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did your large map get substituted for the small one, or did the small one just relocate up there? Never seen that before

This is great and definitely needed considering an official remaster is almost certainly not happening. Thank you for your hard work

Graphical Mods / Re: The Search for THE Aerith Model's
« on: 2017-12-24 23:10:53 »
If you want them badly enough you can learn how to import models and then use whatever models you want. However the learning curve can be quite high

in ff7_opengl.cfg you set your modpath to whatever folder name you want.  Inside that folder you make another folder called battle and toss all the images in there

None of that is necessary. 7th heaven is able to extract iro data into whatever folder you want. Then just put the files into the mod folder you designate in the openly cfg.  If you use reunion is in mod/reunion/battle

This particular mod does not affect magic.  However, this mod has also been merged with Reunion since all the bugs we were facing were ironed out and incorporated with his mod.  Whether or not Reunion conflicts with new threat, I don't know.

These look quite good!  I'll definitely be downloading and comparing to the ones we already have.  I know some textures have only been upscaled, so it will be nice to be able to replace those with more that have been made from scratch

Why rewrite them?

That's my bad, I haven't played on 15fps in so long that I didn't realize the animations were currently at 60.   I did notice the camera stutters in places though, but that was all NFITC1s work, no idea how to correct any of that

Does the interpolation method work correctly?  When I was doing mine, there were hundreds upon hundreds of animations that needed fixing due to the animations using 0-360 rotation.  If one frame was 0 but the next was 360, you wouldn't notice, but if you interpolate them, the new frame becomes 180 and when you're using x,y,z axes for 20 bones suddenly you have tons of body parts jumping all around.   

Is this going to be an R06 option?

@Kaldarasha it's really whoever wants to fix it.  It's not a big enough project to worry too much about

I checked out how the fields handle movement, and it seems easy enough to change if analog movement is implemented.  Might take hours, but it's easy work.

Anywho, I should be finishing up some odds and ends soon and will be moving on to verifying my 60fps models.  I used reunion the other day, and the menu and whatnot look great clearly running at 60, but how do we add in 60fps animation files and 60fps camera movement?

If you can add almost full control, I'll take a crack at the fields.

Yeah, even something like 16 directions would be satisfactory.  The hope is to eliminate the locked controls in certain fields where pressing up on the D-Pad actually moves you northwest.  If up always moved you North, and you had more then 8 directions available to you, the fields would feel much more natural

I don't need analog input, and I can pretty easily map an analog stick to give me those 8 directions.  I was more interested if it'd be possible to give 360 directional movement instead of 8.  I know ff8 and ff9 used analog in their psx versions but it looks like they were cut to the 8 in their pc ports unfortunately

Ok, so, before I ask this question I want you to keep in mind that I know fern all about asm and changing code and what is and is not possible.  That being said, what is the feasibility of changing the 8 directional motions to something fully analog like FF8 or FF9?

Downloading it now, hopefully I'll have time to check it out tomorrow.  If it does what I think it does, this was much needed.
Since you seem to like making these tools, something that still has yet to be made is a way to convert the animation files to something more common and usable in a modern 3d program.  To be able to create animations outside of Kimera would be something new

Great work regardless!

This seems like it's a really great tool.  Could be the definitive one if you also add batch support.

So it's the exact same image?  The PSX gold framed image looks like it might say POKER, whereas the PC version is just a blob of pixels

Also, I don't think the "shading issue" is all that much of a problem.  When you compare to PSX, using my own tweaked shaders, the colour and so on is superior in PC (right).

A bit off topic, but why is the background such better quality on the psx?

I imagine attaching them to the hip bone will probably give you near perfect results.

The best way to do any of this would be to have an import/export tool which can convert the skeleton/animation to a more user friendly format and back again.

General discussion / Re: Japanese Modding
« on: 2017-03-26 13:27:58 »
Last I knew, he lives in Japan.

Completely unrelated / Re: Trump president now!
« on: 2017-01-20 19:49:26 »
My 2 cents?  It's going to be more of the same.  It always is.  And likely always will be until World War 3.  You know who will benefit from Trump's policies?  The upper class.  You know who won't?  The middle and lower class, as always.  The rich will get richer. The poorer will get poorer, and freedoms will continue to erode right in step with the ocean's reefs.

FF7Voice / Re: Project Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2016-12-26 14:52:29 »
Pretty good voice acting!  I would get rid of the voiced press cancel to run stuff. Seems weird

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