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When i write a hex notepad for an IRO file. Sure i can just write xxxxxxxx = xxxxxxx and leave it.
BUT how do i tell it to change said address to be a call or an ecx or blah blah 

Or how do i go about saving my changes inside the actual exe so i can release it instead?

Troubleshooting / Editing the window.bin
« on: 2017-12-02 07:21:49 »
Basically as the title suggests. How do i get inside it, how does it work?

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Hex Editing
« on: 2017-10-31 00:03:13 »
Is anyone available to help me find a single hex number in FF7 for 1 variable?
I literally need one thing and even though i know what im doing. I cant seem to do it...

Hey guys i need to know if i can disable the switch button whilst the menu is open so people cannot change from equip to materia screens

General discussion / How to open the Crash Dump file
« on: 2017-10-02 05:22:12 »
Title says it all. i need to be able to read this file.

I tried Windbg and it can't do it, neither can notepad++

I need to be able to find out the code for a specific variable when running 7H in variable dump mode

Troubleshooting / Makou Reactor text limit
« on: 2017-09-23 23:13:19 »
So using Makou Reactor i've come across the fact that 255 is the limit to the amount of texts that can be used in a single scene.

Can this be fixed? I REALLY REALLY need it for my project.
To a point where i would have to undo around 2 months worth of work to get around it...

Wish i had checked this sooner

Graphical Mods / Updated Character Models
« on: 2017-08-13 07:12:48 »
So about 75% of the time i do not make models myself. I have friends that do but the process of getting them into FF7 i can do.

Many like Chibi models, many like updated HD ones.
I figure heck i'll share what i can do. Plus opinions are always good.

I can't guarantee i'll be able to make a full pack, but i'll try anyway.

Tifa + AC

I'll update as much as i can, but work is slow

So i've been working on the characters death animations. So far all is good, i can get them to drop to the ground instead of teleportation. Great. But here lies the issue..

Is there a way to stop the death animation replaying when you escape from battle?
To just possibly remove a dead characters escape animation completely?
It really messes with it

Audio Mods / Looking for a specific sound
« on: 2017-08-01 05:45:46 »
Does anyone have the sound effects from ff8 with XAM0T robot thingy? The sound of it walking and crashing to the ground?

Or possibly the guard scorpion from cc

Okay so i believe i found a way to increase the quality of Field scenes dramatically.
I tested on a vanilla field and results were outstanding.

What i would like to do providing permission is given from the original authors.
IE. Satsuke, Yarlson

Is i wanna try use my improvements on an already upgraded version to see the difference.
Plus if im gonna do this i would like to give everyone the best possible anyway.

So essentially the mods in 7th heaven after being unpacked have the 3-5 layer files inside.
But they are aren't the normal layers Palmer can read.
It's the modpath layers, and i can't figure out how to assemble them back into a full PNG of the field itself.

That's what i need. Thanks in advance!

As well as that i guess, i need to know how i can get my own field after i have messed with back in.
Here's a rough example of the 1st go around of the 1st vanilla scene vs my updated one

All i have right now IS this picture so how do i make this into layers and such
The edges need smoothening and such but that's where i am hoping the existing modpacks will help me out

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Flevel Stuff
« on: 2017-05-11 13:52:18 »
Okay so i've changed this thread to just home any questions i'll have with this stuff instead

Okay so, reasons + side options for this.

In wallmarket i am able to set initial equipment for each character right,
BUT i cannot allow this to happen more than 1 time.
I wan't this to happen more than once because i need a new armor you pick up or weapon to come with materia on it. Only way i can see this happening is if it is in the initial data. This sounds stupid i know but let me worry about why and i'll suprise you guys later on hopefully with something amazing.

Lamens terms:
Can i make a weapon/armor come with materia on it?
How can i simmiluate a new game so it restarts the chars initial equipment setup?

Is there a way that the battle and field scripts communicate?

I have found a way to make it rain on certain fields randomly.
What i'm gonna need is to be able to make random encounters have the rain effect if in the scene has the correct var=1

Or i guess if anyone happens to know about the attempts at random weather effects that have tried it before lemme know how because i wanna play with it

FF7Voice / Looking for Beta-Teaters for VA mod Echo-S
« on: 2017-03-31 18:12:05 »
Hey everyone. So funnily enough the one role I thought we'd never have too little of is lacking considerably.

So we are looking for as many Beta-Testers as we can.

If you wanna see our project check it out here:

Basically the title. Nothing else really.
Thanks in advance

How do i go about changing the starting buttons?
For example DLPB's Reunion has a switch O and X option.

I guess it's through hex editing anyway.
Does anyone have the codes for each of the buttons?

Along with this can I make it so a different colour other than the standard blue is the default menu colour?/

Then i guess while i'm on the topic, Is it possible to only have them switched on certain screens?
The Main menu screen being my main one..

Would also be nice to bring back the soft reset option. I think i could possibly achieve this by attaching the game over script to a combination. Unsure how to do that but any advice is also great.

Much appreciated

Other Mods / In-Game Tutorials
« on: 2017-03-03 21:35:15 »
So i'm trying to alter the Materia tutorial ever so slightly, just a word here and there. Only when i change them in makou reactor. I mean if i make a single change to it. The tutorial will not work. The menu will open and tutorial will flash but no text appears. This happens whether i edit in MR or id i export it and edit it outside before importing again. Both fail

Any ideas?

As you know the Buster.PNG or the New game menu has the options "New Game" and "Continue" on it where you press Up or Down to change that option.

Is there a way i can make it so i could use Left and Right instead?

General discussion / FF7 Tutorials
« on: 2017-01-02 23:24:56 »
Anyone know if the in game tutorials text windows are called at all or is it a seperate thing completely? How can i edit them and see?

So for anyone in need of a database of all P files inside char, battle and magic here's a great way to do it.

Please move this to the correct location, it started as a question and is now an answer lol

Audio Mods / Adding extra sound effects into FF7
« on: 2016-12-10 23:29:29 »
So basically i need to figure out a sound effect that either does nothing or at least have pretty much no impact on the game.

Or find a way to add a new one. Anyone got any ideas?

I tried making Barrets attack sound effect to use 00 and it worked fine because i THOUGHT it was unused. Turns out it plays after every battle it is just silent....Strange?

Then know the hex for that sound to make wallmarket use it

I'm looking to change Barrets basic attack sound effect. From what i gathered in Proud Clod enemies that use the same attack use sound ID 000F and because this ID is used by more than just Barret i cannot change the sound effect effectively.

Is there a way i can change the sound ID he uses

Audio Mods / Sound effects with Ultrasound
« on: 2016-12-08 08:05:23 »
I'm attempting to use Ultrasound to replace sound effects such as battle attacks so i can voice them.

I have this working with multiple options being chosen at random to give the game a little more variety, the only issue i have is thatthe very 1st time the sound is called it is silent.

If i have 5 different sounds to be chosen it will play them all individually except after the last one is played it goes back to silent. It goes like this.

2nd - Play SFX 1
3rd - Play SFX 2
4th - Play SFX 3
5th - Play SFX 4
6th - Play SFX 5
7th - Silent

It's always 1 behind like it can't see the very 1st issue of that sound
//Repeats order

I'll add the script i use too just incase

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Ultrasound xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">

  <Replacement ID="018" Kind="Sequential">
    <Sound>Audio\ultrasound\Cloud Attack.wav</Sound>
    <Sound>Audio\ultrasound\Cloud Attack 1.wav</Sound>
    <Sound>Audio\ultrasound\Cloud Attack 2.wav</Sound>
    <Sound>Audio\ultrasound\Cloud Attack 3.wav</Sound>
    <Sound>Audio\ultrasound\Cloud Attack 4.wav</Sound>


Graphical Mods / Buster.png
« on: 2016-12-05 21:48:00 »
Okay so i know all about hex editing and stuff now.
What i'm doing right now is designing a few different main menus.

What i am wondering is there and way i can replace the need to only use "UP" and "DOWN" to change from New game to Continue to be able to use "LEFT" and "RIGHT" instead?

If you can does anyone happen to know the Opcodes

Gameplay Mods / Flevel help
« on: 2016-12-03 21:12:07 »
This more of a request than it would be a question.

Can anyone here help me a ton by altering a single flevel for me?
I attempted this myself and got close but no cigar.

The map md1stin (The very 1st map) can anyone make this so that the game starts from where Barret speaks to Cloud?

Meaning the guards are already down. Biggs/Wedge and Jessie have already left or leaving and Barret and Cloud are already on the ground about to chat.

Much appreciated if anyone can

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