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Hmm can't wait to try this new version. I think I'm gonna try for arrange mode and hope for the best, all the cool surprises offset the possible frustrating difficulty. (to a mediocre player like me)
Btw, I noticed a small error in the read me, both Red XIII and Yuffie have the same listed initial stats.

Been playing the exe edit version and liking it. Great work as always, segachief! :D
If i might make one suggestion, I feel that Barret's growth sets are more geared towards attacking than tanking I think he should benefit of having one of the str+10/etc ones replaced by vit/spr+10 str+5. That's a choice I would pick for him at least :P
Again, thanks for the amazing mod!

Big fan of your mod here, played it like a year ago. Wanting to get back to it now.
I really liked the new stuff in arrange mode, but I think the battle with bottomswell (jorgumandr or whatever) is absolutely unbalanced. I've tried many, many times and I can never seem to manage to balance survival and damage (I read a post about someone who grinded to level 31 to be able to get through it). So I had to restart in normal mode. If it is not too much trouble, could you please take a look at it?
In any case thanks for reading and for the awesome mod.
BTW, will the exe edits ever come back? I liked materia equipping having notable effects on stats.

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