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Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-07-03 12:31:08 »
...I am sick and tired of all the false "solutions" people are posting online.
This is a "feature" of Linux, though. Because literally everyone's configuration is different (It does a lot of behind the scenes config for your specific machine even as far as the chips that drive the bridges) there may be several solutions to one problem or there may be a step that was automated that made or broke a solution for some. It's particularly annoying when Linux just has generic drivers for specific hardware. My current machine has some new-age USB controller chip (that Win7 doesn't support) that was made for Win10. It does work under Linux's generic drivers, but I didn't have the USB 3.0 functionality of them. My point is there might be a combination of solutions for you that doesn't work for everyone.

How do you get a Internet connection with this? Because having to salvage my files from the virtual machine before the end of the month, following reinstalling XP afterwards because of this damn 30 day activation thing is a total pain in the ass.
That really depends on the VM.  Oracle should have some config that allows Internet access. Not helpful, I know. It works out of the box in Windows.
You could make a virtual image of the machine (if you have the hard drive space) and restore it if you can't find the solution before the activation period expires.

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-06-20 13:21:29 »
Common symptoms of switching to Linux include migraines, fatigue, extreme nausea, mood swings and, in rare cases, spontaneous combustion. Sounds like it's going well so far. :)

There is a STEEP learning curve piloting Linux of any kind for personal use. It wasn't originally designed to do what individuals do with it. It was designed to be a GUI for a Unix environment and just evolved from there.

As for emulators....there aren't that many options to choose from. Start here for some reasonable gaming experiences with Linux. You'll find a lot of game clones that are just as good, if not better than, the game they are clones of. It also has sections and forums dedicated to emulator use. The answer you want is sure to be there somewhere.

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-06-18 03:00:18 »
If the installation file is on my computer do I just put "[directory or install file]" in place of the <repo DNS>? If so, would I use the IP address or the actual IP my ISP gives me?

I do know it would NOT use your ISP's IP. I think most things you'd want to install would already be in some repo somewhere else. If you download an install file it should self install (through double-clicking or just running from the terminal) without needing apt-get.

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-06-17 02:48:34 »
This'll be a "test your rememberance of Linux" for me so I might not get it all right.

Firewall/antivirus/anti-spyware....I never considered it for Linux. Most viruses were designed with Windows in mind so it targets the registry. Linux has no registry (at least not in the way Windows does) and is WAY less vulnerable since running almost anything that could harm your data takes at least one additional approval from the admin. Linux has a lot of built-in firewall configuration settings that you don't have to fight the OS to set any of it. Spyware is browser specific (usually) and I never got any.

I believe the command for adding repositories is "sudo add-apt-repository <repo DNS>" to add a location to search for apps from. Then "sudo apt-get <app name>" to install. Linux does the rest.

WINE is not included with an approved Ubuntu distro. You can, of course, get it separate from central I think. I do think that it will come with a few compilers though. Mostly C++ and Java. If you want more there are probably dozens in central.

There are media players in most if not all varieties of Linux, especially personal editions. I would recommend VLAN for all users for media. I think there is a Linux flavor of it.

I don't think you can "train yourself off" of Windows. You'll have to take the plunge and sink or swim. You can emulate either version you wish, however. But don't expect the VM to have much power over the system. You might want to keep the VM if you plan to use Office products. I'm not certain if WINE will handle those or not. Especially the recent ones. Though if you're emulating XP the best you'll probably be able to get is Office 2003.

Be prepared to use lots of third-party hardware drivers since most companies don't keep their Linux drivers up to date. By nature of Linux, most of it is open source so the communities have modified the drivers for their specific configurations.

I could CRY that is so helpful!

I can fill in those blank kanji since I'm using the font texture to reference the characters.

The battle text can't use "sheet" FE because that's a special code to change the color of the window. That does explain why there was an extra sheet.

I have a minor in Japanese and understand kanji just passibly (like calling someone "baka" literally means "horse-deer" and has several possible origins). I had not come across the word "shouki" before and wasn't sure how to interpret it, but I know it has to do with "correct mind" and not "10 duodecilion airs". :) Also any good anime watcher knows that "ki" refers to spiritual energy and thus could represent "awakeness", but that would be a bit of a stretch.

SO! I have learned three things from this:

1) My theory on how the Japanese game handles kanji is correct (though I'm sure someone could have clued me into this :) ). Kanji entries are prefixed with a value between FA - FD (hex) and probably only range between 0 - 209 (maybe as high as 230) per "sheet".

2) There are several texts that are in the KERNEL.BIN file that are not used, but still exist like this one. These need to be added to the page on FF7 (which makes no mention of battle texts that aren't used even though materia is and the source file would be the same).

3) There is an entire "sheet" of unused kanji in the texture file. At least, the battle texts don't use it. I don't want to take the time to parse all the field files to find if they are used in there. It's possible that it's just some standard kanji table of the most used kanji (just over 840 or so) that got dumped into a single image. Maybe they are all used in field files.

Full disclosure, I wanted to make sure this phrase made sense because I'm trying to make sense of the kanji character set in the Japanese version.

There's a few more of these that the cutting room floor makes no mention of. I might make some entries with these when I get the text "extracted". :)

I was digging through the text of the original Japanese version and found this line in the battle texts:

shouki ni modotta
"Consciousness was recovered"

It looks like it should be prefixed by an actor's name/title, but there's no reference to it. There is no text in the English version (maybe not even in the international version), possibly because it never got used in the game. What's further interesting is there is a verb in japanese that means this:

sameru (or sameta in past form)
"wake up/regain consciousness/sober up"

However, "shouki" can also mean "sanity". Perhaps this was intended to be displayed when a character left the confused status. Anyone have better knowledge of Japanese that can explain the differences in these two?

"Killing" of a character would wreak all amounts of havoc on the field scripts that depend on certain characters being in the party at certain times (like if Tifa and Cid were killed during the events of Disc 1).

Good to know, but I don't even have the older versions to archive. I'm not supporting older versions so if they're dead links I'm just gonna remove them.

... the function that contains the Ultimate Weapon formulas seems to hold a lot more besides.  Haven't looked into what other stuff it has.

If you're talking about what I think you're talking about then that's the Additional Effects handler function.

...the Conformer and Morph are conveniently in the same place...

No they're not... Conformer is in the Gelnika and Morph is in the Temple of the Ancients. However, the Gelnika is where all the enemies that morph into sources reside. You wouldn't know that unless you were trying to morph anyway.

No, the damage formula is really one part. The actual damage consideration is a single byte with two distinct nybbles. The upper nybble (X) determines a few considerations, but not damage directly. The lower nybble (Y) is what actually chooses which damage function to use.

Accuracy Checks are a two-stage look-up process. There's an array at 0x7B7700 that defines which accuracy checks to use with which accuracy consideration. The values range between 0 and 8 with 8 being the terminator of the sequence. These check methods are located at 0x7B77A8. There are 8 of them with three of them being pointers even though they are called. They determine three other things: whether the action is physical or magical, whether to use the special formulae (or stat-independent formulae if you want to be really specific about it, but that's a mouthful), and whether to apply the ultimate weapon modifiers. These are determined by a bit mask located at 0x8FF068. There is a single byte for each accuracy value and it follows this mask:

Code: [Select]
0x2=Secondary Formulae

There IS an entry for a magical action that uses the special formulae, but it is unused. Seems a shame to me. Due to some weird memory handling, secondary formulae cannot be combined with the multipliers.

Check out the look up table at 0x8FF1F8. That's where the pointers to the different damage calculations are. It even has the special formulae starting at 0x8FF238.

The AY accuracy function has a secondary effect of setting a special effect to the action based on the damage value provided (this array is located at 0x7B7720) then uses the standard X1 damage formula.

I had a discussion with DynamicDJ on GFAQs about a Conformer-related issue. Specifically reintroducing the Morph reduction to it. My proposed formula would correct this issue that you're encountering:

Code: [Select]
Power = 1 + ((Power * Avg_Targets_Level) / 16)
This follows most of the other ultimates' power modification calculations and would limit Morph's power AND would prevent power from being 0 or lower.

That check CANNOT be skipped as it is used during every action that has a 0/0 damage calculation. This is used primarily with actions from enemies that have no direct effect on a targets' HP (think Guard Scorpion's Search Scope is the earliest example of this), but it can include status changes. That flag is used to skip the part where the target is to play some reaction animation. Since reaction sounds/damage indicators almost always happen in the reaction animation scripts then nothing typically happens.
Oddly enough, the status changes magics (Toad/Sleepel/etc) typically use 2/2 with a power of 0 rather than 2/0 which would prevent damage completely even if a power were a non-zero value.

I've encountered this error on Windows 10, but don't remember it happening in Win 7. It's weird. I'll have to look at it when I get time. I'm not sure there's a work-around.

In vanilla there are four "categories" of magic: Restore, Attack, Indirect and "Forbidden". Each magic action is assigned to one of these categories in a specific order. If a character has even one of these actions in a category, the entire category is added to the magic menu for that character including the not-enabled magics that will just appear as a blank in the menu. If a character doesn't have a magic action in a given category, the entire category is omitted from the magic menu for that character. The categories can be rearranged in the options menu, though Forbidden will always be last.

Aerith has Cure1, Cure2, Poisona, Barrier and MBarrier on her. Cure1, Cure2 and Poisona belong to the Restore category and the Barriers belong to the Indirect category. Her battle menu would then look like this:

Code: [Select]
Cure1    Cure2

Barrier  MBarrier

Those blank lines fill out the Restore category and pad the beginning of the Indirect category.

Video clip

✔️ multiplayer ff8
✔️ button mashing
✔️ in-game audio replaced with random nonsense

Yup, modern filmmaking at its finest.

It's called "I want to use something I won't pay for and can't be sued for".

Could sub SUB forums be used?

eg, Forums »    Final Fantasy Forums »    Gameplay Mods »    Gameplay Releases »    FF7

That's because there are 56 entries in the order table, but only room for 54 in the magic window.

Master Magic doesn't pull magics past 53. 54 and 55 are dummy actions probably used by developers to test certain death animations or just to get through the game faster.
You cannot add new magic actions. Doing so would screw up so much.

You can't introduce NEW magic actions past index 53. Then you'll have to make sure the spell order (In the Initial Data tab) has the new action in the menu that you want it.

Super nova can work with more effort, but that takes a degree of modding outside of WM's scope. That would require some heavy exe editing. I once did some minor editing of the Ultima animation, but the code is so convoluted that it wasn't really worth the effort. Getting Supernova to work anywhere might be worth it, however. Sadly, the function to take a snapshot of the background doesn't exist (you might be able to hijack whatever method Odin uses to take 2D stills of actors, but even that makes assumptions) and it makes a lot of assumptions about targets. All of which are true in unmodded, but hard to change by hex editing.

If you can add 78 to the animation index and still be in the range of 0-255 then yes. However, you still won't get Super Nova to work. That relies on an asset that exist only in the swirling heavens battle background.

That only works on the PC version, btw. The PSX has different offset, but I'm not sure what it is.


Over two years ago I promised a version 1.5.0 would be on its way. I am please to announce that 1.5.0 is functionally where I want it and is technically ready for people to try out.

What's changed?

-No more third-party requirements. This is huge to me. Not only does it rid the requirements of Power Packs (an ancient library of obsolete objects), but it also remove the requirement of zlib.dll! The only reason that the dll was required was to achieve the maximum level of GZip compression. Until .NET Runtime 4.5 (which remains the only requirement) the GZip function had two settings of compression: compressed and not compressed. "Compressed" was just the fastest compression option that made it smaller. This was referred to as compression level 1 in the GZip document, but FF7 used compression level 9. Maybe back in 1997 there was a need for 9 different compression levels since it took a long time to compress large volumes at that rate, but not for a project of this size. The .NET 4.5 finally allows for compression level 9 without creating aliases in third-party dlls.

-Better visuals with the stat curves. In a perhaps ironically related note, Power Packs was only a requirement because of the stat curve indicators. Now that the requirement is gone I've reworked the way the curves are functioning to be smoother. It's now based on cursor position (you can right-click to freeze it on a level) and the bounding indicator works a little better. There's even a little highlighted polygon around the stat indicator. Nothing too special, I just wanted to point it out. :) The indicated stat label is now bound inside the preview window instead of to the side. I think it just looks cleaner that way. I've also added preview panels to the curves tab for stat, HP, MP and exp growth so you can compare them per curve entry. I might add a little bit of additional functionality to this, but don't count on it.

-Fixed text glitch? I'm not really sure on this one. Looking at the old code it was clear to me that it was all wrong. Not the method of generating the files, but that the code itself was unreadable. I had no idea what line was doing what. I completely rewrote it and refactored it into smaller chunks. The PC compresses nicely and seems to work just fine with my copy. I reworked the PSX compression, but have no way of testing it. It might be fine, it might be completely wrong. PSX "compression" still takes a long time compared to PC compression and it's more basic. The progress bar at the bottom is virtually functionless right now. Still working on getting that to mean something.

-XML-based labels and drop-downs. Here's where the technical changes stop and the cosmetic changes really weigh in. I've gotten numerous suggestions on how to display certain formulae/stat names over the years and my understanding on each of them keep changing. Instead of releasing a new revision each time an equation changes I'm releasing this version with an XML file that will allow you to change the equations yourself! If "(Power / 16) * (Stat + [(Level + Stat) / 32] * [(Level * Stat) / 32])" doesn't mean anything to you, you can change the entry in the XML to read something simpler like "Standard weapon damage". LOTS of labels and drop-down items can now be customized and I'm not through my list of changeable labels (which is why it's technically ready, but not cosmetically ready :P ).

-XML-based labels and drop-downs. Loading XML files can take some time so I added a little splash-screen to it while loading. It needs some work and is just a placeholder for now (potential copyright infringement ATM), but it's a touch I always thought WM needed.

What's not changed?
Hopefully nothing functional. I refactored a few things and added some threaded code and rejiggered a few things here and there (changed method parameter types and such) that should hopefully make the program run smoother and/or be less memory intensive. Not like it was visually/computationally demanding before, but it's satisfying as a programmer to go back to old code and apply new optimizations to old code.
I kinda wanted to change the AI editor, but I think I'm just going to leave it as-is FOR THIS VERSION. I've tried to change it several times and I was never pleased with the results. I might try again in the future after this version is released and ruminates a while.

When can we expect this version/any new version in the future?
When I get enough motivation to actually tidy it up. Honestly, I'm extremely proud of WM and PrC. Not because they use good code, but because WM has become essentially exactly what I wanted it to be: The de facto modding tool for all things KERNEL.BIN (sans text). PrC has a ways to go (next up will be the PrCMDI that I've been putting off), but when I see that people use, or even mention that they want, WM I get a little giddy inside. However, I've lost about half my enthusiasm for FF7 throughout this journey. I still have extremely fond memories of playing it with my friend back in high school and still love reversing the code to find little mechanics that people want help with. Put into perspective, it's a 20 year old game and my preferences of what games to waste my time on have changed. I still love RPGs, but FF7 now feels like a girlfriend that I got to know a little too well. I was infatuated by what was on the surface, but after digging at it for years I've learned that she's got some major flaws that she didn't want anyone else to know about. I'm still committed because I'm a faithful guy like that. I just don't want to be smothered.
Well, THAT got awkward. The actual answer is "just be patient". I'm not good with deadlines or even dedicating consistent blocks of time to do anything with it. I'd like to say "within the next month" because I only have tiny changes to make, but I won't be bound to that.

... Steam does not allow me to choose different folder as it has a default one :(
Mine does. Why can you not?

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