Author Topic: Streaming audio and controller issues (steam link, xbone controller)  (Read 311 times)


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I'm using 7th heaven on my PC and it's running fine. I'd like to be able to play through me steam link. I'm running into 2 issues.

First is that I have to have a keyboard plugged in so I can hit a button to actually get to the new game menu. Is there a good way around this or am I just stuck hitting a button?

The second problem is worse. When I launch FFVII through the normal steam selection the audio works fine. When I launch 7th heaven I get audio out of my PC rather than my TV. Is there some setup I can do in order to get the audio to work through my TV? This is pretty much ruining things for me since I have to turn my computer up annoyingly loud (I like to play late) or go without sound.