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Since you ignored my post, I will try it again.

I found a bug with some fights like when you got "additional party members" like the Mechanic Spider.
If you use limits like Tifas Combos or if your character attacks randomly, it is also attacking your additional members (like they are seen as enemys).

Sorry for my bad english.


Pretty sure it's not a "bug", as in they are technically not added in your party, they are enemies that will target other ennemies. So multi-attacks that can target the whole screen will also hit them.

It also happens during battle like Yuffie or the broken X-ATM Scorpion.

Using Odin on the Battle Square right before the Dyne boss fight seems to break his script for some reason. He will attack and such but his "It's that all you got" moves will not trigger. He also seems to die a bit faster, I think. Pretty specific and not gamebreaking, but it seems to work everytime.
IIRC, that is true for anything that damages him enough to bypass his first script trigger. I remember just hitting him for more than 1000HP every time and his other attacks just never happened, same for his death animation.

I had the same issue, so I guess you didn't visit the bottom of the crater either. The sidequests are activated right before you go for the final rush. :-P

All right, until the Dark Cave is out and you have more content in store for us, it is the end for me! All I am missing are two Enemy Skills (which I know one is Chocobuckle), and Cid's Ultimate Weapon, but I can't really get it for now. I really want to say a big thank you, Sega Chief. It's been a real treat to discover this game again with a new experience, and I had a lot of fun completing each of the challenges you had in mind for us. Yes, even the Curator.

Until next time, I can't wait for some new stuff. Thank you once more!

(By the way, is IT supposed to be here?)

(Oh yeah, I forgot to include a message, but I donated a bit.)

I also got saves files you can use, I saved all over the place from the start of the game. I am currently morphing monsters in the Northern Crater, so endgame stuff is mostly what you will find in save4, but all the other ones were taken in various places.

About Netzechariah, is there any other way to beat it other than depleting its HP before reaching 39 attacks? I managed to beat him by brute forcing it with 4 Yellow Waves and a Lucky Pill, but it was kind of a cheap shot, and I can't help feeling I missed something. 22k damage per attack counter sounds like a lot to do, but I feel a bit bad wasting all those Yellow Waves to reach it.

Although, exploiting its elemental attacks to get healed was also kind of a cheap shot...

Huh. I thought it was intentional because you moved the encounter elsewhere or something, but I never fought them either.

Is the second to last area in the Ancient Forest supposed to send you outside instead of the Cave area? I couldn't find any info on a change to that.

Nevermind, found my answer, sorry about that.

EDIT : I have another question instead.

The guy who checks if something was missed in the Highwind keeps telling me about Cloud's innate ability being ON. I'm not sure of what this is supposed to be. Like, did I miss the activation, or was it activated correctly?

I can more than understand that; no fight should be taking more than 20mins at most so I'll definitely review him. But his defences are supposed to fall if his Armour is destroyed beforehand (the lower target, called Jamar Armour or Proud Armor). Was this part of the boss killed and damage output on the torso remained more or less the same? If that's the case then it's an AI bug. I can shrink the statuses too; defence-wise, try Protect Vests to reduce the damage from Shoot attacks by 1/2; should work against Mako Cannon, any machine gun attacks, and generally anything that fires a beam/projectile.
IIRC, his defenses didn't drop for me either. I dealt with it and just beat him anyway, but killing Jamar Armour didn't change anything for me. I could go back and try again, I think I kept a save file not far from the boss.

By the way, now that I think about it, I recall a problem with a random encounter in the same area, with the Grosspanzer enemy. Killing the two turrets and the main unit didn't make the last part vulnerable to attacks. I tried everything from Dispel to Ailments (I even waited a few minutes just to see if it was just a timed condition), but he just kept attacking without taking any damage.

EDIT : I just went and checked, and killing Proud Armour indeed does nothing.

By the way, I think the boss was fine, especially compared to his original appareance where it is a pushover. Mako Cannon is really dangerous, but it is also very slow to start, leaving enough time to Heal and maybe Defend. As for his other attacks, I feel like his damage isn't that dangerous if you manage to keep Wall up. And Aerith is very nice for this battle, since Planet Protector takes care of any problem.

When fighting the enemy Pollensalta in Northern Crater, the game soft-locked after she used the skill L3 Def-loss. I got a continuous red-flashing screen and no more inputs could be made.
I just got the same problem when fighting Mimic in the Forgotten City.

Have you gone down the Crater yet to where the party is gathered for the last time? That triggers the sidequests even if you get the key beforehand.
Woops, I didn't expect that. I figured they were active, since I managed to get Highwind for Cid. Thanks for the info.

Sorry to bother again, but I got an issue regarding Red XIII's Sidequest. I went to see Bugenhagen again, I got the message stating I got the Gi Cave Key and the Seraph Comb, but I still can't open the door again. This is all I get.

I don't know if you need to have the key in your Items or if it just a flag, but it is not there.

I think it was a leftover from the original script (used to be an Air Buster fight in Dark Cave) that the microengine dropped but wasn't moved elsewhere when 1.4. Curator is completely optional and doesn't drop anything; the only thing to be found is in the diorama room behind him, but... (good job on beating him, btw)
I just went back and checked... what an evil man you are. :P

Grit is maybe conflicting with the Imprisoned status, unless he has that thing the older boss had where he won't let go of a KO'd party member. I'll check and see what I can do.
I tried various setups and it only happened to me when Tifa was targetted. Maybe I was just lucky it didn't happen with other characters, but it only happened with her for me.

Anyway, thanks for your quick answer. Playing the game again with this mod was really enjoyable so far.

Hi there, I came close to ragequitting, but I finally beat the Curator during my 2nd visit to the Shinra building. However, he didn't drop anything after the fight ended (which, according to a video I checked later, isn't normal), and he respawned right after I left the room. I don't think there is anything worthwhile when you get to beat him (unless that Micro Engine does something later), so I was thinking of just ignoring the Museum room and continue with the story, but I'd rather have confirmation I'm not missing out on anything.

I'm playing the Steam version, and I only applied the latest New Threat mod (and fixes that came after that), so I really don't know why it keeps coming back, considering it died for good in the video I checked afterwards.

I also came across a problem during the fight. Tifa got her Grit triggered while she was grabbed by the Right Arm, but the arm didn't let her go when she died again, and kept her until it died, still damaging her and charging her Limit Break, even though she was KOed. It happened to me a few times in my previous fights.

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