include several different limit break textures, coming in a variety of color variants as well.

Ill be updating every couple of days with some new screenshots or general update news. I don't expect this to take more than a month or so but we'll see. You can come watch me work on these almost daily at

Official Start Date: 7/14/2018

Current progress : Fire magic mostly done.

Hello all,

My name is Uprisen and I am the Project Manager for Project Echo-S and the founder of AVALANCHE ARISEN.
AVALANCHE ARISEN is a sister group to Project Echo-S and our primary goal is to remake, remodel, and retexture all the visual aspects of Final Fantasy VII. This includes battle scenes, field scenes, character/enemy/npc models, world map, and spell/summon animations. As of this moment I have a first release of the Battle Texture IRO. It contains every battle scene in the game retextured to the best available quality I could produce. I will continue to update these scenes as I have recently learned how to adjust the models for the scenes which will fix some of the clipping and spacing issues that are currently in this mod.

I started this project 6 months ago with zero prior experience and this iro is the result of over 200 hours of work.

To install extract the IRO from the 7z file and place it in your ff7/mods/7th heaven folder then launch 7h and it will appear in your library.

1k resolution images (460mb instead of 2.3gb)!xLYFUYbT!iJy5m-haV6l3e-aX89IHh2o-dxYFWxH1uh1-4FoUFPg
To intall simply unzip and place the "battle" folder in your FF7/mods/textures folder

STEAM version

My YT video tutorial for installing 7h

One final thing. I have hidden several easter eggs to Echo-S and myself. The first person to message me with a screenshot of 8 easter eggs will recieve a prize.

View the stages in action in my ULTRA Hardcore Challenge run.

Other Modding / Help with ToughScript
« on: 2017-05-10 05:40:41 »
Hello all, Im trying to change menu options using Toughscript and I get an error saying

Registry values found:SOFTWARE\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII
Error creating spacing table
Cannot read / error reading flevel
Couldn't dump world_us: basic_ios::clear: iostream error
Couldn't dump scene: converting to scene failed, basic_ios::clear: iostream error
Couldn't dump kernel: basic_ios::clear: iostream error
Couldn't dump kernel2: basic_ios::clear: iostream error
Couldn't dump exe: basic_ios::clear: iostream error

I have read the entire toughscript thread and none of the solutions there seemed to fix the issue. Ive reinstalled, cleared my registry, and done any other solution mentioned in the post.
My ini file is as follows
# Strip unused text
text_strip = 1

# Strip unused scripts
script_strip = 1

# Insert missing windows.
# Reuses previous window id values if available,
# otherwise defaults are x = 80, y = 80, w = 150, h = 57
window_patch = 1

# Dump window parameters with text
# (where available)
dump_x = 0
dump_y = 0
dump_w = 0
dump_h = 1
dump_sp = 0
dump_question = 0

# Force character name widths to width of value
# (not recommended for redistribution)
# cloud = Cloud
# barret = Barret
# tifa = Tifa
# aerith = Aerith
# redxiii = Red XIII
# yuffie = Yuffie
# caitsith = Cait Sith
# vincent = Vincent
# cid = Cid

# Override paths
text = .\text\
flevel = "D:\Games\Steamapps\Common\Final Fantasy VII\data\field\flevel.lgp"
world = "D:\Games\Steamapps\Common\Final Fantasy VII\data\wm\world_us.lgp"
scene = "D:\Games\Steamapps\Common\Final Fantasy VII\data\battle\scene.bin"
kernel = "D:\Games\Steamapps\Common\Final Fantasy VII\data\kernel\kernel.bin"
kernel2 = "D:\Games\Steamapps\Common\Final Fantasy VII\data\kernel\kernel2.bin"
window = "D:\Games\Steamapps\Common\Final Fantasy VII\data\kernel\window.bin"
exe = "D:\Games\Steamapps\Common\Final Fantasy VII\ff7.exe"

I have my TS and ff7 folder all set to write and all run as administrator and im using version 1.3.1. Idk what ive missed so any help would be appreciated.

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