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Modular Engine - Q-Gears Reloaded
Project website at

Join our:
Discord Server:
IRC Channel: #LunarCast at
What is this:
Q-Gears was disappointing, it was incredibly inactive and was nearly forgotten.  This was due to many problems, first of all the incredibly difficult compilation process with "dependency-hell" because there were many dependencies not included in the project, this acted as a high barrier of entry to someone unfamiliar with the project.  Second, the choice of language being C++ while is highly efficient acted as a second barrier of entry to the project.  Third, the choice of ogre as a game engine was a third barrier since the formats were very difficult to work with and were not 1 click export/import from Blender.
While these barriers seem like nothing to someone that is familiar with the project they can be very intimidating to someone entirely new.  This coupled with forum and IRC inactivity meant that questions went unanswered and many developers willing to help with the project quit because they had no idea how to get started.

So whats different this time?:
This game originally started as a RPG in my personal time but because of my fondness of the FF7 engine, I also implemented a modules system and soon became more of a game engine than a game.  Soon I realized there was much in common with this engine and the FF7 engine so I started considering this as a Q-Gears replacement!  The concept behind this project is ease of use, the project language is C# and there are no external dependencies!  The game also uses Field Script commands and Battle Script commands!
The Modular System further improves on this with strict code separation meaning that when working on your module, no changes you make can affect any other modules!  Oh, and if you were wondering, this project started around May 2017.

The game currently features quite a few modules, there is: The Field Module, Battle2d Module, Danmaku Module the Menu Module and the Kernel! 

Wiki Page:

Additional Information:
The game engine allows you to create your own FF7 style game (or re-create the original) without having to hack assembly or worse hex edit.  There is no FF7 game data included, the data included is totally unrelated to Final Fantasy and is its own story for the engine to showcase.  You are obviously free to switch this data with Final Fantasy data and create external tools/patches to automatically convert Final Fantasy 7 data to Modular Engine.  This protects the project from being shut down and encourages original game projects to be built using Modular Engine.

Field Module: (Where the RPG Story takes place)

Battle2D Module: (Final fantasy 7 style Active Time Battle where limit breaks are renamed to Last Word Spells)

Danmaku Module aka Bullet Heaven (Much like a custom minigame in FF7)

Spell Card: "Proprietary Sign - Direct X"

Main menu

Party Menu (Materia renamed to Spell Cards ... for obvious reasons)

Download Latest Revision (Windows/Mac/Linux):

Engine Planning Diagrams:

Known bugs: (Please do not re post these below!)
- An error appears in the console in the Battle2d (RPG battle) mode (Does not affect gameplay).
- You might stop moving while changing scenes and have to press a key to move again (Minor)

Developers: Anyone interested in helping with the new Q-Gears should join our Discord Server!
- Anyone that knows Unity3D or C# can help with programming!
- Anyone able to make a GUI binary patcher/update system that supports patching entire directories
- PHP/Perl programming for web backend related stuff
- 2D Sprite design
- Blender3D or Modeling experience can help with creating 3D models for the RPG Battles
- Testers that can test and play through complicated scenarios needed to trigger bugs

Reply below if you want to help, you can also find me on #shrinemaiden on, at on and on our Discord Server!

If you can't help with any of the above don't feel discouraged, post what you think you can do to help!

Some arse posted this:
Spoiler: show
Get ddos protection :

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I checked website, emailed owners about this

Here is relevant whois info I could pull up

If you notice here one of the emails is a yahoo email, isn't that a little suspicious for a website like that?

Edit: Added the raw whois data:
Code: [Select]
Registry Domain ID: 62220315_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2017-03-05T14:46:13Z
Creation Date: 2001-02-16T23:42:12Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2027-02-16T05:00:00Z
Registrar IANA ID: 2
Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.8003337680
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Fortinet Inc.
Registrant Organization: Fortinet Inc.
Registrant Street: 899 KIFER RD
Registrant City: SUNNYVALE
Registrant State/Province: CA
Registrant Postal Code: 94086-5205
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.4082357700
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +1.4082357737
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: [email protected]om
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Ying, Shiny
Admin Organization: Fortinet Inc.
Admin Street: 4190 Still Creek Dr.
Admin City: Burnaby
Admin State/Province: BC
Admin Postal Code: V5C 6C6
Admin Country: CA
Admin Phone: +1.6044301297
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +1.6042938885
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: [email protected]
Registry Tech ID:
Tech Name: Ying, Shiny
Tech Organization: Fortinet Inc.
Tech Street: 4190 Still Creek Dr.
Tech City: Burnaby
Tech State/Province: BC
Tech Postal Code: V5C 6C6
Tech Country: CA
Tech Phone: +1.6044301297
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax: +1.6042938885
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email: [email protected]
DNSSEC: unsigned
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:

Can someone check if the email used to sign up is from that website?

How about adding a new field that identical with the one you maxed out on and finding a clever time in the plot to switch them so it doesn't look awkward.

Would it be possible to add a way to save a field script at a text file with the opcodes and arguments/parameters in text like

Q-Gears / Re: Error message after compiling
« on: 2017-09-15 17:31:56 »
Try downloading the q-gears-data repository and looking for the file in there, a lot of those files were moved to that repo during the cleanup.  If you want to help develop join IRC for help/info!

A suggestion for end of disc 1 to make the fight harder and more interesting, you should lock the party to have Cloud and Aeris and let the user to select the 3rd party member and start the battle with Aeris on 0 HP so it sort of forces you to use Life spell or a phoenix item to get all 3 characters and then start attacking.

This would make the boss harder since you get sent in to the boss fight with 2 characters that are alive and is slightly cooler for the story than using a phoenix item after...

This appears to be a logical bug in the installer and will be addressed on the next release.
In the mean time play around with the config value DESTINATIONFOLDER=DEFAULT and the debug menu / variable editor see if you can get something to work!

I have given you all full access to all the variables the installer uses, so you pretty much have a built in debugger GUI, see what you can figure out. (Not many programs offer this!)
To access this feature select Debug from the Installer Coordinator menu and use the [Refresh] and [Apply] buttons to send your values to the installer!
If you find a combination that works save it to the .INI with the [Save .INI] button and load your saved .INI files with [Load .INI]

PS: The value "DEFAULT" in strings is a special command and tells the program to figure it out on its own.
~Happy debugging!~

Great to hear it worked!  The files need a special codec to be played such as DirectShow (It comes bundled on the original FF7 Install CD).

As for next version, some more developer tools will be bundled in the build to help with custom installs.  Be careful using these if you do not know how they work.

Any updates on that or similar projects?

Paul any progress with that?

Anyone else got any news on FF7 source code decompilation or remake?

Has the Install Movies to Hard drive option worked for anyone?  Have not had any feedback on it, it is a really requested feature and now its as easy as clicking Maximum install!

Hi guys! I can´t run ff7 98 version after w10 last update. I tried to install the game with tom´s installer but still don´t work. Any ideas?

Edit: Solved changing the audio driver. xD

Realizing this is a major issue I added a big warning label on the OP that you must do this step.  Thanks for reporting.

This is so cool, I wish this would work for ff7!  Great job!

The ff7 config is being worked on, its a 2 part project, first we have to understand how the ff7config.exe works and then recreate the dialogs windows etc and add the functions to them.

That is right, you heard it there is an update! 1.5.0 after about a year with no updates!
With quite a massive changelog:

Version 1.5.0 - Installer Coordinator II after about a year with no updates! (Last Edit: 2015-12-14 19:03:10)
+Installer Coordinator II
+CONFIG.INI configuration file lets you change the default options on your installer and create custom setup scripts that automatically install the game (Good for network installations?)
+Install Movies to hard drive option, called Maximum install! (Not selected by default)
+Variable Editor, lets you edit the variables of the program and create your own config.ini files
+If you select the wrong drive on a disc selection menu you can retry instead of being forced to quit
+A dialog before the final window asking you to restart or not was missing (forgotten perhaps?), it was added
*Graphical update, new graphical buttons and more exact text on the IC dialogs
*On the final window, clicking on the text next to the radio buttons changes the selection like in the original, previously you would have to click exactly on the radio button circle.
*Changes in internal code so less copy paste and more common shared modules
-Old style debug mode removed, its now a variable editor.

Anyone encountering issues should try re installing with the latest version of the installer!
You can uninstall the game by deleting the Square Soft folder in your 32 bit program files folder!

Exactly, paul is right, there is a lot of progress in that version on the original formats

First of all we need to get the game working, we shouldn't even be talking about bypassing the games limitations until it works as the original did.  In the 0.14 version most op codes are implemented, enough to run the first mission

Try selecting the riva or tnt option in the config window graphics options and direct3d mode.  Make sure you have an audio driver selected AND a MIDI device.

I agree with Paul, converting the data was bad idea,  using the original would allow rapid development focussing on the mechanics and cool parts and not files and directories :)

Complexity about which part?  Needless, can we make it simpler the decompiler?

True that or Akari engine 0.14

I don't know of any decompilers that produce structured runnable code at the moment.  IDA code is not compilable.  So is Boomerang code not compileable.  However I know that paid services that decompile code and manually fix issues do work.

I totally agree with Paul, we can't take such risks.  It's better to use original scripts because it's not possible for a program to covert them to a higher level language automatically and distributing files will get us shut down and we can't have that happen.

Hi Tom, Thanks for the response. Currently, Software Rendering is selected. I didn't have an option to select my specific graphics card. I'll keep trying to dream up other avenues to try. If you have any other suggestions I'd appreciate it. Regardless, thanks for creating the installer it gives me hope to be able to play FFVII again!
Make sure you select Install 1.02 and Install Chocobo Patch on the screen with Cloud on it.  Components Selection Screen.  Not installing 1.02 patch can lead to graphics drivers not being recognized.  If it does *not* work you might have to wait for my FF7Config Remake to be released:

I have been told that I can not distribute converted scripts even if I have hand converted them ...

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