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I've searched a bit and i couldn't find a proper answer in the forum.

In theory, it should be possible to change dress and walk/fight with the SeeD uniform (Squall, Zell, Selphie and Quistis) or candidate SeeD uniforms (the same, minus Quistis) or Rinoa's party dress (obv, only Rinoa). The game already swaps the classic models to these in specific moments. So, there should be a way to force the game to swap them at player's will, no?

I have the lovely Rebirth Flame mod by FatedCourage. I've tried to move and replace some textures in the character's folders, with no luck (ie Rinoa's party dress texture goes on top of Rinoa's classic body model and it's just a mess).

The save-file editor Hyne has an option ('alternative model') in the 'character' section. That toggles on Squall, Zell and Selphie's candidate SeeD uniform (only in battle tho). That's the best i could come up with.

So: is there a way to change outfits manually via folders (move 'A' file from 'X' folder to 'Y' folder etc)? Or could the creators of Hyne mod add a couple of options for 'toggle candidate SeeD uniform, Seed uniform and Rinoa dress'?

I had this idea after finding "Makubex (Mendelevium) Modder's Awakening - Avatar Mod".

This simple mod replaces all characters' portraits with a 3D version (exept for Edea, Kiros and Ward). This mod requires Tonberry in order to work.

Avatar comparison:
Spoiler: show

I tried to make the 3D avatars as similiar as possible to the originals (angle/position/proportions etc) but Quistis and Selphie went bit-chy about it
Download Link

I made this starting from Mcindus' "SeeD Reborn" mod. If you alredy have that mod (you totally should, cause it's awesome) potentially, you could just get the "fa" folder from my download link (ignoring the "NewAvatars_hm" file), put it inside the "textures" folder and override it, and you should have 0 problems .
However, this mod can be made indipendant from SeeD Reborn, (you know, just in case). To do that, put the hashmap file "NewAvatars_hm" in the "tonberry\hashmap" folder.

By default, i left Laguna and Seifer's original avatars ('cause i prefeer them). But you can have their 3D version if you want so. Just rename the X/Y pictures inside the folders and override the default pictures.

Special thanks to Mcindus. Basically i just pasted the 3D portraits (found in internet) on top of his SeeD Reborn avatars pictures; also he's the one who told me how to do the hashmap stuff.

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