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Title: [FF7PSX NTSC-U PAL-E/G] Damage Break patch (2013-09-20)
Post by: meesbaker on 2013-09-13 16:19:21
This patch removes the damage cap for the PSX versions of Final Fantasy VII.
What this does is obvious: You can deal more than 9999 damage per hit and up to 32000 damage.

NTSC-U Version:

PAL-E Version:

PAL-G Version:

If you are searching for this patch for a different version than listed here please pm me about it.
Title: Re: [FF7PSX NTSC-U PAL-E/G] Damage Break patch (2013-09-20)
Post by: MysticLord on 2017-09-14 05:22:55
This patch doesn't work on mednafen.  Linux Mint Debian, Mate edition, 32-bit.

Code: [Select]
mednafen --version
Starting Mednafen
 Build information:
   Compiled with gcc 4.9.1
   Compiled against zlib 1.2.8, running with zlib 1.2.8
   Compiled against SDL 1.2.15, running with SDL 1.2.15
   Running with libsndfile-1.0.25
   Compiled against libcdio 0.83 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, running with libcdio 0.83 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu