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Thanks for this mod! In this thread you said it's possible to use your mod without loosing the ability to get steam achievements. But I'm not sure how to do this. With the 7th heaven mod manager I need to run the game converter. How to install your mod without the mod manager? In the battle folder of FFVII there are other file types and it's not possible to overwrite them with your files.

Thanks in advance!

STEAM version

I broke the hypelink in the main page. ill go fix it in the morning but here it is.

Just finished. The final area was easy, but only because I had auto haste + protect on everyone and triple casted meteor.
here is my boss order and any thoughts i have on them.

Sphinx -> magic
Tripoint -> resurrection
Trauma -> limit break
   Simple fight unless he uses Mega Pulse cannon in a short span, for me he used it, then punched then used again next turn. It deals 7500ish non protectable damage, if you arent over 9200 hp then a pulse cannon + punch will kill you every time.
red giant -> item
Krysta -> GF
   Too low HP. 1 triple cast meteor with 255 magic won the fight. Its damage was nice though, 1.8k counter through protect and 6.5k with ultima no shell.
Gargantua -> Draw
   The only acceptable use of the L5 death spell Kappa. Rebirth flame saved me in this fight.
cateboplas-> save
Tiamat -> ability

In general I would recommend increasing their HP by atleast 1.5x. I triple meteor spammed and they were all over before they really began.

Ultimicia. I would recommend removing greivers elemental weaknesses. Triple cast water on selphie and squall for 8-10k per cast and rinoa in angel wing with only Meteor to use made easy work of the entire fight.

I think that the triple spell should be removed entirely and replaced with something else as it trivialized the entire ending.

Overall id give the mod an FF8/10. Just a few more tweaks here and there, but the power of triple is really the only major thing left that i had issue with.

 Ill be doing Ultimecias castle on Saturday so ill post final thoughts at that point. But bravo on your fast and appropriate response to my feedback. Identify the issues I had, gave me alternatives and explained your reasoning behind, then found a middle ground to meet. A lot of mod makers will either only do what the public wants, or only does what they want and there is no discussion or compromise. I'm looking forward to see how great this mod will be after all of the small things are perfected.

7thHeaven / Re: HELP! Error Starting FF7 (CODE 5)
« on: 2018-10-05 01:03:22 »
i am also on the update and my 7th heaven works still so its not a windows issue. Maybe you need to adjust your firewall settings though.

There is an option to disable random encounters located at save points. But if you are using the build from last year then you should really just restart your game. There have been major changes to alot of things and there could be a scripting error a bit further down the road that breaks the game.

I just got past Adel and the "sorceress" chain fight. Not a fan of either of them. It feels like you werent sure how to balance these fights out so you just started giving every enemy meteor. (fujin, behemoth, adel, and 2nd phase sorc all use it in this area). Maybe fights like that would feel better with more elemental attacks and less non-elemental. Aga spells, tornado quake water etc. The other big issue in the adel fight is Rinoa, she only has 10k hp and adel draws from her every turn for 4.6k (2.3k after you shell her, which is required). I would rather see adel draw 5000 flat and increase rinoas hp to 20k. with 10k i had quistis perma triple curaga, squall was on buff duty, and zell sat at low hp and spammed duel. Removing meteor and adding AGA spells along with increasing Rinoas hp would make the fight feel better while not actually making it that much easier.

The "Sorceress" chain fight on the other hand felt like triple ultima was the only way. The second type that spawn cast double and death. even with stat-d death they wiped my team in 1 turn. Im always opposed to instadeath status moves in any game. Its an RPG, i should not be forced to have stat-def death for the entire game just to avoid getting insta killed by bosses. The final phase of that fight i believe needs to be tweaked to be more difficult. 1 triple cast meteor was all it took to beat it.

So the real issue im feeling right now is that i feel that the mod has forced me into a corner where only triple casting meteor or ultima and spamming limits is worth anything. The rest of the game I felt the freedom that I expect from an RPG, but now that im at the tail end I just dont see many ways to get through without LB cheese or triple cast.

The Ultima Weapon fight was fantastic though. It was a very tight fight where I had to do everything perfect and 1 mistake would be a game over. It was fun, fast, and unless he spammed meteor ( so many enemies use meteor) I could maintain throughout the fight.

I am concerned with Ultimecia castle though, if its similar to the last 2 bosses then I dont expect that I will enjoy it very much, but I am hoping that it was just those 2 bosses that felt... for lack of a better term... lazy. Before I continue to it though im maxing the rest of my characters levels using the stat bonus abilities and gathering the ultimate weapons (which would have made the previous bosses quite a bit easier but ultimate weapons should be reserved for the final dungeon imo).

90% of this mod has been just wonderful and its had me streaming 14-20 hours every day while playing it so im really hoping the final dungeon regains the feel of the middle of the game.

lastly where is zells card? I havent been able to find anyone with it and Im fairly sure ive played everyone.

I gave the creep enemy some more fitting eyes and made their smile a tiny bit larger

place in FINAL FANTASY VIII\textures\en\enemy_creeps

On the other side of things meteor is very powerful and since you added it to the draw point outside shumi village its easy to stock up on them. Id recommend either changing that draw point to something a bit less powerful, or increasing the price to get to it by a lot.

The fight in the ester flashback just isnt fun or fair. Guard in the back insta casted death. revived ward, got hit right away, full life, boomerang sword into degenerator. shotgun crit, punch crit. The fight just isn't fair and you dont have any ability to setup if they go hard on turn 1.  I have 100 death stat-j and the death attack still got the kill. Theres also no natural save point between Abadon and the flashback so if you didnt run back you have to redo the boss and all the cut scenes again. Im positive its a fairly easy fight if they dont RNG you from the gate. But their potential to do so is really high.

Some more boss

Seifer in galbadia garden: Mostly a good fight. His flare was hitting for about 3000 through shell and his big physical was hitting for around 2.8k through protect. Its managable as long as you get triple off and can have 1 character focused on healing, but if he double attacks any target or if you have less than 3k hp on anyone then it gets rough.

Siefer before edea. pretty good balance here, he cant really kill you if you pay attention, and draw casting haste pretty much seals the deal for you.

Edea: This one is frustrating because she can spam maelstrom and reflects herself or spams pain or Death. You cant protect vs every status she throws out so if she manages to get the 10% stop off then it becomes a game of catch up. I only beat her because after mega phoenix quistis got a Might Guard limit that gave aura and I was able to blow her away with Duel and Renzo. I dont think any of the numbers need to be changed in these fights, but maybe reduce their action speed just a tiny amount to give a bit of breathing room.

Abadon was pretty fun and relatively easy if you have the right stat-j. Just set up double/triple and spam fireaga/ifrit/alexander and maintain. Only scary part was when he used quake 4 times in a row. woulda died if i didnt have double curaga

Having a slight issue with the Queen of Cards questline. Once sent to Dollet she tells us the new cards she wants to win from us, but after losing the card to her she does not give a hint as to where the new card has appeared. She repeats the dialogue "With this card my father can make a new card"

Just cleared NORG. The balance definitely shifted down from the prison, nothing could 1 shot me except for an enemy with the explosion attack in the garden. the tank boss and NORG were both very fun fights and balanced to perfection for the way I fought them. So that may mean they are a bit under tuned for people who use the full power of the refining and weapon system.

The way ff7 handles drain based attacks is that you cannont drain more than the enemy has. So while osmose always hits the enemy for 40 you will only gain what they have left.

The documentation that comes with the newest version is a bit out of date. Quarry fuse replaces L5. To get chocobuckle you have to use a green then cast quarry fuse on it.

Please do not misunderstand what I was trying to convey. I am enjoying the mod, alot. But I would only consider myself slightly above the average player in terms of the mechanics of FF8 in particular. I am playing with no card refine for magic or upgrading weapons that I do not have the magazine for. Essentially I am trying to beat the game with what the "average" player would consider without cheesing an easy way to power up or being forced to farm. Its a good practice when testing and providing feedback to see ALL possible methods to defeat a boss, even if it is not the optimal way to beat it as a majority of players would not consider switching to bio to double cast burst the back row enemy while going for 100% optimal gf loadout. It is a fine balance of being beatable at a suboptimal level while still being challenging with an optimized strat. And after seeing you provide multiple different strategies I understand more your logic behind the fight. I do think it could be toned down by 5-10% and still maintain that balance of challenge. Even if you leave it as is I will come back to it eventually and play through the entire mod using a different strategy.

The fight on top of the desert prison is very overtuned against you. Turn 1 meltdown for 900-1300 damage depending if its the char with spr-v or not. Then the robots can either take half of your hp with missle or ray bomb everyone for 1k-1.2k and apply vit0 to the whole party. If you try to set up defensivly wiht double + barrier + shell you almost always will lose a character. If they dont split their damage evenly then its insta loss. This entire fight feels more like RNG than skill. If you manage to set up or survive the inital onlaught then the captain in the back cast curaga for 3.5k heal and he will spam that. Either all of the numbers need to be reduced or their speed has to be slower or the captain needs to not have aura curaga and shell all at the same time.

Edit: Beat the fight with a perfect set of circumstances. Got protect off on Rinoa before enemy took action, captain used aura instead of meltdown first, squall displled and rinoa queued up quez. meltdown on quez and no other attacks to it. Zell gets hit with micro missle x2 to be put into crisis, spam dolphin blow to finish 1 robot off. Squall heals zell. quez goes off. Queue up brothers on zell to take a hit, heal zell to full. queue quez. robot hits brothers killing it, captain shoots squall. quez goes of a second time wihtout getting hit, second robot dies. attack captain till dead.

So for me to win that fight the enemy didnt use ray bomb, or aura more than once. They also didnt hit the GF that was at 70 hp nor did they use curaga or land any critical hits. Like I said in the initial part of the post this fight relies way to heavily on RNG. I had an attempt where i got hit with meltown followed by ray bomb x 2 before my first action went off.

5 minutes for me aswell. I like to find a middle ground between grain and texture.

It just takes to much detail away and make it look very flat and like plastic. There are 3 packs on the 7th heaven manager that use just upscaled versions and I would say that they all look better than this one because they dont flatten out as much of the depth.


Thank you so much for this mod. I play ff7 once a year and this mod breathed life into my fav game of all time.

Unfortunately I think I ran into my first bug (somewhat minor since I barely use him). But when I went to do Vincents sidequest, I got the cutscene from the original game showing Vincents past. It makes me leave lucrecias cave like in the original and when I go back in she is gone and nothing happens. I saw videos on youtube where it doesnt even show that cutscene, a boss battle occurs right when you talk to lucrecia.

Was I supposed to do something on disc 2?

Oh and this has been bothering me but who is the last playable character? Im guessing its sephy since an ultimate weapon is listed as masamune. How do I recruit him? Do I just need to fight him at the n. cave? Wont that just end the game after I beat him?


The masamune is a weapon equipable by every character. It has the properties to always hit and always critical making it a very powerful weapon. No sephi in the party.

For Vincents quest go and fight 10 battles on the world map and come back and then it should happen.

in your ff7 main folder open up ff7opengl.cfg and near the bottom there will be a line that says direct mode = . Make sure that says direct mode = on

post your profile details.

You can change attack names in Proud Clod and you can change the spell names in Wallmarket. PrC checks itself vs your Kernel2 file so change names in WM first then in PrC.

As for using the recolored models thats a bit trickier. For the boss enemies they use the same texture ids as vanilla so all you need is the p and texture files from the battle folder of the mods. For enemies that are completely new or replace another enemy in the scene.bin then you will also have to have the scene inplace too. its gets real tricky and finnickey at that point. But before you take updated models or code from another mod ask the mod developer first for permission.

all of the posted videos are of a much older version of the mod. Theres a readme included in the download called "where is the thing" that will tell you where to find materia and eskill. but its a little outdated as some of the things have been removed or changed. Your sure fire way to find the location of things is to download the Proudclod scene editor and the Makoureactor flevel editor and search for the eskills and materia/items you want in them. But thats for moderate -> advanced users.

It is. Just havent worked on it lately, other games kinda took over my free time. lol. Once the echo-s demo gets released ill start back on these. Full pack, including models, WILL be released before the end of the year.

Hi , I'm still on my first playthrough with this mod and I didn't find the 4x-cut materia where it should've been in the gelnika, there was instead another item. Is there any other place where I can find it? Or is there any mob that drop it?

Spoiler: show
 multicut can be found in the Ancient forest (the one on the plateau near cosmo canyon

7thHeaven / Re: 7th heaven app
« on: 2018-09-06 23:59:01 »
did you paste the subscription link in your 7th heaven settings?

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