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[FF9PSX/PC-Steam] Difficulty Tweak 1.3
« on: 2017-04-08 02:33:40 »
What is this mod?
Difficulty Tweak is a mod that aims at both balancing the game and making it more challenging. You can download it here:
Steam users read these instructions; they are taken from another mod but still apply here:

What this mod is not.
It is not meant to be incredibly difficult (e.g. FF9 Unleashed). On top of re-balancing the game somewhat, it is merely meant to change the game from easy to more challenging and balanced.

What has been changed?


Save the Queen can now be used by Steiner.

Auto-Life has been completely removed from the game. This affects the following:
  • Rebirth Ring no longer teaches the Auto-Life ability.
  • Quina's Auto-Life spell has been replaced by Revive, which is identical to Amarant's Revive skill.
  • Amarant's Aura skill no longer grants Auto-Life. Now it gives Regen and Shell instead.

Auto-Reflect has been removed from the game. This means Reflect Ring no longer teaches the Auto-Reflect ability. Other spells and skills that grant Reflect during battle act normally.

Auto-Regen has been removed from the game. Regen can only be cast during battle with spells like Regen or Reis's Wind. All spells or skills that previously cast Regen remain unchanged. The following items have been affected:
  • Golem's Flute
  • Golden Hairpin
  • Brave Suit
  • Glutton's Robe
  • Light Robe
  • Carabini Mail - Now teaches the Auto-Haste ability
  • Angel Earrings
  • Maiden Prayer - Now teaches the Healer ability

Items no longer have the elemental null or absorb property. Elemental null or absorb properties on all items have been changed to 50% damage reduction instead.
This affects the following items:

Octagon Rod


Chimera Armlet
Egoist Armlet
Diamond Gloves
Aegis Gloves

Dark Hat
Adaman Hat

Gaia Gear
Ninja Gear
Rubber Suit
Robe of Lords
Demon's Mail
Platina Armor

Feather Boots
Madains Ring
Rosetta Ring
Pumice Piece
Coral Ring

Spells and Skills

Many spells and skills have been altered. They now cost more MP; slightly more at first and much more for more powerful ones. Accuracy and attack power has also been changed in some cases.

White Magic:
Cure - 8 MP
Cura - 16 MP
Curaga - 32 MP
Life - 15 MP
Full-Life - 32 MP
Esuna - 14 MP
Holy - 48 MP
Black Magic:
Fire - 8 MP
Fira - 18 MP
Firaga - 36 MP
Blizzard - 8 MP
Blizzara - 18 MP
Blizzaga - 36 MP
Thunder - 8 MP
Thundara - 18 MP
Thundaga - 36 MP
Stop - 12 MP
Bio - 30 attack, 20 MP
Osmose - 25 attack, 6 MP
Drain - 22 attack
Demi - 35 attack, 30 MP, 60% accuracy
Comet - 45 power, 28 MP
Water - 34 MP
Meteor - 48 MP
Flare - 44 MP
Doomsday - Only targets enemies
Shiva - 30 MP
Ifrit - 38 MP
Ramuh - 28 MP
Odin - 40 MP

Leviathan - 44 MP
Fenrir - 38 MP
Carbuncle - 30 MP
Pheonix - 40 MP

Blue magic:

Goblin Punch 8 MP
LV3 Def-less - 10 MP
Doom - 24 MP
Roulette - 10 MP
Aqua Breath - 20% health, 20 MP
Matra Magic - 16 MP
Bad Breath - 20 MP
Limit Glove - 20 MP
1000 Needles - 16 MP
Pumpkin Head - 24 MP
Night - 10 MP
Twister - 40 MP
Earth Shake - 40 MP
Angel's Snack - 8 MP
Frog Drop - 48 MP
Frost - 16 MP
Mustard Bomb - 16 MP
Auto-Life - Changed to Revive. Identical to Amarant's Revive, 20 MP

Thievery - 13 MP

Dragon's Crest - 48 MP

Demi Shock - 25% health, 24 MP
No Mercy - 40 MP
Aura - 20 MP, no longer casts Auto-Life. Casts Regen + Shell instead.
Chakra - 14 MP
Shock - 48 MP
Minus Strike - 16 MP


04/15/2017 - 1.3 release: Forgot to remove elemental properties of a couple items (Pumice Piece and ?Coronet?). They now no longer have their elemental nullification properties.
04/11/2017 - 1.2 release: Removed Auto-Life, Auto-Regen, and Auto-Reflect abilities. Spells/skills that previous cast Auto-Life no longer do.
                                          Removed increased boss defense from previous version. Had no noticeable effect and made updating the mod a pain.
04/09/2017 - 1.1 release: Adjusted MP costs for many spells/abilities after some testing.
04/08/2017 - 1.0 release: First public release!

Special thanks to:

Tirlititi - For creating Hades Workshop, making this mod possible.
Tirlititi, Vir, and LandonRay - For inspiring me with their mods for FFIX. They are the reason I decided to create my own, which is largely based on ideas entirely taken from these mods. Check them out too!


This is the first mod I have published. While it is not the first mod I have made, that number is pretty small as well. If anyone has any comments or recommendations on further improving the mod, I would certainly like to hear them!
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Re: [FF9-PSX/Steam] Difficulty Tweak 1.1
« Reply #1 on: 2017-04-09 22:57:58 »
I managed to find some FFIX saves online and used them to do more entensive testing. Made changes accordingly.
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Re: [FF9-PSX/Steam] Difficulty Tweak 1.2
« Reply #2 on: 2017-04-11 22:59:14 »
Updated to version 1.2. I know, I know, it's hard to test or use this mod if I keep changing it. I promise this is the last update for the foreseeable future. The newly released version 1.2 is compatible with saves from older versions of this mod and un-modded FF9, so long as no characters have learned the Auto-Life, Auto-Regen, or Auto-Reflect abilities. I removed these from the game by making the items that previously taught those abilities no longer teach them. This means if a character already knew those abilities before this mod was applied they will still know them (which they shouldn't).