Author Topic: A couple other mods I am excited about but will ask your input, ideas, etc. !!  (Read 714 times)


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Hello, so:

1 - Add in a ton more slots for materia. Possibly off of the bat. As well as give access to, who knows, all materia from the start. Or, fun ones. E.g. elemental. Etc.. They most likely will all already be mastered fully, as soon as you get them.
Then, possibly, ''worthy''-enemies. Possibly, smart, but not annoying. Not just healing themselves, but, perhaps, different and varied, in their attacks. I roughly try to envision game-play. It would be nice to have to actually get to use materia. Putting up barriers, etc.. Not just a longer battle. And not having to sit down and work out math on paper, just to succeed. Keep it casual, but fun. It is almost boring to cast, in usual, Barrier, and then, Ultima. And repeat.
It is also boring to only get good materia end-game, and to level it up for ages. Only for the last boss/bosses to be a push over/push overs.
And so, as well as this, many enemies may have lots more HP, be possibly harder.
The idea being, you could make exciting use of things like counters, counter attacks. Things of this nature.

2 - Possibly a lot more slots like mentioned above. But, in the spirit of Final Fantasy 12, with gambits. Make it where we don't use moves our-selves. We would rely on paired-slots with Counter. (Not Counter-Attack)! But the question then is, ''conditions''. IDK if it would be good as is, stand-alone. Something that could be done by manipulating items and materia from the start. Or if, say a party member's health is in the ''yellow'', only then doing a ''Cure'' spell.
When or if it then comes down to essentially ''macros'', maybe we no longer need extended slots, and things like Counter materias. Perhaps we could find where it records data during game play. Develop parametres, for macro-making. And have the fun of pre-made macros -- and seeing if they could handle situations.
There is some fun in this. Testing your macro-skills. Maybe making it a little bit harder. While we may need to change it a lot, due to different enemies. This might keep us engaged. The same level of input and just-watching, but a new twist.
Unless cheating too-much, we could have it where you can save anywhere at any time, as, if things take a bad twist, there is little we can do.
Hopefully, it could even become very fun. If you had essentially a giant decision-tree. Which you then added to and tweaked as needed. You could either pre-program every scenario, re health levels and so-on. As well as perhaps upon getting new materia -- from the very start, should you wish.
With, I guess, the idea being, you would still be active. But your job would be to tweak and predict that, which would be best, using macros -- ''like a bowsss'' !
It might even spice up regular game-play. We may need to make it a bit harder, as most things are a joke. However, the few scenarios that we don't plan for, might crop up, creating balance.
If you are pro, you have the joy of never having to alter it, as it will work smooth. And if you wish, you can make it easier, such as changing it for each new enemy. But the costs of that are having to alter it often.
For this one, you could almost make adjustable algorithms etc. on a separate program already. I could even use a program to recognize text on screen for this. But such programs seems rare, and to be highly in-efficient. I think a much easier one would be, if you could see what is happening in the game using something like text. And then go from there.
I have no idea how they work but on some minecraft mods, they go by stats of what is happening in-game, when creating bots/etc. -- as opposed to a screen-reading application.

Thank you reading, for any help &/or suggestions. Or comments


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These things are largely too difficult to ever implement. What you are asking is largely not going to be done. It sounds easy to "add slots" - but that requires extensive edits - in assembly.

There are ways of making materia useful by changing the AI and game values and so on - like New Threat does.


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I have heard that due to the way it was coded that it can be hard to mod (that is just what I have heard. I think a couple of/few times, but as deep as I know). It is a shame. While we can already use things like e.g. Master Materia to get a whole bunch of moves already. I think it would be nice to actually get to use materia a lot. So, not have it where a simple magic spell, or even attack, can wipe out enemies in one or two moves. To have it where, we could have added-effect to a weapon, a couple of times. So that we have a chance to poison the enemy. And maybe something else to them as well.
Maybe there can even be more reason to want to fight them, perhaps, to make it really fun, we could get great Enemy Skills, items, etc., from this.
As I say this, I am reminded that a lot of this is already in-game. Maybe even why I say it in the first place. We can Morph. Manip for E Skills. Steal. Etc..
I guess we have no need. Almost like a new thing, if we gave great ''prizes'', almost ''needed'', and Only by doing these things. And then made the enemies tricky too. Perhaps that could be fun. As long as it's not a drag.
But returning to the main point. Yeah so, it's almost like many more moves in one turn, with more slots. I guess pre-chosen before battle with our materia choices.
I have no idea with the code, from what you say, IDK if you do or are just smart etc. -- either way, in the part where it says how many slots people get, such as equipping a new weapon. Or the code for weapons. Where it says, e.g., eight slots. I wonder if it could be as simple as changing that to, say, sixteen. Or more ? IDK how that would appear ''in-game''. Hopefully it would just appear, even if looks weird, and we can still select each slot and see it just fine.
Withot waffling-on, similar to other mods, the idea is, with the love of the Final Fantasy 7 style, the materia, the battles, the choices. To make it more beefy, and to be playable for experienced players. It feels great to have a master materia, and many options. And it is a hard thing to mod it without making it too much of a puzzle and math. Or just a long battle.
I have thought about other things. If you had more allies to use at once. If you could select multiple moves to do on each turn. Etc..
It also comes down to if one can code it, too.
I also wonder about, if people could send core bits of code. E.g. character stats, etc. -- and slowly re-create the game. But. On a new, efficient platform. Keeping that which is totally vanilla. But coded in such a way -- that it would become extremely easy for people to mod however they like/liked/.
Maybe it could even be better enemies that I am looking for, which may actually be possible, code-wise.
If you take the style and things we like. But take away the boring stuff, like the same story. Is wonderful, but gets boring and ruins it. Don't spend too much time altering enemy colours and stuff. I think we dislike people changing vanilla too-much. But make one long series of battles. Perhaps sometimes many at once. We could be busy putting up barriers due to some other enemy. And so on and so forth. I guess the idea being, we don't find them too hard, but instead like the original. Somewhere in the middle. Stop paying attention and you fail/die. Pay good attention, no need. And in the middle, take risks and do well.
With a majorly long battle, and maybe lots of materia to use. Maybe even all of it from the start.
We could sit and work out enemy's resistances, moves, etc. -- but have to be careful with our MP, maybe making more use out of things like Sense, Osmose (think there's a move for that, MP Hammer or something in E Skill). It would be almost like DBZ (Dragon Ball Z) -- We would spend ages, building up and building up, while also having to exercise taking it easy and carefully, while kicking a)!
But have so many new enemies appear, each being different, that it keeps it interesting and fresh and mixed up.
IDK if this would be one single ''bash'', or maybe 15 or 20 like this throughout the game only, with all random battles turned-off.


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Oh yeah and just one last idea. I think it would be a ton of fun to have ..... Party vs Party !!

Fantastic to play two-player. Would be great for things like twitch too, allowing the audience to comment on which move/moves they want their team to do.

It can give a ton of options. E.g., use KOTR on one team. 3 x KO. ... But, Counter attack revive. And then, that runs out after a while. So... whoever goes first eventually wins ?
But then, with moves like MP Hammer (or whatever it is) maybe this can change things.

IDK if it can be sat and easily worked-out.

And perhaps, if one move or so ''breaks the game'', if you simply take that move out, to keep the game fun ??

This, of course, might have to be a project done off of original vanilla as I have no idea how the original could be modded for this. But I think it souunds fun !!