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I've searched a bit and i couldn't find a proper answer in the forum.

In theory, it should be possible to change dress and walk/fight with the SeeD uniform (Squall, Zell, Selphie and Quistis) or candidate SeeD uniforms (the same, minus Quistis) or Rinoa's party dress (obv, only Rinoa). The game already swaps the classic models to these in specific moments. So, there should be a way to force the game to swap them at player's will, no?

I have the lovely Rebirth Flame mod by FatedCourage. I've tried to move and replace some textures in the character's folders, with no luck (ie Rinoa's party dress texture goes on top of Rinoa's classic body model and it's just a mess).

The save-file editor Hyne has an option ('alternative model') in the 'character' section. That toggles on Squall, Zell and Selphie's candidate SeeD uniform (only in battle tho). That's the best i could come up with.

So: is there a way to change outfits manually via folders (move 'A' file from 'X' folder to 'Y' folder etc)? Or could the creators of Hyne mod add a couple of options for 'toggle candidate SeeD uniform, Seed uniform and Rinoa dress'?

To be 100% sure the problem is fixed i would need to play for a good ammount of time after each change in the settings (i can't be so lucky to fix it on the first attempt). That could take a lot of time, and spoil the gaming experience in the process. So i think i'll do a couple of tests then i'll just play without gedosato in this run. Thank you anyway :)

Little update on this: after some tests i've realized that GeDoSaTo is causing the game to crash sometimes (in various and different moments, like at the beginning of a cutscene, after saving, when a battle event triggers etc).

The message showing when crashing is 'An unknown exeption has occurred'. I've googled that a bit and it seems this could be linked to other stuff and not GeDoSaTo, but then again, i don't have this problem when playing without GeDoSaTo so i'm pretty positive this is the source of the problem, at least in my case.

Anyway, i tried some "fixes" suggested in steam forum (play offline to prevent cloud syncro, set the FF8 launcher to CPU1 afinity and 'High Priority' from the task manager). It still crashes with GeDoSaTo.

Anyone knows a fix to this? Otherways i'll have to play without GeDoSaTo. That would be a pity, but FF8 with all the mods still looks amazing :)

Great job guys, as usual :)

I plan on finally starting a FF8 game with all the juicy mods, in a couple of weeks. I was thinking: do you guys have more lovely stuff coming up in the near future (and i should be patient and wait for that), or i can just dive into the adventure asap? :P

Leaving my little feedback.
I couldn't see any new higher resolution in the launcher menu. Then i copied 'D3DCompiler_47.dll' in to the Final Fantasy VIII Steam folder. I could see the new resolutions in the menu, but the game wouldn't load (regardless of my choice, including the basic 1920x1080). Then i moved the GeDoSaTo folder in C like Fendera did and that fixed it.

I've tested 3840x2160. Looks gorgeous. Then i've tried 5760x3240 (triple the native size of my monitor). The game launches but in a very tiny window that can't be made bigger. Am i missing something? My PC can't handle a downsampling like this? Not that it matters really. I'm totally fine with how it looks already.

Little side note: on 3840x2160 i've noticed a couple of veeery little 'scratches' in the status menu (Seed reborn italian version). But don't worry Mcindus, they are litterally a couple, barely noticeable and only in that part of the menu (everything else looks normal just as in 1920x1080), so we don't need to worry about that ;)

And great job on this GeDoSaTo tutorial! Loving it, especially for the antialiasing.
Thank you once again for making this awesome game even prettier :)

That is very interesting. I know this is off topic here, but could it be possible to see these files in the backgrounds thread?
If the backgraunds are all that well defined (or at least some of them) i wouldn't mind get my hands on them :)

Today Mcindus adressed the issue and i think it is fixed now.
We still need to talk about a couple of things but, with a bit of luck, maybe in 1-2 days there will be an "early release".

If you want to help, that's fine by me.
For all i know, the problem we stumbled upon may be caused by some mistake/s i made during various tests processes. Maybe you can find what's the problem.

So, if Mcindus has nothing against it, i have nothing against you joining the project.

I've been too busy to work on it directly, but I've got Nedus working behind the scenes on the Italian release of SeeDReborn.  With my direction, he's been doing a great job - but we have a couple of bugs to work out.

I've actually got all of the starting intro images with hashcodes, etc. and 'upscaled' a few of the replacements.  It's impossible to replace the intro 'text' and the square logo with the current version of tonberry, but I can send the intro files to you if you like, as I don't have time to work with them right now.

Yup, we're working on it :)
We might release some sort of "incomplete version" sooner or later, but that is for Mcindus to decide.
And guys, don't get tricked by Mcindus' nice words; he is the one doing a great job, and all the "black-magic-side" of the modding. Not me. I'm just a random monkey trying to land a hand >.<

Sharing a little tip.

We probably all know that characters modded with awesome stuff like project hellfire, rebirth flame etc cannot blink (currently).
To me, that's a pity. Especially when it comes to Shiva. I've always loved her "awakening-like" summoning. Mcindus surely did a great job with this mod and the HD Shiva looks gorgeous, but i just miss that blinking.

For those interested, i've found a simple way to get a "50-50" result. A blinking Shiva with most of Mcindus' HD texture still in place. Basically, all you have to is remove the "sum_shvahd" folder (inside "su" folder). If you do that, the game will use the old/original Shiva's face which is a bit pixelated, but her eyes will blink.

And the game will read Mcindus HD textures of her body, so it won't be as pixelated as the original.

Uh, this is weird.

If we compare the 2 pictures: your background is way more detailed than mine, but my boss is more "sharp" than yours.
What's going on here?

To be clear: i don't have GeDoSaTo, and I have ProjectWing installed. Not sure if that has something to do with it.

Some comparison. Eden first.
I'm not a "graphics maniac", so Eden is good enough alredy. But AngelWing DOES improve some areas imo.
They look less blurry. Maybe not the graphical improvement of the century, but it does a fine job in making FF8 look even better.

Spoiler: show

I made some screens, first with project eden and then with angelwing. Some areas really look better now (sharpened, "less pixelated").

The only "downside" i've noticed is here:

The light sources look...well,no longer light sources, compared to project eden

(Don't mind the pixelation here. Apparently that's because i have the italian versione of the game and it has something to do with hashcodes. Not that i mind tho).

Exept for that, this looks awesome (to be clear: so far i've done very few screeshots-comparison, only inside Balamb's Garden).
Thank you for your work on this FatedCourage :)

Like i said in the previous post: i made some tests and it doesn't matter which file/s combination/s i keep in that folder. Nothing changes (compared to the original situation). Meaning that Project Eden still leaves some pixelated areas. Other mods are also working as usual.

Anyway, from what i understand "hash1map" is a futile file so, to be sure, i'll leave only collisions and hash2map in the folder. But the issue is still unsolved (not that i mid tho, it's no big deal really)

In /common/ff8/tonberry i do have collisions.csv hash2map.csv AND a hash1map.csv
I'm not sure if this is ok or needs to be sorted. Anyway, i made some tests: having all 3 files, 1 or 2 of them (regardless which ones), or none of them doesn't change background appearance at all (actually, it seems to have 0 impact on any of the mods i've installed).

But then again, i know nothing of how all of this really works. So, uh, maybe it's all as it should be.

Add me to the list.
Altho Project Eden seems to work in most backgrounds i've seen (at least in the early parts of the game) sometimes there is more "pixelation" than it should be (maybe?).

i.e My entrance to garden's training room looks like the screeshots linked by other users. And it's not just these 2 screens.

Tbh, imo it is not the end of the world if some backgrounds during the game are totally or partially pixelated, but i'm leaving this feedback just in case.
Got tomberry updated, different mods installed. Italian version.

Yes, waifu is generally better-looking than Project Eden, but upon closer inspection, many of the areas of Nedus's game are still pixelated, like the up arrow sign. A fully functional installation of Eden would at least make it look better than the original game, so something else is wrong here, whether it's the texture folders or the hashmaps or some other third thing.

Here's my game with and without Project Eden:

Spoiler: show

So, it is definitely doing its job. But yeah, i got some pixelations here and there but i thought that was normal. Now you're making me doubt.
EDIT: I just realized this is mostly Project Eden-related. I'll go post in the appropriate thread. Sorry for the unintentional off topic, but the news about this waifu stuff were very interesting.

Small update: Fixed up Irvine's legs so they are more consistent. Added a few more hashcodes to the fray. One thing I forgot from the last update was that I changed Zell's face to the more serious look across all models for more consistency. I might reupscale a few textures later down the line, but I'll see.

On an unrelated note to this project... Some people are curious how the FF8 backgrounds would look with waifu. It is something I'm working on as well. Just a long and very, /very/ tedious project. So if you want to see, here is a video with some. I'll upload more as I continue with this and getting battle effects/magic upscaled and looking all pretty.

Raw screenshot from FatedCourage's video: (colors look a bit "washed out/filled with light", see the bottom black bars, because nowadays YouTube tends to do that)

Screenshot from my game:

I have the Project Eden mod installed and it does a fine job in refining most backgrounds i've seen (i've seen just the initial part of the game tho, and even found a couple of glitches; no big deal, i'm not complaining ofc, it looks amazing).
But i wonder: is there something wrong with my Project Eden installation, or, are the differences in the 2 screenshots normal? Is all thanks to waifu? If that's the case, wow, so looking forward to that.
Really nice improvement. Great job!

I haven't found a 3D avatar of Edea on the internet. EDIT: A 3D avatar that doesn't require some polish via photoshop, 'cause my photoshop skill is below 0. I can't work on a CG picture to get a good avatar out of it.
That's why i left the original. Same as Kiros and Ward.

I had this idea after finding "Makubex (Mendelevium) Modder's Awakening - Avatar Mod".

This simple mod replaces all characters' portraits with a 3D version (exept for Edea, Kiros and Ward). This mod requires Tonberry in order to work.

Avatar comparison:
Spoiler: show

I tried to make the 3D avatars as similiar as possible to the originals (angle/position/proportions etc) but Quistis and Selphie went bit-chy about it
Download Link

I made this starting from Mcindus' "SeeD Reborn" mod. If you alredy have that mod (you totally should, cause it's awesome) potentially, you could just get the "fa" folder from my download link (ignoring the "NewAvatars_hm" file), put it inside the "textures" folder and override it, and you should have 0 problems .
However, this mod can be made indipendant from SeeD Reborn, (you know, just in case). To do that, put the hashmap file "NewAvatars_hm" in the "tonberry\hashmap" folder.

By default, i left Laguna and Seifer's original avatars ('cause i prefeer them). But you can have their 3D version if you want so. Just rename the X/Y pictures inside the folders and override the default pictures.

Special thanks to Mcindus. Basically i just pasted the 3D portraits (found in internet) on top of his SeeD Reborn avatars pictures; also he's the one who told me how to do the hashmap stuff.

So, i was bored, and after reading about a thread that got closed recently i decided to mess a bit with the portraits:

Comparison with the original portraits
Spoiler: show

I'm not sure if i like these portraits over the originals. But hey, it's good to have options. So i'll leave these here for anyone who wants to use them (i haven't touched Seifer cause i like the original).
If you want to use these, you need to have SeeD Reborn. Grab and drop the 2 pictures from down here into \textures\fa\  folders (face_b00 and face_b01) and rename the pictures accordingly.

PM sent.

I'm posting here as well to let you know. Just in case you missed it

I want to finish this right away.  If anyone out there could help me with the Italian mod, I would greatly appreciate it.  I need someone to follow a very specific set of instructions for me and gather the files needed, but I need someone who's using the Italian version.

Also - I just put the finishing touches on a SeeDReborn v3.5 that should be available by tonight!
Just have a bit of last minute testing to do...

I have the Italian version and i am willing and able to give my help on the subject! Just tell me what you need.

Thank you so much for this!
I have only a normal save data (early game), so i can test only very few GFs. But there's something i've noticed: Diablos palms, feet and wings are missing (in my game, at least). Both in the magic lamp battle and in his summon animation.

I'm pretty sure i installed the mod in the right way (it is not my first bump into FF8 mods). Also, the other early GFs i have seem to work as intended (and they look awesome, btw) so i'm not sure what's wrong with Diablos and why.

Anyway, keep up the great work. Looking forward for that SeedReborn v4; hopefully working for italian language as well ;)

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