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...How would i do it with "Proud Clod" in case i have to do it with that one?
...Proud Clod should offer to do it automatically when you create a scene.bin

Your KERNEL.BIN needs to be updated. Both Hojo and Proud Clod are capable of doing this. Proud Clod should offer to do it automatically when you create a scene.bin, but it works best if you're using the vanilla KERNEL.BIN (not a mod that may have it in a different place).

Team Avalanche / Re: Mako reactor bridge scenes
« on: 2018-10-17 14:33:20 »
More eerie and terrifying than the original! It's amazing!

Have you considered opening it as a google doc, or using Libre Office or something similar? Both are free and support Excel :)  In either case, is it a document you'd be willing to share? Mostly for my own fascination, and partly for potential use. Or would you prefer if I were to ask about individual things on a case-by-case, where I can't find them elsewhere?

I am using Libre Office to make a few adjustments here and there. I don't care if there's a google doc, but I don't want to bother setting it up. I'd be willing to give you what I have, but it might not make a lot of sense.

Do you happen to have a doc with the addresses noted in, or is it more looking up previous work to find stuff?

A bit of both, actually. Funnily enough I started out a spreadsheet on Excel, then my trial ran out and I'm too cheap to buy a copy of office so I just keep opening it in read-only mode. :P Whatever I can't find on the spreadsheet I dive into my debugger which has lots of comments on various addresses.

What is bit 4 about NFITC1?  I noticed 08 was always set.

It could be one of three things: active actor (animations/effects/scripts run), active target (can be targetted), something else I can't remember related to vulnerability. :P It's AI address 4023 and that's usually unset in boss death scripts IIRC. 4020 and 4022 are unset on death as well so those would be the other two.

Bit 4 would be 10h. 8 is bit 3. 8 I have listed as "Enabled" which means they can be targeted. For allies this is active as long as they are not imprisoned since you can target "dead" allies.

Yeah, that's what I meant. Active bit 6 = 40h.

I do for the original PC release

Top slot:  0x9AB0E0
Middle slot:  0x9AB148
Bottom slot:   0x9AB1B0

An active bit 6 indicates the actor is in the back row.
An active bit 5 indicates that actor is defending.

I would never turn down such an offer! I might not use them all, but having access certainly improves what can be done! <3

Just tell me what you want and I probably have it. I've envisioned random numbers, but they change every frame and by the time your program read/displayed one it would be stale.
Anything else though let me know. AI variables? Timebar values? Status time remaining? etc.

It is a fantastic idea. I have lots of memory addresses labeled if you want more metadata.

General discussion / Re: FF Wiki - Too much nonsense
« on: 2018-10-08 16:43:52 »
Most likely it was a function that was disabled during testing because either the sway was larger or the implementation was bad. That function was fixed but the save feature was never reenabled.

General discussion / Re: FF Wiki - Too much nonsense
« on: 2018-10-08 15:25:18 »
The bridges sway while you're on them. It might be possible through save-reloads to glitch off of them. Then either the game doesn't adjust your z-coord (which could lead to lots of sequence breaking/soft-locking) or it would put you down on the lowest terrain which might soft-lock you in some cases (which means it's bad practice).

General discussion / Re: FF Wiki - Too much nonsense
« on: 2018-10-08 03:47:10 »
I've edited wikis on several occasions and very rarely has anyone overwritten the changes I remember making. "Credit" is no one undoing your change. The whole point is that contributions can be anonymous. You could leave a reference to a post here if you want to leave "proof", but it's hard to prove intent of developers.

If it's anything like FF7's enemy action set, some of the unnamed actions might be physical attacks or even animation changes. Do those unnamed actions actually have non-dummied data associated with them?

Graphical Modding / Re: Carbuncle looks weird...
« on: 2018-09-24 21:06:13 »
Magma Carbunkle. :)

I remember seeing a video, but it may have been a concept video rather than an actual mod.

it might be that the zlib1.dll isn't in the directory with the PrC executable.

Why are you using Vista compatibility? It was developed in Win7 anyway.

No one's going to give you an unmodified scene.bin. That's a violation of the EULA and literal piracy.

If you own the CDs you should be able to copy the file from any of them. If you bought the digital version from Square you should be able to download it again (though it'll probably be the whole thing). If you bought it on steam you just need to delete the errant file and revalidate the download.

Always make backups. I've always said that.

If you mean the minimap, I'm sure it's somewhere. There is a grand LARGE picture of the rendered world map (state 0, before WEAPONs are summoned) somewhere. I got linked to it by someone, but I can't remember who. You can search through my posts, but there's over 100 pages there. :)

what row bonuses/negatives do you mean? LIke front row/back row? You'll have to do some exe editing for that, but it'll depend on what you want it to do.

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-07-03 12:31:08 »
...I am sick and tired of all the false "solutions" people are posting online.
This is a "feature" of Linux, though. Because literally everyone's configuration is different (It does a lot of behind the scenes config for your specific machine even as far as the chips that drive the bridges) there may be several solutions to one problem or there may be a step that was automated that made or broke a solution for some. It's particularly annoying when Linux just has generic drivers for specific hardware. My current machine has some new-age USB controller chip (that Win7 doesn't support) that was made for Win10. It does work under Linux's generic drivers, but I didn't have the USB 3.0 functionality of them. My point is there might be a combination of solutions for you that doesn't work for everyone.

How do you get a Internet connection with this? Because having to salvage my files from the virtual machine before the end of the month, following reinstalling XP afterwards because of this damn 30 day activation thing is a total pain in the ass.
That really depends on the VM.  Oracle should have some config that allows Internet access. Not helpful, I know. It works out of the box in Windows.
You could make a virtual image of the machine (if you have the hard drive space) and restore it if you can't find the solution before the activation period expires.

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-06-20 13:21:29 »
Common symptoms of switching to Linux include migraines, fatigue, extreme nausea, mood swings and, in rare cases, spontaneous combustion. Sounds like it's going well so far. :)

There is a STEEP learning curve piloting Linux of any kind for personal use. It wasn't originally designed to do what individuals do with it. It was designed to be a GUI for a Unix environment and just evolved from there.

As for emulators....there aren't that many options to choose from. Start here for some reasonable gaming experiences with Linux. You'll find a lot of game clones that are just as good, if not better than, the game they are clones of. It also has sections and forums dedicated to emulator use. The answer you want is sure to be there somewhere.

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-06-18 03:00:18 »
If the installation file is on my computer do I just put "[directory or install file]" in place of the <repo DNS>? If so, would I use the IP address or the actual IP my ISP gives me?

I do know it would NOT use your ISP's IP. I think most things you'd want to install would already be in some repo somewhere else. If you download an install file it should self install (through double-clicking or just running from the terminal) without needing apt-get.

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-06-17 02:48:34 »
This'll be a "test your rememberance of Linux" for me so I might not get it all right.

Firewall/antivirus/anti-spyware....I never considered it for Linux. Most viruses were designed with Windows in mind so it targets the registry. Linux has no registry (at least not in the way Windows does) and is WAY less vulnerable since running almost anything that could harm your data takes at least one additional approval from the admin. Linux has a lot of built-in firewall configuration settings that you don't have to fight the OS to set any of it. Spyware is browser specific (usually) and I never got any.

I believe the command for adding repositories is "sudo add-apt-repository <repo DNS>" to add a location to search for apps from. Then "sudo apt-get <app name>" to install. Linux does the rest.

WINE is not included with an approved Ubuntu distro. You can, of course, get it separate from central I think. I do think that it will come with a few compilers though. Mostly C++ and Java. If you want more there are probably dozens in central.

There are media players in most if not all varieties of Linux, especially personal editions. I would recommend VLAN for all users for media. I think there is a Linux flavor of it.

I don't think you can "train yourself off" of Windows. You'll have to take the plunge and sink or swim. You can emulate either version you wish, however. But don't expect the VM to have much power over the system. You might want to keep the VM if you plan to use Office products. I'm not certain if WINE will handle those or not. Especially the recent ones. Though if you're emulating XP the best you'll probably be able to get is Office 2003.

Be prepared to use lots of third-party hardware drivers since most companies don't keep their Linux drivers up to date. By nature of Linux, most of it is open source so the communities have modified the drivers for their specific configurations.

I could CRY that is so helpful!

I can fill in those blank kanji since I'm using the font texture to reference the characters.

The battle text can't use "sheet" FE because that's a special code to change the color of the window. That does explain why there was an extra sheet.

I have a minor in Japanese and understand kanji just passibly (like calling someone "baka" literally means "horse-deer" and has several possible origins). I had not come across the word "shouki" before and wasn't sure how to interpret it, but I know it has to do with "correct mind" and not "10 duodecilion airs". :) Also any good anime watcher knows that "ki" refers to spiritual energy and thus could represent "awakeness", but that would be a bit of a stretch.

SO! I have learned three things from this:

1) My theory on how the Japanese game handles kanji is correct (though I'm sure someone could have clued me into this :) ). Kanji entries are prefixed with a value between FA - FD (hex) and probably only range between 0 - 209 (maybe as high as 230) per "sheet".

2) There are several texts that are in the KERNEL.BIN file that are not used, but still exist like this one. These need to be added to the page on FF7 (which makes no mention of battle texts that aren't used even though materia is and the source file would be the same).

3) There is an entire "sheet" of unused kanji in the texture file. At least, the battle texts don't use it. I don't want to take the time to parse all the field files to find if they are used in there. It's possible that it's just some standard kanji table of the most used kanji (just over 840 or so) that got dumped into a single image. Maybe they are all used in field files.

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