Author Topic: (PS1) Grandia undub request  (Read 170 times)


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(PS1) Grandia undub request
« on: 2018-01-22 15:12:08 »

there is an undub for the PS1 version of Grandia, but sadly its not a complete one. It has still english voices and other problems which needs a fix. There are 2 youtube videos from the original author which you can find here (the comment section could be useful):

In the description of the second video the author is mentioning this: ''It seems that half of the spells and special abilities are in Japanese, while the other half are still in English''

In the comment section of the second video the author also wrote this:
''There are still three things wrong with this undub...
1. half of the special abilities in battle are still in English (fixable)
2. When Feena takes over the communication systems at J-Base and begins talking there are no subtitles (fixable)
3. After the credits there is a huge amount of talking done by Sue with no subtitles (I most likely can't do anything about this).''

I already talked with the original author, he doesnt have any intensions to work on this, thus releasing an complete undub (patch). So my question: Does anyone have interest in doing a complete undub of Grandia and release it as a patch file or know someone who might be interested in this ''project''? The reason why im asking should be obvious. Just in case its not clear, i cant do it, because i dont have any knowledge at all.

Im not demanding or expecting anything, but asking doesnt hurt. Maybe a miracle will happen...

Thanks for reading and sorry for my english.