Author Topic: [FF8PC-Steam] Hard Mode and Add-on's Launcher (2017-08-25)  (Read 23616 times)


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Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Hard Mode and Add-on's Launcher (2017-08-25)
« Reply #50 on: 2017-09-13 21:15:21 »
There are decompilers online, but it would be much easier if the full list of hex changes were present. Is that all of them in the posts above?  I'll do the converting at some point.


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I got a problem. It says that the Damage.dll, hard.dll, hp.dll, magic.dll and publish.dll were loaded. So I cheated and tried to push my hp over 9999 with hp-ups, but nothing changed.
Here is the log:

FF8_Launcher.EXE opened successfully.
Succeeded in loading by Process Name.

No instruction lists detected.
Please check HL_files\DLL_in\Hext_in\

Damage.dll was loaded successfully.
Hard.dll was loaded successfully.
HP.dll was loaded successfully.
Magic.dll was loaded successfully.
Publish.dll was loaded successfully.

26.09.2017, 17:11:09