Author Topic: [FF8PC-Steam] Tripod - FF8 Triple Triad HQ (v1.1)  (Read 123985 times)


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Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Tripod - FF8 Triple Triad HQ (v1.1)
« Reply #100 on: 2018-12-11 19:57:26 »
basically the low quality\original textures for tripod come up for all the second disc , and for part of the fourth disc , that happen even with the latest version of this mod and for tonberry ehanched


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Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Tripod - FF8 Triple Triad HQ (v1.1)
« Reply #101 on: 2018-12-11 22:32:14 »
Version v1.2 is actually v1.1? :(


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Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Tripod - FF8 Triple Triad HQ (v1.1)
« Reply #102 on: 2018-12-14 14:11:56 »
Hey McMindus. I got your Lunatic Pandora installer (which just makes installing these main mods SO much easier). The installer includes this Triple Triad mod, and I was disappointed to find that there were still some issues with the left 2/3rds of the card mat looking new, and the right 1/3rd using the original graphics. From what I can tell the Tripod_hm.csv in /tonberry/hashmap still doesn't include the hashmaps that FatedCircle found here:

Okay, that's good. Here are the codes. They seem to fix my issues. I didn't go to many places, but maybe others can test it on their own and see if it helps.


Whew... That's good! I was afraid I might've posted codes that could potentially mess up your mod. I'm still learning, but I'm glad I was able to help.

Edit: Er... Well, I decided to play a little more TT and found more missing backgrounds. Huh.


These codes did indeed fix the problem for that. But if they cause problems or something, let me know. :D

Edit #2: Yeah... Found more. Maybe you're right about the hashes changing depending on the disc that you're on.

Edit #3: I found all the codes I could. It shouldn't revert back for the most part. If I had to wager one place it might, it'd be space. I don't have a save file for that point to check. But if things do revert, it'd be nice to know where and at what point in the game. I also found one point where the card text/numbers reverted in Esthar. I didn't hash it because I didn't know which one was the correct one.

I put those in the Tripod_hm.csv and I think that resolved my issue. I just wanted to let you know in case you're still around to update this.


P.S. The thread title says this is v1.1, but your first post says this has been updated to v1.2, but the download is for v1.1. So that's confusing.  ;D
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