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Tools / Re: [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.38)
« on: 2017-11-14 04:25:11 »
i see , but i noticed that the save editor always allow to set 255 for every parameter for every card , maybe this information can show you how the problem can be solved  :o , but besides that , i hope that the next version of hadesworkshop will allow to modify\select the effect of the auto stat , so for example , instead of have haeste in an equipment , we can have the effect of vanish or banish i don't remember witch is the useful one , but you got what i mean lol , and as i said in the previous message , even the modification of the auto abilities would be great , so one singe auto ability will finally grant the immunity to all the negative status  :D , you know , your program is more precious than it may appear , since the so called " pro gamers " are mostly listened to from developers , most of the games are essentially a bunch of limitations and restrictions rather than something to have fun with , so the only possibility of solve all the problems caused by the pro-gaming epidemy are software who allow stable modifications that allow even us to enjoy a game , because is not like everyone are supposed to give a fern about be pro gamers , for me for example , is just stupid , i sometimes watch some pro gaming sessions , well , they completely forgot that video games are made to have fun , and not something that cause rage , hysteria , and that put a person against the other one , and certainly isn't something to take seriousely , and of course isn't some kind of matter of honor , still , their tragic way to play wouldn't be a problem if they were not so bossy and intrusive , nowdays , some games have a lot more protections to prevent gameplay modifications rather than any form of interest in make the game stable and well functioning , i mean , sometimes developers put more effort to prevent us to play like we want ( and that should be considered our inviolable right ) rather than prevent bugs , for example , i purchased a game recently , and guess what ? the game is bugged , despite the fact that i updated it with official stuff , but wen i try to modify it in order to play like i want , i immediately get errors and crashed , is just unfair and also stupid , be bossy and intrusive isn't a good way to keep the purchasers

That was... difficult to read.

Games are made by developers to sell, we don't make games for the 'pro gamers' or the 'casual gamers' unless its a specific game type aimed at one of those 2 groups.

This game is 17 years old, and its a JRPG, nobody was listening to pro-gamers at the time, the game hasn't been edited since.
The game is designed to be played the way it was designed to be played.

A developer specifying the way you play it isn't violating any 'right' you have, you purchase a product, and if you don't use it a certain way then it doesn't work, that isn't unfair, thats how its supposed to work. If you wanted to play FF9 as an open world game, thats not possible, if you wanted to change your camera angles, not really possible either, you can't expect a game to cater for everything everyone does, because thats an insane amount of work for those of us who're sitting at work and making the games you're playing.

I apologise for hijacking the thread here, I do not intend to get into a discussion on the matter.

Tirlititi, I'm really looking forward to the model importer, again you're doing great work here.

I've followed Sweden for a long time, and visiting the place - speaking to my ex gf and her friends for 9 years... yes... I'm afraid it is true.  I can find you 100 articles or more of sheer batshit craziness. And the UK isn't too far behind. But it isn't up to Swedish level of dysfunction.  We haven't had "mansplaining" helplines yet.

And we also generally add a description of an attacker... rather than "man".... simply because Sweden want to avoid the truth that this was likely a refugee, immigrant, Muslim:

This happened today.

Living somewhere and hearing about it from someone who DID live there are 2 very different things though, thats the point I'm getting at.

I've lived in Sweden for over a year, its not as bad as people make out at all, in my year living there nobody I know ever took any of those things seriously, the govt does, and some people do, perhaps because I lived in Gothenburg and not Stockholm where all these things seem to take place (when its not Malmo...).

British newspapers could probably do better with NOT adding a description of the man too, adding 'he was muslim' gets you stupid daily mail headlines, then it turns out he'd rejected his faith, or he was a nut job, became muslim and then raped someone, one isn't related to the other.

We haven't had mansplaining helplines, but you know where else has those? Japan, well, sort of, its not a helpline though, but if you accuse a guy of something at work, he's probably going to lose his job over it, and gender politics wise, Japan still sits in the early 1980's in its views and attitudes toward women.

If you're going to make a point, putting a paper thats internationally known to lie and change facts on a daily basis is not the best way to do it.

I don't doubt it happened, just the dailymail isn't really where you should get your information from, you saw how they handled the brexit campaign with complete lies the entire time, ignoring statistics from start to finish.

Have you ever lived in Sweden or stayed there for an extended period of time (at least 6 months)?

Most of this stuff isn't really obvious in everyday life, nor is it the majority of people.

Newspapers and people that leave just blow it out of proportion is all.

I'll whine about how strawberries the UK is all the time, I just don't like it there, which is why I left several years ago, but I'm sure to anyone else it sounds worse coming from me than it really is.

That said... some places people make sound nice but in reality they just suck to live in **cough** Poland **cough**

Tools / Re: [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.38)
« on: 2017-07-21 02:42:07 »
Nice update, great work as always.

Tirlititi, I wanted to ask, have you come across the cameras for the environments at all? They don't appear to be located in the same place as the walkmeshes, which is a bit of a surprise.

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XV
« on: 2017-07-11 02:11:02 »
Well, I'd say that the writing is on the wall for any project that lasts this amount of time and money - and had numerous revisions.  It's absurd. If this was any ordinary business, the people to blame for that bad design and management would be fired. There's something seriously wrong with the management right from the top. 

The team was largely replaced, plenty of the original planners from the Versus days were removed, the director and producer were changed, plenty of the art staff were moved to other projects or were freelance and left for other companies/projects.

The issue is that this all came too late into the project, there was already a plethora of issues that were a bit too late to repair without going up from the start.

Not to mention the hardware change required huge changes in both the art and programming.

Square first Open World game too, you'd expect a company with zero experience in that area to call in help from around the globe... and they did, a little, but they did it far too late into the project.

There is a walkmesh editor included and it is very full featured, but even after learning it can be tricky. The game requires defining what triangle edge leads into what triangle. so for example line 2-3 of triangle 53 leads into triangle 54, and to get back line 1-2 of 54 leads into 53. So not only does each point of the triangle have an x,y,z but also the edges have to be set. I'm fairly certain that an obj wouldn't have this information when you imported it back into the field file and you would still have to define all those edges. But if it could be worked out that would be a nice feature to have.

Ah, my apologies, i didn't explain myself well, I'm interested in exporting the walkmesh and camera so that I have the perfect positioning to create 3D models of the areas but in much higher quality.
Its true that the data the game would use would be lost in an obj or FBX export, though it was only the camera position and walkmesh that I was interested in as a base to start creating 3D models from.

To export all the background layers export the files using the tool Palmer, then edit the png files with an image editor. After making your changes you use palmer to generate the modpath texture to get the changes in game. The palmer links seem to be dead, but I'm sure you can find it somewhere or someone can re-upload it.

I'll have a look for Palmer then, thankyou.

As mentioned above, I'm interested in remodelling things, but more for my own interests, I don't intend to create HD versions of the backgrounds for importing into the game at a later point in time.
I was interested in using the animated layers to create animated gifs like the album I did for FF9 (which recently got featured on Kotaku surprisingly enough), one exists for 7 but its still missing quite a lot of areas, and nothing exists for 8 or Chrono Cross, so I intend to go and do those like I did with IX.

This is a want-to-do feature, here is the issue:

I see, that tickets been open for a while it seems. Thankyou for letting me know. I'm aware its probably lower on the list than many other features though, as less people are probably interested in it.

Love the tool, I searched around inside to see if its possible to export the walkmeshes as obj or fbx files, but I couldn't find anything.
I also couldn't find a way to export the backgrounds complete with their animated parts.
Deiling for FF8 also had the same things, so it might just be something you aren't personally interested in doing, or maybe its an planned feature.
Or (and this could be quite likely...) I'm just completely missing a really simple option somewhere.

Tools / Re: [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.37c)
« on: 2017-06-29 07:43:54 »
Walkmesh contains a few informations about "how the objects behave" on each triangles. For instance, there is a data about which kind of step sound should be used when walking on it, or whether it is in the shade or not.

Also, each triangle has specified neighborood to let the characters moving from one triangle to another. Most of the time, that can be computed automatically from the mesh (if there is a common edge or not), but you may want to not make some connections, or on the contrary add connection between distant triangles to make kind of teleporters (though that could be better done by script).

Thats interesting, most modern games do that based on the material assigned, I'd never considered that they might do it based on the polygons themselves, but I suppose Ps1 was better at handling polygons than multiple materials, or so I've heard.

Tools / Re: [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.37c)
« on: 2017-06-28 13:17:08 »
I'm curious, how do the walkmeshes differ from anything else?

I always figured they were exactly the same as any kind of mesh, just set to collision and non-renderable ingame, made up of only vertexs and faces the same as everything else.

Is this not the case? If so I wonder why they'd be any different.

Where/how did you learn Square deleted the original 3D files for VII-IX, though? I thought it was a rumor.

I first heard about it when I'm unsure if its Maki, or Halkun, someone from this forum that wrote a big thing about porting of the assets from PSX to PC, though this was specifically relating to FFVII.

But I've since heard it a few times since moving to Japan and working with ex (and sometimes current) square enix employees.
It's... for reasons I don't really understand, actually really rare for companies here to keep source data for things, a project ends, and within a short time people just clear it, usually the final build stays around, but artists machines etc, just get wiped, nobody even asks you if you've backed everything up.

The main reason for data loss was server space, nobody expected to ever be remaking them, and the largest culprit, moving office, namely the closure of offices over time, square merging, the splitting of development teams/departments and so on.

This is an old topic, so I'm going to go against my common sense and respond here.

Not so much for OP's sake, as this appears to be the last post by OP in quite some time, but for anyone else who may have the same ideas.

Square did indeed lose all the 3D Pre-rendered backgrounds (and their original scenes) from FF7 (FF7 did not use Mode 7), however it wasn't 'lost' as in misplaced, they simply deleted them all when moving onto the next project, perhaps not all at the time, but most at least. The Pc version just uses the PSX assets for everything in the game, with some things looking better or worse due to PC monitors having better resolutions, such as the PC sprites having mouths.

VIII and IX did also suffer from this same fate yes. Work was largely deleted, I assume this was due to lack of storage at the time, or just lack of foreplanning.

IX was also made by freelancers largely, and square is particular about who gets to see data from them and who doesn't get to see it.

I'm unsure what this means though

"which caused them to have to recreate every background with sprites for the PC port"

They were textures in the PC version, just like the PSX version, not sprites at all, I'm unsure quite what this means.

Would it be possible to get access to the script/program at all?
I'm a professonal artist, interested in attempting some HD versions of FF7-9 environments, but also interested in just recreating them in a different style, with the original camera angles.
I primarily use Maya, but I can import from Max to Maya with no issues so long as I export an FBX.

Tools / Re: [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.37c)
« on: 2017-06-28 02:28:04 »
I saw that the software now has a viewer for environment walk meshes, though its a little fiddly at the moment, I was wondering if you have support planned for the cameras too, and exporting the camera+environment to FBX/DAE at all.

Making edits and new sections in outside 3D Software would be faster than in-tool for the majority of areas I'd think.

Would it be possible, if not too much trouble, for someone to create a build of this branch, I've given it a few shots but programming is far from my speciality, and honestly I'm quite unsure what I'm doing, copying in the .dll files and running a build, gives me far too many errors.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-19 02:16:17 »
Anyway when that other guy who wanted to make backgrounds on this forum gets his computer he'll help me out with ripping the camera and walk mesh or whatever else is needed to remake the backgrounds. Then we'll see if we can remake some of them, for practice and for fun.

I look forward to seeing these, and, if by the time anyone starts such an endevour, if I'm no longer uptomy neck in freelance and fulltime job deadlines, then I'll chip in too, as its good for portfolio, and it'd be an enjoyable experience.

Btw I find it disengenious that the mods, covarr chose to edit this very post and not allow me to explain my kneeling before masters comment. It's called sense of humor people, sarcasm, exaggeration. I wasn't asking you to kneel before me because I'm better than you, ligten up.

Sarcasm and exaggeration come across well tonally, because they're verbal forms of humour, they don't come across so well in written form.
I don't know you at all and I read the 'kneel before your masters' thing as a little humorous yes, but also very arrogant, and unfortunately for many others, the arrogance, intentional or not, held a lot stronger.
It may not be how you intended it, but it came across well, there are few situations where you can type 'kneel before your master' and have it go down particularly well if its not in verbal communication.
Thats the unfortunate caveat of written communication, and the rest of us work around it, not... always so perfectly though.

You modded me before because I said some of you sounded autistic and then you mentioned that's not appropriate because some of the mods on here are autistic. Nothing wrong with that, but maybe just maybe that's why you don't understand when I use sarcasm, cheers.

I'd imagine its not appropriate because its a needless insult and its combative honestly.

If mods are regularly editing your posts, the best course of action would be to type things that can be read exactly as intended.
Calling someone autistic isn't sarcasm... its just an insult, whether the person is or isn't autistic is beyond the point really, its just an insult, taken as so and intended as so. There is no 'sarcasm' in that.

This MAY be a language barrier too, I say this not knowing if English is your first language, it may well be, outside of your use of the term sarcasm nothing suggests English isn't your first language.
If it IS your first language, then I apologise wholeheartedly. In which case it may just be an 'American vs non American' thing, (if you were American that is, I honestly have no idea), with American sarcasm being... very different from European sarcasm in that its usually just mean/rude or just straight faced lying as opposed to passive and backhanded the way Europe would use it. Again this would change depending on the language its used in, example: I use Japanese all day every day in daily life, and whilst my Japanese isn't great by anyone's standards, it is a language, like a few others, where the concept of sarcasm doesn't exist at all.

Going back to the project however, you have a detailed list of things you want to change, what do you intend to start with first, since as discussed, things like characters, backgrounds and animation would take a very very long time.

Will you start with the dialogue rewriting and scene reordering instead since those two are the easier of your list.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-14 14:03:25 »
First of all this topic isn't even about replacing the backgrounds, so I'm not sure why you're  hung up on that little boy. The backgrounds made by team avalance look fine, proves that it can be done with little effort.

Woah man, people are offering advice, not trying to pick a fight with you, we can all discuss this without name calling right?

Anyway since some of you likely have no experience in creating photo realistic scenery there's no point in trying to convince you that it's possible, you can't do it in three days, that's fine, others can.

Ah come on, don't go around making assumptions about people so easily.

I'm 30, before I worked in the game industry I worked in the film industry, in the same role I'm in now, Environment Artist, films are, 100% pre-render.
I'm not going to be an apricothole and start spouting off titles and so on, but I've worked on several very large well known films, I'm well aware of how non-realtime rendering works. I'm also aware of how long things take to achieve a high quality level, I'm not talking down to you as I try to explain things, and I'm sure others would appreciate if you didn't talk down to them when you explain things to them.

Your box is nice, I'm not about to downplay your talents, you obviously have some experience with Rendering and some experience with modelling and texturing, though, you're also using blender, so at a guess I'd assume its a hobby and not a profession (I know 1 studio that works in Blender, also in Japan surprisingly enough).
The model is a bit basic but as you said its rough, that can well take 10 minutes, since its a simple model, with a simple unwrap and a slapped on premade texture.

In the original the planks are stylized, they don't have a premade texture thrown on them, each plank looks to be modeled individually (or possibly duplicated, its a little hard to tell), so I think its only an accurate comparison if you made the box the same way. Sure its a small prop but, if someone remade the bg's, why not have them at 1080p or 4k? Then we'd see all those details, otherwise all the work put in is wasted.

The Team Avalance backgrounds do look nice, they could look better too, but they could also look a lot worse, those guys put a lot of time into it, but there are stylistic differences as pointed out above. They also had the advantage that a lot of the environments in FFVII were honestly quite basic in shape, detail and texture, with some things being just block colour at times. FFIX is many levels above everything that FF7 ever did, even in its more basic areas.

I don't mean to put down the TA guys, fantastic work from them, especially for free, but its not comparable to 9, or even 8 in quality or renders.

First of all this topic isn't even about replacing the backgrounds, so I'm not sure why you're  hung up on that

The discussion continues because people want to explain just how big an undertaking this would be and come to a sort of 'middle ground' with you, so to speak.
We're all aware at this point that you've no intentions of recreating all the backgrounds, at least at this moment in time.

You mentioned many times that you'd get to cheat a lot, and this is, only party true, many areas from the game are clearly modeled in full, in every direction, because there are several pre-renders of the same area at different angles, even the opening room is featured at 2 different angles in itself. Then for consistencies sake if you made things look different you'd want to remake the battle scene too, just to smooth that transition, but I suppose you could ignore that side of things.

Take a look at this quick dump of pre-renders from Pillars of Eternity:

The Artist said they rarely spent more than a week on a single area, and the team had 10 environment artists for those scenes.
Detail wise, a lot of its done via shaders and zbrush, the areas also aren't too detailed, they're keeping that old school feeling, they're also rendered at a distance so require less minute details. As mentioned those were rarely over 1 week, with a team of 10 people, each doing various sections of a scene, 1 guy does a skull, the other does the terrain, the other does small props and so on.
That is somewhat comparable to the detail in FF9 I'd say, somewhat, it is of course stylistically quite different.

I think if this cant sway you that getting the same quality level of the original FF9 in just a few days isn't realistic then I don't think anything can honestly.

Regarding the image with the tree and foliage, its really nice, for 45 minutes, but at the same time I can open up VUE and within the same timeframe create a photorealistic render, because VUE is doing it all for me really. Making that from scratch in Blender, Maya or 3DSMax however would take dramatically longer, and you'd need to have almost all of it in the same software so that you can confirm things line up, and that the correct renderer is used at all times, since Blender/Max/Maya's renderer is of a different quality to VUE.

Back on topic, regarding the Battle UI and character menu, I'd be interested in seeing what size you're imaging for these, are you thinking just like the original PSX game?

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-14 06:06:15 »
A background a day wouldn't be unrealistic, chests, lamps, books, rug, candle, these are very simple objects. If you wanted detail on the rug you could just apply hair particles to a plane and have them be colored by a texture to display some pattern. Books are cubes, you just need to create one book and you've got them all, chests are also pretty much boxes, same with clocks, one clock could be modified into dozens if there's even that many in the game.

What stands out to me while scrolling through your link are all the carvings and patterns on the stone walls, all that detail would be difficult to REPLICATE, but if we're allowed to improvise and create similar but not identical patterns that stuff could be created in programs like zbrush. For example roots in Cleyra or stone walls, fine carvings could either be displacement maps or actually modelled, these are definitely the hardest. I'm not saying it's easy but the easier backgrounds you could definitely put together in 9 hours, assuming you've got the camera and everything ready.

Some of the harder backgrounds, all the architecture for example might take more than one day, but even then for example Alexandria, after you've made one house you could twist it around and use it for another and modify it slightly. A lot could be used more than once, this applies to trees, houses, walls, pillars, and all sorts of stuff. A group of 20 talented artists could definitely remake all the backgrounds in a year maybe even faster than that.

Remember the people who made the original game worked on it for a year, also you're not creating a 360 degree game, you've got fixed camera angles which means there can be a lot of cheating. But 1-2 days for every background is definitely possible, if you've got 20 people working on it that's 20 backgrounds in let's say three days. 549 backgrounds + animations, that's roughly a hundred days, you could add 50 days to that and you still would have completed it within a year. And that's assuming one background takes 3 days for a person to complete. Many of the objects could be reused for different scenes. We're not talking clean geometry either, you could replicate a rock, rotate it, resize it and it still would look as good as before because of the displacement maps and the textures that obviously wouldn't be uv mapped.

But yeah definitely impossible for a single guy to do, also matching the camera to the background as of right now makes it much harder to do this.

EDIT: The texturing and shaders for the materials would add a good amount of time to that, but shaders can also be replicated and reused. You just need one for each type of material, wood, stone, metal, grass etc.

I give up.

I wish you luck with the mod, and the project itself.

I still feel that you're dramatically underestimating the time taken.

You mention the people who made the original game worked on it for a year, they worked in it for 2 years, not 1 year. With a team with many years of professional experience, and various tools amassed from creating FF7 and FF8, (9 began development before 8's development had completed), also a team of almost 20 artists (probably 40 as I know team size doubled during production), most of which were American, the 20 there are from the Japanese team members alone, and thats just the leads for the various art departments. They weren't completing 1 background every 2 days, more at a rate of 1 background every few weeks, with bits reused to speed up later backgrounds, and other things being a few days blockout and then primarily painted over in 2D for some of the more complex areas, by talented artists.

Shaders can be reused, but given the art style, the vast majority of detail is coming from the textures anyway, not the shaders.

With all that said, a few more experienced artists have given their 2 cents, and you don't want to listen, and thats fine, its your project, and best of luck with it if you ever start it.

For the record: Displacement maps, normal maps and so on, still require good UV's, not to mention they require you to MAKE those displacement maps.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-13 15:38:35 »
Unwrapping and texturing takes a lot longer if they're actual game models, because then you need to uv map every model and each model needs normal maps, some baked some not. Sometimes you need other maps such as gloss and subsurface maps. To uv map buildings, grass, trees, stones, a lot of work for sure. But when it doesn't have to be real time you can do it procedurally which is a lot faster.

It's a bit easier than realtime for sure, but its not 'heaps' easier, FF9 has a lot of asset reuse, so a lot of things are actually modelled on all sides and then a rotated version is used elsewhere, alexandria is a good example of this, as are the countless rocks throughout the game.

Its faster, but its not leaps and bounds faster.

You can use particle systems to create thousands of grass strands in minutes, Also a lot can be done in photoshop with the finished renders, do you need to create some dust or some smokey light or something, easy to do in seconds in photoshop.

Leaves and small rocks, you could use particle systems for yes, you'd still need to model them and then have the particle system use them, achieving the perfect result is a lot of trial and error but this is the way I'd personally do it yes, else I'd do things in Substance Designer and Substance Painter with tessellation.

I'm also aware of render layers, the original game also used them, so that makes perfect sense.
However the mods I put in the list before the rant regarding the characters, that's a mod I'm sure some would be capable of creating, a mod that reverts the game back to the original experience and not the android/cheat bullshit. :)

Thats certainly possible, though, regarding the cheats, wouldn't it be easier to just not use the cheats? You aren't forced to use them, its entirely optional.

If I had the camera setup correctly I would finish that background in hours.
If I had a team of 20 people working for me and we had six months to do it and were paid we would get to work right away and meet the deadline.
This is the scene: (I've attached an imgur album I made for all the games static backgrunds, I have another for its animated ones, static alone makes up 357 backgrounds, including animated, which is 192 it means that the game comes in at 549 backgrounds)

In that first static scene, from a quick glance I can spot around 40 individual objects, chests, lamps, books, rug, candle, various other things on the shelves, plants and so on so forth, thats a LOT of objects, even modelling and unwrapping those 40 or so objects would take a week or two if you're a really fast painter and modeler.

This scene could be done faster than most though, this is true.

I doubt you could finish it to the same quality in 'hours', but finish it overall yes, certainly, things like the grain and the warping on the wood would take some time to get looking the same detail level, but not too difficult. The carpet I'd personally do in substance designer, drawing the exact same design/pattern would take a little time in itself. Bare in mind that is one of the games easiest scenes for sure, blocking it out alone is a 10-20 minute job at best if everything else is setup correctly, ie: camera.

I do really want to see how close you can get to the original image here though, that'd be an interesting learning experience, and also having it done would just be good for your portfolio if you intend to do 3D Art as a career in the future.

The entire prerender process is easy yes, its not difficult in itself, its only making the art thats time consuming, everything else is simply grouping and render layer stuff, that you could do with a script if you were regularly using the same 5-10 different depth levels all the time.

Making great art takes a long time, I'm sure you know this too.

That original background was 100% not made in a few hours, I'm 100% sure that background in itself probably took 2-3 guys a few weeks to a month.

Everything would be taken into zbrush so that you could stylize the high poly too.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-13 13:20:22 »
I think you underestimate how much of the backgrounds could be done more or less automatically in today's world. Yes remaking all the backgrounds would take more than a year unless you've got a team of maybe 10 professionals working on it, then it might take months. But that wasn't the main focus of my rant-y post. I was thinking more of the dialouge, characters and scenes.

More or less 'automatically', you mean procedural? With FF9, and achieving a very specific look... basically 0.0001% of it honestly.

Even if you have a Team of 10, it'd still take a hell of a long time.

There were leaps in 3D Tech from then till now, but polygons are still polygons, there are some shortcuts to make things faster, but its really not that different, the main difference is rendering and optimization, things like fur/hair took forever back then, now they still take time but not like then, the main difference is render times, which, rather ironically hasn't much changed either, given that scenes are dramatically more intense these days anyway, so would still take ages to make.

Think back to when FF9 was made, or 7 or 8, there was a team of approximately 200 people, with a good quarter of that, or at least 10% dedicated soley to graphics, and it STILL took them several years to make FF9, sure rendertime wasn't on their side, but that didn't add months to the project, it added a few weeks overall, at a guess. I'm not underestimating anything. You're dramatically underestimating how detailed these backgrounds are.

This image here, someone would have made a bunch of unique houses, this would have taken a week or two per house most likely, matching up with concepts, getting approval etc, thats just the outside, each tile is individually modelled, and on the ground, its possible its a solid texture, but its more likely that each stone there was placed, most likely with use of a script, I'd be amazed if stones or bricks were ever hand placed, even back then.

At your level, as a beginning, mimicking that scene would take months of work, that'd take me months too I think, at a guess, because theres a lot going on in there, thats a lot of models, a lot of uv unwrapping and a lot of texturing, and then nice lighting too.

Remodeling the main cast would take a few weeks at most and all the NPCs wouldn't be difficult, many of them share similar proportions to the main character, so in some cases you could just pull some vertexes around and give them new clothing. Rewriting the dialouge wouldn't be difficult and removing some scenes probably wouldn't be too difficult for programmers to do. Then you would already have a more mature looking game.

In some cases pulling around a few vertices is possible yes, thats certainly true, and is the best way forward, since right now increasing or lowering the polycount would cause issues.

Sure they share the same proportions as the main character, but they still all need to be retextured, remodelled because they're each their own mesh, then each individually bound to a skeleton, hell the rigging process alone would most likely take a month or two Id imagine. What makes you think NPC's are anymore difficult than the main cast exactly? The only real difference between them is polycount, which isn't the thing that eats the most time when modelling a character.

Rewriting all the games dialogue is possible right now, this is where I'd recommend starting honestly.

That alone is a big task, its essentially writing a novel, you'd have to write out and plan out all the scenes and dialogue in a separate document ahead of time, then start adding it in game, it'd take a long time but its certainly possible.

Redoing some scenes, provided you didn't edit the animations or the movement wouldn't be TOO much work, but if you want to do anything more, then you need to add new animations into the game, which means characters having a rig.

If the tools continue to grow, a lot of this will be possible eventually, which is really exciting, but you're using the games engine as a base to make your own engine really. Which is a lot more work than a mod.

I really do wish you the best of luck, and I'm interested in where this goes, but this needs some grounding or you'll quit early on because taking on a project too big, almost always results in the team quitting.
Quote from: dclem
Is it possible to let them know about how badly Silicon Studios destroyed our beloved FF9 with hordes of bugs

Ex-employees, but I think even the current employees I know wouldn't care, the game sold, artists aren't concerned with bugs honestly, I mean we'd prefer they were gone but its 'out of our jurisdiction' so to speak, It'd require someone high up at square enix to know and want to as SS to do the fixes, sadly I can't see that happening.

Apologies for the wall of text, I appreciate you taking the time to read and not respond aggressively, a remake of FF9 is something I'd love to get into myself if I had the free time right now, as I adore the game, so if the project is moving along, I'll most likely jump into it myself at a later point in time.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-13 05:22:26 »
Tons of work for sure but I don't think we're talking years, more like months if you've got a team of people working on it.

A few others have pointed this out but this really IS years work, even remaking the games backgrounds and nothing more would take a year or two with a team of 5-6 artists, you have roughly 3-400 backgrounds in the game, so even at a rate of 10 backgrounds a week from 6 artists, all working fulltime on this, that'd still be around a year at minimum, and nobody is going to be able to fully create one of the games backgrounds 100% models and textures (most of which are custom made for the scene if they want it to look good) in just a week alone.

Then there are the areas which were only created in 3D As a blockout and then took a few weeks of 2D Paintover to finalise (the forest, the ice caves and a few other areas), then theres ANIMATING all those scenes, that'll take ages too. Since I'd assume at minimum you'd want the same level of animations as the original game, plus probably a little more right?

I'm not trying to deter you from this, just trying to give you grounded realistic expectations.

This is as a great way to get into 3D Art, but its a *lot* of work.

Redoing all the character models alone is a good 6 months of work with a quick team, then theres remaking all the animations too, which is like a years work in itself.

Set yourself the goal of 1 character and 1 environment, pick an easier one and see how you get on with it, right now you don't have anything to show to convince other people to join you.

I'm not saying anything out of spite, I'm a professional 3D Artist myself, I've been in the industry nearly 10 years, currently working in Japan with some ex-square enix employees, I've worked on projects with them, they work well, but even they wouldn't dive into something like this without a lot of wages because its a lot of work.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy 9 camera
« on: 2017-06-13 05:13:08 »
Little sad to see this go on hold, I was curious how this'd turn out.

Seems you've largely matched up the camera but its a little off, its difficult to perfect, and doing it by eye for over 410 backgrounds is a bit much though, can understand why that'd be a turn off.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy 9 camera
« on: 2017-06-12 07:54:52 »
I have a little program to take the walk meshes and camera data from FF8, if you're a competent programmer I'd be happy to share the program so you can make it work with Final Fantasy 9 instead.

The software exports the FF8 walkmesh, and then exports the FF8 camera along with its settings into a DAE file that can be imported into Maya, it'll work alright for Blender but I've never tried, I'm not a fan of blender and the industry almost never uses it so I've never had a chance to dive into it much.

Blender has a tool called BLAM that helps you line up the camera, its much better than doing it in sketchfab.

Try it out from there.

Exporting cameras from 3D Software either requires a custom plugin or it'll require FBX or DAE formats, something like OBJ can't contain anything other than a static mesh, so that'd be out of the question.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-12 07:49:22 »
Even if this were possible in the next year, it'd take you years to achieve this, its tantamount to making a new game entirely, you'll have to remake a lot of the games backgrounds, if not all of them in order to accommodate more realistically proportioned characters, which means the art style also has to change to be suited to that.

This, as nice an idea as it may be for some, is far beyond modding, this is making an entirely new game in the FFIX engine, including new animations and new models, a large chunk of this isn't possible with the current modding state, and most likely won't be for a long time.

Tools / Re: [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.37c)
« on: 2017-04-25 11:10:39 »
Progress on this program is fantastic! Amazing work here Tirlititi!
1 step closer to possibly having an exportable FF9 world map (with UV's), really looking forward to this.

Tools / Re: [FF8PC/PSX] Field editor - Deling (0.9b)
« on: 2016-05-01 14:17:54 »
I love this tool.

i haev a minor request.

I'm trying to create gifs from the FF8 animated backgrounds but its difficult because I can only save 1 layer at a time, theres no way to play animations or export all layers in the tool it seems.

Additionally, I can export walkmeshes and cameras to FF8 formats, but from there there seems to be no way to actually open them.

Would it be possible to export them as obj and FBX files at all so they can be opened in other 3D Software, useful for those of us remodelling areas of the game in HD, or whatever else people might want to do with the meshes.

I don't know how complicated that second request might be howeve.

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