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Actually, I should have expanded on each of these so that I don't look like a mindless bigot (although, I am going to come across as a total apricothole), but most of these are in the Reunion Database or have been explained time and again, and I have a policy of simply not replying to posts asking for items we've discussed 100x to be changed, ad nauseam.  But let's break that rule and run through these.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

It was broke.  So, I fixed it. If you look at the very first post, you will find The Reunion Database, which lists every single non dialogue change.  We did not change things blindly.

There's a point where you have to consider if a change actually has a purpose and is helpful/desirable.

The changes are made where the original translation was incorrect or too far removed from what the Japanese was getting at. It has absolutely nothing to do with "helpful" - and "desirable" is very subjective. What is desirable to this project is translating and localizing based on the facts and on what the writers wanted... not keeping things simply because people are used to it.  Or because canon dictates it. This is made clear on the translation post at the beginning, which you should have read.

  • Changes like "Mystile" to "Mystere" and "Chocobuckle" to "Chocobokkuru" are an un-translation/localization; why?
Because they are correct. See The Reunion Database.

And there are tons of other items that got such a complete change (likewise in undoing translation/localization)

You can't "undo" a translation or a localization.

that I now actually have no idea what they even are, especially since they're not listed anywhere I've seen

The first post and the Help file both point to The Reunion Database.

I also had to use menu option "Form" to realize it was "Order"; what the option does isn't what "form" means, where "order" is clear and fits perfectly, so I don't understand why that's the word you used much less why it was changed at all.

Names are now totally consistent across all menus.  Either word works.  It's not breaking your back to learn about 3 drop down menus.  Come on.

I don't know if Enemy Skill "Enigma" is in fact a closer translation to whatever the original is,

Then why are you adamant I should change it?  Why are you bringing this up when you said in your post that you wanted to discuss this with an argument of reason?  How can you have a reasoned argument when you don't know if it's closer than "Pandora's Box"? And why should I listen to you that being the case?

but I wouldn't have used it for a spell name over "Pandora's Box".

And, thus, would have completely failed at localizing the game accurately. Instead, you'd just keep a name that means NOTHING close to the original and was pulled out of thin air.  That is not professional. It's not what this project is about.

Maybe it's a question of taste,

It's not in most cases.

but that goes both ways.[/li][li]Changing "Underwater" Materia to "Aqualung",

The original name is "Diving" from "Scuba Diving [equipment]". There is no reason I couldn't change it.

and original Enemy Skill "Aqualung" to "Aqua Breath" again seems like it comes from your personal taste

The Japanese is literally "Aqua Breath" アクアブレス [Akua buresu]. 

I've actually come across the idea of swapping names around before and I don't believe it's something game devs would do without significant reason.

And you worked out I didn't have a significant reason... how?  On the basis of me seeming to change things willynilly?

[/li][li]Saving seems to have some control delay before and/or after it that wasn't there before.[/li][li]Why is the menu option "Quit" gone?! That's just a downgrade to functionality.[/li][/list]

Well, this has obviously rattled a few people up, but let's consider that

A. Alt + F4 will close the game.  So the Quit menu is redundant anyway.
B. I have added "hold select + start" to close game too.  If you hold those two for a few seconds, the game will close from ANYWHERE.
C. The quit menu does not exist in PSX version, and indeed makes the menu look overly long and ugly.

I'd love to discuss more and I hope you'll consider these things.

If you look at the Reunion Database, it says the following:

Items in white, blue, or orange are not up for discussion.

This isn't me being Adolf Hitler.  This is me ending 100 more posts like yours - because I've been through this gauntlet so many times it's unreal.  And we've gone over these things again and again and again.  The project is near finalized.

Get a basic understanding of Assembly:

Nah. The field engine wouldn't support it with normal opcodes... and i think whole idea is story-line takes precedence.

Yeah it puts you back on the other map, where you have miraculously survived.

I'm having fun.  I've fixed the bug with the support in Junon so the Dolphin can't find the spot for you.  And if Weapon is enabled (level 2+)...  well,  it's much harder.  Only 2 new spots will work as opposed to many... and the electric support will kill you.  Instantly. No ifs, no buts.  Game over, sucker.

Well, it would just be for you really.  Because that's a specific list of things that others won't agree with, and causes me a lot of work, which is why I stopped adding so many options (I used to have 2 menu types, break 9999 limit options... you name it!) and cut down everything to a bare minimum. It is impossible to please everyone or add options for everything... and I'm not being paid either.  Big fat cat companies like Square Enix wouldn't do even half of what I have despite being paid large sums.

Still, with the tools around, you should be ok.  8)

So there we are.  It crashes only when the limit is used on an enemy that is immune to death.  The only fixes in Steam etc are the ones that this community made and which Aali added to his dll "driver". So this one has never been fixed, like hundreds of others.

It shouldn't be hard for me to see what accesses the status flag and then work from there reversing it.  I'll look into it tonight.

I heard about that... Probably from you. I haven't seen it happen, though.  It probably is entirely PC issue.  When I did 60fps mod, I also noticed I had to fix Tifa's limit from crashing. I will look into it.  Does it always happen?

Anyone else ever realize that after 2 or so jumps at the Support under Junon, the dolphin actually places you exactly on the spot you need to be to get onto the beam?  I always thought it was strange, but now I think it's actually a remnant from the programmer testing it.  Probably forgot to make sure it wouldn't do that.  Or maybe it was on purpose to make it easier.

In any case, with Weapon mod, I will remedy it.

I personally get no satisfaction out of either, so for me even 5 dollars wouldn't be worth it. :P

I also intensely dislike "added content".  It's created a situation where laziness in design is fine - and it also creates inconsistencies. I want to play a completed game.  They had 10 freakin years.  I'm also not sure when it became acceptable to pay for bug fixes and "add ons" when you've already shelled out big money for the game (I am not sure FF15 does that, but many do).  Modern gamers are, in my opinion, total mugs.

If the offsets are all equal, you can simply use one of the above and then add "+" or "-" at the top... like so:


15405F = 00
15406A = 00
15407B = 00
154086 = 00
154099 = 00
1540A4 = 00
1540B7 = 00
1540C2 = 00
1540D5 = 00
1640E0 = 00
1540E9 = 00
1540F4 = 00

Would get you from French to Italian.  But you'd be best doing it from English to whatever.  Assuming offsets are correct.

Also, is

1640E0 = 00

an error?


And so...  finally I get to finish off some old parts of Weapon.  All shall be revealed ;)

Work has finally commenced on a few of the other mods now that the DLL and the Audio Replacement mod are virtually done.

And that bad management does generally lead to a bad or very inconsistent game - but that remains to be seen.
Played it at my mates house the other day. Also watched him play it for a while too.  It's strawberries.  It's as strawberries as it looked on the demos.  Out of control battles.  Press Action and survive nonsense. FFXII style "quests"  yawn. Story is abysmal (based on what I saw, but mainly what he's told me. He also explains it with a constant look of confusion on his face).  It's everything I dislike about modern games and it was obvious that was going to be the case.  He, however, loves it.  But I think he'd love any game that had Final Fantasy printed on the cover and gameplay with lotsa explosions, innit.

Same old crap.

I can't replicate it.  Nor can NFITC1.  It just happens.... text missing letters and stuff.  It always happens eventually (we think on saving rather than opening).  But NFITC1 is working on all-new tool.

Yeah, touphScript can change any text in the game, if you so wish :)  I'd steer clear of Wallmarket for now in terms of text, since it has a bug that will ruin text (and it can't alter field, menu, world map text).

That would be a load of work to accommodate just you.  You are free to use the tools here to change your own  installation of our mod.

There will be no reverting. All of the above, I have decided against for good reason - see The Reunion Database.  And if I changed these, someone else would come along and ask for another 100 to be changed.  There is no democracy here.

Saving seems to have some control delay before and/or after it that wasn't there before.

I haven't touched this.

The first of 99 soldiers has been hidden.  This will also be on going.

Don't care what he says...  from a story pov, it's 7 by years imho.  9 is better designed, better translated, and does have a lot of good gameplay.  But it's also shorter.

Use Google Drive, Sega Chief.  Can edit and update there too rather than keep uploading.

Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2017-10-07 12:03:58 »
That's a bug in ts.  It is still too long, though.  Your entry is too long.

Spy__Dragon may have worked out Wizard Vorman.

The kana is a match for "Beaumains"

It should be Wizard Beaumains 

Luksy agrees.  The change is made.

“I am the the great wizard Beaumains.
  What dost thou wish to know?”

Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2017-10-06 12:15:32 »
my path and works.
# Override paths
# text = .\text\
# flevel = "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\data\field\flevel.lgp"
# world = "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\data\wm\world_us.lgp"
# scene = "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\data\battle\scene.bin"
# kernel = "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\data\kernel\KERNEL.BIN"
# kernel2 = "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\data\kernel\kernel2.bin"
# window = "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\data\kernel\WINDOW.BIN"
# exe = "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\ff7.exe"

That's because all your paths above are wrong.  You have started them with #, so they will be ignored.  And you have used " ".    ::) In other words, ts is just finding your game based on the registry.

It's always possible to use the English exe with the English files (you don't need to swap all of them) and use touphScript to translate the executable.

Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2017-10-06 00:57:31 »
If you've set the paths, like he has above, then doing that is wrong. It won't work.  It shouldn't really work at all if you are installing to Steam.

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