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You might need to download the directx9 june2010 end user runtimes.  Try doing a search for 'mcindus mods guide ff8 steam' on google, and in that guide, I provide a link to the download in the 'troubleshooting' section.  You also might need to update your microsoft vc++ redistributable files, but I would try the directx9 fix first.

Hey guys, I wanna take the characters textures and make some colors modifications with photoshop, but I dont know how to extract the texture and if its possible to modify with PS.
Can anyone explain to me how it works?

Check this post - it explains in depth what you have to do.

Taming the different palettes:
I've realized that I did not go over how to 'atlas' textures together in Tonberry.  This is incredibly important!

MANY times while making mods for Tonberry, you will find the same hashmap will come up for an image that looks identical, but is a different color.  This is due to how palettes are pulled/drawn from VRAM into Tonberry.  You will need to figure out how to arrange these images!

These card images look strange!  If you look closely, you can tell that this first image is ENTIRELY just for the top left card in the image.

This means that you will need to find ALL of the separate colored palettes used on this page and create a MASTER ATLAS.

Here is the second image, where you can tell we just get Caterchepillar (sp):

So you would take card image from the first and second images and cut them out and then place them on a 'master' file.  Once you fill out all of the missing cards, then you have your completed 'master' atlas. You can then upscale this, replace the images, or do whatever you like to those cards! 

In TRIPOD, the images are actually set up as 1/2 pages (128x256) due to a custom setup via Omzy and Tonberry, and unless working with NPC's, enemies, or characters, your images will most likely be 256x256.
Here's my final master of that page!

Once you have ALL of the hashmaps to all of the different cards (or images or whatever you're looking for), you would then have ALL of them direct to the same master atlas.  So, no matter how many different numbers, you would have them all direct to the name of this 'master' file you create.


cards_1, 78974531321234546
cards_1, 78974415612345615
cards_1, 778481531231561566
cards_1, 999887984531231241
cards_1, 1896546513151561654

The first name is the MASTER file name, and the hashcode represents the different card palettes.  All of these cards go to 'cards_1', which will be the master file for every card shown in the above image.  In your images, try to use _13, _14, etc. instead of _1, _2, unless you follow the guide on the original Tonberry 1.5 page (By Omzy) very closely!

Let me know if this clears anything up!!!

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: .SGT audio
« on: 2018-07-21 20:45:52 »
Whoa... what whoa?

I just saw this for the first time.  cool.

and french also ^^ :P

I can make the french mod, just give me a day or two :)

Hi!, i think this it's the only "main" mod not available in Italian, @Mcindus can you make it in Italian please?  :)

Here's the Italian 'demo'!  Can you guys let me know if it works?  Install the English version first, then install this version (copy/paste/merge), and then delete the English hashmap.  ONLY USE THE ITALIAN HASHMAP.

Hi Mcindus, thanks again for the mods. But I am not able to download the pandora installer. I've already used up all 3 tries. :( All those tries failed. It seems the s3 bucket link is only available for 10mins. After 10mins the s3 links would be dead and my on-going downloads just fails.

Is there other ways of buying the installer. I don't mind buying it again as long as the expiration is not 5-10mins (Impossible to download 2gb with my measly 20mbps internet)

That is a funky issue!  Just email me at mcindusmods @ and i'll hook you up with a new link that will hopefully be more stable.

Will SeeD add in the future support for PSX style fonts and damage/healing numbers? The mod for the PSX style fonts that is out there, doesn't support the damage/healing numbers

For the look you're trying to get, I would use SeeD Reborn 3.2 (which was made in an attempt to match the original as closely as possible) and use the PSX fonts on top of that.  You'll get better healing numbers, but they'll not be the 'newest' ones and will be closer to the Vanilla look.

jasmer & SuperBeast... we're now past 60%... once seeding reaches 100% i welcome one of you with a MEGA account to host a mirror... :)

I've also been working on an update/tweak to the battlefield mod pack... Color Saturation Adjustments + Re-cut Edges on all the pixelated overlayed layers... mountains / buildings etc...

I've been seeding this for two days lol... hopefully we get to 100%

For people that still have problems with their PS4 controller button arrangement, try this file:

I'm unable to download this mod, it gets between 21-50% then says error, retrying. I can't seem to get it to completely download. Any ideas?

That's weird... I'm attempting it right now.
Went through just fine for me... downloaded from the mega link 100%

FYI - just tossed an 'uncensored' version of Gerogero to FatedCourage!  I hope it makes it out for the next release of Rebirth Flame!  I can always drop it here if that's more convenient.

I looked at references and tried my own hand at the recolorization, using the GeroGero in the latest mod, seeing as how I can't seem to find the japanese textures for him. lol.

Also, got Noesis up and working, with all game folders unpacked, etc. - and I'm going to start reskinning the models immediately.

Post the hext file so I can look at the syntax.

Here's what's in the help file for the hext format
let me know if you need more info

NOTE:  we're not using the 'workingfolder' functionality.  my folder path is FINAL FANTASY VIII/HL_Files/Hext_in/

Still using these outdated dll files? :3

Yeah... unfortunately, no one has converted your hex changes into hext to be used with hextlaunch, and since most people use hextlaunch with ff8 mods (for the UV fix), also expecting them to run cheat engine on top of it is a bit much.  For example, I use hextlaunch for the UV fix, Tonberry for texture injection, GeDoSaTo for supersampling, and Reshade for post-processing effects.  Adding cheat engine on top of all that is a headache.  Would be lovely for people to be able to use hextlaunch for these mods still, but switch to the hex changes instead of the dll's.   Do the codes you posted work for all languages?

Believe it or not I fixed it by playing around with the Tonberry files, I think it had to be with hash1map.csv, hash2map.csv, collisions.csv or objfile.csv ... I overwritten one of those files and magically it started working, maybe one of those files was outdated or something like that or I had a mix of an old version of Tonberry files mixed with the newer ones, THANKS A LOT for your interest!!!

Luckly it's working flawlessly now, great mod!!!

Thanks!!!  One thing to note -- hash1map.csv is outdated and will probably cause a bunch of collisions along the way -- try to dump that file completely :)

Can you show me some screenshots of before/after?  To disable the mods, just rename the textures folder to textures0 or something like that and run the game (you can still use the ultra launcher to enable the UV fix, but it's up to you)

Try changing the delay from 2000 to 7000 in the settings file in  HL_Files, and/or remove 'publish.dll' from HL_Files/DLL_in.  Let me know if that helps!

I will be releasing an updated version of this mod for use with Shunsq's new controller mod!  Coming soon! (seriously lol)

That's nice to hear! Looking forward to it, thanks!

I can definitely help out with this.  I have several texturing programs, and if I could get my hands on a good obj of the characters, then I could easily retexture them... however - the obj's available out there all have UV's that are offset. (outside of the normal UVW range) - and if the UVs are off, then my texturing process is borderline useless.  That being said, I can always help whip up a 'mix'

Good to see you back kaspar!
I'm not showing anything because right now the code is a bit useless. I can import new model into the game but on screen all the vertices are messed up because of "fixed point precision" of the engine. Google the term on the net. In modern game, or even ff7 if i'm not wrong,the vertices are "floating point precision". That means that a fixed number of coordinates are allowed on screen . If my vertex is at coordinate (20.233 pix; 123.3 pix) then it will be snapped to (20 pix; 123 pix). That is the "shaky" effect of old psx games. Some emulators fix that issue (see PGXP).I would like something similar i could inject with dlpb tools.

My other issue is the size of the ram of ff8. I can increase the texture size to 256×256 (twice the actual size) but the new texture overlaps with other textures. So i tried to build a code that stores the textures somewhere else in memory. But the problem is still the same.

Aali released his source - and they've been working on it and chatting about it in the FF7 dev area of discord.  Aali was able to crate a modpath for the (lower resolution is icon.tex) - iconfl00.tex, iconfl01.tex, iconfl02.tex, iconfl03.tex for the english version and make an external folder path interceptor for the textures.  If you could do something like this with your models, then you might be able to get the functionality you're looking for.  Would Kalderasha have anything to add to this topic?

kaspar - you and I both!!

It would be really nice to be able to import models with more polys.

Keep it up Shunsq!  I can't wait to be able to give the characters a REAL overhaul :)

hello, i'm currently getting this problem at the main menu (after square enix's logo) . Can anyone help me fix it ?

I think this is a problem with the collisions.csv and hash2map.csv either not working properly, or providing the wrong codes.  To stop this from happening, try downloading the collisions.csv and hash2map.csv from the "Project Angelwing" thread and install it into your main Tonberry folder instead of the original ones.  If that is already what you've done and you're encountering this error, try to re-download the collisions and hash2map from the Tonberry 2.04 download and put those -back- into your folder.

Hey, There! Would it be possible to get instructions for adding xbox buttons for dummies?

Easiest way:
1.  Download Tonberry Enhanced 2.04 - put all of the contents in FINAL FANTASY VIII/
2.  Download the SeeDReborn hashmap.  You can find it on the Tonberry page as the second post (by me).
3.  Put it in FINAL FANTASY VIII/tonberry/hashmap --
4.  Download whichever xbox format you use (regular or keymapped)
5.  Put the 'sy' folder into the /FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures/ folder that you got from the tonberry download.


Hi, I was talking about the PSX look-alike font that was linked a few posts earlier. The font that comes with seed works perfectly without artifacting, but when you swap it in for that psx hd font, then there are some slight artifacts in the menus.  I am using the english version of the game and I guess that psx font doesn't replace the damage numbers because it only contains the two sy folders whereas the battle numbers are somewhere in the IC folder.

Oh!  I see!  I understand now.  Yeah - any stray semi-transparent pixels will 'pop-out' of the background when you anti-alias, when they don't when you aren't using it.  If you like that font, you can take some notes on where those artifacts appear (they will always be in the same place) and the creator of that mod can fix those if you bring it to their attention.  Also, if you download SeeD Reborn you can just install those PSX style sy folders instead of the ones that come with it.

This looks perfect but sadly, it doesn't replace the damage/healing numbers that appear during battles. Also I've noticed that, this doesn't work quite well with GeDoSaTo. When using gedosato and that, the menus will have some small artifacts

What language version do you use?  The English version works just fine with healing/damage numbers.  If you're having issues seeing them, could you please pm me and we can go through a process to make that texture available to you and everyone else using your language pack! 

It depends on what text you use and what anti-aliasing settings you use when using GeDo.  My SeeD 3.2 and 3.5 text seems to work pretty dang well with Gedo, but this happens on many gedo apps, which is why there's normally a way to disable post processing effects on the UI - but there's no way to get the depth information in order to enable that feature.  Honestly, I just use Gedo for supersampling, and use reshade for anti-aliasing.  it works much better.

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