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(Long time no see, though I'm sure I'll go away after a while)
I tried to let the game play MIDI BGM via VSTi and virtual MIDI cable, and it worked.  I think it's like playing BGM through hardware MIDI module, though I never have any.

1. Get VSTHost or SAVIHost: (SAVIHost maybe easier to use, though you have to install the right one for your VSTi)
2. Get any virtual MIDI cable.  I used loopMIDI:
3. And Yamaha S-YXG50 VSTi.

4. Install virtual MIDI device and make a new MIDI port.
5. Extract SAVIHost executable into where you installed S-YXG50 VSTi.  Rename savihost.exe to (VSTi DLL name).exe.  Run the renamed file.
5-1. For VSTHost, click 'File'->'New Plugin...' to load the plugin.
6. Set the input devices at 'Devices'->'MIDI...'. 
7. In FF7Config.exe, set MIDI driver to the same virtual MIDI cable port you set in VSTHost(or SAVIHost).  Set MIDI data to Yamaha XG MIDI.
8. Click 'Test' button and check if you can hear the music.
9. If you're using Aali's custom OpenGL driver, you should apply ff7_opengl.reg again.

The downside is, you have to run virtual MIDI device and VSTHost everytime you play the game.  8)
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