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General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 8 in Unity?
« on: 2017-01-30 15:31:08 »
Nice work so far Maki :-)

Quote from: jmp434 on Today at 02:27:50
Do you work at the original map scale?

I screwed up the scale, when porting to engine I'd have to rescale them.

about the scale...

I just made a little comparison with the walkmesh from bcform_1, and I must say, it's only a tiny bit off ;-)
Squall is just an import so that is not scaled either, but the station is aligned.

by the way, what do you use as references? It's pretty hard to find anything useful.


Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Gallery J....
« on: 2017-01-08 21:32:27 »
Hello spoox, beautiful your scene, is what you take the work for good?
I'm sorry I really have no clue to what you mean...

some additional details:


a House is a house

Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Gallery J....
« on: 2016-12-06 23:23:33 »
small village at the sea is slowly growing when time permits...


How so I align the camera in Blender to the file I recreate? Is there a script for it? I used to do it manually SKetchup-> 3DSMax-> Blender but the exporter from 3DSMAX to Blender is long lost and no one seems to have backup.
Hi Anaho
if you use the tool, you get the alignment of the camera in the script already.

as an example:
Code: [Select]
def putCamTarget():
    # Create Empty as target
    bpy.ops.object.add(type='EMPTY', location=(-29,-221.4932,977.2385)) = 'CamTarget'
def putCam():
    # Create a camera and get the shape name.
    data ='ANFRST_2Cam')
    vcam ='ANFRST_2Cam', data)
    vcam.location = (-29,-9015,977.2385)
    vcam.scale = (1.0, 1.0, 1.0)
    #data.angle_x = 9.320189
    data.lens = 214.687522024547
    data.draw_size = 100
    data.clip_end = 10000.0
    data.sensor_width = 35.0

So you don't need to do the whole sketchup-->3ds-max-->blender workflow, but can start directly using blender or 3dsmax...

I hope this helps.

Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Gallery J....
« on: 2016-02-17 23:03:39 »

Summer at the sea, starting growing grass.
(just a little something I still had on my laptop)


The images disappeared a long time ago when the wiki was still on a different host.
If you want to repair the wiki you can retrieve the images from the web archive and re-upload those to the wiki.

for example on the FFVII engine page it is:

is available at:


I hope this helps.

Team Avalanche / Re: Gallery Proposal
« on: 2016-02-02 20:46:54 »
Nothing is a waste of time. It is only a waste of time if you learn nothing in it.
Their are many ways to do things. Many worse than others. LOL


Such warm and kind words from every one :)

Cyb, yours remind me of 宮本 武蔵 (1584-1645), I'm not sure if I quote him right but it is in the sense of:

..No matter how bad the experience is, as long as you learn from it, it is a good experience...
now I still have to learn how to fight with two swords... ;-P

I just love the philosophers at this forum.

And because of that I just fixed the 'Gallery' of the bombing mission as much as possible.

and finally:

Spoiler: show
"A man cannot understand the art he is studying if he only looks for the end result without taking the time to delve deeply into the reasoning of the study."

Team Avalanche / Re: File repository
« on: 2016-01-26 20:26:01 »
The request for access sent 1 minute ago was from me

I'm guessing you've send a PM to SL, but:
Note: This is for contributors only. Nobody else has access.

So why do you think you need access?

Team Avalanche / Re: Gallery Proposal
« on: 2016-01-26 20:05:59 »
What to say...

A gallery proposal has hit the forums before, but went away with the setup of the different threads of every artist.

Most of the images turning up as blanc is due to the fact that initially image sheck was being used as a free site to upload. However they changed into a paying service in (at least for me) that's a waste. Even if i login there now, there is only 1 of the 100 images left which I originally uploaded years ago.
But I agree it would be nice to repair at least the first posts.

Another point is that since the news of the remake of FFVII everything feels like a waste of time, and it takes a lot of time to recreate a scene in full glory.

As for the releasing of the source files, that's a personal decision for each and every artist for themselves. And to be honest don't put your hopes up on that.


Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Transports - Highwind
« on: 2015-08-09 13:05:45 »

does this qualify as the outside?

oh by the way, since it is very hard to find some good detailed images of highwind, is there anybody out here with the first statue of highwind and willing and able to shoot some good photo's of it? that would be most helpful and welcome...

Team Avalanche / Re: I guess that's it, guys
« on: 2015-08-05 19:28:44 »
So there is no rest for the weary I guess...

It seems that at least some of you have more trust in TA than in Shinra Electrical, err.. I mean S.E.  :-o
hmmm is it a coincidence that both companies have the same initials...??

Team Avalanche / Re: I guess that's it, guys
« on: 2015-06-24 21:42:42 »
Unfortunately Mayo, you worded the exact feeling I had since the news of the remake.
Unsure of what to make of it, since SE is very vague about what they will be doing. And looking at the massive scale they've build Midgar in, at least more realistic, it will be different from the original.
This could be either bad or good, only time will tell...

But what to do with project Avalanche?

Use whatever you feel the most comfortable in, if you can achieve faster results in modeling in some other tool.
Solidworks can be exported into a multitude of formats, so that should not be an issue.


Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Nibel Mountains
« on: 2015-06-15 21:26:22 »
One of the tricks of the shapes is to have them non symetric instanciate and rotate them randomly. That would give a more natural look.
An other option would be to include a nois modifier in the objects, I expect Blender has something like that...
Hope it helps.


Nice to listen to, sounds a bit like the qhimm-voice-over. :-)
I have to restrain myself now and then in order to not react to several things being said.


Announcements and site development / Re: Forum upgrade
« on: 2015-05-06 21:27:24 »
In the wiki the images are missing for me, any way to fix that?
Any specific images you are looking for?
A long time ago I exported the wiki into a pdf just before the old providers were becoming unstable.
You can find it here.


Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Nibel Mountains
« on: 2015-05-06 16:08:37 »
I think spoox was able to pull the camera data for a different movie from the psx version. Maybe he can do the same here.

Oh yes, but not limited to the psx, as the pc version is a lot easier to get the data from (it's all in one single lgp file).
But, as there is no walkmesh involved here there is no data inside, except for:

Code: [Select]
        at time 1f c0.position =  [0,0,0]
at time 1f c0.Target.position = [0,0,0]
at time 2f c0.position =  [0,0,0]
at time 2f c0.Target.position = [0,0,0]
at time 3f c0.position =  [0,0,0]
at time 3f c0.Target.position = [0,0,0]
at time 4f c0.position =  [0,0,0]
at time 4f c0.Target.position = [0,0,0]
at time 5f c0.position =  [0,0,0]
at time 5f c0.Target.position = [0,0,0]
at time 6f c0.position =  [0,0,0]
at time 6f c0.Target.position = [0,0,0]

But this is not a real bad thing, as  there is no fading from or into field files, you can make it as you want.  ::)
and I must say, from what I see, it looks good so far.

Keep up the spirit, when I have more breathing space I'll join the workforce again.


Completely unrelated / Re: Random Links
« on: 2015-04-28 20:53:22 »
Shinra canteen

They even have a nice car there...

and Chocobo eggs on the menu...  :-o


Reorganizing scenes, it's a mess after all these years.
So picking up an oldy....


Team Avalanche / Re: Midgar Revival
« on: 2015-03-24 17:45:42 »
I'm not too fond of modeling interiors, I might just leave that to someone else.

Good morning  ;D
forget the interiors, it's a waist of resources, especially if we want to use it for any animation. I did model the interior of the little restaurant in sector 8, with burning candles and a full kitchen....
Nobody is ever going to see that, so I finally trashed the place anyway. Just takes too much strain on rendering. It will only make sense if we have a sandbox environment with the total freedom to roam around Midgar. But that will take a different aproach and needs a lot of redisign anyway, so that is not in scope.  ::)

About the materials, I'm personally more concerned about mapping, rather then the actual materials. If the mapping is not done correctly you have to revisit all objects in order to fix that. That is a nightmare, especially for the more complex objects. For mapping I would use a colored checkbox kind of texture, however if you don;t intend to do any texturing, I would advise to keep it 50% grey, that will give the best presentation result.

As for the textures and materials, most of Midgar is industrial, like steel, iron, rust, concrete. Abandonned trainyards come to mind, except for the normally growing plants and half covering trees and broken buildings. The Living part of Midgar is also including bricks, french coble roads, neon signs, etc.

And indeed, most time is being sucked into UV mapping and materials. :-( I prefer to model as well. Oh and lets not forget the rigging and animation, and the next part will be compositing of course.

Just keep up the good work.

Which version of Midgar are you on now 3 or 4?

Oh and make backups, and note where you stored the backups...

(that's just some personal advise as my total archive has become quite big over time)


Team Avalanche / Re: Midgar City Information
« on: 2015-02-13 23:11:58 »
Please tell me that these are real-time Qgears renders...

Team Avalanche / Re: Midgar City Information
« on: 2015-02-13 19:48:06 »
I would think KillerX has been busy, google around for Midgar and minecraft....but he is still alive.
I was a bit annoyed at him for hijacking the first 5 google pages when looking for additional Midgar references.... :o


Team Avalanche / Re: Midgar City Information
« on: 2015-02-12 21:48:03 »
50 meters high is about right and is about the only solid(?) information you will find, the rest is all pure speculation.
And for reference pictures, that depends on what you are actually looking for.

First of all keep in mind that it's all pure (final) fantasy. Scaling is a real issue throughout the whole world here, scenes don't match up and to be honest the story about Midgar is bigger then Midgar itself.

For references you could base your Midgar upon:
  • The original FFVII
  • The Midgar from Crisis Core
  • The physical Midgar model from SE-hq

Those are three completely different versions.
Personally I've based my version upon FFVII the game.
an early version of this:

To have a bit of a feeling about scale on the plates this is a (again early) view of the most important parts:

and zooming into sector 8 for a sec:

Coming back to thhe scene you're working on with the elevator, I would do it seperately, unless your able to animate the reflections of the elevator itself as well. Looking at how the scene (in FFVII) is build up the layers are clearly seperating the elevator from the background. You would be better of to create the backdrop in 2d rather then building the whole of Midgar for this scene alone.

As for what's wrong with the model, I think the borders are to thick compared to the size of the plate. Also the central train pillar feels of, to thin.

The following is (supposed to be) more or less 50 meters high;

And if you look into the technical bits and bobs of locomotives, it is a real miracle that it will ever get on top.  :o

But look close at what is available, the background of the dropping above midgar is a source for getting a feel for the width of the pizza, if you set the pilar(s) to 50meter height, you can scale the rest into proportion.

I wonder what your goal is here, is it just to be able to create the scenes in the Q-gears engine? or do you plan on actually rendering the backgrounds for the qhimmed-FFVII? (just wondering).


Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] WIP Sector 5 slums
« on: 2015-02-12 20:10:44 »
Now this is an interesting topic, could have used some of these insights while making the signs for midgar, those were a nightmare to decypher... Don't remember quite what I've put on them anymore. :-\
oh well, wonder if anyone will notice those tiny bits.


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