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Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche Logo
« on: 2010-09-06 22:51:22 »
It is ok, me and Kranmer have had a better idea :)  I will submit my final version soon.

As for Square Enix, you can't put that on FF7 as the merger had not happened then.

Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche Logo
« on: 2010-09-06 21:33:39 »
Ive modified the end, I will have my final version soon (without text unless I am told to add any.  No point working on this properly until people made up their minds which one they want.)

Thanks for the logo.

edit:  this is in xvid, do you have it in a lossless format, like huffyuv or lagarith?

Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche Logo
« on: 2010-09-06 21:08:52 »
the original logo has same thing at the end... pretty much nothing, but as I said this is designed purely for simpleness.  I was told not to add any fonts or any writing so I didn't.

A cleaner copy of eidos would be good though (assuming it doesnt come from FF7 game).  The speed of the logo works imho because it still matches the background music.  I don't want a bloated overly long FMV....

Well, that's my attempt anyway :P

Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche Logo
« on: 2010-09-06 20:48:23 »

My effort is designed to be simple.  It uses the original music and original frame count.  It is as simple as it gets because The simpler something is, the better it is.

I think this one has a punch.  Let's see what you think...

Obviously small modifications can be made if people are happy with this.  This is not the final quality or size and the logo is not yet centred.

Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche Logo
« on: 2010-09-06 18:02:01 »
Yes I am not sure yet but I feel pretty certain that they will need to be same length.  If this is so, I will just speed the eidos one up to enable us to fit on the next :)  Failing all else, we still have the Squaresoft logo to work with which is longer.

I have just finished the glow effect with this video but it looks very cheap to have this logo meet in the middle.  I am working on it...

Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche Logo
« on: 2010-09-06 17:27:18 »
Thanks, let's see what I can do....

Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche Logo
« on: 2010-09-06 17:18:27 »
It needs to be in a format which will work with Aali's driver and reasonably fast.  I think Xvid would be a good candidate, although I can prepare a few of them.

I am not the greatest with graphics, but I will have a good go!  Will have somethin for you later probably.

as far as an opening movies goes, i think it might be cool if you had the skull enter on the left, and the red circle from the right, and they meet in the middle with a kind of CLANG! and a flash of light.

If anyone wants the layered PSD file let me know, it could help with more advanced effects.

If you can supply me the base graphics you mentioned, I can make that work in vegas.

Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche Logo
« on: 2010-09-06 11:47:56 »
I can get it running in game....  I use vegas too, and I am sure I can get it all OK with the logo.  Just let me know what you want doing and I will get on it. 

Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche Logo
« on: 2010-09-05 19:10:09 »
It may be possible to have the eidos logo and then your logo after it in the same FMV?

It was also done that way because the writers wanted it to be less like hollywood.  That they wanted maximum impact and they wanted it to reflect what can happen in real life...  you can just die, that's it.
In a May 2003 issue of Edge Magazine, Kitase had this to say about Aerith's death:

"People die of disease and accident. Death comes suddenly and there is no notion of good or bad. It leaves, not a dramatic feeling, but great emptiness. When you lose someone you loved very much, you feel this big empty space and think, 'If I had known this was coming, I would have done things differently.' These are the feelings I wanted to arouse in the players with Aerith's death relatively early in the game. Feelings of reality and not Hollywood."

Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche Logo
« on: 2010-09-03 21:18:28 »
Yeah I am using google now, has its own image sharer :)

Especially since nobody Kefka killed was as hot as Aeristh. Seriously.

I see you have found a compromise to the Aeris/Aerith issue haha  ;D  Sounds like a guy pissed up though....

One way to make a game harder and fun at same time is to introduce puzzles.  FFX had Cloister of trials (but that is just 1) and I loved that but Breath of Fire III imho beats any FF game hands down in terms of some of its gameplay.

FF games could add little things like puzzles without the need to be grinding and battling.

Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche Logo
« on: 2010-09-03 19:34:57 »
I like that design a lot I have to say, but the rounded logo version above :)

Team Avalanche / Re: Team Avalanche Logo
« on: 2010-09-03 18:57:11 »
I am now unveiling MY attempt. I felt the need to contribute :)

Well, that's my lot :)

Seriously though some of these logo's are real cool! pyrozen's is my fave.

Because it was well written story and we actually gave a strawberries.  because the direction, the story, the music all came together. 

That's why.  Cut out the baloney :)

Well it seems a bit silly to me to expect me to like MGS4 if it isn't trying to be the very thing that got me interested in the MGS series in the first place.  If I want halo I play Halo, if Halo decided to suddenly become a 2D platformer or a MGS2 based stealth game Halo fans wouldn't be very happy.

Different is fine when it isn't changing the gameplay from the genre it is based upon and that is just 1 criticism of many I have with these games.  Oh well :P  I just won't buy them anymore.

I have to disagree Covarr, RE4 and 5 et al are just "shoot kill"  the originals, especially RE2 had decent puzzles and atmosphere.  That is what made me like it in first place..

MGS4 was just a shooter, and stealth was thrown out the window.  The story was a pitiful joke and gameplay dumbed down, same way gameplay was dumbed down in FF 13.

MGS1 and 2 had a good balance and although MGS2 had a crazy story it wasnt as bad as MGS4.  At least it had good gameplay and a proper utilisation of stealth and weapons.  MGS4 is just a graphic fest shooter.  If i want that I play shooters. 

There is a definite dumbing down of games imho from clever design into "graphics, guns and fanbase will see us through" and for the most part, that philosophy is working.  ALl of the examples above are better demonstrated by how bad the storytelling and writing has become.

LOst Odyssey didn't have any issues.

What it boils down to is they know they can get away with crap games now.  FF has a huge fanbase and it will sell millions just because of its brand.  Same with that crap MGS4.

Graphics + brand = wey hey.

Resident evil
Command and Conquer
Final Fantasy
Metal Gear Solid

4 of the ones I think have gone way down hill.  They all share 1 recent common fault: Graphics over substance and dumbed down gameplay.

I agree with you there...  I only respect Blair more than Obama because he took big decisions which he knew he would be flayed alive for.  Obama has tried to be all things to all men, and played the appeasement game.

But yeah I agree, Blair used the same tactics to gain power, he spoke about great changes, portrayed a vision of hope and optimism, was a good speaker but full of empty rhetoric and in the end, his ratings also fell like a lead balloon when people realised that Labour didn't have a clue.   Obama gained power on the back of hype and his good speeches, but it will be interesting to see what happens at the next election.

I didn't imply that neville was the father of appeasement...  I simply stated a fact that he deployed the tactic and Hitler laughed in his face.  The point I made was that it is easy to get on with other countries by appeasing and apologising, but that won't get you any brownie points back home.  The main reason I think, is that the love-in fairy tale has wore off and his limo has turned into a pumpkin.

Bush got 100x more stick than Obama.  THere is only 1 reason why Obama is being attacked and that is that the love-in and "he is a saviour" syndrome has wore off to reveal that he is just plain ordinary man who says a lot but is just another politician.,  People who voted for him because he is a good speaker deserve what they get ;)

I remember when he came to office and I was on BBC HYS, everyone there saying what a great leader he was when he hadn't even been in charge of a bathtub.   The prediction by a few of us was that he would go down like  a lead balloon the minute the rhetoric and fairy tale story got old.  Bush might have been hated and so was Blair at the end, but at least they were hated because they stuck to their guns and weren't afraid of making tough decisions.  It is easy to sit back and apologise for everything, and play the appeasement game.  One wonders whY the legacy of Neville Chamberlain is not better remembered.

Team Avalanche / Re: Verdana Font
« on: 2010-08-13 08:29:50 »
ahh so that's what caused the difference...

Well all in all, it is a great mod and improvement over the last one.

Obesebear Edit: This mod is outdated and has been replaced by this one

Menu Reconstruction Mod


DLPB: Design, Hex editing
Kranmer: Hex coding, Locating hex values, Various cheats
dziugo: 9999 Break HP Limit, Default Run
kruci: Default Run

Menu Reconstruction 004

Always read the information in the installer.

This is the Menu Reconstruction Mod for use with the original translation of the game.  It will correct the vast majority of alignment issues in the game.  The Re-translation Project version will come as part of the Re-translation Project Installer.

Needed:  1.02 Executable.  It does not matter if the exe has been altered.  The installer will not be able to update the old FF7.exe from the disc.  You will need 1.02 version exe installed in your game folder if you want to run the game with Aali's driver too.  The installer should now warn you if you do not have Aali's driver properly configured.

There were a few problems in modifying this from the re-translation version.  Mainly, the use of "Arrange" in the Materia menu meant it can't look as nice as it would otherwise with a smaller word like "Order".   I have used the word "Order" in this release. 

Please note that there are technical limitations with the game which make it impossible to arrange all menus exactly how I would have liked.  Some values are linked, and sometimes moving certain objects will end up ruining another menu or causing another problem.  Sometimes the value itself has a cap on how large it can be, and other times, the text itself becomes the limiting factor.  All in all, this is pretty much the best I could do with the tools I was given.   I will take feedback into consideration.

The following are some examples:

Main Menu

Materia Menu

Magic Menu

Limit Menu

Status Menu

Config Menu

Battle1 Menu

Save Menu

Quit Menu

Progress Report

Menus Completed (43):

Dialogue/Field (Cursor was way out)
New Game/Continue
Load menu "Select a save data file"
Load Main menu
Main Menu
Item menu
Key Item menu
Magic Main menu
Magic Magic Submenu
Magic Magic Submenu Selection menu
Magic Summon Submenu
Magic Enemy-Skill Submenu
Materia Main menu
Materia Check menu
Materia Check Magic Submenu
materia Check Summon Submenu
Materia Check Enemy-Skill Submenu
Materia Swap menu
Equip Main menu
Status Main menu
Status menu 2
Status menu 3
Limit Main menu
Config Main menu
Config Window Colour Submenu
Config Sound Submenu
Config Controller Submenu
PHS Main Menu
PHS right Submenu
Save "Select a save menu"
Save Main menu
Quit Menu

Shop Sell Materia menu
Shop Sell Item submenu
Shop Sell Item Main menu
Shop Buy Item menu
Shop Buy Materia menu
Shop Buy Weapon menu
Shop Buy Weapon submenu
After Battle Menu 1
After Battle Menu 2
Name enter menu
Battle Arena Menu

Dialogue Boxes Completed (19):

Loading Please Wait Dialogue Box
Load Progress Bar
Item Menu Order Box
Limit Manual Dialogue
Materia Arrange Box
Materia Arrange Discard Dialogue Box
Limit Menu Change Break Level Dialogue Box
Limit Menu "Limit Set" Dialogue
Save Menu "Are you sure you want to save" Dialogue Box
Saving Please Wait Dialogue Box
Save Progress Bar
Save menu "Saved" Dialogue
Item Buy Dialogue Box

Shop Main Menu
Shop Main Menu, Sell Submenu
Battle 1 "Was born" dialogue
Battle 1 "Materia level up" dialogue
Battle 1 "Level Up" dialogue
Battle 1 "Limit level" dialogue

Not Completed (1)

Main Battle Menu

Not modded (2):

Debug Menu
Credit Screen

This project should be considered the counterpart to Kranmer's Battle Interface Reconstruction. 

We have not touched the debug menu, and have no plans to.

 Overall Progress-  Completed:  62/63 (98%)

Known Issues with 004

1.  We still have not located all of the values for making the menu transitions smooth again as they were in PSX version of the game.

2.  004 onwards only supports Team Avalanche graphics.

MGS4 ...words cannot describe the win

Because there wasn't any.

Played through 3 times, first was on normal, 2nd was a speed run and the third run though was on Big Boss Extreme after that I'd lost interest and MGO was a haven for campers and exploiters.

I bought my PS3 because of it, and then sold my PS3 because I got bored of it and the various other region locked games I couldn't play with friends(MGS4 included).

Amen same here :)  I really don't see what's great about MGS4.  It is just a generic shooter with a crap over bloated story relying on fanbase to see it through  (see FF13).

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