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So after trying various things I've spent the last day or so grabbing and restoring the PSX font by hand using the SeeD Hashmap, thankfully the text palettes all line up perfectly with the original PSX text and so the colors and usage and everything seem to be displaying properly at fullscreen

However, as you can see there is something wrong here, the Icon sheets that SeeD uses don't map 1:1 to the original icon palettes like the fonts do, which is why we get this white text. I have been able to fix 95% of that before I took this screenshot but I was still finding every so often an arrow or a symbol in different circumstances would be pulling from the wrong palettes and I decided that rather than pick through ever intance of misuse in the game I'd rather ask here instead about how I might go about using Tonberry and Berrymapper to get the Icon palettes to match 1:1 with the game defaults. (This is to override the Icons in the Hires folder with the original Icons, they've been split into quadrants to match the Hires versions)

I do still wish I could find where the game decides to use "B10" and stuff to try and replace that text with the PSX buttons, that would be the Icing on the cake, the work arounds are messy and frankly don't look very good even when done properly to me. I'll keep digging.

Download SeeDReborn 3.5 and look through the master files that I have to make sense of where the icons go.  I have a master text file around here with a list of where the palettes get paged in tonberry, but I can't seem to find it right now lol.  Also, download the PSX controller button mod to see what I did to modify the buttons.  They go in the 'green' master text file... in sy/sysfld00(and sysfld01) somewhere.  This may all change in the future, but for probably the next 6 months will work that way.  When/if it gets 'fixed', it will also enable the mod to be much smaller.

Graphical Mods / Re: Problem with Lunatic Pandora
« on: Today at 02:45:27 »
Hey Lanarox!  Email me at [email protected] and I can help you with all of your problems!

Quick question about the mod. First of all, great job on it, everything looks great and I can't wait to start my playthrough with it! I'm just having a little issue when it comes to the collisions file for it, am I supposed to just place this in the hashmap folder because when I do the SquareSoft text gets all glitched out and cut off when I open the game, as well as some text not even being there, such as the buttons screen when you first start up the game and when you goto quit the game, there's just no options. It's just a black empty box with two more empty boxes inside. I'm sure I'm screwing up with where I'm placing the collisions since I tested everything out and that's what causes the text to disappear in these situations.

This is actually how the game behaves if you don't disable the steam overlay.  Looks like you need to disable that, and then make sure hash2map and collisions are in FINAL FANTASY VIII/tonberry/  and NOT in tonberry/hashmap/

I don't know if this is the best place for this but I thought I'd ask.

I'm looking to find out if it's possible get the PSX Font working on the current PC version of FF8 through using a mod such as this. I quite like the sharp blocky look of the PSX font and was hoping to get it and the original PSX Button icons working with the current PC version for a somewhat more vanilla FF8 experience, I grabbed the PSX Music replacement mod and also grabbed the FMV mod that uses the higher res version of the FMV videos from  the old version of FF8 on PC.

So you can understand what I'm going for here, I'm just trying to scrounge together the different parts of FF8 that were better in different versions but still "Vanilla" if that makes sense. I'm not looking to bog the game down with HD fan stuff.

There's actually a font mod that's around.... what I recommend doing for your experience is getting SeeD Reborn 3.2, and then installing the PSX-style font replacement over the top of it.  3.2 is a 'close to the PC' version, but for the PSX text, someone has re-created it for use with SeeDReborn hashes. Not sure where the link is, but it installs right over the top of SeeDReborn (any version) - and you should be able to find it easily.

Just updated the original post with a link to the Tonberry Modding Tutorial - I figured I should have everything in the same place.
Here's the link to that tutorial for those that are interested!

Mhm... Does battle stage previewing work? Try to hit "Reset Camera" and get to Display>Textured
I tried to test the newest release on my computer at workplace but I only have battle stage model with me
I will have to give this a try :)  A bit too busy in SpeedTree right now, but I'll check later.

GFs are crap as hell. Some are in EXE, some are in battle.fs, some are in magic.fs; Rinoa's toolset is capable of exporting GFs environments (Like Alexander scene) + dumping geometry manually (for Shiva icespike). For GFs itself someone from here (I forgot the name, sorry!) made a script for transforming GF header into battle DAT file. You probably know that. I don't remember if they have UVs.
Another thing: Textures for GFs are also different. Some are normal TIM, some are weird strawberries (Rinoa's toolset GF>Special texture format>[choose one]).
At the weekend I'll rip all GFs for you.

Oh man, if you could get those together for me, you'd be my savior! It sounds like a huge pain in the ass, so I'm glad I just donated to you :D

Is this really that good? I was working so far with educational license of Substance Painter 2 and that's really amazing. Have you tried it? Is Quixel better?
I [email protected] LOVE SP2... but Quixel does a -few- things better, in my opinion, without ending up with the same exact look as everyone else.  SP2 is better for more 'cookie cutter' settings, etc. (but i'll be the first to admit that a lot of assets can use that kind of pass for ease of use).  I think Quixel and SP2 are just as powerful as each other, and in a perfect world - I would use them in conjunction.
I'm not an educator nor in school of any kind, so I don't have access to SP2 right now :(  BUT.. I'm kind of a monster in Quixel.

I'm still trying to lay my hands on DX buffer and strawberries. I've come really close, but it's still rubbish to me. I only know OpenGL so far, yesterday I checked how to draw primitive with DirectX, maybe I could reverse it from the other side- directly from DX calls.
Hm.  I know the texel fix documentation is somewhere around here... when I find it I'll PM you with the links.

I'm having exactly the same issue.  No model appears in the previewer for me of balamb G... just a floating triangle in a sea of blackness.  I was still able to export the two separate .obj's that make up balamb and impor them into Quixel for some texture work, but I was wondering - Do you have documentation as to what files to grab, etc.?  I found Balamb garden and other vehicles, but all I really want is the original GF's ripped to .obj with UV's so that I can put the models into Quixel and use DDO to re-create the textures.  I'd also really like to do this to the character models, seeing as the magochocobo and other character swaps seem to have alignment issues.

I believe that ALL of the NPC models (and most likely enemies and bosses) all have a UV coding error, where the UV's don't line up properly.  Not sure if this was on original PSX or not, but I doubt it.  This may have been some kind of 'hackish' fix that the coders did to the PC version so that the linear filtering didn't cause weird seam glitches - OR - it's the issue inherent to DX9, where the texel information is incorrectly calculated and ends up being 2px off.  Is there a way to add the DX9 UV/Texel calculation fix to FF8's rendering shader?  I've got all of the coding resources anyone would need for that, but I have no idea how/where to inject the code because I don't do any coding at all.

This does look really good for being able to have as a post shader.  I know how hard it is to fine tune settings in a post shader, so you've done a good job replicating the waifu look.  I'm not the biggest fan due to the loss of color depth.  I prefer to do a blurred gaussian pass and use it as a color overlay of the waifu image that i've 'high passed' through a filter.  This gives all of the edge detail of the waifu while keeping the color gradients that waifu is excellent at decimating for getting that 'anime' look.  My process is probably easily solvable with a shader as well - would be cool to look into.

I'm not meant to be rude but this question made me recall the "every time you ask... it will be delayed 6 months" quote. Please post the correct response since I'm missing the exact phrase :P

Hahaha... this is so true... I'm so sorry to my italian fans that had to wait over a year for their version of SeeD Reborn :x lol
R06 will come out when it comes out.  If it ever gets postponed, just know DLPB is making it even better than it would have been. Patience is a virtue.

I'm finding it hard to see this forum I am so pissed. But I am making progress!

Admin note: In the UK, pissed means drunk

Ah!  Yes.  I forget we have so many "bloody" differences over the sea.  ;D

Make sure you take plenty of beer breaks like this one! :)
You deserve it - this project is truly astounding. (more like insane...haha.. but wow.)  This guy are sick.

How i do to increase the cache and in wich folder is the prefs.txt. ? in very noob about this things .. lol :oops: how much cache i should put ?
and and how i get rif the file of the overworld train ?

PD: I made it increase the cache to 350 ( i dont know if is dangerous or not but seems little less lag now i hope nothing explodes lol )

You can use a memory extender to prevent crashes with a large cache... i forget which one most people use.  Also, the faster your HDD, the less lag you'll get. you should try it on a SSD.  very fast.

Didn't get mail but I see annotation on dashboard about it. Quite ridiculous. 1000 subscribers is not that easy thing and 4000 watch time? It sucks!
  Yeah... 240,000 minutes... -_-  stupid.  There went the carrot on a stick.  I think most part time youtubers might quit

This works great if you're using the PSX version, because currently, you can't inject tonberry into a psx emulator.  It's a bit watercolor-esque, but I do like how you've given it the waifu thing.  I do think it's a tad much, but much better than nothing.

I currently use all Tonberry mods from the Lunatic Pandora pack (gfx), Roses and Wine (music), GeDoSaTo (SuperSampling in 4k), and Reshade (AA, Bloom, CelShading, TintCorrection, LensFlares)

My game looks amazing.  You should try it out.

Gameplay Mods / Re: FF8 Party modifier mod?
« on: 2018-01-17 18:55:09 »
I did extensive research into the enemy party replacement codes on the PSX version and have my data backed up. I'm just wondering if it's possible to port all the gameshark codes to HEX or the like to make it work with FF8PC?

OP's post is simply that, it's party replacement gameshark codes.

Look up how to transfer gameshark codes to cheatengine codes.  Should be what you're looking for.

Field is multi archive. Therefore you need to export whole field archive and then again export single field archive to get these files. About differences - only in EXE. Steam version uses realtime assembly patching using A3DN.P (or something like that) file for code injection to hack itself. Treat steam re-release like an official HD mod from SquareEnix.

So, the field goes like this:

Field.fs > (field_codename).fs > field files
So, open field.fs, go to archive in Deling and export the folder. Now open the exported files again with Deling and go to archive and export again.

This post would have saved me 20 hours about 3 years ago... lol.  Great information!

Graphical Mods / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Tonberry and Reshade
« on: 2018-01-09 18:59:54 »
Thank you! that really worked, at first I thought it wouldn't because the game render API is Direct3D...

Pretty sure that's because the Steam version is probably using a form of Aali's driver, either translated to D3D, or with D3D integration 'on top' for the Steam Overlay.  Just seems too 'coincidental' to me, but hey - whatever works!

Graphical Mods / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Tonberry and Reshade
« on: 2018-01-08 15:49:02 »
You have to run reshade as opengl to use tonberry with it.  Let me know how it goes! I have a reshade setup for ff8 that I love and use myself with tonberry

Thanks McIndus. I've been lurking the forums around here since 2005-ish and it's incredible to see how far the FF8 mods have come. Needless to say I paid for the modpack straight up!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and drop those kind words on us!  I hope you love the mods!

Make sure you're using the latest version of Tonberry and try to increase your cache size in prefs.txt.  Might also help if you don't have any other monitoring apps open that use DirectX.  The only -real- lag I get is sometimes when the train is whizzing by - this is because of the replacement of the animation sprites.  Things might go faster if you get rid of the files for the overworld train.

I'm using the standard Xbox mod, controller model 1403, Windows 10 64 bit, and whatever Lunatic Pandora gave me.

No biggie about the alt-tab though, I just didn't know if there was a fix for it or not.

Wait, can I use a wireless 360 controller with an adapter or does it have to be wired? Or does it not matter??

It shouldn't matter... but you have to make sure the controller is connected before you run the launcher.  It sounds like the issue you're having is due to the keyboard being recognized 'first'.  If everything is plugged in and connected before you run the launcher (not just the game), then it should work just fine.

The game runs perfectly but it still shows up at B1-B12. Gonna try to make it easier on myself and try the Lunatic Pandora package on a fresh install then retry the controller mod to see if that works out better.

Edit: Alright, after adding Lunatic Pandora on a clean install the buttons will show up in the config menu but *only* if I hold X. And if I tab to desktop then come back the screen will be "stuck" of a character model or the special characters page.

Hm.  That's strange behavior.... what version of the mod are you using?  A HID version or a standard one?  Give me all of the possible specifics... controller model, os version, etc.

As far as the alt-tab issue.. that happens due to the cache sometimes... you just have to alt tab a couple more times, and it should go away.  Mavirick and JeMaCheHi were working on a new version, but since Mav has completely vanished off the planet (hehe), we might be waiting on that forever.

I downloaded Seed Reborn 3.2, Tonberry 2.04, and and the CB Xbox controller but I still can't get it to work properly. Not too sure what I'm doing wrong. :(

How does the game behave when you use the mods?  Are the buttons in the wrong place?  I need some more information before I can tell you how to fix your issue.

This might be not entirely correct, but as I said I think that the Gears engine does use an extra texture to define where the model is transparent and were not. Take a look at this:
Of course this is from FFX a PS2 game, but it shows exactly what I mean.

Because the real transparency texture isn't used and only a transparency by brightness is used instead, we see these strange box like effects. So far I can tell that even the remastered FFX version has this issue, but I can only see that is an issue for the hair so far.

Tonberry dumps the VRAM files as bmps with a tranparency layer.  For some reason, the transparency layer is only 50% greyscale/black instead of 100% white/black alpha, but I think the game converts the 127 (grey) value into 255, much like how games only use the blue channel for the Z information in a normal map, which is 'blue' by nature, because 128-255 is positive Z info, and 0-127 is negative (most games don't use negative z information in normal maps).  For some reason, the PC version isn't assigning a 'pure' alpha black to the magic textures. It could be that the 'bloom' or whatever is added as a post processing effect is making it 'glow' because of that fact, but I think Tonberry can cirumvent that.  I'll post screenshots that demonstrate what I mean, and see if i can 'whip up' a quick fix demonstration using Tonberry.

Thanks!  8) And it is.  And I do try to be diplomatic - but I'm simply not cut out for it.  And my strength is telling it as it is.  Not good for PR.  But it gets harder when it's the exact same questions about non dialogue over and over.  And when the help file AND first post both point to an insanely long database that was largely constructed to STOP those questions.  People come in and they start with "Love your mod...."  and it turns to "But I want A B C D E F G changing, because I don't like the change."  The above person was pleasant enough, but they said they'd discuss their problems with reason - then proceeded to show they hadn't read the database or help file or any of this thread - and had just dreamt up that we change things because we like to.  When that's totally not the case.  I mean, the example of Aqua Breath is a total face palm.  I know I'm coming across harsh and direct... but that's who I am - and those kinds of "feedback" from people do not make me any more diplomatic or "nice". hahaha!

And I also got blamed for their save menu loading longer.  :evil:  :-P
I just stopped responding to most of them. The big thing for me was how many hours, days, weeks and months I've spent to try and create an easier process for everyone. That largely included all the Q&A and FAQ I created after releases. But it went largely ignored by new users who come to the forums looking for personal help on matters that are already posted countless times. Not true for everyone of course, but unfortunately I've grown so tired that they get lumped into one group that I just ignore.

I really enjoy helping others, but everyone has their limits :(

"Telling it like it is" - unfortunately different perspectives sometimes see things differently.  Having said that, I do want to say that I've NEVER seen you (DLPB) "Tell it like it is" from your perspective without first doing EXTENSIVE and sometimes completely exhausting research to ensure that your perspective has serious thought, consideration, and is as thorough as possible.  Your attention to detail has been incredibly inspiring to the creation/distribution of my own mods, and led me to include readme's, install instructions, etc. to try and have a place where resolutions to problems are easily and readily available.
Your attention to detail also gives you a lot less tolerance for those people who don't, which is completely understandable, but most 'users' are not detail oriented at all.  How to solve this?  I have a few ideas, but there's always the people that come back with the same questions over and over, whom don't bother to read the information that's readily available.  This is why customer service exists.  I've done a lot of customer service work in my life, and the one thing that I keep coming back to over and over again is that people will avoid inconvenience at all possible costs.  This means that if they have to open a readme, and then have to read more than a sentence or two of it in order to follow a link or a process that leads them to another location (git/wiki/externaldocs) that they will most likely never bother to read it... even  experienced users will avoid these hurdles.  Not only that, you can actually reduce crime/theft dramatically by merely placing inconveniences in the way of the criminals.  As soon as extra in-depth thought has to enter the path of 'gimme', people will sometimes inconvenience -themselves- in weird ways rather than let them be inconvenienced by others.
I try to solve this by having detailed instructions on every download page, readme/instruction files in the download, extensive forum disucussions (people don't like sifting through forums... even though all of their answers are there/here), and also having a 'Troubleshooting' section on my Steam Guide, since I'm pretty sure people never even read the forum threads of the downloads and most just click download links and THEN try to figure out how to install since it's not always self-explanatory.  There is even a whole aspect of sociology that focuses on this concept of the 'norman door'.
I have my limits, too.  If someone isn't willing to help themselves, I will not bother to do more than direct them to the forums/faq/troubleshooting.  Other people, I do my best to assist - but I don't have time in my day for most of these kinds of issues.  A lot of them could be solved by a not-so-extensive google search, but that's the world of human interaction.  Many many people in this world don't know how to solve their own problems... especially when technology is involved.  I don't know if there's a real solution - I just try to make the information as easy to access as possible.

Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work -- The Reunion really is a work of art.
Also - thank you BOTH for all of the inspiration.  Without it, my FF8 mods wouldn't be the quality that they are (not that they don't still need work lol).

Thank you. :) All you really need to do is replace the "collisions" one with mine. I did go in and tweak that one. But for ease, I just tell people to replace both.

Should people also be using your files with project eden? does it fix many of the same issues?

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