Author Topic: Jusete´s field scenes  (Read 24865 times)


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Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« Reply #375 on: 2018-09-14 05:24:22 »
Could I perhaps make a suggestion.

I don't know how people would be best organising themselves, across multiple countries, this works fine for people when they have a full time job doing the thing, but these people are doing it in whatever spare time they can find, so it can't really be too rigid honestly.

With the regular event of stopping a scene whilst waiting for inspiration, or quitting a scene entirely, it might be a good idea to upload the actual scene files, the meshes and cameras somewhere, this way if someone else can continue, someone else can continue.

What makes most of these mods is really texturing, mesh wise its all the same really, but the texturing and lighting is what kicks it up a notch.
Additionally, lighting especially is, one of my personal shortcomings, I'm terrible at it, and I'm a 3D artist by profession, I've worked on many games but I can't light for strawberries, but if someone else uploads a scene with complete lighting, I can retexture it and try to helpout.

For me its mainly the lighting putting me off, for others it might be lining up the objects, it'll be different for different people, but having a base can really help get things moving I think.

So a shared repository for the actual scenes would be great IMHO.