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Troubleshooting / Battle Pyramids ?
« on: 2016-04-07 16:00:01 »
is it possible to replace the yellow battle pyramids above the characters
i manged to replace reno's pyramid but not the characters ones
are they the test ones or what

please help??:P

Troubleshooting / World map and mini game models help!!
« on: 2016-03-09 13:20:14 »
hello there
lets get to the point i have a couple of questions about some models i couldn't extract

is there a way to extract the locations on the world map like midgar to replace it ?
is there a way to extract the snowboarding mini game to replace them
and finally Odin's spear (the summon)

am i missing something or is it impossible ??
i use lgp/unlgp program :P

Graphical Modding / npc mods-(sorry)
« on: 2015-11-29 09:51:54 »
hello there i am sorry in advance for posting this in the wrong place but please help

**If possible (Kaldarasha) can you please tell me the hrc names of the npcs you didn't replace such as the beach male I know you replace most but some you didn't replace all also like the cat models I would very much appreciate it if you can list all the npcs and field models (hrc names) that you didn't replace
Mainly because
-I am working on my own npc replacements project and I am using your models as a base I have finished replacing the 45 and the dog but I wanna completely replace all of the rest

So if you have time please list them I am in you debt :)
**and sorry again for posting this here but please I need help
Thanks again
Please don't delete this :)

Mod edit: Caps lock is cruise control for getting warnings. Don't do that again. ~Covarr

i just finished my custom barret but for he uses 3 different textures the problem is thiss

anyone left here please help me :(

Troubleshooting / Textures Again help
« on: 2015-06-20 07:19:56 »
hi sorry for doing this again but i really want an answer

is there any way to extract a texture from a battle model

anyone ?

Troubleshooting / help with textures
« on: 2015-06-04 12:37:51 »
i got p creator and converted a 3ds model to p model
how can i add a tex to that model or atleast a tex id

if anyone knows please help

Graphical Modding / [Field Model] Adult Wedge
« on: 2015-05-29 08:11:08 »
heyyy guys how are you doing this fine day or night :D

here is something i've been working on which is a revision for the TA chibi wedge

what do you think
any tips :)

Graphical Modding / Guard Hound and Dark Nation
« on: 2015-05-27 00:35:55 »
heyyy guys supp
so i did these monster replacements and i was wondering if i'm allowed to post them here
i used some parts from cmh175 Red XIII  and texture made from a bunch of pictures i got from google and combined them in photoshop
here are some screenshots

so what do you think  :) ?

Troubleshooting / [help] barret battle not changing
« on: 2015-05-27 00:26:30 »
hey guys i'm new here  :)
for right to the point i did some changes to battle barret and after putting him in the game he hasn't changed a bit hes still the original model and no matter what i do he doesn't change

so do any of you know how to fix this please help me :(

here is a screenshot

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