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He did? I'd gotten as far as the char.lgp but these files are a lot bigger than I'd realised s:

I guess I owe Tsunamix a favour then!

Derek helped me out initially and then Tsunamix. I did it myself, they told me where to go to get the tools. If you need me to send you the fixed file just say the word and if you ever need help with your mods and I know how to do it, let me know. Thanks again for your help and most importantly your amazing mod. I’ll be ready when you start taking donations for it!

I'll just merge all the files into their respective .lgp archives to get this sorted.

Sega, Tsunamix helped me figure it out. All it’s working so far. Love your mod. Stay gangster!

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-10-14 21:51:40 »
So the current NT IRO build Sega Chief has posted on the OP is the latest build. Honestly, all you need to do is just grab it and manually import it into 7th Heaven and it'll run fine.
I've found loading NT at the very bottom of the load order causes no conflicting issues with other mods.

The issue that I've been having is that even with NT on the bottom, it is overwriting some of the files in my original folder (like char.lgp and world.lgp) and causing crashes or assets in the original folder to not to load correctly. I've been talking to Sega Chief and we have most of the kinks sorted out, I just don't want to be so useless and keep bothering him. If there's a way to unpack the IRO folder, I am sure I can isolate the exact conflicting files and sort it out myself.

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-10-14 21:26:37 »
7th Heaven can pack/unpack IRO files.

Would you mind teaching me how to do it? I know it can import IRO files but I didn’t know it could convert them in for example LGP files. I am having some issues with NT and I don’t want to keep bothering Sega Chief.

Also, when can we expect the new updates to come out? The NT available in the 1.54 version of 7th Heaven is the 1.4 and NT 1.5 is a big improvement!

Thanks for the help and I am sorry if I am double posting or something.

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-10-14 18:44:02 »
Is there a tool to pack and unpack IRO files?

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-10-14 18:05:00 »
That video contains all ripped models so they can't be relayed to anything on this forum. A lot of people have requested this guys stuff. Send me a pm at some point. I'll get you into Discord and I can start anytime

Sent the PM via email, so you can have mine. I imagined his character models were ripped but not the enemies or NPCs. Oh well, can’t win them all.

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-10-14 05:30:55 »
Enemies are largely untouched here at Qhimm. I don't spend time outside these forums searching and researching other mods. That's left for the users to do on their own free time.

EQ2Alyza would you mind raking a look at these mods? He has done a lot of enemies and NPCs and released everything. I tried getting it to work with 7th Heaven but couldn’t:

Thank you guys for taking a look. Tsunamix, I am still interested in helping out with your projects if you can spare some time teaching me.

I'll just merge all the files into their respective .lgp archives to get this sorted.

Thank you much Sega. I got everything working yesterday with the exception of NT. I am sorry I couldn’t be of more help sorting this out on my own.

Right, I went through the flevel and removed all references to special NT field models, deleted the world_us folder, and left only a handful of aeris-specific animation files in the char.lgp. It should work with any char/world mods now.

If you see any floating cars, pretend it was a robot scorpion s:

Found the problem. NT is still overwriting enemy models in the field and in battle (for example Shinra soldiers). Please let me know if there’s a way to fix this! Thanks Sega.

Thank you so much! Let me know about donations!

I can’t figure out why, but it’s still crashing the exact same way. Did you get it working at all?

Is it possible to inject the files from the folders I sent directly in your mod?

Thank you for taking the time to help me get this working.

Right, I went through the flevel and removed all references to special NT field models, deleted the world_us folder, and left only a handful of aeris-specific animation files in the char.lgp. It should work with any char/world mods now.

If you see any floating cars, pretend it was a robot scorpion s:

Thank you so much! Let me know about donations!

Found the problem; when adding parts to a field model, I think what the tool does is it takes the original part and adds a number to the end of its name. This means that the parts I've made for NT-specific models have the same name as the parts used in other mods.

This is a bit of a pickle. I don't mind removing the new models that were used for the main characters as they should have been separated into their own mod anyway, but there's 6 or so unique NT-specific field models that are also using parts with clashing file names. What I could do is:

1) Make an IRO that temporarily replaces the NT field models with 'dummy' ones so that it won't crash if they're removed or replaced. This means the char.lgp component would no longer be needed for NT ensuring maximum compatibility with field model mods.

2) Take the NT-specific field models and rename their files with designations that are unlikely to clash with other files. This might take some time though because I think I need to mount each renamed part again to the skeleton manually and I don't know how it goes with the .rsd files.

The world_us.lgp however only contains the main character models so that can be removed from the NT IRO without incident. I'll do this now; but I'll keep the two IROs separate until it's sorted out.

Thank you so much Sega Chief. You made my day! Even my wife asked me today how come I have already reinstalled this game at least 20 times instead of playing something else. I told her there is nothing else... hahahahaha

You don't have to, this happened because I made a mistake with the IRO files and added the whole archive instead of just the NT ones. I didn't realise until I unpacked it tonight that all the files were in there.

Hi Sega.

I still need your help. I isolated the issue(s) that is causing the game to the char.lgp and world_us.lgp folders (using the original ff7 folders it works fine). Any idea what might be causing this? These folders have been working fine with all the other mods (even hardcore or reasonable difficulty), but I cant figure out a way to make them work with NT.

Here are the folders:

Thanks for the help!

You don't have to, this happened because I made a mistake with the IRO files and added the whole archive instead of just the NT ones. I didn't realise until I unpacked it tonight that all the files were in there.

I’d still like to because I really enjoy your mod!

Sorry for the lateness of it:

This IRO has had redundant files removed from the char.lgp and battle.lgp. For field models, I removed pretty much every file except the ones used by the 6-7 new models but this means that vanilla field models are now being used if no other mods are applied. For the battle folder, the character models were removed (not the enemy models).

In short, all field model mods should work now. Character battle models can be replaced, but not the enemy ones. Everything else like field backgrounds & menu portraits etc. should also be replaceable assuming 7H is set up correctly. If making IROs to apply field backgrounds, bear in mind that you only need Chunk 9 of the flevel; there's a chunk tool in 7H that can strip field files down into the desired chunks (NT uses chunks 1, 3, and 7 which are scripts, character model loader, and encounter table).

But I need to also say that I don't have 7H installed anymore, so the IRO is untested. I decompiled it from the one available on the front page of this thread though so the integrity of the other files should be intact; but if you encounter crashes, let me know which field it was as it may be due to a missing field file.

Thank you for this Sega. I’ll be testing it momentarily. Are you taking donations?

Hi Sega,

I’ve done some more testing. I was able to get all the models I told you about working with 7th Heaven by replacing the .png folders before even converting the game and installing 7th Heaven, so when I choose “no change” for the models I want, it correctly displays the swapped models as if they were the original.

Problem is, as soon as I either choose NT, or install it from the IRO, it crashes the game before it even loads.

In the case of the Steam version (I have both), it will overwrite it with your models.

So my question is, is there a way to have an IRO version of your mod with only the quests, difficulty, materia changes, etc... (without any models or textures)?

If not, would you be willing to check these out:

to check what could be incorporated to your mod? It has new models for everything (including all characters, NPCs, enemies, some summons, etc...)?

I am loving everything about your mod besides the models and the ones at 7th Heaven do not work for me (besides Tifa and Barret).

I know I am asking for a lot and that you are very busy, so I wouldn’t mind donating some $$ or even sending you a router (I have an extra one at home) for your time helping me out with this!

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2017-10-09 12:12:38 »
This is awesome work! Can’t wait to test it out.

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-10-09 12:00:33 »
I believe that's the KH model, which we can't support on Qhimm because it's ripped.

Got it. Aren’t there any other mods for regular enemies and enemy characters that you know about? I don’t know if they are ripped or not but the Turks, Hojo, Rufus and Shinra from that steam mod look so much more in line with the character models there are available on 7thHeaven right now.

Thank you much.

In that case, I can prob help with the models and stuff. I'll write up some steps when I get back from college/work combo tonight and then post them on wednesday. I've no router at home at the moment.

Thank you much Sega Chief. Much appreciated.

FF7Voice / Re: Looking for Beta-Teaters for VA mod Echo-S
« on: 2017-10-08 22:56:45 »
Yeah we will actually need them pretty soon actually.
I only need a single variable and i'll be able to get the playable demo out so i'll let you know asap

You can count me in as well. Just let me know! Thanks.

Anyone able to help me get one in game so the can test and improve on it? Also does the size have to remain at 512x512 or can it be different?

I’d like to help but I do not have any experience doing this kind of work. If one of you guys still want to take the time to teach me, please let me know.

Otherwise, great work from all you guys and thank you  for your other mods.

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-10-08 08:20:56 »

That makes sense, but for me I wanted to have at least my party with very detailed models on battle, because I see them for so long and they are close to the cam. So I use Kaldarasha models on field to match the environment and then I use more detailed models on battle, like whitERaven's Cloud / Aerith, cmh175's Cid or Bloodshot's new Tifa. So great. I'm enjoying it.

However, Yuffie has only one other option besides Kaldarasha's edition on battle. It's whiteERaven's Yuffie and I don't like it. Her proportions look so weird, her face looks not nice, idk.

Please, check this mod (click to play):

Her look is way better in this Graphical Overhaul. I'd like to see this field and battle model in 7H.

The poster stopped working on it and I don't know from who this model is, but I really want to see her in the game.

I'd even like to go along building my own IRO, if this cannot be implemented, so just for me. But then I'm totally inexperienced about the files, don't know what belongs to Yuffie. If this cannot be implemented officially, anybody has interest to get this model into the game, privily?

Any update on this particular mod. I would also like to get it working on 7thHeaven, preferably within the dropdown list of all the different mod types.

Thank all you guys for your work. I was happy to donate!

I take it they're field backgrounds? I don't know how to do it either, to be honest. I've not really worked with those files at all. What I do know is that 7H can 'chunk' the field backgrounds down into separate files for each field screen. This is so that things like scripts and backgrounds can be implemented separately rather than overwriting each other.

But if they're overwriting field background mods then something's up. I'd better check I'm using the correct chunks.

Thanks for the reply. They are actually main characters and enemies sprites, avatars, models and textures for field, battle and world. They were meant to simply replace the folders in the steam version of the game and I have no idea how to convert them to IRO so I could use them with 7thHeaven.

I thought of asking you since you were able to convert your entire mod to work with 7thHeaven.

I can install them directly into the game folders before installing 7thHeaven and they’ll work fine that way but as soon as I install NT everything gets overwritten.

Hi Sega Chief. Is there a way for me to send you some .png folders for you to check if they can be incorporated in your mod? I don’t know how to convert them to IRO in order to have them work with the rest of the mods in 7thHeaven and when I install your mod in the steam version they all get overwrited by your files. (My preference would be to have them working with 7thHeaven though).

Btw, I don’t know if this is the right place to report it and I apologize if it’s not, but I found a bug inside of Honey Bee Inn if you also have other texture and models loaded with 7thHeaven. The Northwest room will not load when you enter it (the screen stays black and the music looping).

Thanks again for the mod and the help! If you don’t mind, please send me a link so I can donate!

If someone had the same question I did, I put this as the last mod on the list (lowest priority - first to get loaded) and it has worked great so far. I would also like to thank everyone that made mods for this game and especially Sega Chief. Your mod is awesome!

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