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Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2017-09-29 21:55:39 »
Wow! That is super impressive. Great work.

The Cait Sith replacement mod has been abandoned

Don't do that. I like the character myself, but love to see different things added to the game. With the new expansion of playable enemy battle models and animations you should keep this back burnered. It may turn up a really new exciting avenue. On another note, I really feel things seem to have quieted down here regarding releases of new mods and I bet after you release R06 we will see a resurgence.

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2017-08-24 21:51:06 »
I really like the third one. It looks really good. I'm glad someone else has started remaking the fields. Keep up the great work.

 I like that you turned it into a full savemap changer. It is super versatile like that.

Yeah you have to click find zero points in audacity or use the keyboard shortcut. I had to do that when I made all my ff0-X Battle and Fanfare musics Randomizer and clicking/popping was not an option. One of the most important things I learned is that it is vital to see the waveform before finding the zero crossings for matching purposes. Like I said this tool will be great for casual modders to put together their own looping musics without any real learning curve. It fixes the problem of like say, trying to hex edit a save before Black Chocobo came around. Now it's super easy. So that's pretty cool.

-This tool is very useful. I'm looking forward to using it to make my own sound mods. Thanks for explaining it.

And this is dedicated not only to repeatedly playing and tweaking the loop point, but also saving the tags (which it can do instantly with a touch of a button)

Audacity does these things super fast and easy, but hey whatever floats your boat. We all gotta have something to eat up our days.

--another way to put it is if someone edits audio without looking at the wave form--- then it shouldn't be heard.

So this seems very helpful for people trying to put together quick looping oggs for ffvii, but how exactly is this better that a real audio editing program like audacity. Audacity already does all this and more and is a legit Audio editing program. This seems like a sloppy way to avoid learning how to do that. umm... sorry.

--Maybe it is intended to work better with your own at this moment unreleased custom dll, but even then just doing it properly in an audio editing program seems the way to go.. again sorry.

Graphical Mods / Re: Problems upscaling FF7 field Textures
« on: 2017-07-18 19:04:29 »
Yes. Use that full image as the base layer, but don't include any of the lighting effect layers for the full composite image.

Graphical Mods / Re: Problems upscaling FF7 field Textures
« on: 2017-07-18 16:21:22 »
Use the full composite image(upscaled same as other layers) for the base layer which is where the green/red are usually.

I searched around inside to see if its possible to export the walkmeshes as obj or fbx files, but I couldn't find anything.

There is a walkmesh editor included and it is very full featured, but even after learning it can be tricky. The game requires defining what triangle edge leads into what triangle. so for example line 2-3 of triangle 53 leads into triangle 54, and to get back line 1-2 of 54 leads into 53. So not only does each point of the triangle have an x,y,z but also the edges have to be set. I'm fairly certain that an obj wouldn't have this information when you imported it back into the field file and you would still have to define all those edges. But if it could be worked out that would be a nice feature to have.

I also couldn't find a way to export the backgrounds complete with their animated parts.

To export all the background layers export the files using the tool Palmer, then edit the png files with an image editor. After making your changes you use palmer to generate the modpath texture to get the changes in game. The palmer links seem to be dead, but I'm sure you can find it somewhere or someone can re-upload it.

The best way is to make it as a 7thHeaven iro. They are easy to share and don't require any installation of any files other than the iro. Then players can easily use the mod or not by a simple click without needing to reinstall older files or mods.

Go ahead and check your PM. I just sent them to you.

My version is made from the ps3 tech demo and CC ending vid. DLPB's version is an upgraded version of the original using the Toshiba DVD footage. So I had no reason to make or include the latter since it had already been done.

The 1 thing that i know of that cannot be changed are limits. So in that case if Hojo is going to be in the party then make him vincent. His limit to transform suits Hojo perfectly

That is incorrect all the limits can be reassigned and changed. It is all controlled by the ab files and kernel(and the exe on pc). You could have up to 6 party members that each have a transform(7 if you eliminate the vincent character slot). In my Shinra mod Hojo does transform into heletic, and if you watch Jeets vids you will see Seph transform into safer and bizarro.

I'm getting started on this, but want to make sure you are happy with these. I'm going to do

Dyne as Barret
Rufus as Cloud
Elena as Tifa
Dark Nation as Red XIII
Palmer as Cid
Reno as Yuffie
Rude as Cait Sith
Seph as Vincent

Including your Scarlet as Aeris that is a full set and cuts out Hojo, Tseng and Jenova. The only way to include more than the nine would be to do party swapping using 7H's variable swapping mechanic. In my personal mod I have 27 playable characters, 5 playable guest characters and 9 limit transformations, so having more characters is just a matter of flevel scripting and 7H modding. Regardless of that I'm going to move forward with the above list. If you have any changes just let me know. 

Sure. Give me some time and I'll get you a nice set of shinra battle models. After that I will look into the heroes as enemies with hero animations. I think Jeet did a hero Jemnezmy.

-To use the original enemy field models with animations you have to edit the flevel to replace the hrc files of the original party with the enemy hrc files and then edit the enemy animations list to have enough animations. Not enough animation will cause a soft lock, but since your mod is a full replacement you should just swap models. I only had to edit about 20 fields of the flevel and it takes along time to test every model and animation.

To correct the limit animations you need to make a kernel.bin like the one jeet had in his psx mod. Then all the limit animations will work properly. I couldn't include the kernel in my party swap mod because the kernel loads into memory only once when the game starts and then it cannot be swapped. Yes you have to hex edit the ab files(just copying and pasting won't work every ab file is unique), but that isn't how a new animation would be created. That is how you assign already existing animations to an action. So Jeet had to assign animations to actions that didn't always match because no animation existed.

After thinking about it if you will tell me which shinra characters you want to replace which hero characters I will make you a set in that order with a matching kernel.bin. I'll pretty much only have to rewrite elena's AB file and make the new kernel to fix the limit animations.

To each their own. I felt it needed more work.

7thHeaven / Re: Jessie Mod Shows Tifa's Body/Avatar
« on: 2017-06-05 22:09:16 »
This is a consistently occurring issue that is very annoying. I've already spelled out the fix a number of times, but until the avatar mods in the catalog are updated to use .tex files instead of .png files it will continue to occur with both the Jessie additional character and Shinra party swap. However if you have your avatars set to run as .tex files and the drivers cache feature turned off you shouldn't have any issues.

It has taken me longer than expected to make this Shinra Party swap function properly. Mainly due to the fact that the Kernel is loaded into memory once at startup, so I was unable to make custom limits or item names like in the psx version. But I can no longer keep spinning my wheels trying to trick this mod out and so I am releasing it as is. As stated above it is still based on Jeets mod for the psx found here. and a modded version of Scarlet from mr_nygren's play as shinra project here.

It is a small play through of what events may have occurred at the Temple of the Ancients before Cloud and Company arrived. I included the PHS anywhere mod to allow more playability with the Shinra characters since the event is so short. If you want to play with the battle models as a stand alone mod(outside of the story point swap) just use the Black Chocobo save editor and give your party the "Letter to Daughter" key item. That will swap the battle models, world map models and the avatars, but not the Field models or names. That's just if you want to do it as a stand alone mod, everything is fully swapped in the story point playthrough. Here are the Screenshots and demo video again as a refresher.

One side note. Dyne is shown above, but i pulled that character and added in Tseng. Just made more sense story wise.

The known issue with this mod is the same as the jessie mod. For the avatars to be swapped they have to be .tex files loading from a menu(direct) folder. For some reason a .png file loading from a menu(mod path) folder has a persistence like the 1st avatar to load is held in memory and never reloaded. The solution is still the same as with jessie, run your menu avatars as .tex files and then any avatar swap mods will work without any issues. THis is a 7H exclusive mod like the jessie mod because of the file swapping based on in game variable feature. I also built this using 7H 1.55, so i don't know if it will work properly under older versions. If anyone would like to use the contents of this story addition mod to create a full Shinra mod just unpack the iro using 7H and have at it.!6dJ3HQIa!nnsmIu9vOKX9EGpte0gnoFz24fb6GWyE4WHUWOqg5DU

I'll help with any questions other than "Avatars aren't changing/Shinra Avatars remain after main party returns", because I already spelled out the fix above. Also if you aren't using 7H 1.55 then you will probably have issues.

Nah. They still use his animated sections. I just corrected the frame rate to stop a few soft locks and used higher quality footage when his no chibi animation was on screen. They are still a pretty big improvement, but don't eliminate the stiff looking issue his original version had.

It's been to long waiting to release this shinra mod, so before that here is something cool. It's my Kalm town battle stage.

and here it is in action

Here's the download

It's currently set to replace a blank field, but you could find other ways to use it.

Thanks for the great work Grimmy, I guess this will be THE definitive FMV pack for the game from now on. Makes you wonder why Square itself didn't use the Toshiba DVD footage for the steam re-release...

Thanks very much for that. I've been around these parts long enough to know very few things are ever definitive, but these will be good for awhile.

Ugerstl has pointed out that I had incorrectly named a few videos. In particular these were the errors.

\FMVs HD AC CC  - Grimmy

\FMVs Toshiba DVD enhanced


\No Chibi FMVs Corrected

I have already corrected this in the download links so no worries for any new downloaders. However if you already did download them then you can simply rename the files to the above correct names.

Remastered Replacement FMVs for FFVII

After almost 8 years I have finally gotten around to fully updating my videos using the highest quality AC(480p), ACC(1080p) and CC(1080p) sources available. I've remade every video from the ground up at the proper aspect ratio of 1280X896 and encoded everything with a high bitrate setting(generally 8000 kbps and higher) to eliminate any artifacting caused by encoding. When any original game footage was needed I used the Remastered FMV's by cmh175. Here is a breakdown of what videos are included and any notable changes.

opening - A higher quality version of the PS3 tech demo was used and the audio was corrected to remove some small clicks near the end.
canon - ACC
canonh3f - ACC
earithdd - higher quality version of hybridmoon's video was used and new ACC footage used when able.
funeral - same as above
ending3 - ACC footage
jenova_e - AC, ACC, CC footage.
meteofix - AC
nivlsfs - ACC
ontrain - 1080p remake trailer footage.

A few notes. The ontrain video has 2 versions included. One that is short like the original and a longer version inspired the one at the end of Tsunamix's Ehco-S demo. Also I had to use the AC 480p footage for both meteofix and jenova's reveal because those scenes had been cut and or extremely shortened in the ACC version making them unusable. I've also included the much higher quality Eidos logo opening from Team Avalanche because it doesn't seem to be very commonly known of at the moment and a sqlogo replacement that is a cool clip video of the compilation.

Download link!KFRgWTxI!sIx-VW8lpnSpAdMAqWRpZ9YnVb_h8xoN-GLrVxIoHLI

Enhanced Replacement FMVs from Toshiba DVD

So anyone that doesn't know once upon a time a few of the FFVII FMVs where rendered at a higher quality and released on a DVD to be encluded with a Toshiba computer. Full story over at TLS So after waiting for a number of years for someone else to make a set using this footage I decided to do it myself since I was redoing my previous videos. A few videos have been made by DLPB using this footage. Most notably the opening, so I won't be including any of those videos. I will show a few comparison shots of the same frames from the Remastered FMV's by cmh175 and the Toshiba DVD versions by me. I will go ahead and say that after color correcting the videos, cropping, enlarging and filtering the videos you get about 5-10% more visual information. There is an improvement in sharpness of lines and small details but at the loss of some smoothness. However for a modder like me that is a fair trade. I want the most out of all aspects of my game even if there are a few concessions. I also used the  Remastered FMV's by cmh175 to fill in any gapes not included in the Toshiba DVD footage. I ended up making 19 replacements out of the available footage. Here are the comparison shots.

Remastered FMV's by cmh175

Toshiba DVD footage

Remastered FMV's by cmh175

Toshiba DVD footage

Download Link!2ZQShChR!H0FQIpBqJTjPTDU1wzbkGiBGeOaVUw94c4Ur0d6TDdA

No Chibi Replacement FMVs Corrected

In addition to Remastering my original videos and working on the Toshiba DVD videos I tackled correcting the No Chibi FMVs by DrLilo. The original videos had varying sizes and fps which caused some issues(like a softlock for me at parashot). Another issue is that they were made back when the psx resized videos by dlpb were the best available, but now the 2012 resizes have surpassed those. So, I started with a base of the Remastered FMV's by cmh175 and remade each video to a proper size, fps and runtime. These videos also use any Toshiba DVD footage that was available. These videos will play 100% properly without any flevel patches unlike the original versions.

Download Link!uMhFVBQa!7TD9jl7tWvKSuhPw6tulnSb3FgB_4mwQdWAuGUv7KEs

Links also added to 1st post.

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