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Although, perhaps it's named this way because Delphi came back from the dead.

Been a while since I used it, but it's had a major release.  Open source, cross platform IDE for Pascal language. If you can't stand C, like me, and can't abide what they did to Delphi after D7, then this is for you!

Farm map with the chocobos in the pen use placeholder materia too.  They run towards the materia.

A bug I noted and fixed for The Reunion is that the placeholders (materia) that they used for the dig spots are not hidden... so you can actually see the pixel sized areas where you need to dig.  Oops.

I wish I had time on my hands... I am studying Aali's code and trying to get the mod file thing working.  But also a lot of other stuff going on like starting a new job.  Still, I may be able to look into it at some point.

Don't worry, I didn't forget ;)

Update:  progress on The Reunion is currently on hold while Luksy creates a workable build of Aali's source code.  I'll decide then how to proceed.  Ideally, I want to add to my mod manager the ability to load individual files, something Aali has definitely already helped with.  But it may be that editing of Aali's driver code must wait.  NFITC1, Luksy, and perhaps others will have to collaborate on how to proceed.

In the meantime, I will probably get R06 to a state that it can be released using my new approach, and then worry about the further more complicated changes for R07. 

If it wasn't obvious to anyone, I've been 'done' for a while now. I read the odd post in this forum if it catches my eye but thats about it ???

I've made a full replacement for the audio module, but I code in Delphi. I'm probably going to have to learn C and move my code across... but I am sure NFITC1 and a few others here will join me in making your driver even better. This is going to be a big help and conflicts with your code will be avoided too.

You might find this interesting:

Yeah, just a bit........



Maybe it's time for me to learn C.....

 WM module for example pushes files at 75938C. 

Might be that the files need to be loaded into memory and pointers adjusted.

Code: [Select]
FF7's "is_lib.cpp"
If you carefully read the previous posts, you may have notice some function calls commented with is_lib:; these functions belong to the is_lib module which performs the read operations on .lgp files (i.e archives).

The access to an archive is basically done with the next calls:
C_00675511; "opens" the archive file, and associate it with and Id (must be below 0x12); subsequent calls will use this Id only.
C_006759D2; allows to get the starting offset of an item (identified by name) in an opened archive (identified by its Id); since the caller uses this offset only as a parameter to subsequent calls, it maybe easier to consider this function as an "opener" and the offset as a "handle".
C_006762EA; returns the size of an entry (identified by its "handle") inside an opened archive.
C_0067633E; loads an entry into a buffer provided by the caller.
C_00675F1D; "closes" an archive
C_00676064; cleans the module, i.e closes all opened archives

The function I am changing pushes to is at 00675511.  Aali is hooking at 006759D2 to load individual files and handle it all.

Completely unrelated / Yuzo Koshiro Interview
« on: 2018-02-21 14:38:41 »

I always like these kinds of things.  It's nice to hear from guys like this.  They formed part of our childhood without us realizing it at the time.  I knew his music was among the best back then too...  You could tell.  Also, since his copyright credit was always displayed on the title screen, he was the only japanese composer I had any idea about for years.

It's interesting that he notes his influences as Western rock/dance.  Uematsu is also heavily influenced by Western artists, such as Elton John.  And you can definitely hear certain tracks having been influenced by certain songs.  Like Red XIII theme intro sounding similar to, and maybe being influenced directly by, Apache (my view).

What originally influenced me was... American and British music. It feels kind of strange to hear those people say they like my music. I think, “But it was your music originally!”

The source for 7H is online and you can see from that that it'#s doing some sort of lgp lzs decoding too.  But i don't know C.  And to be frank, I ferning hate C.  I hate it with a passion.  Coming from Delphi to that makes me want to weep for the world.

JWP knows his stuff when it comes to this kind of thing.  Would love to see how it's done.

I can load different archives from anywhere I like by pushing a new path into a loading function.  From there I assume that the files are read to memory.  It's all easy with source, of course... but with asm it's beyond me.  And I think 7H and aali are diverting calls at the api level - not just rewriting functions.

Aali and 7h can load individual files from your hd outside of the archives. At the moment my mod manager is sleek and simple but it really could benefit from this feature. Without hooks I've managed to load the archives from new locations but i do not understand in any way shape or form how id make ff7 locate say aaaa.hrc on my hd instead of out of char.lgp. in fact im not even sure if ff7 loads all the files contained within to memory. It seems to? Are 3rd party dll hooks the only way of doing this or can i rewriteva ff7 function or two. I'd prefer the latter since 7h is chocabloc with 3rd party dlls.

My own dll can intercept functions if need be - but at the moment, all I've managed to do is locate and change path at the memory location the actual archives are loaded.  The functions related to that are a complete mystery to me.

I forgot that even had one.  Updated.


...No it isn't? I just clicked that link and it loaded fine.

Plus it can't die....  It's a Drive database link.  Not some sort of download.

Unknown. But over 200 MB compressed probably.

The one in 7th Heaven is the one I made - and it has major glitches in there. The mandatory fixes are listed in The Reunion Database, which is on the first post.

nah it's my 60fps mod that breaks the game.  It's not stable in this version of The Reunion.

The interpolated model mod programming isn't released with Reunion so it won't work at all (plus will hang game when you are a frog).  I've got the inter + non inter lined up for release and it works perfectly so far.  But when I finally get this latest version out it will need a lot of testing.  There are certain things that are known to be wrong at moment.  I left them on your(?) 60fps model thread.

Troubleshooting / Re: How to change my FF8 FPS to 25?
« on: 2018-02-12 21:23:40 »
making battles 25fps will make your experience awful.  25 divided by 15 is not a whole number. It will not even give you smooth playthrough under optimal conditions.

You would need to make it 30 or 60 (esp since monitor refresh is usually 60) - and it takes a lot more work than what even Ochu does.  There is currently no way to do it.

Tools / Re: [FF7PC] Trainer and Debug Tool - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2018-02-12 21:21:42 »
Raziel80 - Nope. It's a 100% different thing.

Firelawa: and nope.

Sorry, but this is your lot from me I am afraid :P

Alcohol never helps programming... not after first hour anyway :P

Exactly, Bahamut.

As for Reunion R06, I am having a real problem in how to approach the release.  You see, the DLL is now an add on by itself and has separate optional mods - as well as mandatory bug fixes.  But I don't want people to think that The Reunion is still how it was...  a fixed installer where you HAD to have Menu Enhancement/Beacause.  That's no longer the case.  The DLL is itself a tool!  And It powers the other now completely optional additions. It also allows modders to add their own complete packages to the game, which the user can switch between with the options.ini file.

Basically, if I treat the DLL as a separate mod... I then have to do more work, whereas I can include the DLL and make it part of The Reunion - but sow confusion.  I think the latter may be the price.  Perhaps I can get out a tutorial video to clear this all up.

Anxious Heart,  Menu Enhancement, Audio Replacement, Beacause (has to come with Menu Enhancement), 60fps Battles, Soldier Quest, Tweaks...  All of these are now COMPLETELY Optional and standalone.  If you want to simply have 60fps battles... you can. 

No, what I mean is - if you have 3 enemy skill materias on one person, and one of those materias has a skill - the other 2 can then no longer learn them.

Tools / Re: [N/A] Text and Hex Editors - Hext Tools 3.0
« on: 2018-02-09 23:41:30 »

{{Tifa change all miss to hit - exe addresses below}}

< This is what's doing it.  You can't have closing double bracket on same line.

Tifa change all miss to hit - exe addresses below


{Tifa change all miss to hit - exe addresses below


#Tifa change all miss to hit - exe addresses below

The working example shows the above - but I appreciate how strange it must seem that double curly cannot end on the same line.  I might change that in future revisions.

What {{Tifa change all miss to hit - exe addresses below}} is being seen as is

{{Tifa change all miss to hit - exe addresses below

i.e., skip everything from this point on.

Tools / Re: [N/A] Text and Hex Editors - Hext Tools 3.0
« on: 2018-02-09 17:32:29 »
]ill look later when i get home. have you checked exe write permissions

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