Author Topic: FFX Tools Assortment PC & PS2  (Read 528 times)


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FFX Tools Assortment PC & PS2
« on: 2017-08-06 23:49:10 »
Managed to scavenge some tools to extract models audio textures etc from a a 12 year old thread and a recently deleted one

For PC:

FFX HD Model Extractor: extracts models from phyre.dae to .ascii or .smd with bones, the map files are missing some UV maps

ffx_meshtexture_extractor: only extracts a limited amount of textures and meshes, no bone support. The files are all python with source code view able

FMOD designer: this allows you to open those fsb files with audio, it's possible to create new ones to modify sound effects voices and music but i have no clue how

noesis plugin textures: a plugin for noesis that allows you to display and convert all textures

Rest is from an old ass thread from 2004-2006 also includes tools for FF12 and kingdom hearts, figured i included them as well so they wont be lost forever

There are also files from users here like vbf extract but i included them all anyway!NmwiFbbT!oDFhFvV9hxCqNKgZYiI1vSXJ-NmG1SSF1x-w_kUFh-g