Author Topic: [FF7 Steam] Change dimension shop menu (buy/sell/exit)  (Read 166 times)


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Hi everyone.
I'm trying to update the first (and only) italian translation released for PC with the updated one for PSX released by an italian translator group. I've already translated every text file with TS but now there is a problem: the space for menu buy/sell/exit (line 573 in the 0_ff7.txt).
If I try to translate in italian it looks weird with the text going over the background box and the hand pointer that doesn't point at the beginnig of the  italian word but at the same place where should be in english.
I've already posted in TS thread but it's not a tool problem so i've started here a new thread.

Someone knows how to fix?
I've see that the french retranslation (didn't check original french version) made this menu in vertical (and not in horizontal) and this should resolve the problem but i don't know how to do.
With the search button I didn't find an answer.
Thanks in advance.
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