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7thHeaven / Re: Black Screen When Starting
« on: 2018-08-13 20:18:15 »
what exe is your workshop-settings file path pointing too? In ff7_opengl.cfg is direct mode on or off?

If all you want is the png image of the minimap then you can just unpack the world textures IRO and grab the one that is in one of the 3 available options.

Midgar WR is 1:56:20:95 by UpRisen

Hello all! Making this post to have an official centralised location for all that is New Threat speedrunning until/if it gets accepted as a selected category on If there is anyone interested in helping us route out or wants to compete for the WR we would love to have you. As of now only LuckyStax and myself are openly routing/running this mod. Lucky has completed the entire run on the march patch but only running on the current patch will be accepted, and when any patch is added we will have to determine as a group if the old leader boards need to be cleared or if the versions are similar enough that the old times can stay.

Current patch is July 2018 found

I have only routed and practiced Midgar so that will be its own catergory compared to the full game, but we are working on the entire run, a change in the june/july patches have altered a few of the strats and routes so work has to be done before we can have a finalized route. We are expecting the current patch run to be between 10-12 hours.

For real time chat about the mod and to stay more in the loop you can join my personal discord at

Rules: Current 1.5 IRO and EXE must be obtained and used from the offical link
     No Slots, No Warps
     Use of texture, model, and sound replacer mods are allowed, but you may not remove any texture,model,or sound&
     Use of Movie, Animations, tweaks & cheats, Reunion/menu overhaul, minigame tweaks are NOT allowed
     Both Installer and 7th heaven versions are allowed
     Time starts upon confirming the window "Recommending you play on the WAIT ATB and ends after landing the killing blow on sephiroth

Other than manually deleting the patched files, uninstalling FF7, and re-installing FF7, is there a way to uninstall the mod?

You will have to delete and reinstall if you failed to make a back up.If you did make a back up of your data folder and ff7 exe then just put the backups back into their location and it will be good to go. Heres what was written in the install directions on the main post

Installation is relatively straight-forward and covered in the linked video:
1) Download the patcher
2) Extract the patcher
3) Locate the Data folder inside the FF7 folder; make a backup of this folder.
4) Run the patcher as admin and specify the game's 'Data' folder for installation.
5) Run the game and select New Game; a message should appear confirming NT installation

Sorry to bother - but where is the long range materia in this mod? I remember there being a different materia in its place way back at those caves and haven't seen it since.

The long range materia is a reward for doing a side quest that ill post in spoiler
Spoiler: show
 Turning in the earth harp, desert rose and guide book to the old man in Kalm  is different in NT, just get those and turn them in to him.

Where is the Alpha enemy skill? I've done almost all of the optional content including the enemies that Proud Clod says has it, but none of them used it.

If you are using the most up to date version of the mod then Alpha has been replaced by Transfusion. If you are using an older version it can be obtained from the Zolom.

You can set the zip file and its contents to be allowed through your AV software. 7th heaven is currently the only supported method to install mods from qhimm. There are some mods that can be used in steam. Kal's ChaoS models and my AVALANCHE ARISEN battle textures both have steam version compatible installs, but they require you to open your LGP files, replace the old with the new, then repack the LGP. You will lose achievements when you use 7th heaven as it will be required that you convert your game. but the ChaoS modesl and my battle textures can be used with the 100% steam version and still allow achievements.

7thHeaven / Re: Crash in battle short after it starts
« on: 2018-08-04 09:35:29 »
What mods are you using and what are their configurations? Please post your profile details, it can be obtained by clicking the profile details button at the bottom of the 7th heaven manager. Besides that the only general information I can give you to fix this would be to deactivate mods 1 at a time until you find the problem. Starting with the mods that effect battles.

I think all you will need to do here is run the game converter, back up your ff7.exe and data folder. then place the new data and direct folders from the mod in the ff7 directory and overwrite. Then just launch 7th heaven, activate any texture/music/movie mods you want to use then launch. Havent used bootleg in years so im unsure what all the ficedula and bootleg folder files are supposed to do, but i dont see an flevel anywhere in the download so the changes you get are going to be in battle only.

there are slots for new magic, items, and materia. but not for new commands afaik. You can see the empty IDs in wallmarket.

Hi , I think i found a bug with the rank up system . I'm currently in the corel prison near dyne , and i finally can rank up cait sith but normally i can only do 1 rank up with him but actually i can rank up 3 times. Is this normal?

Cait sith, vincent, and cid can have multiple ranks stored up before you meet them to make them closer to the rest stat wise when you get them.

General discussion / Re: Fort Condor donation bug
« on: 2018-07-27 20:37:41 »
Read what he says a little more closely. He says YOU must have atleast 4000 on you. The money you donate does not go towards buying troops and you shouldnt not ever give them money, it does literally nothing for you.


New ULTRALITE pack available on nexus. All textures are in the same resolution as vanilla. This pack is for everyone who wants to keep the game as close to vanilla as possible but also want to have an increase in aesthetic quality

7th heaven loads top to bottom so the highest mod that alters a certain file takes priority. The field packs all use the same files so having them all activated does nothing for you.


Thats a very old version and alot of the bugs in it have been fixed, just try the newest version available on the initial post of this thread. Download the IRO package and open the zip file up and place the ff7 and ff7_bc.exe if you want Menu overhaul in your FF7 directory (make copies of your originals just in case) Then place the IRO included in the zip in your ff7/mods/7th heaven folder and launch 7th heaven. go to your library tab and hit search and at the bottom of the list will be the new NT. just activate it and leave it at the bottom of your load order, then just turn off the original Gameplay and Story iro

big shot, mindblow, braver, and cross slash done. Tifas lvl 1 limits tomorrow then working my way from start of game till air buster in prep for the Echo-S demo.

Magic channel aura and summon ball

cure type spells

Vincents limits will now always do 2 physical attacks the 1 magical attack so you can have a good grasp on what his DPS is going to be instead of hoping that RNG favors you.

If the model can be extracted and converted into a 3ds or obj file then it can be changed.

I dont know how the pngs ended up no 32 bit but after re exporting them in gimp it fixed it. The balls are actually their own pre textured model. The ice 1 spell is the same thing. The model itself has a texture but in kimera you cannot change or add a texture. Tsuna and myself found a way to assign textures to them though so theres literally nothing in game that we cant put a new texture on now.


edit: found a solution, can just make the models with the texture baked on and it works in game. no texture file needed.

[00000749] [BATTLE] Begin main battle loop
[00000776] ERROR: invalid bitdepth
[00000776] INFO: tried to load D:\Games\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII/mods/Textures/SEFFECT3_25.png, falling back to palette 0
[00000776] ERROR: invalid bitdepth
this is my app log when trying to remake magic textures. does anyone know what exactly it means by invalid bitdepth?

anyone have a clue what exactly this means? I got this just from putting satsukis seffects in my texture folder to help narrow down what files im missing.

Also the little balls for Fire 3 + all dont show a missing texture in the app log so i geuss theres no way to change them with aalis driver.

thanks guys i found the option in opengl.cfg

All that NT replaces is textures for a few things. As long as NT is below any model replacing IRO you have then you are fine and the models you chose will show up.

Sorry about all the question! I think this is my last one. :) With regard to 7H load order. Right now, I have New Threat in the same place 7H recommends the "Gameplay - Difficulty and Story" mods be. It seems to be working fine, but I'm curious if there's a more appropriate place in terms of load order. Or if I'm accidentally overwriting something from New Threat by having it in the middle of the load order.

Thanks!  :)

NT replaces some character textures so it needs to go below any field model iro you have. you can put it at the bottom of your load order and you shouldnt have any issues.

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