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7thHeaven / Re: It just doesn't work
« on: 2019-01-13 00:47:25 »
You wont find G-Bike models here anywhere. It's against ToS. Just custom stuff

Got my vote, this is brilliant

Oh man if you can figure out how to do this stuff it'll be awesome. I've wanted to be able to do it forever now

If you can actually add a brand new animation in then may i suggest if you ever time to add a real Death animation?
So that when HP hits 0 they dont just teleport to the ground but actually fall. Might need 2 of them realism sake, 1 for going from good HP to 0 (Standing) and one from low HP to 0 (Crouching)

I have kind of done this myself by just altering the existing death animation but the issue is when you escape from battle they drop again :D  along with a few other instances. Would add a nice realism affect to the game

That is clear as F! Keep it up man

Completely unrelated / Re: Final Fantasy VIII Mobius event
« on: 2018-11-30 20:55:06 »
Seen this planned a long while back now. Möbius tends t do this a lot. They had a FFX one last month and a FF7 Xmas last year. Its just a short story even for this game using dissidia models. Don't expect anything outside of Möbius t come from it.

Actually after a closer look, this isnt Dissidias model, it's original Squall. Surprising

Completely unrelated / Re: Barret
« on: 2018-11-15 03:42:47 »
i seen this, i messaged him to see if he'd share, no reply yet :(

FF7Voice / Re: Looking for Beta-Teaters for VA mod Echo-S
« on: 2018-11-11 16:38:30 »
The models are not going to be included inside Echo-S, they are worked on separately by random groups of people around the internet. I can't share their locations but they are around anyway.
Sorry about that

Team Avalanche / Re: Mako reactor bridge scenes
« on: 2018-11-04 17:42:10 »
I can do, the way i do it is when i have the layers all open in GIMP i select only the alpha section. invert and copy that selection from the new image pasted over the original. So i assumed it would be identical.

I dont actually have layers anymore :P I'll do them again at some point
But what you could do to help me understand this better actually is if you watch that 1 part of this tutorial i made you could tell me where i go wrong maybe?

From around 1844 i believe. Would appreciate the help

Team Avalanche / Re: Mako reactor bridge scenes
« on: 2018-11-04 01:08:46 »
I put the 3 in game, all look amazing. So here's the files for all 3. Just note that for the time being southmk2 has a missing layer for where it has the ground blown up so it looks funky at that point. As well as this because the original layer is currently behind the new ones it does peak through slightly so sounthmk for the time time being is probably worth not using!BI9WmADb!EBa73HQbbBqleBtx-K6_if38HAshGtjKvcXFUK5oKv4

I don't think it's possible at all. Only 7th heaven is capable of hot swapping anything while the game is running. I don't see it possible at all without it. both the Avatar and the model needs this ability for the mod to work.

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2018-09-19 10:31:01 »
they are originals yeah. He draws everything himself to allow him to wrap it around the model.
I asked him to teach me haha

Yeah, my problem is group 1 is an eye, 2 is the moth and 3 is the other eye.
I can't work out how to re-arrange them

Lol, whoops. haha thanks kal. I got your reply on Discord.
I have managed to do it.

It's super hard to explain exactly what the issue was but i'll try.

To stop the blending i needed separate each object by it's individual Material.
And then for some reason putting them back together fixed it. No clue why.
The UV's did turn out to be the issue for the eyes.

My problem now is the order of the pieces in the list. 1 eye and the mouth are blinking instead of both eyes but i have no clue how to re-arrange that list. I'm assuming the eyes need to be group 1 and 2 to work correctly

Anyone understand how:

1. The eyes work when doing this to keep the blinking.
2. Why all my faces blend together and smooth out?

It is essentially what i want this to be just without this smoothing.
I've tried everything i can think off.
As for they eyes, i do have 2 different objects separated out for them as exact duplicates of the actual head model as solid black but i get either solid black or nothing so i'm stumped on that too

It's probably your Dynamic weapons mod, that mod changes your Buster style as well.
It's also at the top of your load order so whatever has been chosen in there is taking main priority

Oh okay, didn't see the bottom profile section, that eliminates that possibility.
It would have been my main guess though

Team Avalanche / Re: Jmp's Field Scenes
« on: 2018-09-13 14:23:44 »
Hey guys, just a reminder / idea. Keep the scenes you build so you can use them as battle scenes too. For example the Pagodo tower in Wutai has been done right?
You can make all the battle fields using the same scene. As well as that you can use these fields to make new movies with a good animator

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Kela's magics mod
« on: 2018-09-08 20:55:11 »
Nice one Kela, Can't wait to try this out. Don't think i had the chance before

If your going to complain about people and say they are undeserving of your hard work. We all mod because we enjoy it, it's not a job, you don't finish and expect to get paid. It's fun, a hobby, you do it for yourself.

Maybe try treating the people that do try to help you better.
I told you i would try and help you out by streaming your mod when i had time after i finished my own project which still hasn't happened yet. I tried to make you feel better about yourself and try to help you understand what everyone here is saying but you don't like to listen to reason.

Instead of calling me and pretty much everyone else here a lying flaker in the PM's.
Mod for yourself, not anyone else.

7thHeaven / Re: Screen Resolution Issues With 7th Heaven
« on: 2018-08-27 19:38:38 »
usually i would right click the exe, properties, comparability and override the DPI scaling. that always works for me

Completely unrelated / Re: Don't be shy - Photos
« on: 2018-08-25 22:14:25 »
Had a great summer this year :D

Shame all the links are dead for the world to OBJ. I've been trying that for a stupid amount of time now

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-08-01 02:21:51 »
LOL, "Wanted" Tifa's bewbs.. that's a funny touch.At least that's what i'm seeing anyway.

7thHeaven / Re: A bit of a wierd question
« on: 2018-06-30 23:59:28 »
So in my past experience to fix this, what you need to do is go your ff7 folder (Where the game is installed)
Find a file named ff7_opengl and open it with notepad.
Then look for mod path =
And after that = sign type "Textures"

That should fix you up.

if it doesn't then make sure you are using either ff7_bc.exe or ff7_mo.exe

Yes, you should find them all in your Final Fantasy 7/Mods/7th heaven folder.
Chances are they are named a bunch of random letters and numbers but have the title at the end.
just copy them somewhere safe

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